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Wednesday 6 July 1859
Addresses for letters posted at Port Lyttelton but been returned  - for the reason assigned on each.  - 003
Anderson -  Alexander,  Post Office, Wellington;                          Beaglehole  -  ship Maori,  Wellington;        Brooks -  Mrs John,  Post Office, Leeds,  Yorkshire
Cook - William,  Hor. E.I.C.S.  Coromandel,  Madras.                Clark -  Robert -  172 Castlereagh street,  Sydney
Donovan  -  Slate River, Aurora Diggings,  Nelson.                     Gladstone & Co.  Galvanised iron Works, Liverpool, England.
Gates -  J.  65th regiment, Wellington, New Zealand                    Heffer -  ship Maori,  Port Nicholson, Wellington.
Hutchison -  E. 36 Percy st, Bagnigge Wells, road, London.            Headon - Mrs R.  --- Eskers st, Sydney NSW.
Howings - Mr 24 St Andrews road, Horsemonger lane, Borough.   Jeffrery -  Robert J.  of the ship Morning Star,  Post Office, Melbourne.
Jones -  J.G. British Hotel,  Little Bourke st, Melbourne.            Jones -  P.  Sydney, NSW. Australia
Kirkland -  Harry,  Barratt's Hotel, Wellington.                           Lewis -  Mr. Collingwood, New Zealand.
Lindsay - J.  5 Well st, Well close square,  London.                    Marden -  James,  Smythe's Creek,  Post Office,  Ballarrat.
McKay -  Frank,  General Post Office,  Wellington.                    Malony,  next door to Hargrave,  butcher,  Bridge st,  Nelson.
Oultram -  Thomas,  Government Shipping Office,  William st,  Melbourne.        Preston -  G. Liverpool, England
Quaide -  Jas.  William st,  New belfast,  Victoria.                        Rennie -  Mrs Margaret,  118 West George st,  Glasgow, Scotland
Storie -  J. near Southampton st,  Camberwell,  Surrey, England;            Simonson  - 168 West  48th st,  near 8th Avenue, new York,  USA.
Willis -  Miss,  15 Lower Bagott st,  Dublin,  Ireland.                    Winsor - Robert,  at Mr Walkers,  scale maker,  Drury Lane, London.

Missing Person  -  003
ZIMMERMAN -  Mr R.F.  left England in November 1857 per Roehampton,   has not communicated with his friends in England -------

Saturday 9 July 1859
For Sale 004
house and garden fronting on Ferry-road, Christchurch  now occupied by Mr Varyer ----------

Wednesday 13 July 1859
Assignment  -  005
SLEE -  Frank,   butcher,  assigned all his personal effects  unto Richard Westenra and Alfred Charles Barker, both of Christchurch ------

Assignment  -  006
McCARDLE -  James Francis,  of Christchurch,  bookseller and stationer,  --------   to Edward Reece and William Stringer --  lots more  ----
PERCIVAL -  Augustus George, of Papanui,    assigned  ----  to George GOULD,  merchant,  and William THOMSON,  accountant, both of Christchurch.

ELLIOTT - T.      through bad conduct and drunkeness I have separated from my wife Mrs Louisa Elliott  ------

Wednesday 20 July 1859 
Assault -  ship Cameo  -  007 & 008
Harriet, a passenger by the Cameo from london  preferred a charge against Alexander Smart, the 2nd mate of the ship -----   long story  ----
                               Harriet and a few other single girls  made a nuisance of themselves with being very noisy and disturbing other passengers.  

Partnership - 009
BROWN, COX & Co.  -   General Stock farmers,   business at the Springs and Longbeach stations  -----
                            James Edward FitzGerald,  Charles Percy Cox,  and George Dye Draper

Saturday 23 July 1859
Dissolution of partnership - 010
-  Mail contractors and Carriers,  John Booth  and Robert Thomson -----

Wednesday 27 July 1859
Absconded  -  011
WATLING -   J.H.,     my wife S.D.Watling, from after this date I will not hold myself responsible for any debt she may contract.

Saturday 30 July 1859
Government Immigrants to arrive by the Mary Anne  012
farm labourers  15;    general labourers, 23;    ploughman 1;  gardeners, 5;    shepherds, 7;  stockmen, 2;      butcher, 1;  blacksmiths, 2;  whitesmith, 1;
iron moulder, 1;  bricklayer, 1;  carpenters, 10;    sawyer, 1;  cartwright, 1;  millwright, 1;  bootmaker, 1;  miller, 1;  plumber, 1;  schoolmaster, 1;  
slater and plasterer,1;    tailor, 1;
Single Women -  domestic servants, 24;   dressmaker, 1;   schoolmistress, 1;

Saturday 13 August 1859

Partnership - 013
FLEETWOOD  & GREGSON  -  Drs H.Fleetwood  and G.B. Gregson, Surgeons, Apothecaries, Accouchers Etc.   ----commenced practice

For Sale -  014
MAUNSELL -  C.J. estate of,  comprising the following properties, Christchurch,  sections 721, 405, 406,   Lyttelton, sections 30, 31, ----  more  -----

Wednesday 24 August 1859
Notice to Creditors  -  015
THOMSON - J.B.  late of Royal Hotel, Christchurch,  deceased -- Mrs Thomson,  Executrix.

Saturday 27 August 1859
Adelaide  -   loss of the ship Admella 016
Several well-known colonists aboard -
Cabin   -    J.Magarey,  Whittaker,  H.Fisher,  G.Fisher,  Holbrook,  Miller,  Dr Vaux,  Miss Ledruth.
Steerage  -  T. O'Halloran,  Michael Forrester,  Mrs Goode, Mrs Cockson,  Mr and Mrs Patrick Glynn,  John Batterick,  Hugh McInnes
                    Mr and Mrs Watson, Mrs Beith, and 3 children;   Mrs Ramsey,  Fernando Bade,  Edwin Chambers,   Thomas Richardson, 
                    Mr and Mrs Forrester,  George and Hester Watkins,  Eliza Paul,  Charlotte Sholl, and 4 children;  M.Meagher,  John Teageale
                    Patrick Craigg,  B.Baker,  Patrick Arthur;
                    both Houses of Parliament adjourned today, 2 sons of the President of the Council being among the passengers. 
                    both brothers-in-law of Mr Joseph Palmer,  manager of the Union Bank of Australia in this town.

Saturday 3 September 1859 

Partnership dissolved -  017
FLEETWOOD -  Henry the partnership is dissolved by me with Mr Gregson ----

Saturday  10 September 1859

Inquest   - 018
FLEETWOOD -  Henry,  died in a public room at the White Hart Hotel on Wednesday. --- landed in this port on the Roscoe  from Newcastle, NSW.  was                                               
                             married her last Saturday  Catherine Grainger ----  lots more  ----

Wednesday 14 September 1859
Debtors and Creditors - 019
MASON -  Edward  and Richard,  of Birchdale  and Mount Mason  in Canterbury,   shepp farmers and stock owners, 

Missing Person -  020
MAYELL -  Mr James,  who about 1855 was supposed to be residing in the Province of Canterbury.

Wednesday 21 September 1859
Seamen in Court  -  021
John Anderson,  John Rogers,  James Stone,  David Jones,  Mathias Marcy,   and George Wootton,  seamen of the barque Cresswell   were brought
up to answer a charge by Captain Barnett, master of the vessel,  of refusal and combination to refuse duty. ----  lots more ----

Wednesday 28 September 1859
Countess of Fyfe   -  022
The ship Countess of Fyfe --- arrived in Wellington, 21 September from London  via Otago was reached in 96 days.  --  landed there were  -
Mr A. Chetham Strode and family;   Miss Kennedy,  a cabin passenger  aged 19 years died on the voyage out.

Saturday 8 October 1859
Returned Letters -  023
Adresses of letters originally posted at Christchurch  but have been returned -------
Mr H.Alder,  labourer, Christchurch;      Mrs Allfrey, Christchurch;         J.Baines, Papanui rd, Christchurch;      Mr B.Burrell,  Kaiapoi;  
Mr D.Bearos?  farmer, Great North Road, (2)         Mr Boyer, near Timaru;      Mr Bradshaw,  Harewood rd;      Mr Burgess,  Christchurch.
Mr Cisses,  Cissis st, Christchurch;      Mrs Craigie;      R.Connor, Christchurch;      Henry Fenwick, near Windmill, Christchurch;
Jacob Foght,  German, Christchurch (2)      Mr Furlong (2)      Mrs Grant, Papanui rd;   B.Hibbert, Post-Office, Christchurch;
Mr Huddleston, Kaiapoi (2)      Henry Jackson,  carpenter, Christchurch;      Stephen Johnson,  Mrs Smith's, Ferry Rd;   B.Knight;
Miss Harriet Main,  Christchurch;      A.Mahar, Papanui rd;         Joseph Metcalf,  Lincoln rd (4)       Mr McKenzie, Hoon Hay;
McKenzie, Cashmere, near Christchurch;       James Mille,  Papanui rd,  near Christchurch;      Morris, bricklayer, Riccarton;     
F.Mohuche,  Heathcote district, Christchurch;         Mr Nindoved,  Dr Harris,  King George;s Town, Australia;
Mr Norton, farmer,  Lincoln rd;         Wm O'Dwyer, Christchurch;      Mr Piper, bricklayer, Heathcote,      Mr Piper;     Randal Stanway, Kaiapoi;
Mr Smith, storeowner,  late Caverhill's station;      William Somers,  Kaiapoi;    Mr Tench, Christchurch;   Henry Topp,  Riccarton;   J.W.A.Watts,  Christchurch;
J.Waman,  Elizabeth Lodge, near Christchurch;  James Williams,  butcher,     William Wyatt,  Messrs Guilford & Wyatt, Christchurch;
James Young,  Gris Bay rd,  Christchurch;   M.W.F. Post-Office  Christchurch.

Property Sale  -  024
BUCHANAN -  Mr J.J. is selling his property situated in South Christchurch  ------   (is leaving the province)

Wednesday 12 October 1859
Intestate  -  025
COMPTON -  George,  late of the Mitre Hotel, Lyttelton,   -------

Supreme Court -  026
McCHEANE - Thomas,  deceased  ---   late of Lyttelton ----

Wednesday 19 October 1859
Fatality  -  027
RODGERS -  daughter  of Captain Rodger's  at his res.  on the station managed by him between the Rakaia and Taumatu --- 

Inquest  -  028
GREGG -  James,  of Riccarton,  -------   wife Christina Gregg  -------- lots more  ----  case adjourned ----

Saturday 22 October 1859
Passengers  per the Ashburton  for Canterbury  -  029
from London 10 August  -
Captain William Chatsworth,      Messrs Henry William Younger,      James D. McPherson,      and John Bow,      Mrs Wilson and Misses Wilson (2) 
Captain Thomas Wycherley,  and family;      Messrs Andrew Wilson,      Alexander Wilson,      John Wilson,      James Baker,      and Thomas Wrench, 
Mr and Mrs H.E.Tucker,      Messrs J. and F.M.Bryant,      William Anderson,       Richard Pick      and Richard Gardener.

Wednesday 26 October 1859
Inquest resumed  -  030
GREGG -  James,  the victim of arsenic,  -----  brother of Mrs Gregg,  John Ferguson -----  James  aged about 60  his wife 40, 

Saturday 29 October 1859
Partnership -  031
HENDERSON, PIPER & CO  -   formerly the Cumberland Sawmill Company,  has been dissolved  -----
                                        Henry Piper,  Thomas Cooper, Isaac Hodgson, William Wilson.

Saturday 5 November 1859

Obituary  -  032
Lieut. Col. Ewen,  late of H.M.99th Regiment and formerly of the 78th Highlanders.  served in Ceylon and NSW.  ----- more ---

Wednesday 9 November 1859
Wellington  -  Fires  033
LEACH -  The house of Mr Leach at Mungaroa Hill  on the 13th was destroyed by fire  ------  more ---
EAGLE -  on Friday, at Three Mile Bush,  house was burnt to the ground.  ------
STRANG - of Te Aro,  had a narrow escape from being burnt --- 

Saturday 19 November 1859
Auctioneer's license  -  034
BENNETT - Joseph Henry, of High St,  Accountant and General Agent has taken out an auctioneers license  -------

Missing Person -  035
KENNEDY -  James, late of Hobart Town, will find his wife and children at the Old Bank,  Lyttelton,  and is entreated to communicate with them.

Wednesday  7 December 1859
Fatality  -  036
KING - Mrs,  a passenger on the Regina,  mother of 5  collapsed and died on the Bridle Path   --------

Saturday  10 December 1859
Fatality  -  037
BARKER -  James, an assistant at Smith's Ferry was struck by a rope while crossing a passenger over in a small punt   ---  body not yet found.

Saturday 17 December 1859
Missing Person -  038
CRUMP -  William,  who arrived in the Mystery,  may hear of his brother in Melbourne  -------

Wednesday  21 December 1859
Missing Person  -  039
Patrick, a paid emigrant, of County Clare, Ireland, left home in March 1855, arrived Sydney in following July, lived 18mths with sister Mrs Robert                           
  who kept the Retreat Hotel, South Geelong,  left there, arrived here on 22nd April last  met his uncle Patrick Sexton, formerly New                       
                 Town, Hobart Town, Van Dieman's Land,  sailed from here on 12th May last in the Reliance,  bound for Lyttelton,  NZ    ---  his brother - - law                           
                 Mr  McPherson died on 19 May ----   description  -  age 26,  height 5'5  dark complexion,  stout in body  and a sober man

Saturday 31 December 1859
Death -  040
VAUX  -  Mr James,  a member of the medical profession,  was found dead in his house ------   inquest held Thursday  ---  died by visitation of God ------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
17 July 2011

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