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Saturday  2 January 1858
Assignment  -  001
Henry Charles,  of London st, Lyttelton,  Lemonade, Sodawater and Ginger Beer manufacturer  -- assigned  to Arthur Bayfield of Lyttelton, 
                             druggist and Samuel Gundry of the same place,  storekeeper.

-  John James  of Norwich Quay, Lyttelton,  storekeeper,    ---------

Foundation Stone of New Government Buildings - 002
The Christmas holidays are extended to Wednesday  when the Foundation Stone of the New Government Buildings will be laid. ----

House For Sale -  003
CHELTENHAM HOUSE -  Kaiapoi  -  a boarding house  with stable,  cow-shed, Dairy and other out buildings  on 1 acre of land  ----  Mr Hamlett ----

Wednesday 6 January 1858

Foundation Stone -  004 & 005
The ceremony performed today of the laying of the foundation stone  of the new Government offices  -----    and the order of the procession to form
                at the church ------

Saturday 9 January 1858
Fatality Fire  -  006
GUNDRY -  Mr S. Gundry,  whose house is situated at the top of Canterbury street,  was burnt to the ground on Friday morning,  --- child of 2 years,
                         a  granddaughter  and daughter of Mr E.C.Latter,  died ----   lots  more  ------

Wednesday 13 January 1858
Thank You  -  008
GUNDRY -  S. thanks for the kindly  for the assistance so kindly and promptly afforded  him by his fellow-townsmen at the late calamitous fire.

Saturday 16 January 1858
Wellington  -  Death -  009
WAKEFIELD - Daniel,  Esq,  late Acting Judge  on the 8th.

Wednesday  20 January 1858
Notices  -  010
PARKES - Mr Horatio Parkes  ceases to represent or to any way be connected with the firm of Wilson & Co.
WOODHAM - Francis,  do not hold myself responsible for any debts after this date by my wife Ann Woodham  nee SEAWOOD  ------

Saturday 30 January 1858
Inquest  -  012
HUNT - William,  farm labourer, was killed  ------   accidental death ----

Saturday 13 February  1858
Okain's Bay  -  013
All persons found pig hunting on the runs of Messrs PRIEST,  HOUGH  and HURLEY  in Okain's Bay  will be prosecuted. 

Wednesday 24 February  1858
Died 014
EDWARDS -  Mr George,  died on the passage of consumption.

Wellington  -  Shipping News  -  015
Ship  Hastings  - Carrew,  from London, anchored on Monday night.  sailed from Gravesend 18 November -- 77 days from land to land
Barque Cresswell  Captain Barnett, arrived last Sunday   left  London
14 October via Nelson, landed 60 passengers  --  Mr George Edwards died

Wednesday  10 March 1858

For Sale - 017
MACKIE - Rev. Charles,  situated on the Stanmore Road,  10 acres,  on eastern side of Christchurch --   family home,    ---  well stocked with fruit trees.

Saturday 3 April 1858

Transfer  -  018
COLLIER -  Mr J.  has transferred his bakery business to Messrs Gibbons & Chapman  ------  they intend to carry on in all its branches ------

Saturday 10 April 1858
Death -  019
Te HONE MEKI -  (in English John Mason)  the funeral of  aged about 10 years  living in Port Levy --------

Applications for Publicans  Licenses  for the Province of Canterbury  -  020

Applications for general licenses  -  020
Davis  -  Rowland &  Richard, publicans,  Canterbury Hotel, Lyttelton.
Compton -  George, hotel keeper,  Mitre Hotel, Lyttelton.
Heaphy -  William -  hotel keeper,  Universal Hotel, Lyttelton.
Collier - John,  publican,  Albion Hotel, Lyttelton.
Day -  George,  publican,  Canterbury Arms,  Sumner
Scott -  Samuel Francis,  publican,  Robin Hood Taven,  Lyttelton.
Cameron - Peter, storekeeper,  Robin Hood Tavern, Lyttelton.
Ballard - John,  publican,  Golden Fleece, Christchurch.
Day - George Frederick,  publican,  Kaiapoi Hotel,  Kaiapoi.
Felton -  Joseph,  ferryman, house in own occupation,  South Bank of River Courtenay,  Kaiapoi.
Pearce - Edwin,  barman,  Heathcote Arms,  Ferry Road,  Christchurch.
Hughes -  Robert,  publican,  Heathcote Arms,  Ferry Road,  Christchurch.
Thomson -  John B.  settler,  the Royal Hotel,  Christchurch.
Orchard  -  Samuel,  sawyer,  house near 7 mile peg.  North Road,  Papanui.
Hart - Michael B.  publican,  White Hart Hotel,  Christchurch.
Dilloway -  John,  publican,  Plough Inn,  Riccarton.
Papprill -  Joseph W.  publican,  Sawyer's Arms, Papanui.
Jackson -  George,  publican,  Ferryman's Arms,  Kaiapoi.
White -   William,  publican,  Kaikainui Hotel,  Kaiapoi.
Cain -  Henry,  storekeeper,  house in own occupation,  Timaru.
Coxhead - Edwin,  builder,  Royal Oak,  Christchurch.
Fraser -  John Marchant,  publican,  Northern Hotel, Kaiapoi.
Foster -  Thomas Wilberfoss,  farmer,  Lion Hotel,  Rangiora.
Henderson -  William,  hotel keeper,  the Commercial Hotel, Akaroa.
Gibbs -  Samuel,  hotel keeper,  Bruce's Hotel,  Akaroa.
Henderson -  William,  hotel keeper,  Peninsula Hotel,  Akaroa.

Applications for Wine and Beer Licenses  -  020
Haskins -  Francis Thomas,  storekeeper,  Papanui Store,  Papanui.
Stringer -  William,  confectioner,  house in own occupation,  Christchurch.
Panckhurst -  Edward,  farmer,  house in own occupation,  Kaiapoi.
Dillon -  Eleanor,  lodging house keeper,  house in own occupation,  Armagh st,  Christchurch
Cook -  Thomas,  lodging house keeper,  house in own occ.  Cashel street, Christchurch.

Applications for Conditional Licenses  -  020
Dunford -  William,  ferryman,  house in own occupation  North Bank,  river Rakaia
Parlby -  George H.  publican,  The Woolpack,  on the Selwyn.
Leith - John,  publican,  house in own occupation,  at the Kowai.
Cameron -  Donald  & Duncan,  publicans,  house in own occupation,  Salt water Creek. 
Giles -  John,  bushman,  Orari river.
Deans  -  Joseph,  bushman,  Arowenui river.

For the purpose of considering the above applications a general meeting of the Justices of the Peace for the Province will be held at the Police Office, Lyttelton,
on Tuesday 4th May at 11am.  and an adjourned meeting of Justices will be held atthe Court House in Christchurch on Tuesday 11 May at 11am.

Saturday 17 April 1858
Kaiapoi  -  land for sale  -  021
BESWICK -  S.  occupying,  dwelling house and 4 acres of land for sale at  Kaiapoi ------

Notice  -  022
CLOUD -  Thomas,  will not be responsible for debts of his wife  Jane Cloud  ------

Wednesday 21 April 1858
Partnership dissolved   -  023
MACDONALD -  Wm K.,  & Angus, stockholders at Orari, in the district of Timaru  been dissolved  by mutual consent  ---

Wednesday 28 April 1858
Notice -  024
DEARING -  Mr T.  is commencing business in the butchering line on Saturday 1 May  ---  Lyttelton.

Notice -  025
LIBEAU - Joseph,  no credit to his wife Mary Ann Libeau   ----  Akaroa,  17 April.

Licenses  -  026
same as 10 April 1858  with the addition of a couple of names.  

Head of Akaroa Harbour  -  027
WILLIAMS - James,  has taken the Travellers Rest,  Head of Akaroa Harbour    -------

Saturday 1 May 1858
Notice -  028
ROSS -  Captain John,  late of ship "Hashemy"  all claims against the estate of ---

Notices  -  029
TEMMEL -  F.  informs the public of Lyttelton  he has commenced business as Tailor  at the shop lately occupied by Mr McCardell  in Oxford Street.

Saturday 8 May 1858

Notice  -  030
RIDDLE -  Charles,  give notice that from this date will not be responsible for debts of my wife  ------

Wednesday 12 May 1858
Inquest  -  031
STOKES -  John,  son of Mr Stokes,  Harewood road,  died by falling when in a fit into the river Purarekanui  ---  more  -----

Saturday  15 May 1858
Missing  -  032
TOWNSEND -  Henry,  per "Seringapatam"  from Bristol to Melbourne  left there per Gazelle in charge of sheep  will find his brother Fred,  of Bath,   ----

Saturday  22 May 1858
Death  -  033
McKENZIE -  William,  on Thursday  master of the chooner Lady of the Lake,  of Wellington,  died suddenly on board of his vessel  ----------

Wednesday  26 May 1858
Inquest   -  034
HASLEWOOD -  C.C.  died at his station 6 miles from Christchurch on Sat. morning,  aged 40, son of Colonel Hasslewood, an officer in East India Co.  ----  

Saturday 5 June 1858
Rakaia District  -  036
HASSLEWOOD  -  his death has caused a vacancy in the representation of your district in the Provicinal Council  ----
ROSS -  George,  has offered himself  for election   ------

Dissolved  Partnership -  036
SADLER -  W.C.A.  and
HANMER -  George,  Conveyence Propreietors  at Kaiapoi  -------

Saturday  12 June 1858
Inquest   -  037  and 037a
HIMMELMAN  -  Hunrich,  a German,    died  --------- more ----

Wednesday 23 June 1858
Property Sale  - 038
MOORE -  Dr,  property at Charteris Bay,  lot 1,  of 100 acres  with house,   and adjoining pasture of 420 acres,  sold to Messrs Bradley & Preston 
                    for 1,030 pounds.

Saturday 26 June 1858
Fatal Accident  -  039
SEFTON -  Arthur Edward,  aged 3 years 3mths,    died of burns  at Okain's Bay last Tuesday ----

Partnership Dissolved  -  040
HART  -  John   and
SLEE -  Frank,  as butchers in Oxford tce, West,  

Thank You   -  041
HIRLEY -  Peter,  son of Timothy Hirley,  wishes to thanks all my friends in Port Cooper  for the kindness they showed my poor boy Peter, 
                        during his illness in the Hospital and after his decease  ------

Dissolved Partnership  -  042
LEAKE -  Henry   and
TAYLER -  George,   under the name Messrs Leake & Tayler, of London st,  Lyttelton,  storekeepers,  ------

Missing  Person  -  043
PEACOCK  -  Spencer Perceval,  who sailed from Gravesend on 6 July  1856  in the ship Marriner,  for Wellington  -----   will hear something to his advantage.

Wednesday 30 June 1858
Death  -  045
NELSON -  late of Governor's Bay  was found in the bush, on the hills overlooking Cashmere last Sunday -- has been missing  for 3 weeks,  
                        inquest to be held today.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
12 August 2011
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