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Marriages   -  Males
Albert Yeatman  &  Clara Bernice STEWART  m.  29 February 1912 at res. of Mrs Yeatman, 63 Hoon Hay rd.
ages:  24/18,    occ:  Butcher,   born:  Charing Cross, Canterbury/Kirwee, Canterbury.
parents:  John & Priscilla Yeatman,   nee CARTER,  farmer.
                    James & Frances Stewart, nee UNDERWOOD,  schoolmaster.
witness:  William Yeatman,   Ada Gibbs.

George Yeatman  &  Flora May LONG  m.10 March 1897  at Wesleyan Church,  Darfield.
ages: 22/20;        occ:  Farmer,      born:  SDtokewake, Dorsetshire, England/Darfield, Canterbury. 
parents:  John & Priscilla Yeatman,  nee CARTER,  farmer.
                   William & Amy Long,  nee WARD,  farmer.
witness:  William Long,  Darfield,  farmer.    Arthur Hann,  Kirwee,  labourer.

Gerald Hannah Yeatman  &  Mary May POPE  m. 15 October 1918 
at  Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch.
ages:  29/29,    occ:  chemist,    born:  both Christchurch.
parents:  John Henry & Agnes Ann Yeatman,  nee HANNAH,  carrier.
                Francis Joseph &  Anne Anastasia Pope,  nee BROWN,  engineer.
witness:  W.B.Pope,  Riccarton,  clerk,    A.A.Pope,  Riccarton,  clerk.

Henry Charles James Yeatman   &  Selina BARRETT  m. 30 September 1899  at  house of Mr J.Barratt, Creek rd,  Linwood.
ages:  23/17,           occ:  Labourer,         born:  London/Christchurch, 
parents:  Charles & Mary Ann Yeatman,  nee HUNT,  labourer.
                Jonathon & Mary Ann Barrett,  nee GRIBBIN,  labourer.
witness:  J.H.Barrett,   labourer, Linwood:    Eliza Barrett, Linwood,     A.E.Shanks,  Linwood. 

Herbert David Yeatman  &  Leah PARKER  m. 25 June 1908,  at Roman Catholic Presbytery.
ages:  21/21,      occ: shop assistant,     born:  Pigeon Bay/Geraldine.
parents:  Jno Henry & Agnes Ann,  Yeatman,  nee HANNAH,  a carter.
                Henry Hyde  &  Annie Parker,  nee RYZE,  a saddler.
witness:  Alfred John Edwards,  carpenter,  Chch,        Mary Louisa Edwards,  Chch.

James Yeatman  &  Charlotte DENT  m.  6 June 1894  at  Primitive Methodist Church,  Greendale.
ages:  24/28,   occ: farmer/dressmaker.    born:  Stoke, Dorsetshire/Thorganby, Lincolnshire.
parents:  John & Priscilla Yeatman,  nee CARTER,  farmer.
                    Charles & Eliza Dent, (deceased)   nee CAUNT  farmer.
witness:  Joseph Horner Dent,  Greendale;    Annie Priscilla Yeatman,  Greendale.

John Henry Yeatman   &  Agnes May DONOVAN  m.  25 September 1901  at  St Mary's Church,  Addington.
ages:  22/18.       occ: carpenter.   born:  Pigeon Bay/Christchurch.
parents:  John Henry  &  Agnes Yeatman,  nee HANNAH,  carrier.
                    John Henry  & Alice Herbert Donovan,  nee HANKINS,  sailor.
witness:  William Henry Mason,  telegraph linesman.     Alice Donovan,  Chch,    Maggie Mckenzie,  Chch.,

John Henry Yeatman  &  Agnes Ann HANNAH  m. 17 November 1874  at Pigeon Bay.
ages: full/under.     occ: bush labourer. 
witness:  Michael Flanagan,  hotelkeeper,  Pigeon Bay.     Sophia Whitehead,  Pigeon Bay.

Stanley Godfrey Yeatman  &  Florence Lavinia McLEOD  m.  19 January 1927  at  St Saviour's, Sydenham.
ages: 20/20,   occ;  labourer,   born: Christchurch/Christchurch.
parents:  Harry Charles & Selina Yeatman,  nee BARRETT,  labourer.
                     Samuel Bingham & Rose McLeod,  nee GROUSMETT,  a chef.
witness:  H.S.C.Yeatman,  Redcliffs,  leather dresser.    C.Mills,  widow, 7 Waverley st, Sydenham.

William Yeatman  &  Rose Mabel TOWNSHEND   m.  30 October 1912  at St Martin's Church,  Spreydon.
ages:  29/30,   occ: farmer,    born:  Charing Cross,Canterbury/Lincoln, Canterbury.
parents:   John & Priscilla Yeatman  nee CARTER,  farmer.
                Thomas & Mary Ann Townshend,  nee COLLINS,  farmer.
witness:  Edith ownshend,  Spreydon,   Albert Tucker,  traveller,  St Albans.

William Thomas Yeatman  &  Isabel Beatrice DAVIS  m.  18 July 1907  at Church of St Matthew, St Albans.
ages: 23/24,    occ: venetian blind maker,      born:  Pigeon Bay/Wellington;  
parents:  John Henry (deceased)  &  Agnes Ann Yeatman,  nee HANNAH,  carrier.
                    Dan & Beatrice Davis,  nee ENGLISH,  mariner.
witness:  Cornelia Shirley,   Alfred John Edwards.

Marriages  -  Females
John Thomas FROST  &  Ada Florence Yeatman  m.  6 November 1901 at St Peter's pres. Church, Ferry rd.
ages:  22/20,    occ: canvasser,        born:  Christchurch/London, England.
parents:  William & Eliza Lilly Frost,  nee LEIGH,  labourer.
                Charles (deceased)  & Mary Ann Yeatman,  nee HUNT,  dairyman
witness:  W.G.FRost,  Christchurch,  dairyman:        H.C.J.Yeatman,  labourer,  Christchurch.

William Charles Gordon ROSS  & Clara Jane Yeatman  m. 26 July 1894 at St Mary's Church. Addington.
ages: 23/18.    occ: Mariner;    born:  Hawthorn, Victoria/Christchurch.
parents:  Charles Gordon  &  Amelia Ross,  nee LEE,  architect.
                    John Henry & Agnes Yeatman,  nee HANNAH,  labourer.
witness:  John Henry Yeatman,  labourer, Addington:   Agnes  ----,  Byfield, Addington.

Alfred John EDWARDS  &  Mary Louisa Yeatman  m.  12 February 1902  at St Mary's Church, Addington.
ages:  23/20,   occ: bricklayer,   born: Shepparton, Victoria/Pigeon Bay.
parents:  Alfred John  & Mildred Edwards,  nee FOAN,  storekeeper.
                John Henry & Agnes Ann Yeatman,  nee HANNAH,  carter.
witness:  Fred Vogt,  carpenter,     Nora Evelyn Sutcliffe,    John Henry Yeatman.

Births -
Clara Jane -  b. 18 September 1875  to John Henry & Agnes Ann,  McIntosh Bay. 
Doris - bap. 10 August 1913  Lincoln rd.
Doris Herbert  -  b. 14 June 1905  to  John Henry & Agnes May,  Barbadoes st.,  carpenter.
Ernest Western - b. 5 August 1877  to John Henry & Agnes Ann, Pigeon Bay, labourer.
Gerald Hanna -  b. 21 November 1888  to 
John Henry & Agnes Ann,  Rosewarne st,  Addington.   labourer.
Herbert David -  b.  15 August 1886  to  John  and Agnes Anne,  Pigeon Bay.  labourer.
Hillary Gerald Hyde  -  b. 1910  to Leah and Herbert David, 
Jack Clarence Herbert  - b. 21 July 1902  to  John Henry & Agnes May,  Chch,  carpenter.
John Henry -  b. 10 March 1879  to  John Henry & Agnes Ann,  Holmes Bay,  labourer.
Mary Louisa -  b. 10 May 1881  to John Henry & Agnes Ann,  Pigeon Bay. 
William Hervey - b.  13 February 1908  to William & Isabel,  St Albans,  blind maker.
William Thomas -  b.  1 February 1884  to  John Henry & Agnes Ann,  Pigeon Bay.

Burials -
Agnes Anne -  bur. 7 March 1931,  age 76,  Sherborne st.
Doris Herbert -  bur. 30 January 1907, age 17mths.  nok.  John Henry & Agnes May,  occ: joiner. res. Aberdeen st, Christchurch
Ernest Western -  bur. 14 May 1878,  nok John Henry,  Holmes Bay,  age 9mths.
Henry Charles James -  bur. 16 October 1951,  Bromley Cemetery   nok.  Mrs S. Yeatman, 1 Hobson st.  age 76
John Henry  -  bur. 19 September 1906,  age 57,  carrier,  St Albans.
Rose (Mrs)  - bur.  26 November 1940  age 68,  Queens Ave.  Waimari Cemetery.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
6 May 2012

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