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Wednesday 9 December 1857
Birth - 001
FOOKS -  on 3 December at Melcombe,  Avonside,  to Mrs C.E.Fooks  -  a son.

Marriage  - 
HODGKINSON - ATCHISON -  on 18 August at Winslow, Cheshire,  Mr Samuel Hodgkinson  of this province
                     to Miss Atchison, of Alderly Edge, Cheshire.

12 December 1857
Birth - 002
HARMAN - on 8th at Christchurch  to Mrs R.J.S.Harman  -  twin daughters.

Death  -
DALE - on 9 December in Lyttelton  Mr Luke Dale,  mariner,  aged 35 years.

Wednesday 16 December 1857

Births  -  003
ADAMS - on 18 Sept.  at Montpelier Villa, Christchruch  to wife of T.K.Adams  -  a daughter
ALEXANDER -  on 5 October at Lyttelton to wife of Mr W.Alexander  -  a daughter.
BEALEY - on 21 October at Gresford,  to wife of Samuel Bealey  -  a daughter.
CHAPMAN -  on 25 August at Spring Bank  to wife of Mr Robert Chapman  - a son.
CHAPMAN - on 20 November at St Albans to wife of Mr Samuel Chapman -  a daughter
DAY - on 28 Sept. at Kaiapoi  to wife of Mr George Day -  a son.
FOOKS - on 3 Dec. at Melcombe, Avonside,  to wife of Mr A.E.Fooks  -  a son.
FOSTER - on 25 October  at Lyttelton,  to wife of Mr Joseph Foster -  a son.
FROST -  on 6 Oct. at Riccarton,  to wife of  Mr James Frost  -  a son.
GUNDRY -  on 20 Nov.  at Lyttelton  to wife of Mr Samuel Gundry  -  a daughter
HARMAN - on 8 Nov. at Christchurch  to wife of R.J.S.Harman -  twin daughters.
HENDERSON -  on 19 Sept. at Akaroa,  to wife of Mr William Henderson  -  a daughter.
HEYWOOD -  on 9 Oct.  at Lyttelton  to wife of John Martin Heywood -  a daughter
KERR -  on 24Oct.  at the Sandhills  to wife of Mr Peter Kerr  -  a daughter.
LEAN -  on 4 Oct. at Lyndhurst Station,  South Rakaia,  to wife of Alexr. Lean  -  a son.
LEWIS -  on 21 Sept.  at Christchurch  to wife of Mr D.Lewis  - a son.
MILES -  on 20 Oct. at Christchurch  to Mrs Grosvenor Miles  -  a daughter
MURRAY -  on 9 Oct.  at Hartley Farm, Lower Lincoln Road  to wife of Mr J. Murray  -  a daughter.
PENGELLY -  on 23 September at Christchurch  to wife of Mr Pengelly  -  a daughter
PEPPER -  on 29 August at Christchurch  to wife of Mr G. Pepper  -  a son.
POTTS -  on 23 Sept.  at Rockwood,  to wife of J.H.Potts  -  a daughter
SADLER -  on 22 Sept. at Kaiapoi,  to wife of Mr Sadler -  a son.
SEAGER -  on 27 Oct. at Lyttelton  to wife of Mr E.W.Seager  -  a son.
SPILLARD -  on 29 Sept. at Kaiapoi  to wife of Mr Spillard  -  a daughter
WARD -  on 14 Nov.  at Christchurch  to wife of Mr Ward,  carpenter  -  a daughter.
WILSON -  on 14 Sept. at Christchurch  to wife of Mr W.Wilson,  nurseryman  -  a son.

ATKINSON - BASSETT - on 18 Sept. at Christchurch  Mr Thomas Atkinson, of Cashel-street   to  Miss Martha Jane Bassett,  of Stanmore
BEECHEY - WILBY - on 17 Dec. at the Scoth Church, Christchurch  Mr William Beechey  to  Miss Letitia Wilby.
HILTON - WESTERNRA -  on 17 Nov. at Christchurch,  Richard Alsop, son of R.Hilton of Manchester to  Hester Bridget Warren,   2nd dau. of
                            Captain Richard Westernra  late 7th Royal Fusiliers.
HODGSON - SHAND - on 27 Aug. at Christchurch,  Christopher George Hodgson, of Leslie Hills, Amuri, Nelson,  to  Katherine Mary Walker, only dau. of
                            John Shand  of Avon Lodge, Riccarton.
JONES - PURSEY - on 25 Aug. at Avonside, Mr E.J.Jones of Ferry-road  to  Fanny, 3rd dau. of late Mr J.Pursey of Walton, Somerset.
Le-CREN - MILLS - on 19 Nov.  Mr F. Le Cren  to  Cecilia Elizabeth, eld. dau. of John Mills,  Ferry Mead.
McGREGOR - DEWAR -  on 20 Oct.  Mr David Dick McGregor  to  Jane, 3rd dau. of late Mr John Dewar of Perthshire, Scotland.
SCHMIDT - RUSS -  on 3 Oct. Robert Schmidt of Rangiora  to  Mrs Lucretia Reid Russ
THOMKINS - CHILDS -  on 12 Nov. at Avonside  Mr T. Thomkins  to  Miss Joanna Childs.

DALE - on 9 Dec. at Lyttelton,  Mr Luke Dale  aged 35.
DILLON -  on 12 Nov.  at Armagh street, Christchurch,  Mr Thomas Dillon,  aged 40.
DYER - on 9 Sept. at Stoke Farm,  Governor's Bay,  Mrs Dyer,  aged 65
MacLEOD -  on 24 Sept. at Lyttelton,  Jas. Wm. Macleod,  aged 17
PENGELLY -  on 25 Sept. at Christchurch,  infant dau. of Mr Pengelly.
STEWART -  on 24 Nov. at his res. Royal Hotel, Christchurch,  Mr Wm. Stewart,  aged 35.

Saturday 19 December 1857

Death - 
KIRKE - Major Henry, on 19 June at Maboba ---- of late 12th Bengal N.I.  aged 49,   4th son of late Lieut-Col Kirke, 
                    of East Redford and Markham Hall, Notts, England.

Wednesday 23 December 1857
Died -  005
GRUBB -  Ann Archer,  on 19th August,  at her res.  Ferry Port-on-Craig, Fifeshire, scotland,  wife of the late David Grubb, Harbour Pilot.

Saturday 26 December 1857
Died  -  006
DELAMAIN -  Captain John Weston,  on 8 June, 56th Bengal Native Infantry, eldest son of late Colonel John Delamain  -----

Wednesday 30 December 1857  
Birth - 007
JACKSON -  on 24 December  to wife of Mr George Jackson  of Harewood Road  -  a son.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ

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