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Wednesday 1 December  1869
Divorce case -   CROUCHER -  01 & 02
Mrs Croucher when a very young girl was induced to marry the respondent,  a man  much older than herself.  -------- a few days after the marriage she discovered he was a drunkard profligate.  ------  a month  after the wedding he left in for Canterbury in serch of employment and was soon living with another woman,  3 mths after the marriage he sent for her to come to him,  she left her residence and he heard she had been drowned in the harbour.  This report was generally believed, her brother was actually drowned ,  Croucher returned to Wellington believing his wife to be dead (no body found)  married the widow of her brother  and has had 3 children to him Mrs Croucher  no2 was at the time she married  aware that Mrs Croucher was still alive and living in Wanganui where she lived under the name of Miss Neville -----------  lots more  -----

Thursday 2 December  1869
Meetings of Creditors  -  03
BOWDEN - William,    ----- estate declared vested in the Provicinal Trustee ----
BARNARD -  William,  also declared vested in the Provicinal Trustee
TURNER -  Charles,  meeting adjourned until Wednesday  -----

Monday 6 December 1869
Desertion  -  SMITH   - 03a
James Smith, on remand, was further remanded until Tuesday next   ---  waiting information  from his commanding-officer of this regiment  - the 18th Royal Irish.

Tuesday 7 December 1869
Bankruptcies  -  04
BOWDEN - William,  for an order  fixing a day  for last examination and discharge. ----- 13 January
MOSS -  Henry ----  applied for order declaring complete execution of deed of assignment -------
BARNARD -  William,   for an order  fixing a day  for last examination and discharge. ----- 13 January
SIMPSON -  George Charles,  order of adjudication  ---   Wednesday 15 December ---
WEST -  Henry Charles,   order of adjudication  --- Wednesday 15 December ---

Thursday 9 December 1869
Meeting of Creditors  -  05
WAECKERLE -  Jacob,  who surrended and obtained his protection ---
WELLS -  Charles Berkeley   both adjourned until next Wednesday  
TURNER  -  Charles  estate declared vested in the provisional trustee  -------

Saturday 11 December  1869
Desertion -  07
at Lyttelton ---  Richard Duggan was charged with deserting from the vessel Hydaspes  on 2 November last. ------

Monday 13 December 1869
Deserters  from Regiment -  08
KENNEDY  -  William  and
SMITH -  James   ---- supposed deserters from the 18th regiment  to undergo a medical examination,  if passed fit to be sent back to their regiment -----

Friday 17 December 1869
Accident  -  BEATH -  09
A serious accident occurred to Mr Beath,  Cashel st,  at Sumner yesterday --- accompanied by his wife had driven to Sumner for a days pleasure --- horse attempted to bolt ---   Mr Beath sprang forward  to stop the animal --  his right arm was broken  ------

Found Dead  -  10
HAMILTON -  Mr Edward Hamilton,  gunsmith,  Colombo st,  was found dead in the water at Sumner yesterday  ---   

Picton  -  Death by Lightning  -  CONOLLY -  11
about 6-30 last night a severe thunderstorm accompanied by lightening  ---  Mr Connoly, a barrister, with his family were under the  verandah ----  when the house was struck by lightening and part of the roof carried away.  One verandah post was shattered and a boy aged 10 years was struck on the head and killed instantly  -------

Dunedin -  Fatal Accident  -  PATERSON,  ROSS  -  12
A fatal accident occurred to Cobb's coach ------   when crossing the Kakanui River, which was swollen.   the coach was smashed to pieces and 2 horses and 2 passengers were drowned.  Mr Paterson,  a civil engineer and a young lady thought to be  a Miss Ross,  formerly a teacher here.  -------

Saturday 18 December  1869
Immigration  -  CELOENO?  -  13
The Coloeno?   left London on 1 October  for Canterbury  with 115 assisted immigrants.  
Males  -  farm labourers  24,  ploughmen  4,   gardeners  2,  labourers  24,  shepherd 1,  blacksmith 1,  
Females  -  General servants 35,  housemaids  4,  cook 1,  dairywomen  2,  laundress 1,  matron 1,  
The vessel is due the 1st week of January  --------

Monday 20 December 1869
Inquest  -  HAMILTON  -  14  & 15
Edward Hamilton,  gunsmith,  Colombo st,  who was found dead on the beach at Sumner last Thursday  -----   A. Howell stated that  in company with 2 others he was at the extreme end of Sumner beach and found the deceased lying in the water -----   Clarke said he lived next door to deceased's shop in Colombo st ----  J.Day,  landlord of Sumner Hotel --   Henry Johnstone said he had known the deceased for quite some time ---  was in a despondent state of mind and was in difficulties.  he was unable to get money  after he had earned it. ----  letters addressed to deceased's father and sisters   --------------    lots more  -------

Timaru  -  BALFOUR,  SMALLWOOD -  15a
a number of passengers went off in the surfboat to the s.s. Maori in the roadstead.  ---   the surf line fouled  and a boat was put out from the steamer  and 14 passengers were safely transferred to the boat.  within a few yards of the steamer the boat capsized   and throwing all into the sea.  -------   all were saved except Mr Balfour  and Mr Smallwood,  who were drowned.  the passengers were Messrs G.B.Parker,  Joel (Dunedin)  Malcolm (captain of the Maori)  Menzies (picked off the boat)  and Baker.  Mr Smallwood was teller of the Union Bank.  ---------

Tuesday 21 December  1869
Child Desertion  -  ABBOT  -  16
Joseph Abbot,  a middle-aged able-bodied man --- charged with deserting his 2 children ----    they had been placed in a Catholic Convent  ------  had finally found a position at Messrs Benn and Walker's flax works,  Leithfield.  ------   more ----

Dunedin   -  PATERSON   and   BALFOUR    -  17  & 18.
At the time of the accident there were in the coach Messrs Paterson,  (Dunedin)  Hudson,  S.Newey,  Laurenson (all of Oamaru)  B.Newman,  Walker,  Miss Ross, (daughter of Mr Donald Ross, Dunedin)  and the driver.  Messrs Paterson and Newman being in the box with the driver.  --------   more  ----  Mr Paterson had been for some time preparing plans for the Rangitata bridge  --- Mr Paterson was on his way to a meeting of the Board  in Timaru  to submit his plans -------   
Mr Thomas Paterson, a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers, was the son of a Leith merchant was born in 1832 or 33.  was educated in Edinburgh -- articled to Messrs Grainger and Miller --------  in 1863  the Otago Government sent home for a railway engineer ------  thought to have  arrived  in Otago in 1863 ---  surveyed and prepared  plans for the Dunedin and Clutha railway  ---   also for the Southland Government,   the Bluff and Invercargill railway ---    in Canterbury worked on the Lyttelton tunnel  ------    he was not married and had no relatives in the Colony ----
Mr Balfour,  late Marine Engineer of the colony  whose sad loss was  recorded in our paper yesterday  is the old schoolfellow and friend of Mr Paterson,  Mr Paterson and Balfour came to the Colony together  -----     a long column  -------

Wednesday 22 December  1869
Lyttelton  -  Shipping  -  Tararua  -  from Melbourne  -  19
Tararua,  s.s.  524 tons,  Hagley,  from Melbourne,  via Bluff and Dunedin.
Passengers  -  
Saloon -  Mr & Mrs Humphries and servant:  Miss Mathias:  Messrs Allan, McLean,  J.T.Brownwell,  E.Gough,  J.Carter, Cobb,  Shaw,  Ferguson,  Mills, & Bird.
Steerage  -  Messrs Murray:  Brackenbridge:  McGuire:  Stokes:  G.Dunn:  W.Johnson:

Monday 27 December 1869
Fatal Accident  -  MORTON  -  20
A boy named Eugene Morton  was drowned whilst bathing in the North branch of the Waimakiriri River a little above the town of Kaiapoi,  on Christmas Day.  He was aged between 12 and 14 years   ------  his body was recovered the same day.

Tuesday 28 December  1869
Accidents  -  22
QUINE -  Mr,  baker, dog-cart upset when turning  throwing the occupants to the ground -------
SMITH -  John,  conveyed to hosp. fracture of the leg,  in a fight at Barnard's --------

Accident  -  23
JOHNSON -  Mr Geo. B. of Kaiapoi,  returning home --- his horse threw him. ---  now lies in a precarious condition.

Inquest  -  MORTON  -  24
E.P.Morton, a boy about aged 14  who drowned while bathing on Christmas Day  -----

Wednesday 29 December  1869
Obituary  -  BALFOUR  -  25  &  26
Mr James M.Balfour,  the Colonial Marine Engineer, who unfortunately met his death by the upsetting of a boat on Saturday ------  Mr Balfour arrived in Timaru on Wednesday  for the  purpose of inspecting the harbour works now being built there  and was to remain until Monday and then go on to Christchurch and Wellington,  He received a telegram on Thursday to say his friend Mr Paterson had drowned. ------  proceeded to Dunedin on Saturday to attend his funeral and was executor of his will  --- left the shore  for the steamer  Maori -------  the 2 engineers  who were associated together in life  are now associated in death,  both being killed by the elements  ----   one a bridge engineer drowned by a rapid torrent and the other a marine engineer destroyed by a tempestuous sea.  --- Mr Balfour was about aged 39,  educated at Edinburgh,  became  pupil  of Stevenson,  the great Scottish lighthouse and marine engineer to whom he was also brother-in-law.  He left in 1863  for Otago  ---   he came out on the Matoaka and was accompanied by his wife.    He arrived about the same time as Mr paterson,  road engineer,  Mr Campbell,  principal of the High School,  and Dr Hector,  geologist.  all of whom came out under special engagements  -----  3 of the 4 have died by drowning.  ----   Mr Balfour built Doh House Lighthouse.  pepared plans for the Dunedin water works,   and for Light-houses at Mana,  Farewell Spit and Cape Campbell  ----     a long column  -----  more  -----

Friday 31 December  1869
Inquest    -  Cheviot Hills  -  27
on Sunday 26 December  a native of the South Sea Islands,  John Auckland,  engaged as manager at the shipping port, Gore's bay  was returning home  riding a spirited horse  when he was thrown and killed.  ------     accidental death was returned.

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