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Tuesday 2 May 1865
Drowned  -  001
WILLSON - W.  a gardener,  body found in the Avon River,   an inquest will be held.

Bankruptcy  -  004
BAKER -  George Evans,  of Christchurch,  commission agent and collector ---  

Property for Sale - 005
WILSON - Mr Alexander,  Melville House, 1st class Boarding House,  half acre town sections 312 and 314  cnr Armagh & Durham st. ------

Property for Sale -  006
BURKE -  M.J.  a run of 5000 acres, Halswell Station --- 3 miles frontage on Lower Lincoln road,  8miles from Christchurch -----

Thursday 4 May 1865
Fatal Accident - Nelson Harbour -  007
COUSINS  -   Mr G.  Master of the Grace Darling   drowned  -----  lots more ----

Saturday 6  May 1865
Publicans Licences  -  Akaroa -  010
SCARBOROUGH - Mr G.  for Bruce Hotel
SHADBOLT - Mr B,  for Commercial Hotel
ADAMS - Mr T. Ctiterion Hotel
WAECKERLIE - Mr C.J.  French Hotel
VANSTONE - F.  Traveller's Rest, Head of Bay, Akaroa,  conditional license
PITCAITHLEY - James,    Hotel,  Pigeon Bay,  temporarily allowed.

Fatality -  011
HAWKE - Joseph  killed at Stoney River,  Taranaki ---    lots more ------

Notice  -  013
MANNING -  Mr H.D.     creditors to meet at office of Wynn Williams  to have estate wound up. -----

Tuesday 9 May 1865
Missing Friends  -  014
WATKINS - Edwin,  currier,  late of Clearwell, Gloucestershire, England,  ------

Arrival of ship   GREYHOUND     -  015 & 016 & 017 & 018
passage of 105 days  left 22 January 1865  ---  lots more ----
Farm labourers -  John Kellaway, wife and 3 children,  Dorsetshire;    Edward Foster, wife and child, Notts;   William Baily and wife, Leicestershire;   
                            George Newton and wife,  Herefordshire;   James Moore, wife and child, Tyrone;    William McKeown, wife and 2 children, Armagh;   
                                William Haslemore and wife,  Herts;
Masons -  William Pengelly,  wife and 2 children, Cornwall;
Shepherds - John Bailey and wife,  Leicestershire;     James Gordan,  wife and child, Forfarshire;  Kenneth McLellan, wife and child,  Rosshire;
Shoemaker -  Alfred Green,  wife and 3 children  Galway;
Plasterer -  John Connel, wife and 3 children,  Galway;
Weaver -  James McDonald, wife and child.

Single Men -
Farm Labourers -  Albert Poster, Notts;     John McKeown,  Armagh;  John Hurrell,  Essex;  Levi Dove, Berkshire;  Samuel Derbridge,  Herts;  
            Wm Gardner, Yorkshire;  John Stacey,  William Stacey,  Cornwall;        Thomas McLennan, Rosshire;  Alex McKay, Aberdeen;  Richard White,
            Cavan;  John Brawley,  James Peacock, Armagh;  John Read, Dublin;   William Leggett, Tipperary;   Alex Caldwell, Antrim;  Josh Warrington,  Derbyshire;
            Thomas Palfrey,  Salop;  Charles Bowie, Perthshire;  Andrew tayler,  Northumberland;  John Irwin,  Armagh,  Peter Armstrong, Mayo;  Shireley,  Surrey.
Carpenters -  Thomas McKeown, Armagh;   George Milson,  Hants;  William Smith,  Cavan;  Michael Tracey, Tipperary;
Mason -  John Sloan, Tyrone;
Bricklayer -  Robert Crozier,  Fermanagh;
Shepherds - John Gordon, Perethshire;  Donlad Chisholm,  Inverness;
Ploughman - Thomas Moreland,  Patrick Morland, Down;
Groom -  Robert Bailey,  Leicestershire;
Printer -  Richard O'Connell, Tipperary;

Single Women  -
Domestic Servants -  Sarah Green, Middlesex;  Anne Bailey,  Leicestershire;   Julia Connell,  Galway;
            Annie & Eliza Jane McKeown, Armagh;  Mary Milsom, Hants;  Grace Stacey,  Cornwall;  Hannah Warrington,  Derbyshire;   Ann Douglass,  Middlesex;  
            Margaret & Ann Riordan,  Surrey;  Selina Wearing, Kent;   Jane Adams & Alice Newton,  Lancashire;  Hannah Stevenson & Jane McMin,  Down;   
            Mary Williamson, Cavan;  Elizabeth Beaty, Longford:   Bridget & Kate Campbell,  Roscommon;  Margaret Williams,  Kerry;    
                Mary Lawlor, Rebecca & Eliza Hays,  Tipperary;  Matilda Bell,  Tyrone;  Emma Farmer,  Norfolk;   Elizabeth Shirley,  Surrey;
Dairy Women - Ann & Anna Foster, Notts;  Eliza Rainey, Down;  Jane Farquar, Cavan;  Jane White,  Cavan;  Elizabeth Goodison,  Middlesex;
Dressmakers -  Isabella Smith,  Cavan;    Jane White, Cavan;   Elizabeth Goodison, Middlesex;
Governesses - Maria A. Jones, Middlesex,  Catherine Taylor, Northumberland;
Laundress -  Isabella McMin,  Down;
Milliner - Mary Ann Crozier,  Fermanagh;
Needlewomen - Annie Smith, Kerry;  Elizabeth Woodhams,  Emma Nightingale,  Middlesex;  Harriet Newton,  Kezia Whittaker, Cheshire; 
                                    and 16 children  equal to 8 statute adults.

Summary -
Male Adults, 50;   female adults, 59;
male children, 17;    femaile children,  17  infants 10;  
Total souls -  126.

Inquest - 019  & 020
CARTER  -  Benjamin,  died as a result of a fall from a cart  ---  has widow and young children -----

Thursday 11 May 1865
Dissolution of Partnership -  021
AXUP, STEWARD & BELL   -  Henry Axup, Charles Stewart Bell and William Jukes Steward.

List of Scholars to whom prizes have been awarded by the Board -  023
GEBBIE - William,  Governor's Bay district school
MATHEWS - Mary,  Kaiapoi Church of England school
SOUTER - David,  Christchurch St Michael's school.
WINTER - Jane,  Papanui St Paul's school.
JENNINGS - Jane,  Papanui, St Paul's school.
RESTON - Margaret,  Lyttelton Church of England school.
FOSTER - Thomas,  Rangiora district school.
SEAGER - Julia,  Upper Heathcote school.
BOOTH - Thomas,  Woodend district school.
READER - Emily,  Christchurch  St Luke's school.
READER - Charles,    Christchurch  St Luke's school.
ALLEN - Eliza,  Christchurch St Andrew's school.
MOORE - Rosa,  Okain's Bay school.
BARTRUM - Benjamin,  Ashley Bank district school.
STEVENSON - John Edward,  Duvauchelle's Bay district school.
HALL - Jesse,  Kaiapoi Weslyan school.

Leithfield -  Saddlery & Harness Maker  -  024
McNAUGHT - Thos. has been induced by a number of residents to commence business ----

Creditors  -  025
MANNING - Mr H.D. in October 1863, Mr Manning instructed Mr Francis Slater to file his petition ---- lots more -----

Tuesday 16 May 1865
Arrival of    BERAR   from London  -  deaths on board  - 029
William HALL,  commander,   left 5 February ---   203 passengers  -----  more  ----
MASON - Ann,  aged 19 years,  servant,
HOLLIS -  Elizabeth,  aged 2 years.
HAWKINS - John,  aged 2 years.
ROCH -  Michael,  aged 3mths.

Supreme Court  -  031
Debtors and Creditors Act   -  Final hearings  
WYMAN - Thomas ---  final order made
CRAIG -  T.B.  final order made
SOLOMANS - David,   ----  next sitting in chambers --
JOYNT - W. and N.  final order made
STEDMAN - T.  petition dismissed  ---- absence of petitioner
RICH - A,G.   composition has been made
JONES - B.N.  final order made
GIGGS - G.H.  final order made
DUDDING - C. final order made
BINLEY - J.B. hearing postponed until Monday
DOYLE - Augustus,  final order made
DOYLE - Theodore, final order made
GUEST - Frank, final order made
PAIN - J.T. final order made
FOOKS - C.B. final order made
TRASK -  final order made
PADDOCK - Charles,  postponed  illness of debtor
HOLLINGSWORTH - George,  adjourned ---
SMITH - G.A. final order made
JACKMAN - J.H.  debtor died  case dropped.
ABBOTT - G.M.cCartney,  -------
EDGAR - Noah,  final order made
ANSLOW - John,  final order made
WHITE - A.E. final order made
WOOD -  T.  final order made
DANVERS -  H.E.   1st hearing---  lately master of barque Countess of Seafield -----   lots more --

Supreme Court  -  032
ATKINSON - protection granted until final order made
BENNETT - E. 1st hearing -- next for 5 July
WALTERS - N. 1st hearing, next 5 July.
TYSON - H.E. case postponed ---
WATERLOW - R.F. leave granted to amend schedule --
OSWALD - C.  applied for leave  to lodge deed of composition --- lots more ---
HILL - T.   ---- postponed case --
BAKER -  G.E. next hearing 5 July ----
ASHBY - E.  ---  next hearing 5 July
BIRDSEY - John,  postponed indisposition of debtor.
FYSH - J.H.  --  next meeting 5 July
STRINGER - J.H.   ---  next 5 July
McCOSKER -  John,  next meeting 5 July
MURPHY - William,   next meeting 5 July
GOODACRE - E.  next meeting 5 July
GEE - W.      a composition has been made in the estate -----

Thursday 18 May 1865

Property for Sale -  035
WAKEFIELD - E.J.   to sell   "Peerswick"    100 acres  near Riccarton Church,  and near the 1st station of the great southern railway. 
                        frontages on Riccarton rd,  on Racecourse rd,  also on Accommodation rd  leading to Fendalltown  and Papanui rd.

Saturday  20 May 1865

Inquest -  036
MILLER -  James,   age 1 yr 9mths, son of Richard Miller, labourer, found drowned in a well at the back of the house -----

Dissolution of Partnership -  037
HEMINGWAY  - John   and
SHERRIFF -  James   ----  more  ---

Tuesday 23 May 1865
Dissolution of Partnership - 038
BAYFIELD - Matilda  and
LAWRENCE - Henry,    business will be managed in future by Mr FUSSELL   ----   constant supply of the best drugs, Chemicals, perfumery
                        and patent Medicines  ---   Canterbury st,  Lyttelton.

Tuesday 30 May 1865
Late Richard COBDEN 044
Richard Cobden was a native of Dunford, near Midhurst, Sussex,  born 3 June 1804.  His father was the son of a substantial yeoman   -----  engaged as traveller
through the north of England  ----  discovered that Lancashire had great opportunities  ---   founded a calico-printing business -----   settled in Manchester,  
where he became propsperous --- in 1834 he visited Egypt, Greece and Turkey, on return published 2 pamphlets --- in 1837 he made a journey to France,
Belguim, and Switzerland  and in 1838 travelled through Germany ---   worked to repeal the Corn Laws ---   lots more  ------

Property for Sale -  046
OAKES - Mr J.P.  house and land  on Armagh st.   and  R.S. No 563 and 866 -- lots more ---

Property for Sale  -  047
ROBINSON - Mr Edward,  50 acre farm at Rangiora,  ----   lots more ---

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
15 January 2012

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