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14 November 1857
St Peter's Church  - 01  & 02
The foundations are being laid for the new church of St Peter, Heathcote.  the site abuts Ferry Road and was presented to the parish by Mr Bowler of Wellington. ------- 
the stone is red stone quarried from Mr McCormack's land  near Sumner ---     the designs are by Mountfort and Luck architects, Christchurch -----
this stone is about to be used at Christchurch in the foundation for the new Government offices  and Council Chamber ----

21 November 1857
Assignment  -  03
MOORE -  John, shoemaker,   -- transferred all his estate and effects to William Thomson of Christchurch  Accountant and Commission Agent  and
                        John Thomas Brown  of same place,  stockowner ----

25 November 1857
Drowning  -  05
WILSON -  at Kaiapoi  an inquest will be held today.

English Shipping sailed  -  04
Gleaner  -  1 August  from Deal  for Wellington and Canterbury
John McVicar  -  on 5 August  from London,  off Plymouth  for New Zealand.
Eastfield -  on 10 August  from Deal  for Auckland and New Plymouth.
Bosworth -  on 15 August  from Gravesend  for Canterbury and Otago.
Duchess of Leinster -  on 15 August  for Nelson and New Plymouth

Willis & Co's  Line
Joseph Fletcher -  to sail in October  for Wellington and New Plymouth
Tamar -  to sail in September  for Wellington and Nelson
Creswell -  to sail in August   for Wellington and Nelson.

Young & Co's Line -
William Watson -  to sail in August    for Auckland and New Plymouth.
George Canning  -  to sail 18 August   for Otago

John Morrison's Line -
Acasta -  for Nelson and Wellington,   to sail 31 August
Moonsoon -  daily expected from New Zealand  ---

Wednesday  9 December 1857
Inquest  -  001
a little boy was scalded by falling into a pan of hot milk left on the floor to cool  ----   died next day.

Saturday 12 December 1857
Arthur Willis,  Gann  & Co. - 
List of Emigrant ships for Canterbury arriving  1855 - 1856 - 1857 
Arrived  1855
May  -  Grasmere,  Yeo,  97 passengers
Aug. -  Caroline Agnes,  Ferguson,  176 passengers
Oct.  - Cashmere,  Pearson,   141 passengers

Arrived 1856
Jan.  -  Isabella Hercus, Sewell,  194 passengers
July -  Sir Edward Paget,  Wycherly,  166.
Oct. -   Joseph Fletcher,  Pook,  210.
Dec.  Egmont -  Gibson,  145.

1857  -
Oct.  Glentanner,  Bruce,  148.
The Bosworth  was appointed to leave London on 10 August  for this Port via Otago.

Wednesday 16 December 1857
Theatre   - 003
Among our public entertainments in Lyttelton of course the theatre takes the lead.  It was established here by Mr W.H.Foley, assisted by Mrs Foley 
                and a corps of amateurs and was opened on 23rd July last, since which time entertainments have been given about once a week.  These have consisted
                 chiefly of Farces,  but lately we have performed such pieces as the "Lady of Lyons"  and the "Honeymoon"  and  now a series of representations
                    of first-class tragedies has been commenced  -----"

Saturday  26 December 1857
Port Victoria  to Port Lyttelton  -  name change  -  004
The Authorities have ordered  the name of this port to be changed in the customs and other official documents from Port Victoria  to  Port Lyttelton.

Wednesday 30 December  1857
Akaroa has made itself famous for its flour  Mr Haycock's mill has turned out some of the finest samples that wee ever made into bread.  Akaroa flour at a sale in Wellington
             fetched a figure well above average market price.  Mr Haylock is putting up a large building on the beach of Akaroa for storing wheat and flour ----

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ