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Albert Eward Wilson  &  Evelyn Frances WHEATLEY  m.  16 December 1907 at Methodist Church, Fitzgerald Ave.
ages: 36 / 23:        occ: estate agent:         born: Burston, England / Christchurch:
parents:  Robert & Hannah Louisa Wilson,  nee  ALBROW,  draper.
                    John & Isabella Wheatley,  nee STANLEY,  compositor.
witness:  Robert Wilson,  res. Shirley:        Nina Isabel Wilson,  Linwood;

Albert Edward Wilson  &  Fanny Maria  BUSCH  m.  21 October 1920  at res. of F.Busch, Newlands, Amberley
ages: 44 / 53;       divorced 24 Feb. 1913 / spinster;      occ: farmer;         usual address: Amberley
                        born:  Kingstone, Staffordshire, England / Spring Creek, Marlborough;  
parents:  William & Salomie Wilson,  nee SHIPTON,  farmer;
                    Frederick & Sabina Busch,  nee DEW,  farmer;
witness:  Fanny Robertha Fulton,  spinster, Christchurch:       James Arthur Clarence Keall,  Amberley

Albert Edward John Wilson   &   Amelia Mary  GARRATT  m.  19 February 1907  at  res. of Mr W.H.Garrett, Linwood.
ages:  32 / 32;        occ: carpenter;       born:  both Christchurch;
parents:  Robert & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee STIMSON,  storeman.
        Walter Henry &  Mary Jane Garratt,  nee  SAWTELL,  labourer;
witness:  Amy Edith Garratt,  Christchurch:     John Rennie, joiner,  Christchurch: 

Albert Edward John Wilson   &  Lily CAMPBELL   m.   3 November 1925  at St Peter's. Woolston.
ages: 50 / 42:       widower, 9 oct. 1912 / spinster;       occ: carpenter;       born: both Christchurch;
parents:  Robert & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee STIMSON,  storeman.
                    William Baird & Margaret Campbell,  nee KELSO,  contractor,
witness:  H.Campbell,   Langdown st,  storeman:         S.Grenfell,  Montreal st,  dressmaker: 

Albert  Ernest William Wilson  &   Eliza Madeline DIXON   m.  24 December 1902  at St John's Church,  Christchurch.
ages:  22 / 23:            occ: tailor / cutter;           born:  Richmond / Heathcote Valley:  
parents:  Theophilus & Sarah Emma Wilson,   nee TOWLER,  factory manager.
        Hans & Eliza Dixon,  nee McBRIDE,  Government servant, 
witness:  Allan Edwin Dale,  stevedore, Lyttelton:           Mildred Sophia Dale,  Lyttelton;

Alex William Thomas Wilson   &   Ivy  Alice HILL   m.  3 April 1913  at St Thomas,  Dunsandel.
ages:  28 / 22:        occ: farmer:         born:  Thornbury, Invercargill / Dunsandel: 
parents:  Thomas &  Mary Ann Wilson,  nee  HODGSON,   farmer.
                    Philip John  & Alice Hill,  nee DICKSON,  farmer;
witness:  Harold Twentyman Wilson,  farmer, Marshland:        Edith Mary Hill,  Dunsandel;

Alexander Wilson  &  Margaret COLLINS  m.  2 September 1874  at  The Manse (Presbyterian)
ages:  21 / 22:            occ: joiner;        bride signed herself as COLLINGS
witness:  John Holmes,  stone cutter,  South Town Belt:     Julie Holmes,  Christchurch: 

Alexander Wilson  &  Clara Edith EARNSHAW  m.  28 January 1897  at  St Andrew's Manse, Christchurch.
ages:  40 / 22:       widower, 4 July 1886 / spinster:       occ:  carpenter / domestic servant:       born:  Edinburgh, Scotland / Christchurch:
parents:   Alexander  &  Catherine Wilson,  nee COLLINSON,  blacksmith.
                    Thomas & Ellen Earnshaw,  nee EDGINTON,  labourer.
witness:  Ernest Minifie,  painter, Christchurch:       Esther Agnes Minifie,  Christchurch:

Alexander Wilson  &  Alice THOMPSON  m.  13 April 1911   at  res. Mr King,  11 Durham st, Sydenham.
ages:  54 / 49:        widower, 15 June 1903 / spinster:     occ: carpenter:       born:  Edinburgh / Styx, Christchurch:
parents:  Alexander &  Catherine Wilson,  nee COLLINSON,  blacksmith.
            John &  Elizabeth Thompson,  nee GEARY,  iron moulder.
witness:  Charles Wilson,  engine driver, Christchurch:      Elizabeth King,  Christchurch:

Alexander  Craik Wilson  &  Catherine Olive FOX     m.    20 March 1913  at St Andrew's, Christchurch.
ages:  28 / 22:       occ:  coal merchant:        born:  Perthshire, Scotland / Christchurch:
parents:  James Adam  &  Isabella Wilson,  nee CRAIK,  farmer.
                    William & May Fox,  nee  LAWRENCE,  horse trainer.
witness:    David Thomas,  132 Montreal st:           Alice Laura Fox,  76 Fairfield ave,  Christchurch:

Alexander McNie Wilson  &   Susan Challis  RUDD   m.  9 December 1914  at Methodist Church, Cambridge tce.
ages:  32 / 26;       occ: clerk:       born:  Riccarton / Greendale:    
parents:  Andrew Hunter & Jane Wilson,  nee  NISBET,  gardener.
                    John & Jane Rudd,  nee RUDD,  farmer;
witness:  William Bramwell Rule,  school teacher,  Christchurch:   John Rudd, Christchurch:   Charlotte Rudd, Blenheim:

Alexander McVies Wilson   &  Rose Emily GOUGH   m.  25 February 1926  at res. Mr N.M.Dunlop.
ages:  44 / 44:       widower, 30 Dec. 1923, Whitecliffs / spinster:    occ:  clerk:       born:  Riccarton / Chelsea Barracks, London:
parents:  Andrew (dec.)  &  Isabella Wilson,  nee NISBET, 
                    William  (dec.)  & Maryann Gough,  nee  BROWN.
witness:   A.Wilson,  Cranley st. Dunedin,  engineer:      Edith R. Gough,  spinster, Benholm, Whitecliffs:

Alfred Wilson  &  Augusta CLARKE  m.  15 November 1859  at St Andrew's, Church, Christchurch.
ages:  33 / 25:        occ: farmer / domestic servant:  
witness:  William Chisnall,  farmer,  Fendalton:         Sarah Jane Smart,  householder,  Fendalton.

Alfred Wilson  &  Ivy ESKETT  m.  21 July 1920  at St Mark's, Opawa.
ages:  27 / 28:       occ:  storeman / dressmaker:        born:  Linwood / Woolston: 
parents:  George Edward  &  Jenny Wilson,  nee SMITH,  contractor.
                        John & Georgina Eskett,  nee DEAN,  farmer.
witness:  Elsie Eskett,  Waltham:         John Eskett,  Opawa,  tanner.

Alfred Alexander Wilson   &  Mary Jane MALLETT   m. 24 March 1897  at St Peter's, Ferry rd.
ages:  21 / 28:       occ: tram guard:       born:  Christchurch / St Germain, England:
parents:  James A.  & Emily Mary Wilson,  nee HARWOOD,  storekeeper.
                    John & Mary Jane Mallett,  nee MILDREW,  labourer.
witness:    W.A. Restieaux,  Linwood:         Lily Wilson,  Stanmore rd,  Richmond:

Alfred John Wilson  &  Mary Edwards Paterson WILKINSON  m. 12 July 1879  at The Manse.
ages: 21 / 23:       occ: printer / general servant:
witness:  William  Kepple,  letter carrier, Addington:       Lilas Inkster,  spinster, Tuam st.

Alfred Richard Wilson  &  Myrtle HORNE  m.  24 January 1940  at St James, Southbridge.
ages: 22 / 23;        occ: labourer:       born: Lyttelton / Southbridge: 
parents:  Arthur Leonard &  Kathleen Shelia Wilson,  nee FITZGERALD,  labourer.
                    Moncrieff  Fullis  & Florence  Elizabeth Maria,  nee WILLMOTT,  labourer.
witness:  P.L.Wilson, railway, Christchurch:       W.M.Horne,  Southbridge:


Benjamin Wilson & Lucie HAIGH  m. 11 September 1909 at res. Mrs Wilson, Wildberry st, Woolston.
ages:  32 / 27:    occ: painter;        born:  both, Leversedge, Yorkshire
parents:  James & Betty Emmott Wilson,  nee ROTHERY,  a baker.
                    Oliver & Charlotte Haigh,  nee MOORE,  machine broker.
witness:  Eveline Augusta Haigh,  Seatoun, Wellington:       Harry Gibbons,  painter, St Albans;   Annie Richardson:


Cecil Thomas Wilson   &   Jessie Thelma KELLY   m.  16 August 1932 at St Peter's, Riccarton,
ages:  26 / 21,       occ:  tent & sailmaker:       born:  Riccarton / Ashburton: 
parents:  Thomas Michael  & Adelaide Wilson,  nee ELLEN,  labourer.
                    Robert James  &  Mary Louisa Kelly,  nee COUCH,  labourer.
witness:  Robert James Kelly:    James Henry Wilson,  tent maker, Linwood:

Challis Rudd Wilson   &  Margaret Mary Thornhill DYSON  m.  30 January 1947 at Greendale Methodist Church.
occ:  divinity Student / Nurse:         born:  Coalgate / Cashmere: 
parents:  Alexander McNie  (dec.)  &  Susan Challis Wilson,  nee RUDD, 
                    Burrows Frank Royal (dec.)  & Edith Alice  Dyson,  nee WILLIAMS.
witness:  M. Common,  St Albans,  housewife:    J.L.Wilson,  Coalgate,   S.P.Dyson:

Charles Wilson  &  Harriet PATTRICK  m.  9 July 1876  at The Manse.
ages:  24 / 26;       occ: blacksmith: 
witness:  William Fawcett,  Addington,  gardener:   Elizabeth Scarlett,  Manse,  spinster.

Charles Wilson  &  Annetta Esther KELLY  m.  22 July 1920  at Baptist Church,  Sydenham.
ages:  28 / 20:      occ: farmer;       born:  Woodlans, Southland / Nightcaps, Southland:      usual address:  Invercargill:
parents:  William & Christina Wilson,  nee McQUARRIE,  contractor;
                    Thomas Henry, (dec) & Lucy Elizabeth  PRICE,  formerly Kelly,  nee BLONDELL, 
witness:  Lester Henry Kelly,  commercial artist, Wellington:    Ruth Emma Kelly,  Hotel Windsor, Christchurch:

Charles Arthur Wilson   &  Adie Matilda PACIE   m. 10 December 1900   at Pro Cathedral, Christchurch.
ages: 27 / 19:       occ:  brickmaker:     born;  both Christchurch:   
parents:  George & Ellen Wilson,  nee HARRISON,  labourer.
                  Peter & Mary Amelia Pacie,  nee JORDAN,  general dealer.
witness:  Henry Vincent,  brickmaker, Christchurch:       Cecily O''Donnell,  Christchurch:

Charles Edward Wilson  &  Elizabeth CATTERMOLE  m.  21 June 1899  at res. Mr John Cattermole,  Clarkville.
ages:  21 / 19:        occ:  labourer / domestic:     born:  Wellington / Kaiapoi: 
parents:  Edward & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee WILLIAMS,  labourer.
                    John & Ada Emily Cattermole,  nee PARIS,  labourer.
witness:  John Cattermole,  Clarkville:    James Rice,   Kaiapoi;       Ada Emily Cattermole,  Kaiapoi.

Charles Godfrey Wilson  &  Zoe COOPER   m.  28 February 1912  at St Mary's,  Merivale.
ages:  35 / 27:          occ: sheepfarmer:        born:  Wellington / Christchurch:
parents:  Henry Condee & Mary Wilson,  nee BIRD,  farmer.
                    Thornhill & Jane  Ritson Cooper,  nee LIDBETTER,  average adjuster.
witness:  Thornhill Cooper,  average adjuster,  Christchurch:       R.Wilson,  Indent agent,  Lower Hutt, Wellington:

Charles John Wilson  &  Helena Marjorie HENLEY  m.  21 June 1911  at  Methodist Church. St Albans. Christchurch.
ages:  29 / 24:       occ: accountant:        born: both Christchurch:
parents:  John  &  Sarah Ann Wilson,  nee McNEELEY,  carpenter.
                    William & Maria Emily Henley,  nee COOPER,   land and estate agent.
witness:  E.Armstrong,  farmer,  Dallington:        Alice M. Wilson,  Percy st. Linwood.

Charles Joseph Wilson  &  Eliza Jane CHAMBERLAIN  m.  3 October 1892 at res. Mrs Chamberlain,  Duvauchelles Bay.
ages:  24 / 40:        occ:  Clerk / Hotel-keeper:         born:  Tasmania / South Africa.      bachelor / widow, 8 September 1890.
parents:  John Henry  &  Jane,    nee  WALLACE,  school teacher:
                    John,   farmer,   &  Emma  HOOD,  nee NOKES, 
witness:  Emma Smyth,  Akaroa,  Minister's wife:        Samuel Wilson,  French Farm,  labourer.

Christopher Richard Wilson  &  Elizabeth Priscilla BROWN  m. 8 September 1891 at  res. of Mr Richard Brown,  Woolston.
ages:  22 / 22        :  occ:  auctioneer:        born: both Christchurch:
parents:  John Leaf &  Sarah Elizabeth Wilson,  nee MEARS,  auctioneer.
                    Richard &  Mary Elizabeth Brown,  nee  SYMONS,  butcher.
witness:  Mary Elizabeth brown,  Woolston;       Richard Brown,  Woolston:      Hugh Leaf Wilson,  Linwood;

Clarence Stanley Wilson   &  Alice Mary PATTERSON  m. 31 March 1932  at St Peter's,  Woolston.
ages:  19 / 18:     occ: labourer:          born:  both Christchurch: 
parents:  Arthur & Sarah Annie Wilson,  nee EVERETT,  labourer.
                    Francis Henry  &  Emma Jane Patterson,  nee GLASSON,  cycle mechanic.
witness:  S.A.Wilson,  40 Ruskin st:        E.J.Patterson,   Papanui rd: 
Certificate of Issue of Decree Absolute  of dissolution of marriage  of marriage  10 June 1942

Clement Wilson  &  Cecile Sophia JONES  m.  21 September 1875  at  Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  both full:          occ: draper:
witness:  Sophia Clarissa Jones,      George Henry Jones: 

Clement Francis Cracroft Wilson  &  Nellie Olive HARLEY  m.  31 October 1900  at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  26 / 25:        occ: farmer:        born:  Cashmere, Christchurch / Opawa, Christchurch:      usual address: Barry's  Bay.
parents:  Frederick Herbert  &  Francies Sarah Wilson, nee WESTENRA,   sheepfarmer:
                    Edward Steven  &  Sarah Ann Harley,  nee ROBINSON,  accountant:
witness:  E.S.Harley,  Cashel st:       Charles N. Clark,  Colombo st:      Pearl Harley:


Daniel Wilson  &  Jane DOWNEY  m.  6 November 1907  at St Mary's, Addington.
ages:  43 / 29:       occ: boot manufacturer:         born:  both Addington:
parents:  Daniel & Sarah Jane Wilson,  nee McNALLY,  labourer.
                Michael & Fanny Downey,  nee DOBBS,  farmer.
witness:  Hugh Wilson,  Hawkesbury ave, Addington:      Lilly Legg,  May Legg,  Prebbleton:      William Downey:

David Wilson  &  Sarah Ann Christina PIERCY  m.  28 September 1918  at Holy Trinity, Lyttelton.
ages: 60 ' 46:      occ: engine driver / bookseller:       born: Belfast, Ireland / Christchurch:      widower, 1897 / widow, 1902:
parents:  Hugh & Agnes Wilson,  nee MOFFET,  gas worker employee.
                    John Grigg & Elizabeth Piercy,  nee CANT,  farmer.
witness:  John Edmund Smith  & Ruby Shella Smith,   20 Richardson st, postal clerk:   

David Wilson  &  Marjorie  BAILEY  m. 30 November 1946  at Baptist Church, Sydenham.
ages: 25 / 22:       occ: civil servant:       born:  Christchurch / Southbridge:   Wilson, 
parents:  John & Mary Johnson  Wilson,  nee INGLIS,  tramway board employee.
                    Frank Leonard & Laura Bailey,  nee FARRAR,  farmer.
witness:  Winsome French,  milliner:      Alexander Wilson,  grocer's assistant, Fitzgerald ave.

Duncan Wilson  &  Elizabeth Rebecca MANSON   m.  8 November 1916  at St Paul's, Christchurch.
ages:  27 / 27:       occ: police constable:       born:  Hororata / Coalgate.
parents:  Kenneth  & Jane Wilson,  nee McLEOD,  farmer.
                    Archiblad & Emma Manson,  nee JACKSON,  labourer.
witness:  Alexander Thomas Wilson,  Te Pirita,  farmer:        Annie Manson, Opawa, domestic duties:


Edward  Wilson  &  Helena Elizabeth HEYDER  m. 6 October 1896  at All Saints Burwood.
ages: 26 / 25,      occ: butcher,          born: Yorkshire/Christchurch.
parents:  Thomas & Martha Wilson  nee TUNSTALL, labourer
                George & Mary Ann Heyder,  nee LONGMAN,  gunsmith.
witness:  Walter Frank Heyder,  Burwood,   Martha Alice Heyder:    James Wilson, Islington,  butcher.

Edward Wilson  &  Rosey BUTTERFIELD  m.  26 May 1896 at res. John Butterfield, Burwood.
ages:  32 / 24:        occ: gardener;          born:  Christchurch / Avonside;
parents:  ------   Mary Jane Wilson
                    John & Sarah Butterfield,  nee THOMPSON,  farmer.
witness:  John Butterfield,  farmer,  Burwood:   Martha Butterfield. Burwood.

Edward Wilson  &  Katherine HARRIS  m. 23 August 1915 at res. Mr G. Ford, St Albans.
ages: 39 / 31;     occ: engine driver;       born: Wigtown, Scotland / Hororata, Canterbury;
parents: Edward & Margaret Wilson,  nee TYSON,  yeoman.
                    John & Catherine Harris,  nee ALLEN,  farmer.
witness:  George Ford, clerk, St Albans;       Margaret Agatha Fahey, Rangiora; 

Edward Wilson  &  Eliza READ  m.  1 January 1883  at res. of bridegroom,  Camside.
ages: full;       bachelor / widow 6 March 1876;     occ; farmer;         born:  both England;
parents: Thomas & Jane Wilson,  nee FLEMING,  farmer.
                    Samuel  & Hannah BRADLEY,  nee WHITE,  farmer.
witness:  Isaac Wilson,  merchant, Kaiapoi.         Richard Cousins,  farmer, Waikuku.

Edward Frederick Alexander Wilson  &  Elsie Louisa WHITE  m. 30 April 1901  at res. of Mrs Major, Kaiapoi.
ages: 32 / 23;         occ: seaman;          born: Germany / Wellington.
Parents:    Karl & Fredicka Wilson, nee De LONGE? Surveyor.
                        James & Fanny White, nee GRIGG, farmer.
witness:  James Stevenson,  brewer,  Kaiapoi;        Ettie Major,  Kaiapoi;

Edward John Wilson  &  Dorothy Aomihi  COTTON   m. 11 February 1931 at All Saints,  Sumner.
ages:  25 / 26;        occ: salesman;        born: Kaiapoi / Christchurch;
parents:  Isaac & Elizabeth Lillie Wilson,  nee JOHNSON,  merchant.
                    Frederick Henry  &  Adelaide Grace Martha Cotton,  nee NEWELL,  merchant.
witness:  Robert Alan Wilson,  student;    F.H.Cotton,  merchant,  Redcliffs.

Eli Wilson  &  Ellen WATSON  m. 18 April 1878 at  res. M.R.Bulkley,  Lyttelton.
ages:  20 / full:           occ: gardener:    
witness:  Richard Bulkley, chemist,    Lyttelton,    Janet Bulkley,  Lyttelton.

Eric Vern Wilson  &  Natalie Jane HAMPTON  m. 15 April 1936  at St Barnabas, Fendalton.
occ: warehouseman:           born: both Christchurch:
parents:  Leonard Marriott & Mary Ann Wilson,  nee DAVIS,  farmer.
                    Christopher & Elizabeth  Hampton,  nee MULLIGAN,  commission agent.
witness:  H.R.Black, Winchester st.  accountant:     L.M.Wilson,  ret. Papanui rd.

Ernest Albert Wilson  &  Selina Matilda MOORE  m.  6 January 1910 at St Paul's Church, Christchurch.
ages:  26 / 26:       occ: printers machinist:           born: Dunedin / Christchurch:
parents:  John Henry & Jane Wilson,  nee WALLACE,  teacher.
                    James Henry Thomas & Matilda Moore,  nee SPERRING,  contractor;
witness:   H.Wilson,  Worcester st, printer,  Linwood:   L.Wilson,  Linwood.

Ernest Edward Wilson  &  Elizabeth Mary CONNELLY (CONNOLLY)    m. 9 March 1910 at res. Walter Lochhead, Southbridge.
ages: 27 / 19:       occ: labourer:         born:  Clarkville / Leeston:
parents:  Henry & Louisa Wilson,  nee CLOTHIER,  farmer.
                    Robert & Elizabeth Connelly (Connolly)   nee ROBINSON,  labourer.
witness:  Annie Connelly, (Connolly)   Leeston:        Arthur  Ambrose Wilson,  Kaiapoi.


Francis Wilson  &  Sarah GIBSON  m. 12 May 1887  at The Manse,  Leeston.
ages:  24 / 22:      occ: storekeeper:         born: Ireland / Ireland:      
parents:  Thomas & Ann Wilson,  nee SHIELDS,  farmer.
                    James  & Ann Gibson,  nee GREY,  farmer
witness:  Agnes Cree, Leeston:     Jennie Cleland,  Lesston: 

Francis Calvert Wilson  &  Emma VINCENT  m. 3 June 1863  at Parish Church,  Rangiora.
ages:  both full:        occ: surveyor:     
witness:  Fred John Elmer:   William Vincent;

Francis Keith Warburton Wilson   &  Elsie Maude HOBBS  m.  21 February 1913  at  res. Mr W. Patrick, Tilford, Woolston.
ages:  21 / 20;         occ: baker;            born: Waltham / Sydenham;
parents:  Francis & Margaret Catherine Ruth Wilson,  nee DUNCAN,  baker.
                        William Thomas & Elizabeth Ann Hobbs,  nee ATKINSON,  railway guard.
witness:  John Robert Millard Burrell,  storeman;     Lillian Gretton Burrell,  upholstress;

Frederick Charles Wilson  &  Charlotte Georgina HAND  m. 7 November 1900 at Methodist Church, Addington.
ages:  21 / 21;        occ: machinist;        born:  Addington / Hillmorten (both Christchurch)
parents:  Alfred John  & Mary Wilson,  nee WILKINSON,  machinist.
                    Charles William  &  Mary Hand,  nee BRADLEY,  labourer.
witness: Edward Hand,  Hillmorten,  moulder;        Mary Jane Hand,  Hillmorten.

Frederick Denham Wilson  &  Emily MARTIN  m.  12 May 1910 at St John's. Church, Christchurch.
ages:  30 / 28;      occ:  grocer / dressmaker;        born: South Canterbury / Coalgate, Canterbury;
parents:  Robert & Hannah Louisa Wilson,  nee ALBROW,  farmer;
                    Charles & Harriet Martin,  nee MARSH,   lino operator.
witness:  F.Wilson, lino operator, Shirley;     Arthur Waters,  grocer, Somerfield;   Ivy Cameron;

Frederic Herbert Wilson  &  Frances Sarah WESTENRA   m. 21 December 1858 at St Michael's.
ages:  both full;        occ: gentleman;
witness:  Francis Edward Strwart;   Blanche Campbell;  L.Raven;   Richard Westenra;  E.Watts Russell;  Janetta M.Cookson;

Frederick William Wilson  &  Janet Elizabeth WHITHAM  m. 29 Dec. 1920  at St David's Church, Sydenham.
ages:  30 / 27;         occ:  land salesman;    born:  Greendale / Ohoka, Canterbury.
parents:  George & Emily Elizabeth Wilson,  nee JENKINS,  blacksmith.
                    Benn & Janet Lennox  Whitham,  nee McCRACKEN,  blacksmith.
witness:  William Percival McKay,  commercial traveller,  Merivale;      Muriel Annie Wilson,  clerk, Lyttelton.


Gardiner Davidson Wilson  &  Gertrude Emily TULLEY  m.  29 January 1903 at St Peter;s Church, Riccarton.
ages:  39 / 31;        occ: sawmiller / teacher;         born:  Ballarat / Riccarton, Christchurch:
parents:   William & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee DAVIDSON,  wheelwright.
                    Charles & Elizabeth Tulley,  nee HUGHES,  clerk.
witness:  Robert Wm Croy;          John Swanson;  

George Wilson  &  Ellen HARRISON  m. 22 August 1865  at St Peter's, Riccarton.
ages: both full;        occ:  farmer;
witness: Charles Wilson, Riccarton, farmer:      Maria Humm,  Templeton, spinster: 

George Wilson  &  Emily Elizabeth JENKINS  m.  8 October 1889  at Wesleyan Church,  Lyttelton.
ages:  29 / 29;        occ: blacksmith;           born: Arbirlot, Forfarshire, Scotland / Adelaide;
parents:  Thomas  & Mary Ann Wilson,  nee WALLACE,  blacksmith.
                    George & Mary Matilda Jenkins,  nee HOPKINS,  gardener.
witness:  George Jenkins;       Annie M. Jenkins:    Charles Adkin, storekeeper;

George Wilson  &  Maria WALKER  m.  21 February 1872  at Holy Trinity,  Avonside;
ages:  both full;    occ: labourer;
witness:  Charles Nelson;   Margaret Raine;

George Wilson  &  Sarah Ann Ewins WARD  m. 30 September 1875 at St Michael;s, Christchurch.
ages:  both full;           bachelor / widow;            occ:  market gardener; 
witness:  M.G.Unwin,  painter:   E.E.Shirtcliff,  Christchurch: 

George Arthur Hamilton Wilson  &  Florence Marion BYRCH  m. 30 April 1914 at St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  24 / 23;         occ:  -             born:  London / Evesham, Worcestershire:
parents:  Arthur Prangley  & Edith Wilson, nee HILL,   mining engineer.
                    Albert William  & Constance Byrch,  nee BREMNER,  Barrister;
witness:  Constance Byrch,  891 Colombo st:   J.W.Byrch,  H.A. Wallace;   Winifred Byrch, Colombo st;

George Charles Wilson  &  Mary Ellen POWER  m.  18 April 1912  at  Catholic Cathedral.
ages:  30 / 27;       occ:  packer;        born:  both Christchurch;
parents:  William & Harriet Wilson,  nee WOODHAM,  labourer.
                    William & Catherine Power,  nee CAIN,  seaman.
witness:  William Wilson,  523 St Asaph st,  occ: tailor;       Ellen Reddington,  lady help, Waltham Hotel.

George Dick Wilson  &  Helen Falconer WEBSTER  m. 12 August 1941   at  Baptist Church, Sydenham.
ages:  38 / 38:      occ: YMCA  secretary:      born: Coudenheath, Scotland / Christchurch:
parents:  George Dick  &  Isabella Wilson,  nee McINTOSH,  engineer.
                    William,  & Ethel Richenda Webster,  nee SAUNDERS,  civil servant.
witness:   Roland bevan Harding,  clerk:       Margaret Irene Smith,  spinster:

George Frederick  Wilson   &  Winifred Ann  CREAMER    m.  28 June  1916  at  res. John Robert Creamer,  Eyreton.
ages: 29 / 19,      occ:  Woollen Mill  hand / domestic duties,      born: Clarkville / Eyreton,    
parents:  John William & Elizabeth Wilson    nee  SHANNON       (labourer)
                John Robert  &  Edna Creamer    nee  CHERRY   (labourer)

George Herbert Wilson   &  Elizabeth Mary THOMPSON  m.  14 September 1933  at St Jame's,  Southbridge.
ages:  36 / 30;       occ: freezing worker:           born:  Te Houka / Highbank;       usual address: Palmerston North;
parents:   James & Alice Wilson,  nee MOFFAT,  farmer.
                    Anthony George  & Martha Ann Thompson,  nee GOOD,  stock agent;
witness:  F.M.Thompson,  Southbridge,  labourer;       Alice J.Thompson,  Southbridge;  A.G.Thompson.

George Robert Wilson  &  Sarah MORTON   m.  17 June 1903  at  St Paul's, Papanui.
ages:  30 / 26;         occ:  farmer / schoolteacher;        born:  Brookside / Sefton,  Canterbury.
parents:  Thomas & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee DONALD,   farmer.
                    James & Mary Morton,  nee BOYCE,  farmer.
witness:  Alexander D.Wilson,  farm labourer,  Seaview:     Theresa Wilson,  Seaview, Ashburton; 

George Selwyn Wilson  &   Ruby Osborne BARRETT   m. 12 July 1923  at St Phillip's, Beckenham.
ages:  35 / 31;        occ: farmer;     born:  Leeston / Tai-Tapu;           usual address:  Tolaga Bay;
parents:  Edwin George & Marion Louise Wilson,  nee BENNETT, ret. railway servant.
                    Philip Waldon  & Hephzibah Barrett,  nee SCMUCK?  farmer.
witness:  Constance Maude Barrett,  clerk:     Robert Bennett,  tailor,  Dunedin,

Gilbert Wilson  &  Hannah STRINGER  m.  10 September 1885  at  Church  ---  Ashley.
ages:  28 / 21;       occ: carpenter;       born: Preston, Lancashire / Christchurch;
parents:  John & Ellen Wilson,  nee BRAMLEY,  carpenter.
                    Richard & Ann Stringer,  nee DOBSON,  farmer.
witness:  William Richard Booker,  blacksmith,  Ashley:      Richard Dobson,  farmer,  Sefton;

Gordon Robert Wilson  &  Hilda Marjory CUSACK  m. 14 December 1922 at Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  32 / 24;          occ:  fitter;        born: Leeston / Christchurch;
parents:  Edwin George & Marion Louise Wilson,  nee BENNETT,  ret.railway officer.
                    James &  Ellen Cusack,  nee McGRATH,  printer.
witness:  H.T.Fuller,  printer, Christchurch:    James Cusack,  printer,  Richmond.


Harold Twentyman Wilson  &  Charlotte May HUFFAM  m. 21 January 1920 at Methodist Church,  Shirley.
ages:  30 / 23;    occ: farmer / school teacher;     born: Papanui / Ashburton;
parents:  Thomas  &  Mary Ann Wilson,  nee HODGSON,  farmer;
                    John & Charlotte Huffam,  nee AYLAND,  retired.
witness:  Bertie Charles Hill,  labourer,  Dunsandel;      Mabel Esther Hewton,  teacher,  Oamaru;

Harry Wilson  &  Elizabeth SPEAK  m. 26 December 1925  at St Saviour's, Sydenham.
ages:  23 / 25;        occ: gas worker;            born;  Yorkshire, England / Lancashire, England;
parents:  Thomas Willie & Ann Wilson,  nee WATSON,  warehouseman.
                    Albert & Grace Speak,  nee WALMSLEY,  a weaver.
witness:   Sydney Hood, Roker st, Spreydon,  a joiner:     Margaret Ellen Wilson,  St Martins;

Henry Wilson  &  Elizabeth Brett MILVERTON  m.  14 May 1864  at res. Rev. C.Fraser.  (Pres.)
ages:  42 / 34:         widower / spinster;        occ: carpenter / dressmaker; 
witness:  W.Alexander,   joiner,  Gloucester st:    Amelia Alexander, Gloucester st: 

Henry Wilson  &  Harriet Grace MITCHELL m.  27 February 1873  at  res. Mr Wm Mitchell, Lyttelton.
ages:  25 / 19;     occ: stevedore;
witness:  William Mitchell,  tailor, Lyttelton:    Emily Mary Mitchell: 

Henry Wilson  &  Anne WILLIAMS  m.  18 December 1854  at  St Michael's, Christchurch
usual address:  Kaiapoi;           witness:  Jane Passmore:   Thomas Eaton:

Henry Samuel Wilson  &  Hannah Maud BATES  m. 27 October 1910 at St Saviour's, Sydenham.
ages:  28 / 26;       occ: jeweller / dressmaker;        born:  Christchurch / Rotherhithe, England.
parents:  Samuel & Jane Wilson,  nee BONNETT, cartage contractor
                    Edwin & Louisa bates,  nee BUTLER.  clerk.
witness:  Thomas William Newburgh Wilson, contractor Sydenham:    Edith Louisa Bates,  Sydenham;

Henry Clarke Wilson   &  Mary Elizabeth COOK  m. 1 July 1903 at Parish Church,  Rangiora.
ages:  35 / 27;         born:   Rangiora / Sussex, England; 
parents:  John Bollard & Ann Wilson,  nee CARD,  a clerk;
                    Job & Elizabeth Cook,  nee SAVAGE,  a gardener;
witness:  Mina M Day;   Fred J. Cook;

Henry Leonidas Wilson   &  Williamine Hislop DEWSBURY  m.  1 July 1903 at St Michael's Christchurch.
ages:  26 / 34;        occ:  teacher;        born: Paeora / Christchurch;
parents:  Henry & Elizabeth Sarah Wilson,  nee HISLOP,   teacher, 
                    John Shillington Miller  & Mary Ann Dewsbury,  nee GUTHRIE,  gentleman.
witness:  George Reine,  Colombo st,  Sydenham;    C.R.Dewsbury, Spreydon;    Mary G. Little;

Henry Stephen Wilson  &  Winifred Emily REEVE  m. 5 June 1909 at St Peter;s,  Akaroa.
ages:  19 / 21:         occ:  draper;      born:  Wanganui / Wainuiomata;
parents:  William Thomas & lily Annie Wilson  nee BROOK,  engine driver.
                    Alfred  & Elizabeth Reeve,  nee SEXTON,  carrier.
witness:  Hans mathias Andresen,  fisherman,  Akaroa;      Violet Ada Whelch,  Akaroa;

Herbert Wilson  &  Ethel Gertrude TURNER  m.  21 January 1915  at St Paul's Manse, Christchurch.
ages:  30 / 29:       occ: gas fitter / dressmaker:          born:  Christchurch / Auckland;
parents:  Alexander 7 Margaret Wilson,  nee COLLINS,  carpenter.
                    James Watson  &  Bessie Turner,  nee MANHIRE,  gardener.
witness:  George Herbert Turner,  carrier, Christchurch:    Arthur Ernest Wilson,  labourer, Christchurch;

Horace William Wilson  &  Edna May FRANCIS  m. 9 Sept. 1931 at  St Colombus, Hornby.
ages:  24 / 24;        occ; clerk;        born; East Oxford / Opawa;
parents:  William Henry & Florence Matilda Wilson,  nee IVORY,  contractor;
                    Charles Henry  & Eliza Francis,  nee BOYCE,  boardinghouse keeper;
witness:  J.C.Wilson, railway clerk, Hamilton:      C.E.Thomas,  milliner, Palmerston North;

Hugh Wilson  &  Sarah Ann CURRY  m. 16 July 1877 at Mr Tizzard's res. Robinson's Bay.
ages: 37 / 25;       occ:  farmer / domestic servanr;   
witness:  Henry Tizzard,  Robinson's Bay, farmer;     Margaret Tizzard, Robinson's Bay;

Hugh Wilson  &  Annie Jane GOSS  m.  26 December 1887  at  res. Mr Jas. Goss,  Salisbury st.
ages:  31 / 24;       occ: shopkeeper;           born: Co. Down, Ireland / Christchurch;
parents:  Samuel & Agnes Wilson,  nee LAWTHER,  farmer.
                    James & Sarah Goss,  nee NORTH,  builder.
witness:  Thomas Spratt,  iron monger, Christchurch:   Martha A. Goss,  Salisbury st, Christchurch;

Hugh Wilson  &  Emma Buchanan LAMBIE  m.  7 March 1894 at res. John Lambie,  Kirwee.
ages:  both full;     occ:  bacon curer;    born:  Ayreshire, Scotland / Doyleston, Canterbury;
parents:  Hugh & Janet Wilson,  nee SCOULAR,  farmer;
                John &  Mary Lambie,  nee CRAWFORD,  farmer;
witness:  Helen James Shaw Lambie,  Pihama;     R.W. Lochhead, farmer,  Leeston;  
                    Jeannie Lambie, Kyle;  Kate Annie Lambie,  Kyle;

Hugh Wilson  &  Olive Raeburn MAIN  m.  16 February 1915  at Catholic Cathedral,  Christchurch.
ages:  25 / 24:        occ:  Tailor;      born:  Sydenham / Marlborough;
parents:  Hugh & Mary Ann Wilson,  nee QUINN,  french polisher.
                    George & Alice Main,  nee THOMPSON,  carpenter.
witness:  Francis Joseph Wilson,  warehouseman, Christchurch;     Ida Main,  Linwood, Christchurch;

Hugh Wilson  &  Mary POULSEN  m. 1 February 1903 at Town Hall,  East Oxford.
ages:  34 / 30;   occ:   both Salvation Army officers:     born:  Auckland /  at sea:   
parents:    unknown / unknown
                        Neil C.  & Johanna Poulsen,  nee MATHESON,   a miner.
witness:  Henry Proctor Sharp,  S.A.Officer,  Leeston:   Edith Frances Cutler, Linwood:    

Hugh Wilson  &  Mary Ann QUINN   m. 14 February 1888  at Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  21 / 22:     occ:  french polisher;     born:  Addington / County Tyrone, Ireland:
parents:  Daniel & Sarah Wilson,  nee McNALLY,  labourer.        
                Francis & Mary Quinn,  nee  COLLINS,  a tailor.
witness:  Matthew Rosindale, Avonside verger:      Daniel Wilson,  bootmaker,   Addington

Hugh Hill  Wilson  &  May LOGAN  m. 4 May 1910 at res. Mrs Topliss,  addington.
ages: 21 / 29;       occ: railway clerk;                 born: Ngapara / Timaru;
parents:  Hugh & Jane Wilson,  nee McLEOD,  farmer.
                    John & Mary Jane Logan,  nee HEWISH,  grain merchant.
witness:    E.M.Smith, railway clerk, Christchurch:    R. Logan,  dressmaker,  Timaru:

Hugh McLeod Wilson  &  Ellen Louisa LEE   m. 19 February 1908  at St Andrew's Manse, Christchurch.
ages:  23 / 20;        occ: farmer;        born: North Rakaia / Glenroy;
parents:  Kenneth Clark  & Jane Wilson,  nee McLEOD,  farmer.
                    Henry Archer & Angelina Lee,  nee KENNINGTON,  farmer.
witness:  Duncan Wilson, farmer, North Rakaia;     Henry Arthur Lee,  farmer,  Glenroy;


Isaac Wilson  &  Mary Ann BAKER  m.  8 August 1861 at res. Mr James Baker,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  21 / 18:    occ: farmer;
witness:  Thomas Wilson,  farmer, Woodend;   Robert wright,  carpenter,  Kaiapoi.

Isaac Wilson  &  Catherine BENNETT  m. 3 September 1888  at St Paul's,  Flaxton.
ages:  36 / 23;       widower 24 May 1888 / spinster;      occ: farmer;    born: Durham / Victoria;
parents:  John & Dorothy Wilson,  nee PAUL,  farmer.
                Henry Cornish  & Mary Bennett,  nee NICHOLSON,  draper.
witness:  Ralph Wilson,  farmer,  Clarkville;   Alfred Wheeler,  farm labourer,  Clarkville;

Isaac Wilson  & Sarah Elizabeth SPOOR  m.  3 March 1884 at St Paul's, Flaxton.
ages:  31 / 32;        widower, 23 Aug. 1883 / widow,  22 Jan. 1882,      born:   both Sunderland, Durham, England;
parents:  John & Dorothy Wilson,  nee PAUL,  farmer.
                    William & Mary BRICE,  nee DIXON,  draper.
witness:  William Stanley Brice,  draper, Woolston;   Mary Brice;


James Wilson  &  Elizabeth STEELE  m.  26 December 1901  at res. Mr Alston,  Creyke st.
ages:  26 / 26;    occ: ranger;    born: Coalgate / Hororata;
parents:  Kenneth & Jane Wilson,  nee McLEOD,  farmer.
                    Samuel & Elizabeth Steele,  nee WRIGHT,  farmer.
witness:  John Wilson,  Hororata;     Margaret Caskey,  Fairlie.

James Wilson  &  Gladys BELLAMY  m.  24 Nov. 1925 at St Faith's Church,  New Brighton.
ages:  47 / 28;       occ: borough overseer;           born: Weedons / New Brighton;
parents:  Samuel & Esther Wilson,  nee LEATHAM,  farmer.
                    William Henry  & Janet Bellamy,  nee DANN,  coach builder.
witness:  F.V.Timms,  railway employee,  Bromley;   J.Gamble,  printer,  Christchurch;

James Wilson  &  Sarah FALLOON  m.  24 May 1867  at Holy Trinity, Lyttelton.
ages:  both full;    occ:  labourer;
witness:  W.J.Falloon,  careter,  Lyttelton:   R. Wilson,  labourer, Lyttelton;   Mary Falloon;

James Wilson  &  Martha HOOEY  m.  res. James Boyd, Riccarton.
ages:  35 / 29;    occ: farmer;   born:  Brookless, Co. Tyrone, Ireland / Latsay, Co Cavan, Ireland;  usual address: Ashburton;
parents:  Robert   &   Margaret Wilson,  nee PORTER,  farmer.
                    James   & Mary Hooey,  nee MAXWELL,  farmer.
witness:  Joseph Boyd,  carpenter, Riccarton;   Annie Boyd,  Riccarton.

James Wilson  &  Mary HULL  m. 15 August 1893  at res. Mr Roberts,  Woolston.
ages:  46 / 44;    widower, 8 March 1883 / spinster;        born:  Westmoreland, England / Stafford, England;
parents:  Edward & Margaret Wilson,  nee ATKINSON,   farmer.
                    William & Mary Hull,  nee DICKENS,  architect.
witness:  T.L.Roberts,  engineer,  Woolston;   L.Alexander,  Linwood.

James Wilson  &  Jane JOHNSTONE  m. 21 October 1878  at res. Rev. A.Peters, Reefton.
ages:  36 / 30;     occ:  mine manager;
witness:  John Campbell,  banker,  Reefton;     George Weir,  sharebroker,  Reefton.

James Wilson  &  Mary Ann KING  m. 4 September 1881  at St Saviour's, Sydenham.
ages:  21 / 21;        occ: butcher;           born:  Christchurch / Gallashields, Scotland;
parents:  Daniel & Sarah Wilson,  nee  -----
                    Thomas & Jane Shiels  (Johnston)    a tanner.   (as written on card)
witness:  Harry Hill,  malster, Windmill rd;   Mary Ann McDonald;

James  Wilson   & Matilda Isabella KIRTON  m.  19 April 1899 at St Michael's,  Christchurch.
ages:  27 / 26;     occ: farmer;     born:  Turakina / Hokitika;     usual address:  Turakina.
parents:  Robert  & Jane Wilson, nee MOIR,  farmer;
                    Robert Kirton  & Fanny Kirton,  nee HEATH,  postmaster.
witness:  Matthew Alexander Conway,  Fielding, NZ:    Douglas Vernon Lillicrop,  Invercargill;

James Wilson  &  Mary Jane LeCOMTE  m. 25 September 1866  at Akaroa Church.
ages:  29 / 18;    occ: farmer;
witness:  Stephen Hunt,  French Farm;   James Felgate,  sexton, Akaroa.

James Wilson  &  Florence Miriam RICHARDS  m.  25 December 1913 at The Beach Church,  New Brighton.
ages:  29 / 23;    occ: labourer;           born:  Dunedin / Belfast;
parents:  Hans & Annabella Wilson,  nee CLELAND,  labourer.   
                    Richard Sampson  & Elizabeth Miriam Richards,  nee GOODING,  fruiterer.
witness:  R.S.Richards,  fruiterer, Nw Brighton;   H.E.Wilson,  railway clerk,  Lyttelton;

James Wilson  &  Harriett Annie Wise VENNIEUR  m.  11 February 1877  at  Durham st Wesleyan Church.
ages:  21 / 21;    occ:  joiner;  
witness:  James A.Wood,  builder, Kilmore st;  Mary Wood,  Kilmore st;

James Wilson  &  Rhoda WELSH  m. 28 April 1917 at St Saviour's, Sydenham.
ages:  72 / 68;     widower, July 1916 / widow, August 1916;        occ: contractor;    
                    born:  Westmoreland, England / Gloucestershire, England;
parents:  Edward & Margaret Wilson,  nee ATKINSON,  contractor.
                    James & Ann NIBLETT,  nee BENNETT,  farmer.
witness:  Edward Hitchings,  coach smith,  Sydenham;   Edith F.Leach,  Sydenham;

James Alfred Wilson  &  Mary Watson Deveney THOMPSON  m.  26 Nov. 1892  at St Mary's,  Addington.
ages:  29 / 23;    occ: commission agent;      born:   London / Timaru, NZ;
parents:  James & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee BAGGE,  grocer.
                Charles Edmund  & Mary Ann  Thompson,  nee RIDGWAY,  a baker.
witness:  Edward Cockayne,  Sunnyside;  Martin Taylor;

James Donald Wilson  &  Emily Maud ARMSTRONG  m.  29 January 1903 at res. Mr E.A.Armstrong, Dallington,  Christchurch.
ages:  39 / 28:    widower, 8 July 1901 / spinster;      occ: builder;   born:  Aberdeen / Buckinghamshire;
parents:  Thomas & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee DONALD,  farmer.
                    Edward & Sarah Elizabeth Armstrong,  nee WILMER,  farmer.
witness:  M.E.Armstrong,  Dallington:   George Robert Wilson,  farmer, Spreydon:   Edward Armstrong,  farmer,  Avonside:  

James Barron Wilson  &  Mary Martha HOSKEN  m. 22 June 1892 at res. Miss Pope,  Hanmer st Linwood.
ages:  65 / 35;        widower, 5 July 1981 / spinster;        born: Sunderland / St Just, Cornwall, England;
parents:  James & Mary Wilson,  nee BARRON,  a potter.
                    John & Barbara Hosken,  nee HUMPHREYS,  farmer.
witness:  James B.Wilson,  Christchurch, ensign, Salvation Army;   Clara Louisa Page;

James Gordon Wilson  &  Louisa Charlotte GOODALL  m. 21 June 1923 at St Andrew's Church, Christchurch.
ages:  23 / 21:    occ: baker:   born: Edinburgh, Scotland / Temuka.
parents:  Angus Macdonald  & Flora McLeod, Wislon,   nee McDONALD,  Army Colonel;
                    Walter Lucas  & Eleanor Goodall,  nee EAGLESTONE,  labourer.
witness:  Violet martha Goodall,  Lyttelton St;       George William Scott,  Moorhouse Ave,   jockey;

James Henderson Wilson  &  Jane CHELL  m. 15 June 1865 at res. Mr James Payne, Godley Quay, Lyttelton.
ages: full / minor;     occ: seaman;
witness:  James Payne,  seaman, Dampier's Bay;  Christiana Payne.  dampier's Bay, Lyttelton.

James John Wilson  &  Emma GARDINER  m. 29 January 1892 at St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  37 / 21:    occ: farmer:    born:  Belfast / Hackney, South London:
parents:  Robert & Margaret Wilson,  nee DONNELLY,  farmer.
                    Thomas Freebury  & Mary Ann Gardiner,  nee MILOY,  gentleman.
witness:  Claude Sawtell,  grain broker, Cashel st:  Ellen gardiner, High st,  Rangiora:

James Leslie Wilson  &  Lena PARTRIDGE  m.  2 February 1905  at  St John's Church,  Christchurch.
ages:  23 / 29;   occ: dentist;       born:  Sumner / Christchurch;
parents:  Eli  &  Ellen Wilson,  nee WATSON,  wharfinger.
                William Henry  & Katherine Lena Deborah Partridge,  nee MASSEY,   warehouseman.
witness:  S.L.Partridge,  warehouseman, Wellington:  Chas. H. Hobbs,  warehouseman,  Christchurch;

James Purves Wilson  &  Jane STILWELL  m. 4 July 1876 at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:    occ:  Minister;
witness:  Samuel  Fleming,  Prebbleton;  Mary Fleming;

James Stanley Wilson  &  Elizabeth Annie HOWARD  m.  21 November 1907 at  res. David Wilson, Amberley.
ages:  22 / 25;    occ: shepherd:    born: Doyleston  &  Addington, Chch.
parents:  James & Jane Wilson,  nee SMITH,  farmer.
                    Joseph  & Agnes  Howard,  nee NESBITT,  foreman.
witness:  David Livingstone Wilson,  Amberlet, farmer:   Ellen Jane Wilson,  housewife;

James William Wilson  &  Mary Ellen STANLEY  m. 24 October 1912  at St paul's, Papanui.
ages:  29 / 32;   occ: farmer / school teacher:    born: Barnard Castle, England / Pleasant Point.    usual address: Barry's Bay
parents:  James &  Ann  Wilson,  nee METCALF,  blacksmith,
                Joseph & Mary Stanley,  nee PHELAN,  ret. police constable.
witness:  Joseph Stanley,  ret.  Fendalton:  Arthur J. Pritchard,  clerk, Christchurch:

Jesse Bertram Wilson  &  Frances Cassia STRINGER  m.  29 September 1904 at res. Mr W.J.Stringer, Sydenham.
ages:  21 / 19;    occ: salesman;           born:  both Christchurch;
parents:  James & Harriet Ann Wilson,  nee VENNA,  builder;
                    William Joseph  & Isabella Woodfield Stringer,  nee TURNBULL,  accountant;
witness:  Frederick Fish,  clerk Christchurch;   William Joseph Stringer,  clerk  Christchurch;

John Wilson  &  Mary BROWN  m. 17 June 1903  at Pres. Church,  Hororata.
ages: 32 / 28;    occ: farmer;            born: Coalgate, Canterbury / Killinchy, County Down, ireland.
parents:  Kenneth & Jane Wilson,  nee McLEOD,  farmer.
                    James & Elizabeth Brown,  nee KELTIE?,  labourer.
witness:  Angus Wilson,  Hororata:  Elizabeth Coughey,  Sefton;

John Wilson  &  Margaret DIXON  m. 9 March 1878  at The Manse, Christchurch.  (Presbyterian)
ages:  45 / 39:       widower / spinster:            occ: coach driver:
witness:  Robert Dixon,  carpenter, Woolston;   Sarah Barker,  Akaloa Bay

John Wilson  &  Jessie GORRIE  m.  25 Feb. 1926 at res. Mrs M. McElwee,  Dyers Pass rd, Cashmere.
ages:  55 / 48:  widower, 28 July 1924 / divorced  29 May 1908;      born:  both Sefton;    occ: labourer;
parents:  Samuel & Mary Eliza Wilson,  nee HERN,  farmer;
                    Daniel & Henrietta Gorrie,  nee HUNTER,  farmer.
witness:  R.Benjamin,  Westport,  domestic duties:       A.H.Finch,  taxi prop. Cashmere: 

John Wilson  &  Christina MacKINNON   m.  9 April 1867  at  The Manse.
ages:  26 / 21:       occ: shepherd / domestic servant:
witness:  Neil Smith, shepherd, Christchurch:  Isabella McLeod,  Opawa, spinster:

John Wilson  &  Mary Jane MARSHALL  m. 2 February 1888  at res. Mrs Robert Marshall,  Lakeside.
ages:  28 / 23;    occ: storekeeper;            born: Ireland / New Zealand;
parents:  Thomas & Ann Wilson,  nee SHIELDS,  farmer.
                    Robert & Elizabeth Marshall,  nee TODD,  farmer;
witness:  John W. orr, storekeeper, Christchurch;   Elizabeth Marshall,  Lakeside;

John Wilson  &  Kate MORGAN  m.  17 October 1874  at  St Luke's,  Christchurch.
ages:  both full:       occ: farmer;
witness:  Alfred Morgan,  railway porter, Papanui:      Maria L. Derrett;  Elizabeth Maogan;  John Morgan;

John Wilson  &  Helen RIDDELL   m. 25 April 1912  at res. Rev. C.Murray,  Colombo st.
ages:  27 / 25;    occ: iron moulder:          born:  Christchurch / Glasgow, Scotland;
parents:  James & Agnes Wilson,  nee REID,  engine fitter;
                William & Helen Riddell,  nee FREEBAIRN,  insurance agent.
witness:  F.A.Trayle,  grocer,  Durham st, Sydenham:     C.H.Bean,  printing machinist,  Straven rd, Fendalton.

John Wilson  &  Henrietta SLADE  m.  23 November 1873  at  St John the Baptist, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:   occ: grocer / general servant;
witness:  James William Slade,  bricklayer, Christchurch:   John Frizzell,  farmer West Eyreton: 

John Wilson  &  Margaret THOMPSON  m. 26 May 1915 at St Andrew's Church.
ages:  24 / 22;    occ: fireman;    born:  Christchurch / Stillwater;
parents:  Hans & Annie Bella Wilson,  nee CLELAND,  ships steward.
                    Joseph & Margaret Thompson,  nee COARD,  an Under Viewer
witness:  H.J.Brekley,  fireman,  Grey st, Ashburton;     Joseph Thompson,  Addington,  mine manager.

John Wilson  &  Annie VOGEL  m.  30 June 1890  at Wesleyan Church,  Esat Belt.
ages:  27 / 18;          occ: farmer;           born: Scotland / Papanui, Christchurch.
parents:  John & Margaret Wilson,  nee CAIRNS,  farmer.
                    John Conrad  & Martha Vogel,  nee ALLEN,  dairyman.
witness:  Thomas Watson Reese,  Christchurch;   Dina Vogel;

John Bollard Wilson  &  Ann CARD  m. 10 November 1858 at Temporary Church, Lyttelton.
ages:  24 / 17;        occ: stock owner;
witness:  G.Day,  stock owner, Lyttelton:  Eileen Card,  single woman, Lyttelton.

John Eli Wilson  &  Ivy Seammen BENDALL  m. 14 September 1911  at St Paul's, Christchurch.
ages:  28 / 28;       occ: clerk;       born:  Lyttelton / Nelson;
parents:  Eli & Ellen Wilson,  nee WATSON, railway wharfinger.
                    Albert  & Ellen Louise Seammen,  nee FOWLER,  draper.
witness:  Charles E.W.Just,  clerk, Lyttelton:   Elsie M.Boon,  Nelson: 

John Glasgow Wilson  &  Edna Bell ANGUS  m. 30 March 1918 at Knox Church, Bealey Ave.
ages:  25 / 25;   occ: Bank clerk;   born:  Wellington / Auckland;
parents:  Robert Henry & Bessie Wilson,  nee EDWARDS,  merchant.
                Matthew & Annie Wilson,  nee BELL,  clerk.
witness:  Guy Farrell,  warehouseman:  Dorothy Janet Page,  Cashmere.

John Henry Wilson  &  Sarah Ann McNEELEY  m.  12 August 1880  at  The Manse, Christchurch.
ages:  29 / 25;       occ: carpenter / domestic servant;
witness:  James McNeely, cleaner, Southbridge;     Ellen McNeely, spinster,  Southbridge;

John Holyroyd Wilson  &  Margaret Jean Noeline HAMMON  m.  26 April 1932 at  res. Mr R.Wilson, St martins.
ages:  26 / 23;     occ: clerk;  born: both Christchurch;
parents:  Robert & Annie  Deuchar Wilson,  nee JOHNSON,  draper;
                Edward Grosovenor & Gladys Louise Hammon,  nee WALKER,  apainter.
witness:  C.D.Wilson,  St Martins, Christchurch;    R.B.Wilson,  St Martins.

John Louie Wilson  &  Edith HOBBS  m. 5 March 1889  at  res. mrs Luke, Tuam st. Christchurch.
ages: 18 / 16;        occ: carrier;        born: both NZ. 
parents:  John & Mary Wilson,  nee CAMERON,  a dealer.
                    Thomas & Mary Hobbs,  nee BURGESS,  bricklayer.
witness:  Elizabeth Hobbs, Christchurch;  John Pullan,  general dealer, Christchurch;

John Russell Wilson  &  Eliza CRAWFORD  m.  28 December 1887 at res. Mr James Crawford,  Sydenham.
ages:  23 / 23:       occ: labourer;     born: Victoria, Australia / Christchurch:      
parents:  John & Agnes Wilson,  nee RUSSELL,  farmer.
                    James & Jessie Crawford, nee SMILLE,  labourer.
witness:  El;izabeth Cork:   Robert J. Moore:    both  Christchurch;

John Samuel Wilson  &  Frances Jane HAMPTON   m.  28 June 1906 at  Methodist Church, Durham st.
ages:  32 / 33:        occ: Agent;         born: Christchurch / Cust, North Canterbury;
parents:  John &  Henrietta Wilson  nee SLADE,  grocer.
                Henry & Euphemia Hampton,  nee STEPHENSON,  dealer.
witness:  Albert Wilson,  209 Cambridge tce:       Henrietta Wilson,  Christchurch:

John Samuel Wilson  &  Cicely Alice Perry SIMPSON  m.  3 July 1912 at res. Mr Charles Simpson, Papanui.
ages:  38 / 40:    widower, 24 Feb. 1907 / spinster;   occ: coal merchant:    born:  both Christchurch.
parents:   John &  Henrietta Wilson  nee SLADE,  grocer.
                    Charles &  Jemima Simpson,  nee PERRY,  builder;
witness:  Elizabeth Perry Simpson,  Papanui:   George Maginness, County Clerk, Sockburn.

John W. Wilson  &  Jane SHIPSTON  m.  20 February 1856  at Wesleyan Church,  Lyttelton.
ages: 20 / 22:        occ: sawyer;
witness:  Thos. Evans;    Jane Riddle;

John William Wilson  &  Elizabeth JOHNSTONE   m.  5 October 1882 ar Wesleyan Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  35 / 26:    bachelor / widow 27 Sept. 1880:   occ: farmer:   born: Durham, England / Ireland: 
parents:  John & Dorothea Wilson,  nee PAUL,  farmer.
                    Peter & Catherine SHANNON,  nee SANDERSON,  labourer.
witness:  Hay Smith,  farmer, Clarkville:    Sarah Simmonds:

John William Wilson  &  Annie Elizabeth VOGT  m.  27 July 1910  at  St Columba's, Hornby.
ages:  24 / 30:        occ: labourer:       born:  Clarkville / Inglewood, Vic. Australia.
parents:  John William  & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee SHANNON,    farmer;
                    Hans Henry &  Elizabeth Vogt,  nee ANDERSON,  farmer.
witness:  George Vogt,  Post office,  Sockburn:      Margaret Tindall,  waitress, Moorhouse ave;

Joseph Wilson  &  Martha CRAIG  m.  16 June 1880  at  res. Mr Jones,  Manchester st,  Christchurch.
ages:  27 / 27;       bachelor / widow:        occ: farm lab:
witness:  M.A.Jones:     R.Jones,  cook,  Manchester st:

Joseph Wilson  &  Sophia Ann Chard EVERED  m.  30 June 1888  at Wesleyan Parsonage,  East Belt, Christchurch;
ages:  37 / 36:     occ: labourer;    born: Durham, England /  Somerset, England;
parents:  John & Dorothy Wilson,  nee PAUL,  potter;
                    John &  Martha Evered,  nee CHARD,  farmer.
witness:  Hay Smith,  Clarkville,  farmer:   C. S. Henry,  Christchurch;

Joseph Wilson  &  Mabel Rose NEWTON  m.  28 March 1912  at  Trinity Church, Worcester st.  Christchurch.
ages:  45 / 29:       widower, 29 Dec. 1906 / spinster:      occ: printer;        born: Riverton, NZ / Southbridge, NZ
parents:  Joseph & Mary Wilson,  nee REID,  grocer.
                Frank  &  Annie Newton,  nee DONALD,  labourer.
witness:  Elizabeth Wilson,  bookbinder,  Kilmore st;      David Davidson, printer,  St Albans, 

Joseph Wilson  &  Emma Gertrude PROSSER  m.  27 March 1900 at res. Rev. W. Baumber, Christchurch.
ages:  46 / 30:        occ: farmer:           born:  both England;
parents:  John & Dorothy Wilson,  nee PAUL,  a potter.
                William & Catherine Prosser,  nee GUEST,  accountant.
witness:  Catherine Wilson,  Kaiapoi:   L.Baumber,  Christchurch:

Joseph Barraclough Wilson   &  Bertha Elizabeth SHEPHERD m. 23 August 1916  at res. Miss Shepherd, Aldwins rd, Linwood.
ages:  24 / 26:            occ: metal worker:            born:  Gore / Christchurch;
parents:  Joseph & Ann Elizabeth Wilson,  nee BARRACLOUGH,  carpenter,
                    Benjamin & Sarah Shepherd,  nee JEFFREY,  cabman.
witness:  Benjamin Alexander Shepherd,  105 Aldwins rd:   Jinnie Jane Wilson,  10 Cranley st.

Joseph James Wilson  &  Catharine McTAGGART  m. 8 June 1897  at Catholic Church, Christchurch.
ages:  34 / 24:            occ: salesman;       born:  Wellington / Christchurch:     
parents:  James & Sarah Wilson,  nee BROWNE,  contractor.
                Andrew & Mary McTaggart,  nee  -------  labourer.
witness:  John Austin,  ironmongers traveller, Chch:  Colion Herbert Flavell,  clerk, Chch:    Letitia McTaggart,  tailoress, Chch:

Joseph Lowthian Wilson  &  Mary MATTHEWS   m. 16 February 1876  at St Paul's, Flaxton.
ages:  both full:       occ: newspaper agent:   
witness:  J.P. Prestell,  Chief Inspector of Schools, Chch:      William Wilson,  clerk,  Kaiapoi:    Ann Wilson, Kaiapoi: 
                John S. Guthrie, journalist, Christchurch:     Matilda S. Restell,  Christchurch:


Laurence William Wilson  &  Ellen DAVEY  m. 29 March 1877 at St Luke's Church,  Christchurch.
ages:  both full;        occ: artist;
witness:  Edward Beresford:   Kate Beresford:

Lawrence Wilson  &  Marion May BELL  m. 16 Dec. 1909 at St Paul's Manse, latimer sq. Chch.
ages:  24 / 35;          occ: butcher;         born: Christchurch / Ashburton Gorge;
parents:  George Edwin  &  Jennie Wilson,  nee SMITH,  contractor.
                Hamilton Richardson  &  Caroline Bell,  nee HEWSON,  farmer.
witness:  May Wilson,  Linwood;   John Tait,  16 Latimer Sq. Christchurch:

Lawrence Wilson  &  Annie Ethel COCKBURN  m.  24 October 1911  at res. Miss Austin,  52 Lincoln rd, Spreydon.
ages:  47 / 33    :  bachelor / widow, 27 Feb. 1909;        occ: sheepfarmer;    born:  both Christchurch;
parents:  William & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee WILLIAMS,  seed merchant;
                    Richard OWEN   &  Sarah PRESLEY,  formerly Owen,  nee AUSTEN,  farmer.
witness:  Thomas Presley,  builder,  Lower Riccarton;   Lydia Agnes Jane Austin,  Spreydon;

Lennox Robert Wilson  &  Augusta Elsie WARBURTON  m. 7 May 1903 at  methodist Church, St Albans.
ages:  25 / 25:     occ: gardener / machinist:        born:  Sydenham, Christchurch / Mirzapur, India:   
parents:  Thomas & Mary Ann Wilson,  nee HODGSON,  farmer;
                James & Augustus Louisa Warburton,  nee HOGG,  asphalter.
witness:  Charles Anthony Wilson,  dairyman, Marshland:      Alexander William Mitchell,  gardener, Middleton.

Leonard Henry Varian Wilson  &  Elsie THORN  m. 5 June 1912  at res. Mr J. Thorn,  Antigua st, Christchurch.
ages:  28 / 22;        occ: sheetmetal worker:       born:  Oxford, Canterbury / Christchurch:
parents:  William Varian  & Harriet Wilson,  nee KEATS,  architect.
                John & Jessie Ann Thorn,  nee ALSTON,  a dealer.
witness:  John Thorn Cooper,  a carver, Antigua st:   Jessie Thorn,  Antigua st, Christchurch:

Leonard Lowthian Wilson  &  Marguerite Murray WATSON   m.  13 March 1915  at St mary's Church,  Addington.
ages:  32 / 26;    occ: accountant:   born:  Kaiapoi / Edinburgh:
parents:  Joseph lowthian  & Mary Wilson,  nee MATTHEWS,  ret. journalist.
                John & Agnes Watson,  nee MURRAY,  artist.
witness:  Thomas Robert Leitherd,  Kaiapoi;       Joseph lowthian Wilson,  Kaiapoi;   Myra Leithead,  mary Wilson:

Leonard Marriott Wilson   &  Mary Anne  DAVIS   m. 7 January 1903 at St Michael's Church.
ages:  29 / 25;      occ:  fruit grower;       born:  both Sydenham, Christchurch;
parents:  William & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee WILLIAMS,  merchant.
                    William & Lucy Davis,  nee WARD,  farmer.
witness:  Richard W.Anderson,  Sydenham;   L.Wilson,  Teddington;

Leslie Richard Henry Wilson  &  Ngaire Lorraine DAVIS  m. 26 March 1940 at res. Mr P.R.J.Peoples,  Akaroa.
occ: motor driver / clerk;        born: Waimate / Temuka;    
parents:  Charles Musker  & Maud Ward Priscilla Wilson,  nee HUTT,  blacksmith.
                    James Black  &  Margaret Pimperton Davis,  nee MUIRHEAD,  a tailor.
witness:  P.R.J.Peoples,  Akaroa;   M.C.Peoples,  Akaroa;

Lewis Henry Wilson  &  Frances Lucy DENMOUTH  m.  23 March 1911 at  res. Mr Denmouth,  Hawdon st, Sydenham;
ages:  24 / 19;       occ: gardener;            born:  Thornbury, Invercargill / Hindon, Otago;
parents:  Thomas & Mary Ann Wilson,  nee HODGSON,  farmer.
                    Henry & Rose Denmouth,  nee SHIER,  signalman.
witness:  Elizabeth Ann Denmouth,  Hawdon st, Sydenham;   Hazel Twentyman Wilson,  dairyman,  Marshland;

Llewellyn Francis Wilson  &  Harriet Elsie WRIGHT  m.  20 August 1919  at St paul's Church, papanui,  Christchurch.
ages:  22 / 25;   occ: labourer;   born:  Little River, NZ / Whakamoa, NZ
parents:  August & Mary Matthews Wilson,  nee FIRMISTON,  farmer.
                Luke & Annie Wright,  nee HUNT,  farmer.
witness:  Luke Wright,  ret. farmer, Papanui:      Charles Stanley Wilson,  farmhand, Pigeon Bay:

Luke Buttimore Wilson  &  Lily BALLANTINE  m. 27 Sept. 1922 at Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  24 / 25;        occ: saddle & harness maker;         born: Auckland / Christchurch;    usual address: Dunsandel;
parents:  Luke & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee  BUTTIMORE,  blacksmith.
                Thomas & helen Ballantine,  nee CLARKE,  builder.
witness:  F.J.Duncan, builder, Auckland:    W. Ballantine, machinist, Christchurch:


Maxwell Wilson  &  Adelaide Kathleen GOODWIN  m. 19 July 1916  at  st mark's,  Opawa.
ages:  24 / 20:       occ:  steel ceiling fixer / shop assistant:    born:  Clarkville / Kirwee:
parents:  Isaac  Wilson  & Catherine  HENDRY,  formerly Wilson,  nee BENNETT   
                Samuel & Elizabeth Goodwin,  nee HALL,  labourer.
witness:  Esther Goodwin,  Opawa,  clerk:   William Leighton,  Woolston,  warehouseman.

Meredith Wilson  &  Margaret RUDDOCK  m. 16  October 1862  at Wesleyan Chapel, Christchurch.
ages:  23 / 24;     occ: wheelwright.
witness:  Robinson Ruddock,  farmer, Christchurch:  Margaret  Maquin,  Christchurch;

Meredith Wilson  &  Mary MORROW  m.  4 January 1872  at  St Andrew's Church.
ages: 32 / 25;     widower / spinster;      occ:  farmer / domestic servant; 
witness:  William Morrow,  shepherd;    Mary Ann Crawford,  spinster, Christchurch:

Meredith Wilson  &  Elizabeth McCLURE  m. 30 Sept. 1903  at  Presbyterian Church, Southbridge.
ages:  26 / 26;        occ: farmer;       born: Ashburton / Killinchy;          usual address:  Geraldine;
parents:  Meredith & Mary Meredith Wilson, nee MORROW,  farmer.   
                    George &  Susannah McClure,  nee HOGG,  farmer.
witness:  Walter George Sandrey,  Imp traveller, Ashburton;           Martha Eleanor McClure, Killinchy. 


Norman Andrew Wilson  &  Rosa Phyllis SHERWOOD  m.  12 August 1922  at St Matthew's,  St Albans.
ages:  28 / 25;       occ:  linotype operator;       born:  Dunedin / Christchurch;
parents:  Andrew  Anderson  &  Florence Wilson,  nee EVANS,  bootmaker.
                Edwin & Phyllis Sherwood,  nee HARRIS,  butcher;
witness:  Basil Herbert Jones,  Coutts Island:       E.Sherwood,  St Albans,  butcher;

Norman Arthur Wilson  &  Phyllis WOOD  m. 11 April 1936 at  St Barnabas, Fendalton.
ages:  24 / 21:        occ: plumber:           born:  Fendalton / Merivale: 
parents:  Arthur John  & Frances Beatrice Wilson,  nee WOODFIELD,  gen. carrier.
                Wm &  Alice Amy Wood,  nee PRIEST,  engineer.
witness:  E.G.Marriott, civil servant,  Wellington:       A.A.Wood, St Albans:


Peter Wilson  &  Ellen FERGUSON  m. 2 December 1897  at  St Andrew's, Manse, Christchurch.
ages:  50 / 36;        bachelor / spinster:    occ: ploughman / dressmaker:       born: Leith, Scotland / Christchurch:   
parents:  Alexander  & Jane Wilson,  nee ANDERSON,  farm manager.
                John & Mary Ann Ferguson,  nee DALZELL,  carpenter.
witness:  Oliver William Bonnington,  grocer, Willowbank:     Sarah Ann Christina Gregg,  assistant, Christchurch:

Peter James Wilson   &   Margaret Alice MURPHY  m   9 August 1919  at Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  32 / 28:   occ:  commercial traveller / milliner;       born:  Greymouth / Auckland;     usual address:  Auckland;
parents:  Robert & Annie Wilson,  nee SUTHERLAND,  accountant.
                Thomas & Susan Mabel Murphy,  nee MILLER,  soldier.
witness:  Beatrice Lucie Park, Avonside:  Nancy Wagstaff,  teacher,  Avonside;


Ralph Wilson   &  May PAPPS  m. 14 November 1911  at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  29 / 28:          occ: orderman:     born:  both:  Christchurch:   
parents:  William  &  Harriet Wilson,  nee  WOODHAM,  labourer.
                    James & Margaret Papps,  nee GALLAHER,  gasfitter.
witness:  Kate Papps,  Aldwins rd,  spinster:   Henry Shafts Wilson, St Asaph st,  storeman:

Ralph Wilson  &  Ellen WHITMORE  m. 14 March 1874 at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full;
witness:  Wm Lathan,  Kaiapoi,  engine driver:     Hannah Lathan: 

Richard Wilson  &  Prudentia ANDERSON  m. 19 November 1870 at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:         occ: publican;
witness:  John Wilson,  storekeeper, Christchurch:        W. Anderson, labourer, Christchurch:

Robert Wilson  &  Violet May CANNIS    m. 3 August 1912  at St Paul's Manse, Christchurch.
ages:  36 / 32:         occ: salesman;       born: Lyttelton / Sydney, NSW;
parents:  James Henderson  & Jane Wilson,  nee CHELL,  engineer.
                George William  & Mary Jane Cannis,  nee FORD,  sail maker.
witness:  P.C. Wilson, carpenter, Lyttelton:  F. Wilson,  Lyttelton;   both Voelas rd.

Robert Wilson  &  Annie Denchar JOHNSON  m.  9 September 1891  at  res. E.W. Johnson, Travers rd,  Chch;
ages:  27 / 24;        occ:  draper;   born: England / new Zealand;
parents:  Wm  & Catherine Wilson,  nee BEATTIE,  draper.
                    Geo. berry  & Mary Simpson Johnson,  nee DENCHAR,  storekeeper.
witness:  Alexander Scott,  warehouseman, Christchurch:   Barbara Beattie:

Robert Wilson  &  Rowena  LIDDLE  m.  9 January 1900 at res. Mr Crompton,  King st, Sydenham.
ages:  27 / 24:       occ: printer / dressmaker;        born: Waiuku, NZ / Sydenham, Chch;
parents:  Luke & Mary Ann Wilson,  nee PEPPER,  blacksmith.
                    Robert & Margaret Liddle,  nee MITCHELL,  engineer.
witness:  Mary Jane Pepper,  dressmaker, Papanui:      Michael Cook,  glass manufacturer, Christchurch.

Robert Wilson  &  Caroline MITCHELL   m.  2 January 1908   at  St Mary's, Addington, Christchurch:
ages:  26 / 25:   occ: printer:  born:  both Christchurch:   usual address: Wellington:  
parents:  John & Henriettta Wilson,   nee SLADE,  storekeeper.
                    William Thomas & Sarah Mitchell,  nee FREEMAN,  a gardener.
witness:   William James Wilson,  Cambridge Tce, Chch:   W.T.Mitchell.  Spreydon:  Jessie Mitchell:

Robert Wilson  &  Ada RICHARDSON  m.  1 February 1911  at  St Andrew's, Christchurch.
ages:  36 / 31;     occ: farmer;     born: Dumfries, Scotland / Christchurch;
parents:  Robert & Mary Wilson,  nee WATSON,  farmer.
                George &  Annie Richardson,  nee FLINT,  builder.
witness:  George Baxter, jun.  farmer, Moville Farm,  Southbridge;      Elma Hayman,  Cameron st,  Ashburton: 

Robert Wilson  &  Grace RICHARDSON  m. 5 October 1870  at  Holy Trinity,  Lyttelton.
ages:  both full;        occ: bootmaker;
witness:  Thomas Henry Bone,  draper,  Lyttelton;   Emily Bone,  his wife.

Robert Wilson  &  Janet SMITH   m.  26 May 1880  at  The Manse.
ages:  23 / 21;    occ: grocer / machinist;
witness:  Wm Lawson,  gardener, The Manse:   Mary Scarlet,  spinster,  The Manse. (St Andrew's)

Robert Wilson  &  Jane Wilson  m. 23 December 1908  at St Andrew's, Manse.
ages:  62 / 50:       widower, 1882 / spinster:       occ: labourer / Domestic duties:       born:  both Ireland;
parents:  William & Margaret Wilson  nee HAMILTON,  farmer.
                    John & Margaret Wilson,  nee DUNLOP,  farmer; 
witness:  Lilian Mary Stanton,  St Andrew's, Manse:   Rose Freeman Stanton,  St Andrew's, Manse: 

Robert Alexander David Wilson  &  Emily Edith GARDINER  m.  23 June 1888 at St Andrew's Church.
ages:  30 / 18;    occ: labourer;   born: Emerald Hill, Victoria / Southam, Warwickshire, England;
parents:  John & Janet Wilson,  nee McCRAE,  farmer.
                William & Eliza Louisa Gardiner,  nee FRIDAY,  farmer.
witness:  William Gardiner,  Burnham;  Lucy Leah Aitken, Burnham:

Robert Allan Wilson  &  Emily Rose POULTON  m.  29 April  1919  at Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  43 / 42    ;   bachelor / spinster;      occ: sheepfarmer;
 / gardener;   born:  Mamitahi / New South Wales;   usual address:  Makuri;
parents:  Thomas & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee CHILMAN,  ret. farmer.
                    James Arthur Hall  &  Rosamond Mary  Poulton,  nee TEMPLER,  bank manager.
witness:  Thomas Wilson,  farmer, Makuri, Pahiatua;    Winifred Jane Poulton,  Kumeroa, Woodville;

Robert Erwin Wilson  &  Rose Amelia KINGSBURY   m.  20 April 1935  at St David's,  Cust.
ages:  27 / 27:    occ: fruiterer:          born:  both Hook, Waimate:
parents:  John  &  Jane Wilson,  farmer,  nee CUNNINGHAM,  farmer.
                    Ernest Raymond  & Eliza Ann Kingsbury,  nee DAVIS,  farmer.
witness:  Francis Seth Kingsbury,  farmer Cust:   Freda Anna Hitchins,  married, Ashburton:

Robert Briton Wilson   &   Caroline Maria  MORGAN  m.   8 December 1909  at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  30 / 25;        occ: restaurant proprietor;        born:  both London;    
parents:  Byron & Mary Wilson,  nee READ,  farmer.
                    Henry John   & Elizabeth Jane Morgan,  nee FITZER,  french polisher.
witness:  herbert Painter,  Barbadoes st, Christchurch:   Charlotte Rait,  Worcester st, Christchurch:

Rossmore Cracroft Wilson  &  Ella Marion HARLEY  m.  11 September 1901  at  St Michael's, Chch.
ages:  38 / 23:        occ: farmer;       born:  Cashmere, Christchurch / Opawa, Christchurch:      usual address:  Cheviot;
parents:  Frederick Herbert Wilson  &  Frances Sarah Harley,  nee WESTENRA,  farmer:
                    Edward Steane  & Annie Sarah harley,  nee ROBINSON,  accountant.


Samuel Wilson  &  Jane BONNETT  m. 5 March 1880  at  The Manse.
ages:  25 / 21;     occ: carrier / domestic servant;
witness:  John Hall,  carpenter, Sydenham;   Robina Sarah Dodd,  spinster,  Cashel st;

Samuel Wilson  &  Mary Eliza HERON  m.  3 November 1864  at St Andrew's Church.
ages:  26 / 27:   occ: farmer / domestic servant: 
witness:  John Heron,  Lincoln rd:   Agnes Wilson,  North Road, spinster:

Samuel Wilson  &  Elsie May WOODHAM  m. 5 June 1918  at St Andrew's Manse, Christchurch.
ages:  27 / 22:       occ: meat preserver / tailoress:           born:  both Belfast, Christchurch.
parents:  Robert Hamilton  &  Jane Wilson,  nee WILSON,  farmer.
                Thomas Wilkin  &  Jane Birchley Woodham,  nee GARRETT,  woolclasser.
witness:  Hazel Woodham,  Bedford st, Belfast:       William Wilson,  farmer, Halswell: 

Samuel Dickson Wilson  &  Martha CHAMBERS  m. 9 May 1900 at res. mr Philip Watkins, Rangiora.
ages:  24 / 24;        occ: farmer;     born: Ashley Bank / Rangiora,   both North Canterbury;
parents:  William Dickson  &  Jane Wilson,  nee BROWN,  farmer.
                    William  &  Chambers Mary Ann Chambers,  nee LIVINGSTONE,  farmer.
witness:  Wm Carson Wilson,  Riverside, farmer:   Jessie Wilson, Loburn:   Elsie Crothers, Rangiora: 

Samuel Frederick Wilson  &  Clara WEIR   m.  28 May 1912  at Methodist Church, Addington.
ages:  33 / 32;     occ: yard manager / shop assistant;  born:  both Christchurch:
parents:  Samuel Frederick  & Mary Wilson,  nee WHITTY,  machinist.
                Robert & Tirzah Weir,  nee PRIOR,  cab proprietor;
witness:  William Albert Smith Fenner,  Hardware merchant,  Christchurch:    J.C.Clark,  accountant, Christchurch;

Samuel Thomas Wilson   &  Elizabeth Matilda SNELL  m.  20 July 1899  at  Wesleyan Church,  Leeston.
ages:  27 / 29;      occ: postmaster;    born: Tasmania / Cornwall, England.
parents:  John Henry  & Jane Wilson,  nee WALLACE,  schoolmaster.
                James & Agnes Snell,  nee BETTYS,  farmer.
witness:  James Snell,  farmer,  Leeston:      Clara Jane Snell,  Leeston:

Stephen Chell Wilson  &  Alice Vera HUMPHRIES  m.  17 September 1912  at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  32 / 24;          occ: commercial traveller:     born: Lyttelton / Mataura:
parents:  James Henderson &  Jane Ann Wilson,  nee CHELL,  engineer;
              Charles, Humphries,  hotelkeeper  & Ada Rebecca ROWSE, formerly HUMPHRIES,  nee BOND.
witness:  Ernest C. Branson,  hotelkeeper, Dunedin:     Esme Maribel Humphries,  Excelsior Hotel, Chch:


Thomas Wilson  &  Jane COUSINS  m.  16 July 1859  at  St Andrew, Church.
ages:  both full:       bachelor / widow:       occ: farmer:
witness:  Richard Cousins,  painter, St Albans:      Edward Wilson,  boatman,  Kaiapoi: 

Thomas Wilson  &  Elizabeth FOULDS  m.  4 April 1867  at  St Michael's.
ages:  both full:    occ: porter:
witness:  Thomas Turner carter,  storeman, Christchurch:   Isabella Foulds,  Lyttelton: 

Thomas Wilson  &  Emily Carmie Esme HAINES  m.  11 January 1922 at  St Peter's Church, Riccarton.
ages:  51 / 34:        occ: farmer:       born:  Ashley, Canterbury / Bridgewater, Tasmania:
parents:  Thomas  & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee CHILMAN,  farmer.
                    Joseph & Mary Alma Haines,  nee MASON,  farmer.
witness:   Arthur Daruall Poulton,  farmer, Sumner:   Ivy Mary Butterick,  solicitors clerk, Christchurch:

Thomas Wilson  &  Harriet HAMPTON  m.  16 September 1903 at St John's, Church, Cristchurch.
ages:  23 / 23:       occ: currier / tailoress:       born: Woolston / Ireland:   
parents:  Thomas & Rebecca Ann Wilson,  nee NICHOLLS,  currier.
                    John & Sarah Hampton,  nee JOHNSON,  farmer.
witness:  Henry Firman, cycle maker, Madras st:   John Hampton, farmer, Chester st.

Thomas Wilson     &  Mary Ann HODGSON   m. 25 May 1875   at  res. Rev, S. MacFarlane, Durham st.
ages:  24 / 21:    occ: farmer / servant:  
witness:  A. Wilson,  a joiner, Colombo St South:    Margaret Wilson,  Colombo St South:

Thomas Wilson  &  Minnie KENNEDY  m.  20 August 1918  at St Mary's, Addington.
ages:  44 / 37:       bachelor / widow, 29 Nov. 1916:      occ: storeman:       born: Dunedin / Christchurch:
parents:  William & Jane Wilson,  nee JOHNSTON,  civil servant.
                James Moore  &  Sarah Kennedy,  nee BENNETTS,  council employee.
witness:  Daniel Milne,  labourer, Papanui:   Mary Jane Milne,  Papanui:

Thomas Wilson  &  Isabella Jane KERR   m.  3 April 1885   at Pres. Church.  Kaiapoi.
ages:  24 / 21:   occ: card cleaner / weaver:   born:  England / Scotland:  
parents:  Andrew & Margaret Wilson,  nee JACKSON,   a gardener.
                Henry & Elizabeth  Kerr,  nee SCOTT,  pattern weaver.
witness:  Charlotte Bradley,  Kaiapoi:   Emma Stanton,  Kaiapoi;

Thomas Wilson  &  Mary LUNN  m.  15 November 1870  at  St peter;s, Riccarton.
ages:  full / minor: 
witness:  William Lunn, farmer, Riccarton:  Amelia Lunn,  Riccarton.

Thomas Wilson  &  Ruby Deborah Isabella MATHEWS  m.  7 February 1912 at St mary;s, Merivale.
ages:  47 / 29:       widower, 6 Sept, 1901 / spinster:       occ: printer:       born:  Rangiora / Kaiapoi:
parents:  John Bollard  & Ann Wilson,  nee CARD,  clerk.
                    Richard Henry  & Eliza Jane Mathews,  nee STEPHENSON,  clerk.
witness:  Edwina Shields,  assistant P & T. dept. R.H.Mathews,  St Albans:

Thomas Wilson  &  Rebecca Ann NICHOLLS  m. 9 November 1878  at The Manse.
ages:  24 / 23:   occ: currier:
witness:  Francis Sinclair Shearer,  millwright, Addington:   Jessie Brown Wilson,  spinster,  Woolston:

Thomas Wilson  &  Lucy Sophia VOICE  m.  30 June 1898  at res. of Mr J. Voice, Templeton.
ages:  23 / 27,   occ: labourer / domestic,       born: Christchurch / Gloucestershire, England.
parents:  Thomas & Martha Wilson  nee TUNSTALL,  farmer.
                    Joseph & Elizabeth Sophia Voice,  nee MARSHALL,  farmer.
witness:  William Henry Wilson,   Gertrude Ellen Voice.

Thomas Wilson  &  Angelina  Lettie MINTROM  m.  20 May 1908  at res. Rev. T.R.Richards, Woolston.
ages: 27 / 30:    occ:  bootmaker / Lady:   born:  Gordon, Victoria / Christchurch:
parents:   William John   &  Margaret Wilson  nee McDONOHUE,  a miner
                    George William  & Susan Roberts Mintrom,  nee PRISK,  brickmaker.
witness:  G.W. Mintrom,  brickmaker,  Opawa:       Augusta J. Richards,  Woolston:

Thomas Wilson  &  Helen REID  m.  4 April 1909  at  presbyterian Church, Lyttelton.
ages:  38 / 25:   occ: labourer;     born:  Lyttelton / Rolleston:  
parents:  Thomas & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee FOULDS,  tally clerk.
                James & Agnes Reid,  nee POTTER,  railway employee.
witness:  James Reid,  shunter,  Lyttelton:   leonard geo. Wilson,  Lyttelton: 

Thomas George Wilson  &  Jean Mary KERR  m.  12 July 1907  at  St Paul's Church, Christchurch.
ages:  31 / 30:      occ: electrical engineer / draper:       born: Toronto, Canada / Granity, West Coast;      usual address:  Dunedin:
parents:  Thomas & Sarah Wilson,  nee SHORT,  balcksmith.
                    Thomas & Mary Kerr,  nee HORSLEY,  farmer.
witness:  A. Boswell, Rees st:   A.Twyford,  Salvation Army officer, Kingsley st.

Thomas Samuel Wilson  &  Fanny Charlotte ROLLS  m.  1 December 1913  at  Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  27 / 18:       occ:  wholesale periodical agent:     born:  Bixton, Surrey, England / Sydney, NSW:
parents:  Thomas Samuel & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee BARNES,  soldier.
                Frank  & Fanny Rolls,  nee RIX,  a saddler.
witness:  John Allen,  clerk,  Southampton st:     J.L. Dennett,  maker,  Cashel st:

Thomas Uphill Wilson  &  Esther & Mary RUSSELL  m.  23 February 1858  at  Mt Grey, 
ages:  both full:   occ: gentleman:  
witness:  John Wilson:  Sarah O'Connell:  Robert waitt:  James D. Rogers:  George C. Black:

Twentyman Wilson  &  Ann SEABRIGHT  m. 31 August 1884 at res. Twentyman Wilson, Cashel st, Christchurch.
ages:  43 / 49:      occ:  farrier:     widower, 16 August 1884 / widow,  9 July 1883:     
                    born:  Wigton, England / White Haven, England.
parents:   Joseph & Jane Wilson  nee TAYLOR,  veterinary surgeon.
                Hodgson & Jane STEEL,  nee TOPPIN,
witness:  Patience Fox:  George Webster: 

Twentyman Wilson  &  Ann SEABRIGHT  m.  1 January 1885  at res. Rev. Ed. Best,  Worcester st.
ages: 44 / 49:       widower, 28 Oct. 1884 / widow 9 July 1883:        born: Wigton, England / Whitehaven, England. 
parents:  Joseph & Jane Wilson  nee TAYLOR,  veterinary surgeon.
                    Hodgson & Jane STEEL,  nee TAPPIN.
witness:  Edmund F. Cogan:  Anna W. Best: 
the couple had a 2nd marriage on 1 January 1885, info has been faithfully copied from the 2 certs. and no attempt has been made
to reconcile conflicting data
  on 16 August 1884  the 2nd is the date 28 October,  in the 1st maiden name of mother is Toppin,  on 2nd it is Tappin.

Twentyman Wilson   & Mary Jane CARTER  m.  27 May 1911 at St Andrew's Manse.
ages:  66 / 47:       widower, 6 Sept. 1896 / div. 29 Sept. 1908:        born:  Cumberland, England / Adelaide, Australia: 
occ: farrier: 
parents:  Joseph & Jane Wilson  nee TAYLOR,  veterinary surgeon.
                    Frank & Mary Ann Carter,  nee GRIMES,    farmer.
witness:  Annie M.Sackett, housekeeper, Christchurch:   William Carter,  farmer, Spreydon.


Victor Leonard Wilson  &  Beatrice May ADAMS   m.  16 September 1914 at  St Paul's Pres. Church.
ages:  24 / 23:       occ: farm labourer:        born: Clarkville / Southbridge:    
parents:  Henry & Louisa Wilson,  nee CLOTHIER,  farmer.
                William &  Elizabeth Adams,  nee BREEZE,  farmer.
witness:  Louis John Horton,  farm lab. Clarkville:      Daisy Louisa Wilson,  domestic, Clarkville:


Wallace Leonard Wilson  &  Clara Elizabeth EXTON  m.  4 March 1914  at res. Mr Francis Exton, Riccarton.
ages:  24 / 22:        occ: labourer:           born: Christchurch / Templeton:
parents:  Robert &  Elizabeth Wilson,  nee STIMSON,  storeman.
                Francis & Kemmey Eliza Exton,  nee BENNETT,  ret. railway servant.
witness:  Charles Gordon Exton,  carpenter, Upper Riccarton:       Ann Amelia Exton,  domestic,  Collingwood:

Walter Clark Wilson   &  Lilian Lucy HURFORD     m.  18 June 1913  at  Leeston.
ages:  32/36,        occ: farmer,        born:  Papakaio/Tai-Tapu,       usual address:   Papakaio
parents:   John (dec)   & Margaret  (dec)  Wilson,  nee RICHMOND,    farmer.
                   David &
Jane Hurford,   nee VICKERY,  farmer
witness:  Alfred William Hurford,        John Robert Dalgluish,  Oamaru,        Ethel May Hurford,  Leeston.

Walter William Wilson  &  Lillian Margaret  TOON  m.  30 April 1906  at  St Andrew's Manse.
ages:  25 / 18:        occ:  miner / dressmaker:       born: Melbourne / Rockhampton, Queensland:
parents:  Walter William  & mary Ann  Wilson, nee ------   a miner.
                    William John  & Alice  Toon,  nee PEARCE,  horse dealer.
witness:  Lillian Mary Stanton,  St Andrew's Manse:   James Donnelly,  day porter, Christchurch:

William Wilson  &  Catherine BLAY  m.  25 March 1890   at St mary's, Springston.
ages:  38 / 23:       occ: farm labourer:       born:  Durham, England / Christchurch:   
parents:  John  & Dorothy Wilson,  nee COTTON,  a potter.
                    Thomas & Mary Blay,  nee RAPLEY,  farmer.
witness:  William Blay, farm lab. Ellesmere:     Mary Blay, Springston: 

William Wilson  &  Agnes GALLETLY  m. 11 May 1892  at  North belt. Pres. Church.
ages:  32 / 22:     occ: farm Labourer:      born: Co. Down, Ireland / Lincoln, NZ
parents:  Charles &  Mary Wilson,  nee MARSHALL,  farmer.
                 David & Mary Galletly,  nee NORFOLK,  farmer.
witness:  Alex Galletly,  farm lab. Kaiapoi Island:    Minnie McLean, Lincoln.

William Wilson  &  Annie HARTNETT  m.  25 April 1916  at R.Catholic Presbytery.
ages:  68 / 57:      widower, March 1915 / spinster:       born:  Co.Armagh, Ireland /  Co. Limerick, Ireland:
parents:  Joseph & Margaret Wilson,  nee McNEIL,  farmer.
                    John & Ellen Hartnett,  nee HARTNETT,  farmer.
witness:  Ellen Conder,  spinster, Christchurch:    Ellen Brophy,  housekeeper, Barbadoes st.

William Wilson  &  Annie SUCKNELL   m.  27 July 1868  at  Akaroa Church.
ages:  36 / 18:    occ: labourer;
witness:  John Sucknell,  farmer,  German Bay:    James Felgate,  sexton,  Akaroa:

William Wilson  &  Eliza TIDYMAN  m. 8 July 1879  at res. Mr Tidyman,  Hereford st.
ages:  29 / 26:   occ:  groom:
witness:  George Barnett,  baker, Colombo st:   Fannie Young,  spinster,  Hereford St:

William Wilson  & Edith Jean HODDINOTT  m. 2 May 1907  at  Methodist Church, Selwyn st.
ages:  31 / 24:    occ: civil servant:    born:  Waipori, otago / Christchurch:      usual address: Wellington:
parents:  John & Annie Wilson,  nee STEELE,  a miner.
                Walter John & Agnes Hoddinott,  nee JAMES,  a driver.
witness:  George Arthur Edwards,  Union st, Christchurch:    Walter J. Hoddinett, South belt:
                     George Arthur Blackmore, Stirling st:

William Wilson  &  Ada Rhoda PESTER  m.  30 November 1910 at  presbyterian Church,  Cust.
ages:  26 / 25:    occ: carpenter:     born: Invercargill / West Eyreton:   
parents:  Joseph & Ann Elizabeth Wilson,  nee BARRACLOUGH,  carpenter.
               William Henry  & Alice Elizabeth,  formerly PESTER,  now ROBINSON,  nee BYRON.  farmer.
witness:  William Pester, carpenter, West Eyreton:  Elizabeth Wilson,  259 Kilmore st.

William Wilson  &  Gladys STEWART  m.  27 June 1906 at res. Mr James Stewart,  Kimberley.
ages:  25 / 23:    occ: creamery manager:       born:  Dunedin / Timaru:      usual address:  Hampden:
parents:  Thomas & Dorothy Wilson, (dec.)  nee COOPER,  farmer.
                James & Frances Stewart,  nee MEDWOOD,  schoolmaster.
witness:  James Stewart,  Kimberley,  schoolmaster:        Arthur Lionel Stewart,  gardener, Kimberley:    Emily Braving,  Gebbies Valley:

William Wilson  &  Martha WALKER  m. 25 August 1894  at St Paul's Manse, Christchurch.
ages:  50 / 37:       widower, 12 Dec. 1893 / spinster:    occ: labourer:        born:  Scotland / Ireland: 
parents:  John  & Jane Wilson,  nee McKAY,  a gardener.
                Robert  & Isabella Walker,  nee LEES,  farmer.
witness:  Emma Livingstone,  Madras st, Christchurch:   Lizzie Fletcher,  St Paul's Manse:

William Wilson  &  Elizabeth WILLIAMS  m.  19 November 1856  at  res. Mrs Williams,  Market Place, Christchurch.
ages:  34 / 20:    occ:  nursery seedsman:
witness:  John Williams:   Catherine Miln:

William Wilson  &  Harriet WOODHAM  m.  26 March 1870  at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  full / minor: 
witness:  John Bell,  confectioner, Christchurch:   Gennett Bell,  Christchurch:

William  Atherton Wilson  &   Lucy BRABAZON   m.  20 October 1914  at  St Michael's.
ages:  29 / 34:    occ:  postal clerk:        born:  Christchurch / Limerick, Ireland: 
parents:  William & Hannah Bradshaw,  nee ATHERTON,  Public Works, Inspector.
                 Samuel & Sarah  Brabazon,  nee WALKER, bacon  factory manager.
witness:  Harry Barnard Coxhead,    Salisbury st,  drapers assistant:     Mary Lilian Wilson,  Christchurch: 

William de Burton Wilson  &  Ellen WINTHROP  (nee BENNY)   m.  24 November 1886  at  Pres. Church,  Southbridge.
ages:  33 / 28:   bachelor / divorced:        occ: station manager:    born:  both England:       usual address:  Ashburton:
parents:  William  &  Emma Wilson,  nee HADYN,  schoolmaster.
                     Joseph & Sarah Benny,  nee DOVE,  farmer.
witness:  Joseph Benny,  farmer, Southbridge:     Rose Benny,  Southbridge:

William Dickson Wilson   &  Mary Jane FARALLY  m. 8 March 1898 at res. Ellen Moorhouse, Rangiora.
ages:  60 / 57:   widower, 10 Dec. 1896 / widow, 21 Oct. 1891:    occ: farmer:    born: County Down, Ireland / County Cavan, Ireland:
parents:  David & Alice Wilson,  nee DICKSON,  farmer.
                 Henry & Marjory GOODFELLOW,  nee FINLAY,  farmer.
witness:  Francis James Farally:  Ellen Moorhouse: 

William Ernest Wilson  &  Ruby Evelyn BUCHANAN  m. 14 August 1919  at  St Saviour's Lyttelton.
ages:  26 / 23:   occ:  clerk / school teacher:    born:  Christchurch / Lyttelton:
parents:  Hanson & Isabella Wilson,  nee CLELAND,  labourer.
                Robert George & Susan Elizabeth Buchanan,  nee HACK,  hulk keeper.
witness:  Robert George Buchanan,  hotel keeper, Lyttelton:   David Ramsay Mansfield, farmer, Wellington:

William George Wilson  &  Isabel Mary GRANT  m.  18 January 1924 at Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  29 / 31:   widower, 22 June 1920 / spinster:   occ:  electrical engineer:     born:  Christchurch / Newcastle, NSW.
parents:  Edward & Martha Jane Wilson,  nee HYDE,  building contractor, 
                Louis Charles  & Sophia Ann Grant,  nee LASHMORE,  schoolmaster.
witness:  Frank Wilson,  clerk, Opawa:    F.S.Grant, clerk,  Linwood:

William Henry Wilson  &  Jane GILLETT  m. 23 February 1867  at  St Mary's,  Halswell.
ages:  both full:     occ: schoolmaster:   
witness:  Grace Compton:   John Rochfort:   Thomas Perham:

William Henry Wilson  &  Florence Matilda IVORY  m. 11 October 1905 at St Andrew's, Oxford.
ages: 25/23,    occ: butcher/domestic.       born: Islington / Cust,  both in Canterbury NZ
parents:  Thomas & Martha Wilson  nee TUNSTALL,
                    William & Jane Ivory,  nee ARMSTRONG,  carpenter.
witness:  William Ivory,    Margaret Ivory,  Joseph Ivory,  Priscilla Ivory;

William Henry Wilson  &  Louisa JAMES  m.  12 June 1902  at  St mary;s,  Addington.
ages:  24 / 24:   occ: painter:     born: Spreydon / Christchurch: 
parents:  Daniel & Sarah Jane Wilson,  nee McNALLY,  labourer.
                    Walter Abraham  & Rose James,  nee HELLIER,  a painter,
witness:  Walter A. James:   Carrie James:   Daniel Wilson:

William James Wilson  &  Elizabeth May PHILPOTT  m.  13 July 1911  at  Durham st, Methodist Church.
ages:  28 / 29:    occ:  coal merchant / housekeeper:      born:  Christchurch / New Brighton:
parents:  John & Hetty Wilson,  nee SLADE,  grocer.
                George & Eileen Philpott,  nee PRESTON,  labourer.
witness:  A. Wilson,  clerk,  Cambridge Tce:       Winifred V. Philpott,  Addington: 

William Stephen Wilson  &  Catherine Elizabeth BLAKELY   m.  17 November 1892  in res. Mr Thomas Blakely, Kilmore st.
ages:  26 / 22:    occ:  station master / school teacher:   
parents:  James Henderson  &  Jane Wilson,  nee CHELL,
                Thomas  & Catherine Blakely,  nee PHILLIPS,  mechanical engineer.
witness:  Fannie Wilson, Lyttelton:    Mary Agnes Blakely,  Kilmore st, Christchurch:   William John Blakely,  Kilmore st.

William Sydney Wilson  &  Cissie Harriet  WALDRON  at  Holy Trinity,  Avonside.
ages:  22 / 16:       occ:  cycle engineer:     born: Melbourne / Oxford, NZ.
parents:   William Varien  &  Harriet Wilson,  nee KEATS,  architect.
                    Robert & Harriet Waldron,  nee STEVENS,  labourer.
witness:  Frank Cross,  gardener, Cashmere:   Minnie Theresa Waldron:

William Sydney Wilson  &  Doris Juanita RUSSELL  m. 21 August 1929   at  St Phillips,  Beckenham.
ages:  25 / 23:       occ: shop assistant:       born:  Clyde / Oamaru:
parents:  James  & Mary Ellen Wilson,  nee TRUESDALE,  warehouseman.
                David &  Janet Elizabeth Russell,  nee WILSON, shopkeeper.
witness:  William Young,  engine driver,  Malcolm ave:       Annie Mary Christina Young,  Malcolm ave:

William Thomas Wilson  &  Elizabeth Ann  BARMAN  m.  16 January 1879 at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:     occ:  labourer;
witness:  Adam Kelly, draper, Bath st:     Kate Vogan:

William Thomas Wilson  &  Mary BLAIR  m.  17 Dec. 1888  at  Parish St,  Rangiora.
ages:  24 / 24:   occ: printer:   born:  Rangiora / Glasgow:    
parents:  John Bollard  & Ann Wilson,  nee CARDE,  clerk.
                    John & Mary Blair,  nee ROBERTSON,  a mason.
witness:  Henry C. Wilson,  bank clerk,  Rangiora:    Agnes Ann Wilson,  spinster, Rangiora:   John Blair, groom, Lincoln: 

William Thomas Wilson  &  Susan BOYD  m.  12 May 1897  at  res, David Boyd, Lyttelton.
ages:  37 / 35:     occ: farmer:       born: County Armagh, Ireland / County Donegal, Ireland:
parents:  Thomas &  Jemima Wilson,  nee CASTLES,  farmer.
                David & Annie Boyd,  nee ALLEN,  labourer.
witness:  James Mundy,  carpenter,  Christchurch:

William Varian Wilson  &  Harriet KEATS    m.  14 February 1882  at St Andrew's,  Oxford.
ages:  24 / 18:       occ: carpenter:       born: Kaiapoi / Oxford: 
parents:  Henry Isaac  Varian &  Mary Wilson,  nee WILLIAMS,  carpenter.
                George & Ann Keats,  nee SMITH,  carpenter.
witness:  George Keats,  builder:  Richard Holman Parish,  draper:   Margaret Burns:

William Webber Wilson  &  Celia Eliza GARDNER  m. 15 June 1898  at  res. Mr Wilson,  St Johns rd, Woolston.
ages:  35 / 18:     occ:  compositor:   born: Cardiff / Southbridge: 
parents:  Robert  & Jane Ann James Reid,  nee ELLIOTT,  engineer.
                Arthur James &  Elizabeth Gardner,  nee PHIPPS,  gardener.
witness:  Edward Gardner,  gardener, Woolston:   Mrs A.E. Gardner,  Woolston:

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                                     Marriages Brides

Ernest Clinton FOUNTAIN  &  Ada Augusta Wilson    m.  2 September 1899  at res. Miss J.W.Wilson,  Kilmore st.
ages:  27 / 26;        occ: dentists assistant;       born:  Wellington / Christchurch;
parents;  Robert George Clinton Wilson  &  Sarah Fountain,  nee DAVIS,  Under Secretary, Justice;
                    Alfred --- & Augustina Wilson,  nee CLARK,
witness:  Mary Anna Wilson,  dressmaker, Maria Wilson,  dressmaker,  May Wilson,  dressmaker,  all of  97 Kilmore st:  

George William JACOBS  &  Ada Ellen WILSON   m.  7 January 1904  at  St mark's Church,  Opawa.
ages:  23 / 17;        occ:  commercial traveller;        born: Wellington / Melbourne, Australia;
parents:  William  & Agnes Jacobs,  nee YOUNG,  piano tuner.
                    William Varian & Harriet Wilson,  nee KEATS,  architect.
witness:  W.V.Wilson,  94 Madras st,  architect;   M.H.Cocks,  the Vicarage, Opawa;

Augustus CLEMENT  &  Ada Lidgett Wilson   m.  18 March 1893   at  Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  22 / 19;      occ:  groom;       born:  Papanui, Christchurch;
parents:  Mescheck & Louisa Clement,  nee MILES,  horse dealer;
                     George & Maria Wilson,  nee WALKER,  carpenter.
witness:  S. A'Court,  blacksmith,   Durham st.

George IRVING  &  Adelaide Blanche Wilson   m.  13 March 1907  at  St Andrew's Church,  Christchurch.
ages:  27 / 25;       occ: labourer;         born:  both Christchurch;
parents:  James Oldham & Elizabeth Irving,  nee PURDOM,  storeman;
                    Alfred John  &  Mary Edwards Patterson Wilson,  nee WILKINSON,  printers machinist.
witness:  Peter Irving,  Governor's Bay:    Susannah Irving,  19 Wordsworth st,  Sydenham: 

Hans SHAW  &  Agnes Wilson  m.  11 May 1866  at The Manse.
ages:  24 / 23:   occ: farmer;
witness:    William Wilson,  farmer,  Saltwater Creek:   Sarah Wilson,  spinster,  North rd.

Alexander FORBES  &  Agnes Wilson  m.  3 February 1875  at  res. Rev. C.Fraser,  Tuam st.
ages:  30 / 22;    occ: carrier; 
witness:  John Gair,  carrier, st Asaph st:     Mary Jane Gourley,  spinster, Christchurch;

James THOMSON  &  Agnes Wilson  m.  20 August 1891  at  St Paul's Church.
ages:  26 / 20;        occ:  coach driver:    born: New Zealand / Ireland: 
parents:  John & Jane Thomson,  nee COATES,  farmer:
                    Hugh & Agnes Wilson,  nee MOFFAT,  gasfitter;
witness:  Emily Wilson,  Christchurch:   R.Thomson,  train driver,  Christchurch:

Ernest Albert LANCASTER  &  Agnes Wilson  m.  24 October 1906  at St Andrew's, Tuam st.
ages:  36 / 31:      occ:  farmer;      born: Christchurch / Riccarton:     usual address:  Ohoka;
parents:  John & Ellen Lancaster,  nee FODEN,  farmer;
                    Andrew Hunter  &  Isabella Wilson,  nee NISBET,  gardener;
witness:  Lewis Wilson,  gardener,  Riccarton Bush:    Alice Ailsa Wilson,  Riccarton:

Frederick William LORD  &  Alena Elizabeth Wilson   m.  14 June 1900  at  res. Mr J.H.Wilson,  Linwood.
ages:  24 / 23:       occ: grocer;     born: Courtenay / Mountain Vale, Tasmania:
parents:  Jabez   & Mary Ann Lord,  nee SPENCER,  grocer.
                    John Henry &  Jane Wilson,  nee WALLACE,   school master.
witness:  Deborah Wilson,  Christchurch:   Frederick Armitage,  storeman,  Linwood:

Arthur Charles CROSS  &  Alice Emma Wilson  m.  24 April 1916 at Knox Church, Christchurch.
ages: 25 / 25:    occ:  carriage painter / Tailoress:  born:  Christchurch / Wendonside, Southland:
parents:  Charles William  & Mary Montgomery Cross,  nee HALL,  machinist.
                    Joseph & Ann Elizabeth Wilson,  nee BARRACLOUGH,  carpenter.
witness:  W.J.McCullough. painter:   E.M.Cross,  Riccarton: 

William CRICHTON    &  Ann Isabella Wilson    m. 14 March 1909 at  Pres. Church,  Lyttelton.
ages:  47 / 33:   divorced, 1 March 1909 / spinster:      occ: architect / Nurse:   born: Cornwall / Lyttelton:
parents:  George & Harriet Ann Crichton,  nee HAWKE,  storekeeper.
                    Thomas & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee FOULDS,  tally clerk.
witness:  Tom Wilson,  clerk, Hawkhurst Rd, Lyttelton:   Rosetta Eleanor Wilson,  Lyttelton:


Walter Leslie STEWART  &  Barbara Mary Wilson  m.  16 September 1916  at res. of Rev. W.A.Sinclair, Fitzgerald Ave.
ages:  26 / 21;       occ:  drill instructor:        born:  Gebbies Valley / Greendale:     usual address:  Kirwee:
parents:  James & Frances Stewart, nee UNDERWOOD,   schoolmaster.
                    Robert Wallace & Hannah Wilson,  nee TRICKETT,  caretaker  water races.
witness:  Agnes Ethel Wilson,  Kirwee:  John Francis Wright,  Burnham:
Walter Leslie Stewart - b.1 June 1890  to James & Frances,  Gebbies Valley,  schoolmaster.

Frederick de Carteret  MALET   &  Beatrice Wilson  m.  18 May 1869  at  St Peter's, Woolston.
ages:  both full:       occ: gentleman:  
witness:  Margaret Wilson:   Randolph Mainwaring:   D. Macfarlane,  Christchurch,  gentleman:

David Greig BUCHANAN   &  Bertha Elizabeth Wilson  m.  1 May 1926  at St Peter's Manse, Woolston.
ages:  44 / 37:      bachelor / widow. 3 Dec. 1921:       occ: builder:  born: Christchurch / Linwood:
parents:  William Edwin Johnson & Bridget Buchanan,  nee RATTRAY,  accountant.
                    Benjamin,  cab prop.  &  Sarah Jane SHEPHERD ,  nee JEFFREY.  m. 1888
witness:  N.V.Caverhill,  130 Edgeware rd. domestic duties:     E.M.Shepherd,  48 Hawkesbury ave,  domestic Duties:  Wm Tanner:


Robert MOORE  &  Catherine Barbara Wilson  m.  31 October 1901  at  Weslyan Methodist Church, Marshlands.
ages:  23 / 22:           occ:  farmer:       born:  Christchurch / Invercargill;
parents:  Robert &  Elizabeth Moore,   dairyman
                    Thomas & Mary Wilson,  nee HODGSON,  farmer.
witness:  Ada Hodgson:    Charles Anthony Wilson, farmer, Marshland:

John  HENDRY    &   Catherine Mary  Wilson    m.  16 November  1904, at res. of Mrs Wilson,    69 Carlyle street,  Sydenham,
ages:  41 / 39,    occ: farmhand:       born: Bolton, England  /  Victoria,           bachelor / widow, 9 November 1901:
parents:  John Thomas & Sarah Hendry,  cotton miller,  
                Henry   &   Mary  Bennett  nee NICHOLSON  commercial traveller   (listed as Mary Nicholson  nee Bennett)
witness:  Maud McCarthy,  45 Stuart street,  Dunedin:    Norah Wilson,  69 Carlyle street,  Sydenham:

Charles John HARPER  &  Cecilia Anne Wilson  m.  3 July 1861  at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  full /minor:     occ: gentleman:
witness:  James Wilson:  Emily Harper:  Sibella Mary Ross:   Rosa Harper:  Katherine Watson:

James CROY  &  Charlotte Wilson  m.  20 May 1875  at  Weslyan Church,  Brookside.
ages:  27 / 20:       occ: farmer:
witness:  William Croy,  farmer, Ashburton:  Margaret Moore,  Brookside:

Thomas Francis NEVIN  &  Christina Wilson  m. 17 April  1912 at the Catholic Cathedral
ages: 25 / 26,      occ: railway employee,      born: both Christchurch, 
parents:  Thomas Horan & Catherine Nevin,  nee SLATTERY,    traveller.
                William & Eliza Jane Wilson,  nee  TIDYMAN,   horse dealer.
witness:  Christopher Fottrell,   267 Tuam st, painter:    Jessie Wilson,  lady,   512 Tuam st:

James FROST  &  Christina Elizabeth Wilson  m.  15 August 1875  at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:      widower / spinster:     occ: farmer: 
witness:  James Shiels,  Cashel st,  mason:   Jane Shiels  Cashel st Christchurch:

Walter COTTRELL  &  Clara Louisa Wilson  m.  22 June 1905  at All Saint's,  Burwood.
ages:  49 / 32:   occ:  storekeeper:       born:  Staffordshire / Waimate.
parents:  Richard & Sophia Cottrell,  nee ROBERTS,  a tailor.
                    Robert &  Hannah Louisa Wilson,  nee ALBROW,  draper.
witness:   Albert Cottrell, storekeeper, Linwood:   Robert Wilson,  farmer,  Shirley:  Alice Wilson,  Sophia Carpenter, Richmond;


John Albert SHEARD  &  Dina Vogel Wilson  m.  24 February 1911  at Wesleyan Church, East belt.
ages: 28 / 20:          occ: wool classer:       born: Dunedin / Christchurch: 
parents:  James Albert Sheard   &  Alice JOLL (formerly Sheard)  nee SPENCER, 
                    John & Annie Wilson,  nee VOGEL,  gardener.
witness:  Frederick Walter Scarf,  news agent, Worcester st:  Margaret Dora Wilson,  Avonside.

Ashton Fauchelle David WHITING   &  Dorothea Clara Wilson  m.  9 May 1927 at St Luke's,  Christchurch.
ages:  30 / 28:       occ:  customs officer:       born:  Nelson / Ashburton:  
parents:  David Henry  &  Ethel Amelia Whiting,  nee FAUCHELLE,  painter.
                John Cowie & Christina Agnes Wilson,  nee BERG,  ret. farmer.
witness:  Harry M. Johnson,  Chch,  insurance inspector:   Joan Wilson  Christchurch:

Lorenzo Vivian Hampton MELLOR   &  Dorothy Ellen Wilson  m. 30 April 1912 at res. of Mrs Eliz. Wilson, Kaiapoi.
ages: 24 / 21:       occ: butcher / knitter:       born:  Auroa / Clarkville: 
parents:   Harry & Charlotte Ellen mellor,  nee WILLISCROFT,  ret. farmer.
                    John William  &  Elizabeth  Wilson,  nee SHANAGEN,
witness:  Emily Wilson,  Kaiapoi:   J. Sanders,  labourer.


Bertie Edgar TOMKIES  &  Edith Wilson  m. 7 July 1906  at St Mary's, Addington.
ages:  26 / 25:      occ: machinist.       born: Liverpool, England / Christchurch:
parents:  Thomas Henry  & Elizabeth Ann Tomkies,  nee AUSTIN,  solicitor.
                    William & hannah Wilson,  nee ATHERTON,  inspector of works;
witness:  Ernest Austin Tomkies,  Wellington:   Joseph Rose,  Christchurch;
Bertie Edgar Tomkies -  bur. 24 May 1946,  age 66,  Crematorium

Leslie Ralph Drayton WITTY  &  Edith Wilson  m. 18 September 1912  at  res.  Robert Wilson,  Rangiora.
ages:  21 / 20:      occ: medical student:       born: Christchurch / Rangiora:
parents:    George & Louisa Witty  nee DRAYTON,  farmer.
                    Robert & Sarah Wilson,  nee MARSHALL,  builder.
witness:   Robert John Wilson,  builder,  Rangiora:   Annie Wilson,  Rangiora:

Edward BORTHWICK    &  Edith Elseworth Wilson  m.  11 July 1907  at res. Mr R.Wilson, Selwyn st.
ages:  35 / 26;     occ:  bootmaker / music teacher:      born:  both Christchurch.
parents:  Edward & Jessie Borthwick,  nee MONROE,  carpenter.
                Robert & Janet Wilson,  nee SMITH,  machinist.
witness:  Samuel Craddock,  Selwyn st.Addington:          Amy Gertrude Williams,  Addington:

Albert John DACOMBE  &  Edith Gertrude Wilson  m.  5 April 1922 at res. Mr A.M.Dacombe,  8 Smollett St. Sydenham.
ages:  26 / 27:        occ: electrical engineer:    born: Christchurch / Sydney: 
parents:  Albert Maitland & Rose Dacombe,  nee TAYLOR,  confectioner.
                    Edward Lewis & Illa Charlotte Wilson,  nee CLUTTERBUCK,  ledger keeper.
witness:  Charles Edward Morbank Hansen,  clerk, Wordsworth st:    Margaret Elvina Dacombe, Gloucester st

Leonard Horace WALSHAW  &  Edith Rebecca Wilson  m.  29 December 1920 at Church of Good Shepherd, Phillipstown.
ages: 34 / 31:       occ: salesman:        born: Christchurch / Hastings:      usual address:  Wellington:
parents:  James Kershaw & Alice Walshaw,  nee ANDERSON,  engineer.
                    Frederick Arthur  &  Prudence Wilson,  nee BLEWETT,  ret. police sergeant.
witness:  F.A.Wilson,  beckenham,  ret. police sergeant:   F.W. Walshaw,  North New Brighton:

Richard Walker ANDERSON  &  Eleanor Jane Muriel Wilson  m. 3 October 1894 at St Mary's, Addington.
ages: 34 / 23:      occ: physician & surgeon / ----   born: Co Donegal, Ireland / Christchurch:
parents: Richard & Catherine Anderson,  nee SIDNEY,  mill owner.
                    William & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee WILLIAMS,  private gentleman.
witness:  Charles J.Wilson,  chemist, Sydenham:  N.A. Andred,  accountant, Chch:

Peter BRYSON  &  Elisabeth Wilson  m. 16 March 1877  at The Manse.
ages:  23 / 21:       occ: blacksmith / domestic servant:
witness:  Charles Willett, labourer, Waltham:   Caroline Willett,  Waltham:  

Richard PITKIN  &  Elizabeth EMERSON,  nee Wilson,  m.26 September 1870 at The Manse.
ages:  28 / 32:   occ:  farmer:     bachelor / widow:
Witness:  Alfred Green,  cordwainer, Waltham:  Susan McInnes,  The Manse,  spinster.

William Henry De La MARE   &  Eliza Wilson  m.13 November 1873 at Primitive Methodist Chapel, Christchurch.
ages:  21 / 22:       occ: grocer:
witness:  Alexander Clephane,  a joiner, Christchurch:   Eliza Jane Bennett, dau. of Mr Hugh Bennett, Christchurch:

John Hodgson BROOKS  &  Eliza Catherine Wilson  m.  24 June 1875 at res. Mrs Brooks,  Montreal st, North.
occ:  labourer:       ages:  20 / 19:
witness:  Henry John Brooks,  Montreal st, North.

William MULLER  &  Eliza Jane Wilson  m. 24 April 1923  at St Saviour's, Sydenham.
ages:  42 / 38:       occ: stone mason:        born: Baden, Germany / Gisborne:
parents:  Wilhelm & Notbu?  Muller,  nee HARDER,  stone mason.
                    Frederick Aitken &  Prudence Wilson,  nee BLUETT,  ret. policeman.
witness:  Ludwig Muller,  labourer, Beckenham:     P. Wilson,  Beckenham:

David Wilson HAMILTON  &  Elizabeth Wilson  m.  29 March 1860  at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:       widower / spinster:      occ: joiner:
witness:  John Proctor,  farm labourer, Christchurch:  Jane Ann Proctor:
David Wilson Hamilton -  bur. 1 June 1887,  age 64,  farmer, New Brighton

John ELEASSON  &  Elizabeth Wilson  (nee HARRISON)  m. 20 April 1878  at  The Manse, Christchurch.
ages;  35 / 41:   occ: carpenter:   bachelor / widow.
witness:  John Mason, Addington,  labourer:   Ann Feather,  Addington,  householder.

William Charles GIDDENS  & Elizabeth Wilson  m.  20 December 1921  at St Andrew's Church, Christchurch.
ages:  both full age:       widower, 18 October 1920 / widow, 25 June 1915:       occ: farmer:  b. Lyttelton / Auckland: 
parents:  William & Elizabeth Giddens,  nee WAKELIN,  farmer.
                    John  & Elizabeth ALLENDER,  nee BROWN, soap manufacturer.
witness:  Eleanor A. Pitts,  80 Mansfield Ave,  St Albans,  teacher:     ----  Webster, St Andrews Manse, home duties:

Archibald MURRAY  &  Elizabeth Wilson  m. 5 April 1892  at  res. S. McCleary, Brookside.
ages: both full:           occ: farmer:       born: Lochranza, Scotland / Ashley, North Canterbury:
parents:  David & Mary Murray,  nee McMILLAN,  a mason.
                    William & Jane Wilson,  nee BROWN,  farmer.
witness:  James McKay,  Doyleston,  farm lab:    Jessie Wilson, Ashley:

William Thomas HARRIS  &  Elizabeth Wilson  m. 26 December 1908  at St Paul's, Christchurch.
ages: 28 / 24:         occ: labourer / waitress:        born: Waipara / New Brighton:
parents:  Thomas & Castena Harris,  nee RICKARDS,  plate layer.
                    William & Isabella Wilson,  nee BRUCE,  crossing keeper.
witness:  W.J.G.Harris, Kilmore st,  striker:   Wm Wilson,  Livingstone st, crossing keeper.

John SEARLE   &  Elizabeth Wilson  m.  6 July 1872  at  St Andrew's Church, Christchurch.
ages:  26 / 26:   occ: farmer:
witness:  Alexander Clephane,  carpenter, Colombo St:  Mrs Clephane,  Colombo st.

William SINCLAIR  &  Elizabeth Wilson   m.  28 January 1865 at St Mary's, Heathcote.
ages:  39 / 19:        widower / spinster:        occ: ship carpenter:  
witness:  Wm Gorringe,  shipwright, Sumner:   Sarah Wilson,  Christchurch:

John Ramsey STEWART  &  Elizabeth Wilson  m. 19 August 1916 at res. Rev. T. McDonald,  80 Opawa rd.
ages:  25 / 35:        occ: labourer:       born:  Ashburton / Glasgow, Scotland:
parents:  John & Sarah Jane Stewart,  nee BOVAIRD,  school teacher;
                    Thomas & Agnes Wilson,  nee HUDSON,  shipping agent;
witness:   Herbert Charles Maybury,  malster,  Moorhouse Ave:   Agnes Ellis,  housewife,  St James St.

Albert Smith JACKSON  &  Elizabeth Ann Wilson  m. 24 August 1871  at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  full / minor:   occ: butcher:
witness:  Alfred Webb:    Matilda Gunnell:

Henry Jarrett JENKINS  &  Elizabeth Ann Wilson  m.15 October 1889  at  St John's, Christchurch.
ages:  27 / 25:          occ: messenger, BNZ:        born: both Christchurch:
parents:  Samuel & Mary Ann Jenkins,  nee WHAPPLINGTON,  carpenter.
                    James & Jane Wilson,  nee SMALLCOMBE,  cabinet maker:
witness:  James Wilson, Sydenham,  cabinet maker:   W.F.Bowles,  clerk, Christchurch:  A.Jenkins, Opawa:
Henry Jarrett Jenkins - b. 16 May 1862  to  Samuel & Mary Ann.

George KING  &  Elizabeth Clifton Wilson  m. 3 July 1883 at res. Mr J.L.Wilson, Merivale.
ages:  full / 18:        occ: merchant:       born: Richmond, NSW / Christchurch:
parents:  Richard & Mabella King,  nee STEWART,  gentleman.
                      John Leaf & Sarah Elizabeth Wilson,  nee MEARS,  auctioneer.
witness:  John Robert King;    Anna Mary Wilson:  

James REYNOLDS   &  Elizabeth Ellinor Wilson  m.  17 May 1874  at  St Michael's Church, Christchurch.
ages:  both full;       occ: stockrider 
witness:  G.A.Runge, labourer, St Asaph st:      Emily Runge,  St Asaph St, Christchurch:

George Henry James HINES  &  Elizabeth Ethel Wilson   m. 25 March 1902 at  res. James Wilson, Barry's Bay.
ages:  21/ 20:        occ: fisherman:        born:  Woolston / England:   
parents:  James & Mary Ann Hines,  nee THOMAS,  fisherman.
                    James & Ann Wilson,  nee METCALF,  blacksmith.
witness:  Edward Wilson,  Barry's Bay,  traveller:  Ruth Mabel Wilson,  Barry's Bay;

William Henry BICKERTON  &  Elizabeth Forbes GARDINER  m.  23 December 1899 at All Saints, Burwood.
ages: 27 / 34;       occ: Analyst;         born: Southampton / Nelson;
parents:  Alexander William & Phoebe Bickerton,  nee EDWARDS,  Prof. of Chemistry
                    Joseph & Elizabeth Gardiner,  nee JEFFREY,  farmer.
witness:  Lottie Annie Greenwood,  Burwood:   Cecil Danford Greenwood,  surgeon, Burwood

Charles Herbert BEAN  &  Elizabeth Isabella Wilson  m.  26 January 1909  at res. Rev. C. Murray,  Sydenham.
ages:  22 / 22:   occ:  printing machinist / dressmaker:       born:  Wellington / Christchurch:
parents:  Charles & Fanny Bean,  nee STOCKS,  iron machinist.
                        James & Agnes Wilson,  nee REID,  fitter.
witness:  Blanche Bean,  Sydenham:        Arthur W. Woodward,  stereotyper.

Andrew McCRORIE  &  Ellen Wilson  m. 10 October 1906  at St Paul's, Papanui.
ages:  29 / 28:    occ: tram guard:        born: Dunedin / Amberley:
parents:  Andrew & Jane McCrorie,  nee WHITE,  a mine
                      William Hamilton & Sarah Wilson,  nee KELMAN,  farmer.
witness:  John Tisch,  dealer:   Agnes Wilson:  William Dick:   Edith McIlroy:

John Thomas McDONAGH   &  Ellen Wilson  m.  13 April 1906  at res. Mr Ablett, Sydenham.
ages: 26 / 36:    occ: labourer / tailoress:       born: Wellington / Christchurch:
parents:  Michael Herbert Butler &  Elizabeth mcDonagh,  nee CROPP,  storekeeper.
                George & Ellen Wilson,  nee HARRISON,  labourer;
witness:  A.H.Anderson, porter,  St Albans:    F.C.Ablett, painter, Sydenham: 

John MORGAN  &  Ellen Wilson  m. 8 December 1877 at res. Mr Wilson, Hotatio st.
ages:  23 / 18:       occ: hotel keeper /dom. servant:  
witness:  David Wilson,  Horatio st,  groom:   Jane Wilson,  Horatio st. spinster:

Herbert Brill KISSELL  &  Elsie May Wilson  m. 27 August 1919 at  St Mary's, Addington.
ages:  26 / 20;      occ:  hotel employee:     born:  Invercargill / Christchurch:
parents:  John Henry & Rachel Kissell,  nee SMITH,  saddler.
                    Arthur & Sarah Annie Wilson,  nee EVERETT,  labourer.
witness:  W. Linton,  painter,  Christchurch:   Arthur Wilson, Addington:  Rose Wilson: 

Alexander John PETRIE  &  Emilie Wilson  m. 2 August 1916  at  St Paul's Church, Leithfield.
ages:  27 / 22:    occ:  farmer / dom. duties:    born: Woodend / Sefton:
parents:  Alexander & Kate Petrie,  nee DERBIDGE,  farmer.
                Francis  &   Helena Wilson,  nee BUNTING,  farmer.
witness:  Kate Petrie,  Sefton:   Alexander Petrie, Sefton:

James HESLOP   &  Emily Lytton Wilson  m.  13 September 1886 at res. James Heslop, Aldred st, Christchurch.
ages:  42 / 32:       occ: painter & signwriter.       born: Sunderland, Durham, England / Liverpool, England.
parents:  George & Jane Heslop,  nee KITCHNER,  gentleman:
                    Lytton  & Frances Elizabeth Wilson,  nee PARK,
witness:  George Heslop,  gentleman, St Albans:  Elizabeth Abbott, wife of A.J.Abbott, St Albans.

Frederick John Thomas COOKSLEY  &  Emily Rachel Wilson  m.  29 March 1905 at St Peter's Church, Ferry rd.
ages:  23 / 22:           occ: brickmaker:        born: Woolston / Waiau, North Canterbury:
parents:  John Henry &  Elizabeth Cooksley,  nee HINES,  brickmaker;
                    James & Jane Wilson,  nee CASTLE,  a carter.
witness:  Henry John William Cooksley,  brickmaker,  Opawa:     Alice Mary Ann Cooksley,  Domestic Duties:

Edmund Wyndham Heathcote GRAY  &  Emma Cracroft Wilson   m.  3 January 1900 at St Michael's, Christchurch
ages: 25 / 29:        occ: farmer:       born: both Christchurch:       usual address: Hilton;
parents:  Ernest & Margaret Gray,  nee McPHERSON,  gentleman.
                    Frederick Herbert William  & Frances Sarah Wilson,  nee WESTENRA,  gentleman.
witness:  M.Bethall, sheepfarmer, Amuri:   K.C.Wilson, Cashmere:  H.F.Gray:
Edmund Wyndham Heathcote Gray - b. 9 July 1874  to Ernest & Margaret,  sheep farmer, Hoon Hay.

Samuel THOMSON   &  Emma Rosa Wilson  m.  10 June 1914,  at  Church of Good Shepherd, Phillipstown.
ages: 25 / 28:      occ:  artificer:    born: North East Valley, Dunedin / Napier: 
parents:  Peter & Ann Thomson,  nee WOODS,  plumber.
                    Frederick Arthur & Prudence Wilson,  nee BLEWETT,  Police officer.
witness:  Frederick Arthur Wilson,  Ferry rd, Christchurch:    Edith Rebecca Wilson, Ferry rd, tailoress:

Edward James ENGLEFIELD  &  Emmie Alice Wilson   m.  19 September 1917  at res. of Rev. W. Campbell, Clissold st, St Albans.
ages:  24 / 22:       occ: slaughterman / milliner:    born: both Belfast. (Christchurch)?
parents:  Charles & Catherine Englefield ------ labourer.
                    Robert    & Jane Wilson,  ---
witness:  Annie Wentworth Wilson,  707 North rd, Belfast:   William Wilson,  farmer, Halswell:   Anne C. Campbell, 30 Clissold st:

George Henry ORAM  &  Estelle Margaret Wilson,  m. 12 February 1907  at St Bartholomew's, Kaiapoi.
ages:  28 / 28:       occ: Custon House officer:    born: both Kaiapoi;
parents:  Charles (dec.) & Emma Jane Oram,  nee TRELEAVEN,
                Joseph Lowthian  & Mary Wilson,  nee MATHEWS,  journalist.
witness:  Harry Oram,  teacher,  Kaiapoi:   Bertha M. Hiatt, Kaiapoi:   Lily Ada Oram,  Kaiapoi:

Walter WOOD   &  Esther Wilson  m.  2 June 1883  at Wesleyan Parsonage,  Lyttelton.
ages:  24 / 23:       occ: labourer:       born:  Kent, England / London, England:
parents:  Henry &  Harriett Wood,   nee WILSON,  carpenter:
                    Clifton & Emily Wilson,  nee MITCHELL,  Pianoforte maker.
witness:  Ann Wakelin,  Lyttelton:   Gertrude F. Martin:

Arthur Cecil WALKER  &  Ethel Blanche Wilson  m. 11 March 1908 at St Mary's, Addington.
ages:  27 / 25:      occ: salesman:       born: Christchurch / Sydenham, Christchurch:
parents:  Walter George & Ellen Walker,  nee MARTIN,  clerk, Resident magisrtate's Court.
                        Robert & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee STIMPSON,  labourer.
witness:  Wilfred Walker,  Spreydon:  Mabel Wilson, Sydenham:   James Pringle, Dunedin:

Hugh GRAHAM   &  Ethel Augustus Wilson   m.  27 Feb. 1918  at  res. Mr F. Murdoch, 110 Slater st.
ages:  20 / 24:      occ: soldier / tailoress:   born: Invercargill / Lumsden:     usual address: Featherston:
parents:  Hugh Rabb  & Janet Rachel Graham,  nee COPELAND,  waterworks inspector.
                Jervis  & Sarah Wilson,  nee ADDEY,    ret. farmer.
witness:  Eva isobel Salkeld,  199 Gloucester st:   Frank Simmons Woodward,  Edward ave, St.Albans:

James Wybrow BORRIE  &  Ethel May Wilson  m.  29 April 1909 at res. Rev. N.Turner,  44 durham st.
ages:  24 / 27:      occ:  painter:       born:  Otakeho / Christchurch:       usual address:  Manaia.
parents:  William & Jeannie Borrie,  nee WYBROW,  farmer.
                        Alexander & Margaret Wilson,  nee COLLINS,  carpenter.
witness:  Margaret Ellen Wilson,  Disraeli st.

Thomas Henry BERE  &  Eva Emma Wilson  m. 20 July 1911 at The Parsonage, Durham st. Christchurch.
ages:  23 / 22:       occ: carter / domestic:       born:  Bristol, England / Christchurch:
parents:  William & Mary Eva Bere,  nee STENE,  farmer:
                    Arthur Ed.  & Emma Eliza Wilson,  nee BERRY,  saddler.
witness:  A.E.Wilson,  builder, Sydenham:   Arthur Edward Wilson,  saddler, Stirling st.

Leonard Brayson SALKELD  &  Eva Isobel Wilson  m. 31 July 1917  at  Methodist Church, Durham st.
ages:  25 / 22:       occ: soldier / tailoress:       born: Wellington / Longridge:     usual address: Featherstone:
parents:  Joseph & Lily Martha Salkeld,  nee DOWNING,  poultry farmer.
                    Jarvis & Sarah Wilson,  nee ADDEY,  farmer.
witness:  Ethel Wilson,  Christchurch:    W.A.Thomas,  warehouseman, Christchurch:

James PRINGLE  &  Evelyn Beatrice Wilson  m.  14 November 1900  at StMichael's, Christchurch.
ages:  27 /22:       occ: railway signalman:        born: Green Island / Sydenham:     usual address:  Dunedin:
parents:   Edmund & Elizabeth Pringle,  nee SMITH,  building contractor.
                    Robert & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee STIMPSON,  storeman.
witness:  R.Wilson,  Sydenham:    S. Pringle, railways, Dunedin:


William Charles GIDDENS   &  Fanny Amelia HAMMOND  m. 1 August 1900  at St Peter's, Akaroa.
ages: 26 / 25:     occ: farmer:       born: Lyttelton / German Bay:  
parents:  William & Elizabeth Giddens,  nee WAKELIN,  farmer.
                    James & Ann Hammond,  nee HARRES,  farmer.
witness:  Joseph Phillips,  German Bay,  farmer:   George Hammond,  farmer,  German Bay:

Charles William PURNELL   &  Flavia Maria Hyde Wilson  m.  2 June 1870 at St John the Baptist.
ages:  full / under;     occ: journalist;   
witness:  E.Wilson, Christchurch;   H.Bray;    J.E.Purnell;

Ernest SULLIVAN   &  Florence Wilson  m.   18 June 1892  at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages: 23 / 26;        occ; dairyman:        born: Halswell / Christchurch;
parents:  Smith & Amelia Sullivan,  nee KENNEDY,  dairyman.
                    Isaac & Ann Wilson,  nee CHADWICK,  occ; mason,
witness:  Herbert Sullivan,  farmer, New Brighton:   Ann Wilson,  Christchurch:

William Ernest COOK  & Florence Mary Wilson  m. 31 December 1919 at St Andrew's Church, Christchurch.
ages: 27 / 28;     occ: school teacher / clerk;     born: Kaiapoi / Invercargill;
parents:  William Edwards  & Hannah Cook,  nee BOOKER,  occ: porter.
                    Joseph  & Amy Helen Wilson,  nee MITCHELL,  manufacturing stationer.
witness:  Amy G.Wilson,  school teacher,  Masterton;      N.R.Wilson,  commercial traveller,  Hastings;

William Ernest COOK   &  Florence Mary Wilson  m. 31 December 1919 at St Andrew's, Christchurch.
ages:  27 / 28:    occ: school teacher / clerk:     born: Kaiapoi / Invercargill;
parents:  William Edwards  &  Hannah Cook,  nee BOOKER,  a porter.
                    Joseph & Amy Helen Wilson,  nee MITCHELL,  manufacturing stationer.
witness:  Amy G. Wilson,  school teacher, Masterton:       N.R.Wilson, commercial traveller, Hastings:

Boyce Leonard BACON  &  Florence McGowan Wilson  m.  21 December 1910 at res. Mr A.J.Wilson, 112 Bristol st. St Albans.
ages:   24 / 23;     occ: railway employee:     born:  Lyttelton / Christchurch.
parents:  Thomas & Annie Bacon,  nee BOYCE,  customs officer.
                    Alfred John & Mary Edwards Patterson,  nee WILKINSON,  machinist.
witness:  Rose Wilson,  112 Bristol St;     James Wilson,  groom,  Motunau;
Boyce Leonard Bacon -  b. 9 May 1886 to Thomas & Annie Bacon, Lyttelton.

Alfred George WEASTELL  &  Florence Maud Mary Wilson  m.  25 July 1906 at Phillipstown. Church.
ages:  31 / 30:    occ:  carpenter / tailoress;          born:  Lyttelton / Christchurch;
parents:  Marmaduke & Georgina Weastell,  nee BOURN,  clerk.
                   Robert &  Elizabeth Wilson,  nee STIMSON,  labourer.
witness:  Arthur Cecil Walker,  clerk,  Spreydon;      Ethel Blanche Wilson,  Sydenham.

Thomas Charles LIGHTFOOT   &  Florence Susannah Wilson  m.  31 October 1906 at  Holy Trinity, Avonside
ages:  24 / 18:    occ: paperhanger / tailoress:       born:  Linwood / New Brighton:
parents:  Edward Jonson & Annie Lightfoot,  nee MORTON,  clerk.
                        George & Maria Wilson,  nee WALKER carpenter.
witness:  Frederick Arthur Lightfoot,  Christchurch:     Alfred George Wilson,  New Brighton.

David Wilson HAMILTON  &  Frances CHARLES,  formerly Wilson  m.  16 December 1875 at Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  both full:    widower / widow:    occ: farmer.
witness:  J.W. Oram;    M.H.Oram,  M.Gunnell,  Louisa Strickland:  E.J.Oram,  C.Oram.

James CARSTON    &   Frances Wilson   m.  20  January 1860 at res. of Rev. C. Fraser.
ages: both full:        occ: labourer / householder;    bachelor / widow
witness:  Charles Adkin,  Christchurch:     Amy Wilson,  Christchurch: 


William Henry BICKERTON  &  Georgina May Wilson  m. 28 April 1908 at All Saints, Burwood.
ages:  35 / 22;      widower 5 May 1906 / spinster;     occ: photographer;         born:  Southampton, England / Ashburton;
parents:  Alexander William & Phoebe Bickerton,  nee EDWARDS,  Prof. of Chemistry.
                    George William & Maria Kate Wilson,  nee  WALKER,  builder.
witness:  Alexander William Bickerton,  Prof. of Chemistry, Wainoni Park;    Herbert Frederick Bickerton,  teacher, Wainoni Park;

George Robert WHITE  &  Georgina May Wilson  m.  16 January 1907  at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages: 25 / 21;      occ: tram conductor;     born:  Wellington / Ashburton;
parents:  Fred Edward  & Mary Ann White,  nee CASTLE,  dentist.
                    George Robert  &  Maria Kate Wilson,  nee WALKER,  carpenter.
on card  marriage not solomized.

Harry Leslie THOMAS   &  Gertrude Graham Wilson  m.  26 April 1919 at res. Mr Thomas, Madras st.
ages: 26 / 18:      occ:  coach painter;         born:  both Christchurch;
parents:  Henry Thomas & Sarah Ann Thomas,  nee OLDFIELD,  carpenter.
                    Joseph & Ann Elizabeth Wilson,  nee BARRACLOUGH,  carpenter.
witness:  Arthur Thomas, lead worke,  Madras st;    Elizabeth Wilson,  Auckland:
Harry Leslie Thomas  - b. 10 July 1892 to Henry & Sarah Ann,  Madras st,  hairdresser.

Charles Henry ROUD  &   Gertrude Jane Olvera Wilson  m. 27 December 1911 at Phillipstown Church.
ages:  19 / 22;     occ: gardener / shop assistant;     born:  Dalefield, Wairarapa / Lyttelton;
parents:  Edward & Elizabeth Sarah Roud,  nee SIMMONS,  gardener.
                    William & Hariett Ellen Wilson,  nee WOODHAM,  engineer.
witness:  Frederick Henry Roud,  gardener, Linwood:      Henry Shafto Wilson, storeman,  Linwood:

William WOOD  &  Grace Anna Mary Wilson  m. 1 June 1901  at St Mary's, Merivale.
ages: 43 / 38:   widower: 11 Sept. 1890 / spinster;    occ:  merchant:    born: Christchurch / Hadleigh, Suffolk.
parents:  William Deresley & Anna Maria Wood,  nee WILSON,  merchant.
                        Thomas William  & Amelia Wilson,  nee SWEET,  merchant.
witness:  Emily H.Wilson, Hadleigh, England:    Jas Paterson,  merchant, London;


Henry MERRIN   &  Hannah JACKSON  nee Wilson  m. 25 May 1886 at res. Mr Jackson, Sydenham
ages: 49 / 46;    occ: gentleman;      bachelor / widow 22 June 1879;     born: Hawkesworth, Nottinghamshire / Kirkburgh, England
parents:  Francis & Elizabeth Merrin,  nee SAUNDERS,  labourer.
                    Francis & Mary Ann Wilson,  nee STOCKDALE,  labourer.
witness:  John Jackson,  engineer,  Sydenham;      Lizzie Jackson,  Sydenham.

James MENELAUS   &  Hannah Eliza Wilson   m. 26 December 1917  at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  32 / 29;   occ: foreman;    born:  Port Chalmers / Longridge North, Southland;
parents:  James & Annie Menalaus,  nee FORSYTH,  warehouseman.
                   Jervis & Sarah Wilson,  formerly ORR,  nee ADDEY,  farmer.
witness:  Gardner Menelaus,  clerk,  Wellington:  Ethel Wilson, Gloucester st, Christchurch:

Stanley Millingham  SHERWOOD  &  Hazel May Beatrice Wilson m.  10 July 1934 at All Saints, Burwood.
ages:  24 / 21;   occ: driver;        born: London, England / Wanganui;
parents:  Arthur George & Emma Sherwood,  nee LOCKE,  tyre merchant.
                Thomas & Violet Wilson,  nee FIELD,  contractor.
witness:  W.H.Robinson,  storekeeper, new Brighton rd:   J.W.Scrimgeour, housewife, Riccarton.

 Alexander DUNBAR  &  Helen (Ellen)  Wilson  m.  16 February 1876  at res. Mr Wilson,  Ferry rd.
ages: 24 / 17;       occ: saddler;     
witness:  George McClatchie,  upholsterer,  Cashel st;   Maggie Dunbar Thornley,  spinster.

James BURGESS   &  Helen Wilson  m. 11 January 1894 at res. Rev. Webster, Tuam st.
ages:  23 / 21;     occ: contractor;       born: Dunsandel, Canterbury / Dunsandel;
parents:  George & Isabella  Johnston Burgess,  nee GRAHAM,  farmer.
                    Daniel & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee McINTYRE,  blacksmirh.
witness:  George Burgess,  farmer, Dunsandel;  S.M.Millan,  Dunsandel;

Frederick William CONE  &  Helen Bowie Wilson  m. 25 April 1888 at Kaiapoi Pres. Church.
ages: 21 / 20;  occ:  saddler;    both born new Zealand;     
parents:  George & Ellen Cone,  nee BURT,  a butcher.
                    Robert  & Jane Wilson,  nee MACKIE,  a  baker.
witness:  William Wilson,  Kaiapoi;     Ellis S.L. Cone,  Kaiapoi;

Stephen CROPP   &  Helen Jane Wilson  m. 17 March 1864  at res. Mr Carston, Windmill rd.
ages:  27 / 19:       occ: contractor / domestic servant; 
witness:  Charles Adkin,  labourer, South Christchurch rd;   Sarah Wilson,  Windmill rd,  spinster;

Leslie Samuel MANNING  &  Helen Susanna Wilson  m. 21 August 1890  at  St John's, Christchurch.
ages:  28 / 28;        occ:  surgeon;     born: Christchurch / McDuff, Scotland;
parents:  Samuel & Ellen Manning,  nee PIPER,  a brewer.
                    James & Isabella Wilson,  nee BLACKLOCK,  shipowner.
witness:  F.Manning,  gentleman, Chch:   T.H.Hobbs,  cutter,  Chch:    E.B.Manning, Chch:
Leslie Samuel Manning - bur. 25 April 1939,  occ: doctor,  age 68.  Crematorium

Albert HAMPTON  &  Henrietta Wilson   m.  17 July 1907 at Methodist Church, Durham st.
ages:  29 / 29;   occ; builder;    born: Chertsey, Canterbury / Christchurch;
parents:  Henry & Euphemia Renwick Hampton,  nee STEVENSON,  a hawker;
                    John & Henrietta Wilson,  nee SLADE,  grocer.
witness:  B.Hampton,  Christchurch;   M.Wilson,  Christchurch;

William Henry PARTRIDGE  &  Henrietta Wilson   m.  20 September 1905  at res. Mrs Elizabeth Wilson,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  25 / 21;       occ:   fellmonger.     born: Avonside, Christchurch / Clarkville;
parents:  Joseph & Margaret Partridge,  nee McBRATNEY,  labourer
                    John William & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee SHANNON,  labourer.
witness:  E.Partridge, carter,   Riccarton:   Emily Wilson,  Sneyd st, Kaiapoi:  


Maurice George GARDINER  &  Ina Beatrice Wilson  m. 15 May 1937  at St Barnabas, Fendalton.
ages:  29 / 26;       occ: butcher;    born: both Christchurch;
parents:  George & Ethel Mary Gardiner,  nee KIMBER,  farmer.
                Arthur John  &  Frances Beatrice Wilson,  nee WOODFIELD,  carrier.
witness:  F.M.Saul,  Comm. traveller, Christchurch;   R.Wilson,  shop assistant, Fendalton.

George Henry JUSTICE  &  Irene Wilson   m.  29 June 1927 at Baptist Church,  Sydenham.
ages:  24 / 28:       occ: labourer;       born:  Staffordshire, England / Christchurch;      usual address: Auckland;
parents:  Eric & Elizabeth Justice,  nee BRYAN,  farmer.
                Arthur  & Emma Wilson,  nee BERRY,  saddler;
witness:  Thomas Henry Harris,  gardener, Beckford rd;   Jean Elizabeth harris,  Picton ave, Riccarton;

John FUSS   &   Isabella Wilson  m.  31 December 1888 at Church of Most Blessed Sacrament.
ages:  23 / 26;        occ: labourer;     born: Christchurch / Rangiora;
parents:  Joseph  & Catherine Fuss,  nee GLYNN,  carpenter;
                    Samuel & Mary jane Wilson,  nee LEDDIS,  labourer.
witness:  Joseph Fuss,  bootmaker,  Sydenham;   Catherine Fuss,  Sydenham,  machinist;

Samuel Watson HAYES    &  Isabella Wilson  m. 29 April 1912 at St Andrew's Church, Christchurch.
ages:  45 / 40;     occ: labourer;       born: Halswell / Riccarton;
parents:  James  & Mary Hayes,  nee BINGHAM,  blacksmith.
                Andrew Hunter & Isabella Wilson,  nee NESBIT,  labourer.
witness:  Lewis Wilson,  gardener, Riccarton;  Ailsa Wilson,  Riccarton;

William SHANL(E)Y  &  Isabella Wilson  m.  20 May 1871  in the Catholic Church.
ages:  55 / 28;        widower / spinster;    occ: carriage builder;    
witness:  Robert Plunkett;  Mary McCabe;

James Nicholas STINEAR   &  Isabella Ferguson Wilson  m. 25 Sept. 1903 at Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  23 / 25;       occ:  joiner / printers machinist;        born:  both Edinburgh, Scotland;
parents:  Joseph & Jane Stinear,  nee COCKBURN,  postman.
                George & Margaret Wilson,  nee WHITE,  brass finisher.
witness:  A.T.Washer, accountant, 106 Gloucester st;   J.L.Stinear,  River rd;  Jessie Stinear,  dental mechanic;

Samuel Watson HAYES  &  Isabella Wilson  m. 29 April 1912  at  St Andrew's, Christchurch.
ages:  45 / 40;      occ: labourer;       born:  Halswell / Riccarton;
parents:  James & Mary Hayes,  nee BINGHAM,  blacksmith.
                    Andrew Hunter  &  Isabella Wilson,  nee NESBIT,  labourer.
Witness:  Lewis Wilson,  gardiner, Riccarton;        Ailsa Wilson,   gardiner, Riccarton;

Robert SHUTTLEWORTH  &  Isabella HUNT   m. 5 May 1893  at res. J.Joyce M.P. Lyttelton.
ages: 70 / full;       widower, 25 Oct. 1872 / widow 2 Oct. 1891;     born:  Lancashire / Forfarshire;
parents:  Thomas & Jane Shuttleworth,  nee WHAMSLEY,  carpenter.
                     John & Isabella WILSON,  nee HOOD,  a mason.
witness:  John Joyce,  MP. Lyttelton;   Rosena Joyce;
Robert Shuttleworth -  bur. 7 December 1905. age 83, at Chorlton.

James Alexander BELL  &  Isabella Jane Wilson  m. 3 March 1895  at St Peter's, Akaroa.
ages: 21 / 22:       occ: blacksmith;    born: Akaroa / Robinson's Bay;
parents:  James & Georgina  Bell,  nee FLUERET,  a carrier.
                William & Ann Wilson,  nee SUNCKELL,  farmer.
witness:  John Heath,  farmer, Akaroa;   William F. Bell,  carrier, Akaroa;  Ellen Kerridge,  Akaroa;

Ernest Theodore BOCK  &  Isabella Jane Wilson  m. 27 sept. 1905 at res. Mr Neynon, Kingsley st, Sydenham.
ages:  24 / 27;        occ: labourer;       born:  Bendleby, S.Australia / Te Awamutu, Auckland.
parents:  Reinhold Gotleap  & Johanna Caroline Bock,  nee SCHILLING,  blacksmith.
                Luke & Mary Ann Wilson,  nee PEPPER,  blacksmith.
witness:  William Melville Beynon,  a printer, Sydenham:  Margaret Crozier, Christchurch.

Thomas PEACH  &  Ivy Edith Wilson  m. 12 September 1907  at Wandle Downs, Amuri, res. Mr T.Wilson.
ages:  27 / 27;    occ: farmer:     born: Ashley, Canterbury/  Belfast, Canterbury;
parents:  Manoah  & Mary Paech,  nee MOFFET,  farmer.
                    Thomas & Rachel Wilson,  nee BOYCE,  farmer.
witness:  Ada Blanche Coralie Wilson;    Robert Peach;   Thos. Wilson;

George Tiller BILLENS  &  Ivy Evelyn Wilson  m. 23 August 1918  at St Paul's, Worcester st, Christchurch.
ages: 32 / 19:       occ: window dresser:        born: both Christchurch;
parents:  Frederick & Emma Billens,  nee DALTRY,  salesman.
                James & Christina Wilson,  nee CLEGG,  a carter.
witness:  Thomas Wilson, Moorhouse Ave:   C.Forward,  Gollans Bay, Lyttelton:


William BURNE  &  Jane Wilson  m. 15 July 1859 at St Andrew's,  Christchurch.
ages:  both full;        occ: farmer;
witness:  Edward Wilson,  boatman, Kaiapoi:    Isaac Wilson,  carter, Kaiapoi.

Thomas HUTT   &  Jane DOIG nee Wilson,   m. 24 July 1873  at The Manse.
ages:  42 / 41:       widower / widow:        occ: farmer;
witness:  Eliza Burnley, Christchruch householder:  Susan McInnes,  The Manse,  spinster:

Edward EASTWOOD  &  Jane RICHARD  nee Wilson   m.  28 February 1907 at Methodist Parsonage, Durham st.
ages:  66 / 54:   widower 10 March 1906 / widow, 28 June 1886:           born: England / Ireland:
parents:  Wilson, & Deborah Eastwood,   iron founder  (no maiden name)
                Wiiliam & Mary WILSON,  nee BEECH,  road inspector;
witness:   George Vernon Forrest,  grocer,  Christchurch:  Mary Watkins,  Christchurch:

Robert Simpson McDIARMID  &  Jane Wilson   m. 6 October 1875 at res. Mr Wilson,  Woolston.
ages: 25 / 19;     occ: blacksmith;
witness:  Thomas Wilson,  carrier, Woolston;   Ellen Wilson,  Woolston, spinster;

Ephraim WELSH  &  Jane Wilson  m.  30 October,  at res.  Rev. P.R.  Munro, Sydenham.
ages:  30 / 22:    occ: farmer;    born:  South Australia / Dunsandel,  NZ.       usual address:  Wellington; 
parents:  ----  & Eliza Welsh,  nee -----  unknown.
                David & Elizabeth  Wilson,  nee McINTYRE,  blacksmith;
witness:  Helen Wilson,  Dunsandel;  Sarah Frances Monro,  Lors Brougham st,  Sydenham.

Stephen BARRETT  &  Jane Elizabeth Wilson  m. 19 June 1875   at St Peter's, Riccarton.
ages:  both full;     occ: seaman;
witness:  Robert Saville;   Harry Goodger;

John William LANGDON  &  Jane Esther Wilson,  nee Gibbs  m. 11 December 1907  at St Andrew's, Christchurch.
ages:  24 / 27;   bachelor / divorced 28 Nov. 1907:    occ: plumber / Laundress:  
            born: Blackfriars, London / Leithfield, Canterbury:       usual address:  Ashburton:
parents:  John & Ellen Langdon,  nee DONOVAN,  farmer.
                    Thomas James & Jane GIBBS,  nee LEWIS,  gardener;
witness:  Elizabeth Ann Sears,  Thorrington, Chch:  Virtue Hannah Gibbs,  Thorrington, Christchurch.

Charles William MUNCASTER  &  Jane Francis Wilson  m.  26 January 1905  at  St Pauls' Manse.
ages:  20 / 21;       occ: baker;        born:  Stowell, Victoria /  Launceston, Tasmania:    
parents:  Anthony & Ophelia Muncaster,  nee FERGUSON,  grocer.
                James & Ellen Wilson,  nee CRAILE,  jailer;
witness:  Mary Bowen,  servant 16 Latimer Sq:      John Tait,  gentleman,  16 Latimer Sq.

James RESTON  &  Jane Russell Wilson  m. 10 October 1869  at  Catholic Church, Christchurch.
ages:  22 / 23;    occ: clerk;
witness:  Francis Shanley,  coachbuilder, Christchurch:   Isabella Wilson,  dressmaker;

Hume Douglas CHRISTIE  &  Janet Wilson  m. 11 February 1920 at res. Mr R.Wilson,  St Martins.
ages: 23 / 27:       occ:  commercial traveller / music teacher;       born:  Geelong, Victoria /  Christchurch:
parents:  Robert & Jean Craig Christie,  nee SIMPSON,  grocer;
                    Robert  & Annie Dencher,  nee JOHNSON,  draper & clothier.
witness:  David Barnes,  farmer, Waipara.

John OATES  &  Janet COCKROFT  nee Wilson  m. 10 December 1903 at res. Mrs J. Cockroft, Chapel st.
ages:  59 / 53;       widower, 3 Oct. 1902 / widow, 1896;       occ:  cabinet-maker;    born:  Cornwall, England / Dunedin;
parents:  Hugh & Grace Cockroft,   maiden name omitted
                    David & Janet Wilson,  nee GLASS,  jeweller.
witness:  Edith Cockroft,  Travers st;  Sarah Cockroft,  Travers st.

Gordon HEPPLESTON  &  Jean Wilson  m. 14 November 1942  at Baptist Church, Spreydon.
born:  Petone / Christchurch;       usual address:  Taihape:     occ: fitter;
parents:  Johnn William  & Ethel Heppleston,  nee PILKINGTON, 
                John & Mary Johnson Wilson,  nee INGLIS,  tramway employee.
witness:  Sydney Raymond Heppleston,  clerk,  Wellington:    Mavis Doreen Stead,  nurse, Christchurch;

Herbert HUBBARD  &  Jean Wilson  m. 18 August 1915  at Wesleyan Church, Greenpark.
ages:  29 / 25;     occ: farmer;    born: Greenpark / Rangiora:
parents:  Frederick & Ellen Hubbard,  nee LLOYD,  farmer;
                Robert & Sarah Wilson,  nee  MARSHALL,  builder.
witness:  Ellen Hubbard,  Greenpark;     Arnold Edward Hubbard,  farmer,  Greenpark: 

Charles KIVER   &  Jeanette Wilson  m. 2 December 1866  at St John the Baptist, Christchurch;
ages:  both full:    occ: storekeeper;
witness:  Alfred Osborn;     Jane Wood:     F.A.Bishop;

Tom William MANIFOLD  &  Jessie Brown Wilson  m.  8 November 1889  at Church of Christ, Durham st. Christchurch.
ages:  22 / 24;     occ: tailor;    born:  Staffordshire / Christchurch;
parents:  Thomas & Selina Manifold,  nee FROGGATT,  a cutter.
                 Thomas & Helen Wilson,  nee McHARG,  farmer.
witness:  George Manifold,  Annie Ellen Manifold:

Leonard Kent SMITH  &  Joan Eve Wilson  m.  1 June 1937 at Baptist Manse,  Kaiapoi.
occ: labourer / mill worker;      born: Belfast / Oxford;     
parents:  Kentish Henry  &  Bella Jean Smith,  nee LINDSAY,  farmer.
                    Ernest Edward & Annie Wilson,  nee HAHN,  labourer.
witness:  Kentish Henry Smith,  farmer,  Belfast;   Ernest Edward Wilson,  labourer,  Kaiapoi;

John SAMPSON  &  Julia Matilda Wilson  m. 4 June 1906 at Church of Good Shepherd, Phillipstown.
ages:  24 / 25:     occ: cabinet maker:      born: Launceston, Tasmania / Napier, NZ,
parents:  Maurice Giles  &  Eliza Sampson,  nee KALLFELL,  carpenter.
                Frederick Arthur  & Prudence Wilson,  nee BLEWETT,  Police constable.
witness:  Frederick Arthur Wilson,  Police Constable:   Eliza Jane Wilson,  24 Ferry rd, Linwood:  


John Percy Horace PINE  &  Laura Mildred Wilson  m.  4 May 1910  at res. Mr Thomas Wilson, Waiau, North Canterbury.
ages:  25 / 26;        occ: tram conductor:       born:  St Albans, Christchurch / Belfast, Christchurch:
parents:  Horace Daniel & Elizabeth Pine,  nee HUNT,   a printer.
                Thomas & Rachael Wilson,  nee BOYCE,  sheep farmer.
witness:  Ada Blanche Coralie Wilson,  Wandle Downs:     Harold Daniel Pine,  Ruapuna,  farm lab:   
                Thomas Wilson,  Wandle Downs, Waiau;

George Robert BEECROFT  &  Leah Wilson  m.  31 August 1893  at St Saviour's Church, Lyttelton.
ages:  21 / 19:       occ: labourer;        born:  Hunslet, Yorks, England / Lyttelton.
parents:  William & Sarah Beecroft,  nee STEVENS,  engine driver.
                    William & Harriett Wilson,  nee WOODHAM,  labourer.
witness:  William Beecroft,  Lyttelton:   Sarah Ann Beecroft,  sister of bridegroom,  Lyttelton: 

William CROMIE  &  Letitia Wilson  m.  4 August 1883  at Rev. T.R.Cairns, res.
ages:  23 / 23;          occ: blacksmith;    born:  Belfast, Ireland / Tyrone, Ireland:    usual address: Rakaia;
parents:  William & Annie Cromie,  nee STEWART,  blacksmith;
                    William & Margaret Wilson,  nee HAMILTON,   farmer;
witness:  John Cromie,  blacksmith,  Cust;    Sarah Cromie,  Cust, spinster;

William Henry KELSON  &  Lilian Gertrude Wilson  m.  18 November 1909  at Pres. Church, Sydenham.
ages:  25 /24;       occ: traveller:     born:  Oamaru / Longridge North;    usual address:  Invercargill;
parents:  Robert & Emily Kelson,  nee HOCKETY,  engineer.
                    Jervis & Sarah Wilson,  nee ADDEY,  farmer.
witness:  Hannah Wilson,  milliner, St Albans:   Robt Holmes,  bootmaker, Invercargill:

Cecil James GALLOP  &  Lucy Catherine Wilson  m.  5 November 1901  at res. Mr James Wilson,  19 Charles st,  Linwood.
ages:  22 / 24;        occ: labourer;         born:  both Christchurch;
parents:  William &  Sarah Jane Gallop  nee COOKSLY,  labourer;
                    James & Harriett Annie Wise Wilson,  nee VENNIEUR,  carpenter.
witness:  Randolph James Eastall,  plasterer,  Christchurch;   Amelia Maud Mazey,  dressmaker,  Hanmer st, Avonside.
Cecil James Gallop  b. 13 June 1879  to  William & Sarah Ann,  Woolston.


Richard NEWTON  &  Mabel Annetta Wilson  m.  3 April 1912  at St John's, Christchurch.
ages:  24 / 23:        occ; plumber:       born:  Colic Bay, Southland / Sydenham, Christchurch;
parents:  Richard & Susan Newton,  nee ADAMS,  hotel keeper.
                Robert & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee STIMSON,  labourer.
witness:  A. Sey,  painter, Christchurch:   Eva Adele Franklin,  shop assistant,  Christchurch:

Joseph Edward BOOTH  &  Maggie Wilson  m. 4 June 1896  at  Wesleyan Church,  St Albans.
ages:  both full;         occ: grocers assistant;       born: England / New Zealand;   
parents:  David & Rosalie Booth,  nee ADDISON,   graocer;
                    William & Maggie Wilson,  nee MASON,  farmer.
witness:  Grainger Hardcastle,  clerk,  Sydenham;   Lillian Dale Hardcastle,  Sydenham.

Charles Brown GREGGS  &  Margaret CRAIG  m.  30 June 1890  at res. C.B.Greggs,  London st, Lyttelton.
ages:  44 / 36;       bachelor / widow, May 1886;           born: Liverpool, England / Glasgow, Scotland;
parents:  Charles & Eleanor Greggs,  nee BROWN,  seaman.
                Joseph & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee FRASER,  shoemaker.
witness: James Groat,  carpenter, Lyttelton:      Emily Wright,  Lyttelton;

Charles BEAN  &  Margaret CRAIG,  nee Wilson  m.  8 June 1895 at res. Mrs M. Craig, London st, East Belt, Christchurch.
ages:  42 / 37;        widower, 7 Nov. 1893 / widow,  27 June 1891:      occ: fitter;    born: England / Scotland:
parents: Wm  & Sarah Bean,  nee TODD,  printer;
                Joseph &  Elizabeth Wilson,  nee FRASER,  shoemaker.
witness:  James Slater,  Harper st, Sydenham:   Matilda Slater, Harper st: 

Charles LORRETT   &  Margaret Wilson  m.  9 November 1904 at res. Mr Kenneth Wilson,  Rakaia.
ages:  both full:       occ: butcher;    born: Hororata / Coalgate, Canterbury;       
parents:  Joseph & Ann  Lorrett,  nee WARD,  farmer.
                    Kenneth & Jane Wilson,  nee McLEOD,  farmer.
witness:  John Lorrett,  Hororata:   Jessie Wilson,  Ashburton:

Alexander McKINNON  &  Margaret Wilson  m. 3 November 1874 at res. Mr T. Wilson,  Woolston.
ages:  28 / 17:       occ: currier;
witness:  Robert McDirmid,  blacksmith, Christchurch:       Jane Wilson,  spinster,  Woolston;

Thomas Ernest HINES   &  Margaret Ellen Wilson  m.  4 July 1899  at res. James Wilson, Barry's Bay,  Banks peninsula.
ages:  27 / 25;       occ: fisherman;        born:vc Sumner, Christchurch / England.
parents:  James & Mary Ann Hines,  nee THOMAS,  fisherman.
                    James & Ann Wilson,  nee METCALF,  blacksmith.
witness:  Elizabeth Ethel Wilson,  Barry's Bay:       George Henry James Hines,  Sumner, fisherman:

William Thomas HALL  &  Margaret Lilian Wilson  m.  17 February 1926  at St Andrew's, Church, Christchurch.
ages:  23 / 29;     occ: butcher:   born: Dunedin / Maerewhenua;
parents:  Michael Thomas & Caroline Sophia Hall,  nee SCOTT,  ret. hotel keeper.
                William & Elizabeth mary Wilson,  nee DEEM,  gold miner.
witness:  Margaret Wallace, spinster, Christchurch:   William Young,  engine driver, Otira;

John DUNHAM  &  Margaret Wilson  m.  20 March 1888 at  res. Samuel Dunham, Bowen st, Sydenham.
ages:  both 21;    occ:  clicker / dressmaker;    born:  Heathcote Valley, Christchurch / Dunedin;
parents:  Samuel & Elizabeth Dunham,  nee KIRKBY,  labourer.
                John & May Wilson,  nee CAMERON,  storekeeper.
witness:  Charles Dunham,  compositor, Bowen st, Sydenham:  Emily Jane Dunham,  bootmaker, Bowen st, Sydenham;

William Campbell WALKER  &  Margaret Wilson  m. 14 June 1871  at St Peter's, Riccarton.
ages:  both full:    occ: gentleman: 
witness:  A.J.Walker,  Mt. Possession,  stockowner:   Charles J.Harper,  Christchurch,  gentleman:  F.M.Wilson:

Ernest Marshall  SCHOLLAR  &  Margaret Alice Wilson  m. 6 Jan. 1928  at St Saviour's,  Lyttelton.
ages:  43 / 47;        occ: storehand / nurse;       born: Lyttelton / Frome, Somerset, England:
parents:  William James &   Clare Schollar,  nee COX, shipwright.
                John &  Laura Wilson,  nee HUTCHISON,  clergyman, Church of England.
witness:  Ethel laura mary Powell,  Nelson:      Noel Lester Wallburton,  bricklayer, Christchurch:

Cecil Gordon HUSBAND   &  Margaret Dora Wilson   m.  1 January 1917  at  Wesley Church, Fitzgerald Ave.
ages:  27 / 25;         occ: carpenter / factory overseer;       born: Timaru / Christchurch:
parents:   William  &  Alice Husband,  nee TEMPERTON,  builder.
                    John & Annie Wilson,  nee VOGEL,  a gardener;
witness:  Leonard Brand,  engineer, St Albans, Christchurch:    Mary Cairns Wilson,  Linwood;

Henry James BENNETT   &  Margaretta Rubina Barbara Wilson  m.  29 December 1896 at st Luke's,  Little Akaloa.
ages:  both full;     widower, 27 April 1885 / spinster;    born; Wellington / Tasmania;
parents:  John & Charlotte Bennett,  nee BRASSEY?  farmer.
                    John & Henrietta Wilson,  nee GARDNER,  a baker.
witness:  Charles Priest,  Little Akaloa;   Selina Mary Priest,  Little Akaloa;

William LAVERY  &  Maria Wilson  m. 12 August 1890  at  St Mary's, Merivale.
ages:  31 / -     widower / spinster;         occ: carpenter;    born: NZ / Ireland;
parents:  John & Mary Lavery,  nee WILLIAMS,  carpenter.
                    Hugh  & Agnes Wilson,  nee MOFFAT, 
witness:  Edward Lewis Wright,  farmer,  Hoon Hay;      Ellen Morgan,  Christchurch;

William Parsons TURTON  &  Marion Alice Wilson  m. 14 oct. 1880  at St peter's, Riccarton.
ages:  40 / 25:    occ: stockowner:        born: Hussungabad, India / Opawa, Christchurch:     usual address: Woodbury, Geraldine:
parents:  John & Jane Turton,  nee ROBSON,  Major, East India Co.
                James & Sibella Anne Wilson,  nee MORISON,  clerk in Holy Orders.
witness:  N.H.Macfarlane, Mesopotamia, sheepfarmer:      F. de C. Malet,  Registrar Supreme Court:
                 S.E.Ross,  Riccarton;     C.E.Ross, Christchurch;

Charles Edward HOWARD  &  Marion Brown Wilson  m. 21 Jan. 1868  at res. Mr Charles Edward Howard, London st, Lyttelton.
ages:  24 / 19:     occ: draper;
witness:  Alex Wilson, Christchurch:   Eliza Geraldine Lalor,  Christchurch: 
             Richard Howard,  newsman, Christchurch;   Peter Wilson, Christchurch:

Austin Dalziel Stevenson SHAW  &  Martha Rose Kathleen Wilson  m. 14 March 1929 at res. William Shaw, Selwyn.
ages: 21 / 21:    occ: sawmill hand;    born: Geraldine / Kimbolton:
parents:  William & Charlotte Eliza Shaw,  nee CRAMPTON,  sawmill hand.
                    John Joseph  & Catherine Wilson,  nee PAUL,  labourer.
witness:  William Shaw,  Selwyn,  sawmill hand:   Charlotte Eliza Shaw,  Selwyn,  married: 

Michael  FLANAGAN  &  Mary Wilson  m.  1 July 1872  at  Catholic Church,  Christchurch.
ages:  29 / 23;   
witness:  W. Priston, Christchurch:  K.Priston, Christchurch:

William Le FLEMING  &  Mary Wilson  m. 26 May 1858  at  Papanui Church.
ages:  both full:         occ: esquire;
witness:   Thos. Wilson;  Jane Wilson;   Philip Houghton;

John JOYCE  &  Mary Wilson  m. 18 February 1914 at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  34 / 28:        occ: engineer / clerk:         born: Christchurch / Oteramitea, Southland;
parents:  John & Mary Joyce,  nee FAWCETT,  nurseryman & landscape gardener;
                    Joseph &  Ann Elizabeth Wilson,  nee BARRACLOUGH,  carpenter.
witness:  Joseph Wilson,  Kilmore st;    Arthur Johnston,  traveller, Mile rd.
 John Joyce  b. 6 January 1880  to  John & Mary,  nee Fawcett.

Daniel McPHERSON  &  Mary ANDREWS,  formerly WILSON  m. 23 June 1877  at  The Manse.
ages:  30 / 34;       occ: seaman;
witness:  Alfred Francis Smith,  mariner, Lyttelton;   Elizabeth Scarlet,  spinster,  The Manse;

Isaac Samuel NEWTON  &  Mary SNEDDEN,  nee Wilson,   m.  1 May 1919  at  St Mary's, Addington.
ages:  63 / 55:        widower, 9 Jan. 1915 / widow, 7 August 1910;      born:  Deal, Kent, England / Sumner, Chch;  
                occ: telephone faultman / cook:  
parents:  John Henry & Jane Newton,  nee EVANS,  mariner.
                    James & Mary Wilson,  nee WALL,  Army officer.
witness:  Alice Shave,  widow, Chch:    James Allen,  attendant,  Sumner:

Isaac Samuel NEWTON  &  Mary RICKERBY  m. 2 August 1884  at res. Mr James Patten,  Lyttelton.
ages:  both full;        occ: mariner:     born:  Deal, England / Wicklow, Ireland:  
parents:  John &   Jane Newton,  nee EVANS,   fisherman.
                Robert & Ann Rickerby,  nee WHALEN,  farmer.
witness:  Thomas Coupar,  mariner,  Lyttelton:   Anne Rickerby,  Lyttelton:

William Edward NORRISS   &  Mary Wilson  m. 24 May 1889  at Durham st methodist Chapel.
ages:  27 / 21;      born: both NZ;
parents:  Wm Edward  & Sarah Norriss,  nee PAGE,  schoolmaster.
                    Thos & Helen Wilson,  nee McHARG,  a carrier.
witness:  Tom W. Manifold,  Parish st, Christchurch:    Jessie Brown Wilson;

Frederick REECE  &  Mary Wilson  m. 20 Nov. 1895  at  St Luke's, Christchurch;
ages:  55 / 55:       widower, 21 April 1893 / widow, 14 March 1880;       born:  Chester / Whitworth, Durham:
parents:  Frederick & Kate (Reece) 
                James Adamson  & Frances, ( Peverell),  gentleman.
witness:  George Ashbolt,  verger, St Luke's:      Ethel F. Lingard,  Christchurch:

William Frances STEWART  &  Mary Wilson  m. 15 Feb. 1886  at res. of William Stewart,  Lyttelton.
ages:  26 / 17:       occ: mariner:       born: Wanganui / Aberdeen, Scotland;
parents:  William & Margaret Stewart, nee S--JEY? labourer.
                    James  & Mary Wilson,  nee MARLIN?  a slater.
witness:  W. Stewart,  labourer, Lyttelton:    Isabella Stewart,  Lyttelton: 

Joseph WRIGHT  &  Mary Wilson  m. 14 May 1864  at res.  of bridegroom.
ages:    both full:       occ: labourer:       widower / spinster:      
witness:  Samuel Wilson,  labourer, Kaiapoi:    John Beattie,  labourer,  Kaiapoi:                        

Thomas Henry BARTON  &  Mary Ann Wilson  m.  1 July  1899  at Wesleyan Church, East Belt, Chch.
ages:  30 / 23;       occ:  bootmaker;        born:  Lyttelton / Rangiora;  
parents:  Thomas &  Ellen Barton,  nee ADAMSON,  labourer.
                Thomas &  Rachel Wilson,  nee CASTLETON,  farmer.
witness:  Thomas Barton,  painter,  Linwood:       Eliza Beckett,  Linwood:

John BROWNLIE  &  Mary Ann Wilson  m.  21 November 1894  at Wesleyan Church,  East Belt.
ages:  36 / 37:   occ:  farmer;     born:  both Ireland;   
parents:  George & Jane Brownlie,  nee WATERSON,  farmer.
                    John &  Ann Wilson,  nee BROWNLIE,  farmer.
witness:  Mary Bursford,  St Asaph st, Linwood:     Samuel Farquhar,  Styx,  farmer.

William Thomas HAYNES  &  Mary Ann Wilson  m. 21 December 1907 at Methodist Church, Durham st,
ages:  30 / 24:    occ:  cutter of clothes:         born: Christchurch:   
parents:  William Thomas & Charlotte Haynes,  nee COLEMAN,  tram driver.
witness:  William Dunlop,  jeweller, High st:     Emily Fisher, St Albans:

Robert WALLS  &  Mary Ann Wilson  m. 24 Feb. 1876  at The Manse (Pres.)
ages:  28 / 25:        occ: carter:
witness:  Frank Pugh,  groom,  The Manse:    Elizabeth Scarlett,  spinster,  The Manse:

Edward HEER  &  Martha Cross Wilson  m. 23 Sept. 1880 at  The Manse,  (St Andrew's Pres.)
ages:  49 / 24;         widower / spinster:    occ: blacksmith: 
witness:  Frederick Joseph Fuchs,  publican, Wellington Hotel:   Mary Josephine Fuchs,  spinster:

Charles Henry JOHNSTON  &  Mary Evatt Wilson  m.  20 July 1907  at  res. Mr Ferguson, Sydenham.
ages:  36 / 35:         occ:  labourer:      born:  Palmerston North / Balclutha:  
parents:  John & Sarah Johnston,  nee MADAM,  blacksmith;
                    William & Margaret Wilson,  nee MASON,  bootmaker.
witness:  Jeanie Ferguson,  dressmaker, Sydenham:   James Girvan Hay,  coach painter, Sydenham:

William Frederick HUBBARD  &  Mary Logan Wilson  m.  6 February 1880  at  The Manse.
ages:  33 / 38:       widower / spinster:
witness:  Wm Lawson,  shepherd,  The Manse:  Mary Scarlet,  spinster,  The Manse.

Bedford Webb WHITE  &  Mary Jane Wilson  m.  20 July 1882  at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  26 / 21:      occ:  book-keeper, NZ Shipping Co;      born: Bristol / Christchurch:  
parents:  William Webb &  Sarah Ann White,  nee GILLARD,  florist.
                    James Drysdale  & Jane Wilson,  nee SMALLCOMB,  cabinet-maker:
witness:  Charles White,  clerk,  Christchurch:  E.A.Wilson,  &  J.W. Thomas,  James Drysdale Wilson, Sydenham:

Frederick Wynn WILLIAMS  &  Mary Jane Wilson  m. 26 July 1890  at  Duvauchelles Bay Church.
ages:  full / minor:      occ: shepherd:    born: Robinsons Bay, Akaroa / Barnard Castle,  Durham:
parents:  Frederick Walter & Rosina Williams,  nee BREITMEYER,  farmer;
                James & Ann Wilson,  nee METCALF,  blacksmith.
witness:  James Wilson,  blacksmith, Barrys Bay:   Annie Wilson,  Barrys Bay:
Frederick Wynn Williams  b. 9 October 1867  to Frederick Walter  &  Rosina,  Robinsons Bay

Arthur Percy SECCOMBE  &  Mildred Wilson  m.  4 December 1915 at St matthew's, St Albans.
ages:  24 / 22:       occ: railway clerk:       born:  Opunaki / Brunnerton:   usual address: Otorohanga:
parents:  Harold  & Maud Alice Staite Seccombe,  nee NEWNHAM.
                 Edwin George  &  Marion Tonie Wilson,  nee BENNETT.
witness:  L.W.Wilson,  printer, Rangiora:  Mona Staite,  New Plymouth: 

George William COOK  &  Minnie Frances Wilson  m. 14 April 1909  at  res. Mrs Hendry, Woolston.
ages:  32 / 19:     occ: fitter:    born: Christchurch / Kaiapoi:     usual address: Doyleston:
parents:  Richard & Emma Cook,  nee CASTERBROOK?  engineer.
                Isaac Wilson  & Catherine HENDRY,  formerly Wilson,  nee BENNETT
witness:  Maxwell Wilson,  ceiling fixer, Woolston:    Lucy Mary Wilson,  servant, Woolston.

Robert Joseph LANAUZE  &  Mary Russell Wilson  m.  9  February 1881  at St John's Christchurch.
ages:  46 / 22:      occ: civil servant;     born: Dublin, Ireland / Canterbury;
parents:  Henry & Elizabeth Eugene Lanauze,  nee CURTIS,  stock broker.
                    Thomas U  &  Esther  Wilson,  nee RUSSELL
witness:  H. Lanauze,  district clerk, constabulary, Christchurch:    L. de Pelichet,  station manager, Napier;    
                    Josiah Birch,  merchant, Christchurch.

Richard Stanford SMITH  &  Mary Theresa TODD,  nee Wilson  m. 24 October 1918 at St Augustine, Clarkville.
ages:  30 / 21:       bachelor / widow, 18 June 1917:   occ: sailor;        born: Wyndham / Christchurch:       
                     usual address:  Calcutta, India;
parents:  George William  &  Charlotte Alice Smith,  nee STANFORD,  a cook.
                William & Catherine Wilson,  nee BLAY,  farmer.
witness:  Thomas James Carlaw Robson,  hairdresser, Kaiapoi:  Violet Anne Kimpton, Waimate:

Oliver Martin TODD  &  Mary Theresa Wilson  m.  4 May 1916  at St Augustine,  Clarkville.
ages:  29 / 19:       occ:  threshing contractor:        born: Kaiapoi / Christchurch:
parents:  Joseph William  & Margaret Todd,  nee FOREMAN,  farmer.
                William  & Catherine Wilson,  nee BLAY,  farmer.
witness:  Herman Julius Lublow,  carpenter, Nelson:   Eva Mary Todd,  Coutts Island:
Oliver Martin Todd -  b. 9 June 1886  to  Joseph & Margaret,  Eyreton.

David Leonard MITCHELL  &  Monica Wilson  m. 19 Sept. 1928  at St Saviour's,  Sydenham.        
ages:  20 / 19;      occ:  druggists assistant;      born:  both Christchurch:   
parents:  Walter William & Esther Florence Mitchell,  nee DAVIS,  a dyer.
                James & Christina Wilson,  nee CLEGG,  traveller.
witness:  George Tiller Billens,  Bromley;   Nora Pauline Wilson,  Waltham:          

William James CALVERT  &  Muriel Annie Wilson  m. 24 December 1923  at St Andrew's, Christchurch.
ages:  33 / 31:       born: Melbourne, Australia / Lyttelton:
parents:     William Henry  Calvert   & Mary Ann HOOD, formerly Calvert,  nee BROWN.
                    George & Emily Elizabeth Wilson,  nee JENKINS,  blacksmith.
witness:  Hazel Robinson,  saleswoman:       H.W.Calvert, clerk,  Spreydon:

John Richard BULKLEY  &  Murnie Stella Wilson  m. 2 July 1923 at New Brighton Anglican Church.
ages:  27 / 24;       occ:  farmer;       born:  Karori / Melbourne, Victoria;    usual address: Wellington;
parents:  Richard Crofts  &  Janet Bulkley,  nee WILSON,  dentist.
                Charles James  & Annie Wilson,  nee MANIFOLD,  a modeller.
witness:  M.Cameron, Rangiaho, Lower Hutt.  Chas Wilson, modeller, New Brighton;

Thomas Roberts LEITHEAD  &  Myra Lyster Wilson  m. 15 October 1902  at St Bartholomew's, Kaiapoi.
ages:  both full;      occ: factory manager;      born:  Kendal,  Westmoreland, England / Kaiapoi, NZ
parents:  James & Agnes Leithead,  nee SCOTT,  gentleman.
                Joseph Lothian  &  Mary Ann Wilson,  nee MATTHEWS,  journalist.
witness:  Estelle margaret Wilson,  Kaiapoi;        Herbert Lawford Armitage,  salesman,  New Brighton: 
                 Walter Freeman Blackwell,  storekeeper,  Kaiapoi;

David STRACHAN  &  Myrtle Wilson  m. 17 June 1913  at St Mark's  Opawa.
previously married, registers Office, Napier on 7 December 1912
ages:  36 / 25;       occ:  boot salesman / clerk:       born:  Pleasant Point / Lyttelton:    usual address:  Napier.
parents: James  & Barbara Ann  Strachan,  nee McLENNAN,  land agent.
                        Thomas & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee FOWLDS,  clerk.
witness:  Rosetta Wilson,  Lyttelton:   Charles Bowden, salesman, Christchurch:

Hugh HARVEY  &  Myrtle Isobel Wilson  m. 29 April  1925  at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  64 / 21:      widower, 25 August 1923 / spinster:   occ: ret. farmer:   born: Gloucestershire, England / Christchurch;
parents:  Enoch & Sarah Harvey,  nee SMITH,  farmer.
                    John &  Mary Wilson,  nee GOODFELLOW,  a tailor.
witness:  Roy Twyneham,  solicitor, Christchurch:     John Wilson,  tailor,  Christchurch:


William MANN  &  Nancy Saphir Wilson  m.  30 September 1930 at  St Barnabas, Fendalton.
occ:  mercantile clerk:       born:  Lochee, Scotland / Christchurch:      usual address: Masterton:
parents:  John & Davidson,  nee REID,  engineer.
                Robert & Annie Deuchar Wilson,  nee JOHNSON.   draper.
witness:  Robert Wilson,  draper, Christchurch:   K. Gillispie, solicitor, Wellington:


James CONNOR  &  Olena Wilson  m.  30 October 1875  at  Cath. Church, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:   occ: labourer / servant:
witness:  Martin Minogue,  Christchurch:   Ellen Heney, Christchurch:

Frederick William KEEN  &  Olive Ethel Wilson  m.  7 June 1906  at  Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  28 / 23:       occ: grocer / domestic:    born: Waimate / Waimate;
parents:  Frederick & Annie keen,  nee TOFIELD,  farmer.
                Robert & Hannah  Wilson,  nee ALBROW,  farmer.
witness:  Robert Wilson,  farmer, Shirley:   Frank Yaxley Wilson,  compositor, Shirley:   Evelyn Frances Wheatley:


Patrick Arthur FEAR  &  Patricia Rolls Wilson  m.  23 December 1941  at St Barnabas, Fendalton.
occ:  soldier:        born: Rangiora / Christchurch:        usual address: Woodville;
parents:  Arthur Robert Fear  & Margery Ethel Moon?,  formerley Fear,  nee CHAPMAN
                Thomas Samuel  &  Charlotte Fanny Wilson,  nee ROLLS,  printers merchant.
witness:  R.J.Z. Bruce, grain merchant, Ashburton:   T.S.Wilson,  St Andrews Square, 
Patrick Arthur Fear -  b. 3 March 1917  to  Arthur Robert  & Margery Ethel,  farmer,  Woodend.

Robert James KERR   &  Prudence Hannah Wilson  m.  4 June 1903  at  Church of Good Shepherd, Phillipstown.
ages:  27 / 23:      occ: labourer:    born: Abbotsford, Dunedin / Phillipstown, Christchurch:    usual address:  Dunedin:
parents:  Thomas & Janet Kerr,  nee MEIKLE,  labourer.
                 Frederick Arthur  &  Prudence Wilson,  nee BLEWETT,  police constable.
witness:  Julia Matilda Wilson,  Linwwod:  William Gamble,  farmer, Woolston: 

John Thomas STRINGER   &  Prunella Wilson  m.  7 December 1898  at  St Michael's Church,  Sefton.
ages:  33 / 23:    occ:  farmer:       born: Ashley / Saltwater Creek:
parents:  Richard & Annie Stringer,  nee DOBSON,  farmer.
                John & Ellen Wilson,  nee BRAMLEY,  carpenter.
witness:  Annie Marie Stringer,  Ashley:   Gilbert Wilson,  carpenter, Sefton:


John BAILIE  &  Robina Wilson  m. 1 November 1909 at Salvation Army, Blenheim.
ages:  25 / 27:   occ: stoker:       born: Bendigo, Australia / Havelock, Marlborough:
parents:  Thomas Cockiane  & Sarah Ann Bailie,  nee LOVETT,  (deceased)  farmer.
                James & Robina Wilson,  nee RANKIN,
witness:  William James Bailie, farmer, Blenheim:     Elizabeth Rankin Wilson,  school teacher, Koromiko:

Lancelot Vivian ARROW   &  Rona Elizabeth Murray Wilson  m.  6 September 1921  at St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  29 / 24:        occ: accountant;     born: Hokitika / Chriatchurch.
parents:  Walter Herbert  &  Josephine Marie Arrow,  nee HANSARD,  ret. bank offical
                    Harry  & Elizabeth Wilson,  nee LOVE,  stone & wood carver.
witness:  Nella Wilson,  clerk,  Montreal st, Christchurch:    Vere A.Arrow, warehouseman, Packe st, St Albans:

Charles George CURTIS  &  Rosa Wilson   m.  25 April 1902 at St Saviour's, Lyttelton.
ages:  26 / 24:       occ: clerk to coal merchant:      born: Dunedin / Lyttelton:  
parents:  Charles evin  &  J Eliza Curtis,  nee WESTGATE,  coal merchant.
                James Henderson  &  Jane Wilson,  nee CHELL,  engineer.
witness:  Charles Evin Curtis,  coal merchant, Lyttelton:   James Hendreson Wilson,  engineer, Lyttelton:
Charles George Curtis  b. 22 November 1875  to  Charles Evin  &  Eliza,  Lyttelton,  marriner.

William LINTON  &  Rose Evelyn Wilson  m.  10 September 1919 at St mary's, Addington.
ages:  22 / 22:    occ: painter & paperhanger:       born:  Bundeburg, Queensland / Christchurch: 
parents:  Jack & Elizabeth Linton,  nee McKAY,  labourer.
                    Arthur & Sarah Annie Wilson,  nee EVERET,  labourer.
witness:  H.B.Kissell,  hotel employee, Christchurch:   Arthur Wilson, lab. Addington:   Mabel Annie Wilson:

Archibald Henry LEA  &  Rubie Blanche Wilson  m.  29 May 1923  at St Saviour's, Sydenham.
ages:  24 / 27:        occ: traveller;      born: Sydney, NSW:    Sunbury, Victoria:  
parents:  Arch  & Matilda lea,  nee SLATTER,  plasterer.
                Harry Herbert  &  Sarah Ann Wilson,  nee POPE,  estate agent:
witness:  L.Ormond Oxford Hotel, Christchurch:   C.S. Dahlin, engineer,   Durham st, Christchurch:

John Edmund SMITH   &  Ruby Stella Wilson  m.  27 March 1913 at res. of Mr D.Wilson,  Richardson st, Opawa;
ages:  22 / 20:          occ:  postal officer / housekeeper:      born:  Springburn / Christchurch:
parents:  John & Sarah Smith,  nee BARKLE,  railway foreman:
                David & Mary Ann Wilson,  nee PRICE,  railway engine driver.
witness:  Albert Leslie Smith,  railway clerk,  Christchurch:   Sarah Ann Smith,  Richardson st, Opawa.

James PRESTON  &  Ruth Wilson  m.  12 April 1911 at St John's Church.
ages: 31 / 25:       occ: meat inspector / school teacher:    born:  Kumara, Westland / Christchurch:
parents:  James & Christina Preston,  nee HAIR,  a miner.
                Eli & Ellen Wilson,  nee WATSON,  railway employee.
witness:   Charles E. Just,  clerk,  Lyttelton:   Elsie C.Wilson,  dentist, Lyttelton:

Roland Bevan HARDING  &  Ruth Tosh Wilson  m.  26 December 1936  at  Spreydon baptist Church.
ages:  27 / 22:      occ:  clerk:       born:  Barry, Wales /  Rothie-Norman, Scotland:
parents:   John Howard  & Edith Helen Harding,   nee BEVAN,  pumice boilermaker.
                    George Dick  & Bella Wilson,  nee BUCHAN,  electrical engineer.
witness:  C. Threipland,  saleswoman,  Christchurch:      L.C.H.Suckling,  salesman, Christchurch: 


George BEAUMONT  &  Sarah Wilson  m.  17 February 1867  at  The Manse.
ages:  23 / 22:       occ: shoemaker / domestic servant: 
witness:  William Ambrose Ford,  plasterer, Christchurch:     Selina Varcoe, spinster, St Albans:

George BROCK  &  Sarah Wilson  m.  12 February 1902  at St Luke's, Yaldhurst.
ages:  30 / 24:       occ:  labourer:       born: Norfolk, England / Yaldhurst, Canterbury:
parents:  John   &  Sarah Brock,  nee CHINNERY,  labourer.
                Thomas & Martha Wilson,  nee TURNTALL,  labourer.
witness:  Thomas Wilson:   William Wilson:    Martha Wilson:

Robert GREEN  &  Sarah Wilson  m.  2 May 1864  at  St Andrew's  Pres. Church.
ages:  28 / 24:       occ:  Groom / domestic servant: 
witness:  J.A.Bremer,  groom,  Cashel st:   Thomas Goodger,  coachman,  Tuam st:

William SAWYER  &  Sarah KIRR (nee Wilson)    m.  23 May 1877  at res. Rev. Fraser,  Tuam st.
ages:  34 / 35:          bachelor / widow:     occ: labourer:
witness:  R. Pitkins,  farmer,  Templeton:  Elizabeth Pitkin: 

Edward Charles Mayne READ  &  Sarah Wilson  m.  11 February 1865  at Wesleyan Church,  Lyttelton.
ages:  both full:        occ: labourer:      
witness:  James Thompson,  teacher, Lyttelton:  Mary Hayes,  Christchurch:    

James MAXWELL  &  Sarah Ann Wilson  m.  30 April 1885  at Wesleyan Church.  Leeston.
ages:  37 / 25:      widower, 8 June 1884 / spinster:       occ:  blacksmith:   born:  Borrosokane, Ireland / Knockhack, Ireland:
parents:  Edward & Jane Maxwell,  nee CAVANAGH,  blacksmith.
                John & Catherine Wilson,  nee CROFFORD,  farmer.
witness:  Norman Barker,  farmer,  Leeston:     Catherine Wilson,   Leeston:  

William Edgar STREETLEY  &  Sarah Ann JACKSON  m.  16 August 1907 at res. Mrs Jackson,  50 Windmill rd, Sydenham.
ages:  both 35:       occ: labourer:    widower, 2 June 1902 / widow, Oct. 1899:  Dec. 1906:      born: both Christchurch:
parents:  William &  Mary Ann Streetley,  nee SULLENS,  labourer.
                Daniel  & Sarah Wilson,  nee McNALLY,  labourer.
witness:  Richard Golding,  bricklayer, Sydenham:  Sarah Wilson,  Sydenham: 

James William LILLY  &  Sarah Elizabeth Wilson  m. 12 August 1914  at  St Andrew's Pres. Christchurch.
ages:  37 / 30:       occ: engineer:       born:  Gloucestershire, England / Oamaru: 
parents:  John & Fanny Lilly,  nee BOYLE,  blacksmith:    
                Charles Frederick & Sarah jane Wilson,  nee GARRETT,  a painter.
witness:  Frederick Hussey Wilson,  clerk,  Christchurch:  Ellen Wallace,  Christchurch:

Alfred Ernest GOLDING  &  Sarah Jane Wilson  m.  2 February 1898  at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  25 / 26:    occ: labourer / tailoress:       born:  both Christchurch: 
parents: Richard & Eliza  Golding,  nee PORTERMASTER?   bricklayer.
                    Daniel & Sarah Wilson,  nee McNALLY,  labourer.
witness:  Richard Golding,  bricklayer:   Susan Golding,  Christchurch: 

William Henry JACKSON   &  Sarah Jane GOLDING  m. 26 July 1906  at  St Saviour's. Sydenham.
ages:  70 / 34:   widower, 6 June 1905 / widow, 9 October 1900:   occ: ironfounder: housekeeper:  born:  Birmingham, England / Christchurch:
parents:  Edmund & Charlotte Jackson,  nee CAMPBELL,  ironfounder.
                    Daniel & Sarah Wilson,  nee McNALLY,  labourer.
witness:  Sarah Wilson,  Spreydon:   Molly Bott, Sydenham:

William Edgar STREETLEY  &  Sarah Ann JACKSON  m.  16 August 1907  at  res. Mrs Jackson,  50 Windmill rd, Sydenham.
ages:  35 / 35:     widower, June 1902 / widow. October 1899  and  December 1906:      born: both Christchurch:
parents:  William & Mary Ann Streetley,  nee SULLENS,  labourer.
                    Daniel & Sarah Wilson,  nee McNALLY,  labourer.
witness:  Richard Golding,  bricklayer,  Livingstone st, Sydenham:     Sarah Wilson,  Hawkesbury st, Sydenham:

Thomas Alfred JOUGHIN   &  Sarah Jane Wilson  m.  18 September 1902  at  Wesleyan Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  39 / 35:   widower, 5 December 1895 / spinster:   occ: Wesleyan Minister:      born:  Kirkbride, Isle of Man / Kaiapoi:
parents:  Daniel & Mary Joughin,  nee KAIGHIN,  farmer.
                Isaac & Mary Ann Wilson,  nee BAKER,  gentleman.
witness:  Walter Blackwell,  storekeeper, Kaiapoi:  Sarah Burne, Waikuku:   Isaac Wilson, kaiapoi:  Richard Evans, farmer, kaiapoi:

George Arthur Emilius ROSS  &  Sibella Mary Wilson  m.  2 March 1859 at   St Michael's.
ages:  30 / 18:   occ: gentleman:
witness:  Chas. C.Bowen,  Christchurch:   Charles Bowen,  member of Provicianal Council:   Cecilia Anne Wilson:  Letitia A.H.Brown:

Francis Bernard FLINTOFT  &  Silvia Lillian Adelina Wilson  m. 18 Sept. 1928 at St Bartholomew's, Kaiapoi.
ages:  24 / 18:       occ: labourer:    born:  Rotherham / Clarkville: 
parents:  John Robert  &  Emily Flintoft,  nee WITTE,  labourer.
                Arthur Ambrose  & Harriet Elizabeth Wilson,  nee DALZELL,  farm labourer.
witness:  G.L.Minifie,  taxi prop. Kaiapoi:       Harriet L.Wilson,  darner,  Clarkville:
Francis Bernard Flintoft  b. 1 Sept. 1904  to  John Robert Lang  & Emily, Rotherham

James Russell EVANS   &  Snow Wilson  m.  18 February 1909  at res. Mr E.C. Fountain,  Holly rd, St Albans.
ages: 58 / 39:   occ: landbroker:       born: Malacca / Yaldhurst:  
parents:  Edwin & Sophia Evans,  nee RANDELL,   H.B.M. Consular Chaplain, Amoy, Island of Hiamun, province of Fuhlcion, China
                Alfred & Augustus Wilson,  nee CLARK,  farmer.
witness:  Alice Maud Hibbert, Linwood:   Ernest Clinton Fountain,  dentist, St Albans:  

James Henry CAIN  &  Susan Wilson  m. 16  February 1880 at The Manse.
ages: 31 / 30:  
witness:  William Ditfort, labourer, Waltham:    Mary Ann Ditfort, Waltham: 

Alfred John PICKERING  &  Susan Wilson  m.  6 March 1900  at St Mary's Church,  Addington.
ages:  28 / 28:       occ: ironmonger:    born: both Christchurch:
parents:  George William  & Susan Jane  Pickering,  nee KEMP,  farmer.
                Samuel & Mary Jane Wilson,  nee WHITTA,  machinist.
witness:  Alexander Anderson, ironmonger, Christchurch:      Samuel Frederick Wilson,  Addington:  Fanny Wilson:

Thomas Cloke THOMAS  &   Susan Emma Fredericka Wilson   m.  8 May 1907  at Public Hall, Motukarrara.
ages:  26 / 23:      occ:  labourer:        born: Teddington / Pigeon Bay:
parents:  Thomas Weary  & Ellen Cloke Thomas,  nee SPRY,  carrier.
                    August & Mary Wilson,  nee FIRMSTON,  farmer.
witness:  Arthur Leonard Wilson,  labourer:   Sarah Jane Thomas,  domestic duties: 

Charles NELSON  &  Susannah Katherine Lidgett Wilson  m.  21 January 1858 at house of Rev. Fraser.
ages:  29 / 19:    widower / spinster:     occ: labourer / domestic servant:
witness:  Solomon Stephens:    Maria Munn:


John McLAREN  &  Tabitha Wilson  m.   15 January 1852  at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full age:    widower / spinster:   occ: blacksmith:  
parents:  James McLaren,  cordwainer:
                    Charles Wilson,  farmer.
witness:  John B. Thomson:  Ann Lewis:


Kelvin Maurice RICHDALE  &  Unis Alberta Wilson  m.  19 January 1957  at  Baptist Church,  Kaiapoi.
occ: motor mechanic:   born: Marton / Kaiapoi: 
parents:  Clarence Kitchener,  nurseryman,  &  Ethel Evelyn  Richdale, nee WATSON.
                Henry George Tull,  woollen mill works  & Annie Margaret Wilson,  nee EDER


William WALKER  &  Violet Sheriff Adams Wilson  m.  21 April 1911  at  res. Mr J.H. Walker,  26 Antigua st.
ages:  25 / 21:       occ: engineer:       born:  Dunedin / Waimate:   
parents:  John Henry & Maria jane Walker,  nee WAINWRIGHT,  engineer.
                Robert Gavin  & Emma Jane Wilson,  nee PETIT,  engineer.
witness:  petit Wilson.  telegraphist, Waimate:   Susan Elizabeth Walker,  226 Antigua St:

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