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Claude Vincent Pyke  &  Edith Alice GIDDENS  m. 22 December 1910  at house of Mr Giddens, Little River, Banks Peninsula
ages:  22/18.      occ: labourer,      b.Cobden/ Duvauchelles,
parents:  Joseph & Sarah Ann Pyke  nee DAVIES  labourer
           William & Louise  Giddens  nee   EVERITT   labourer
witness:  William Giddens  Little River,   John Giddens,  Little River

Edward William  Pyke  &  Florence Mary Elizabeth CRESSWELL  m.  18 October 1906,
                at house of Mr Cresswell, Chester street,  Christchurch, 
occ: cabinet maker,      both born New Zealand,
parents:  William & Annie  Pyke  nee GIBSON,   cabinet maker
               George & Charlotte Susan  Cresswell  nee BARRATT   butcher.
witness:  G.N.Cresswell,  tailor,       G.Cresswell,   butcher,       E.M.Cresswell,

Claude William Vincent Pyke -  b. 5 September 1911  to Claude & Edith,  Little River
Francis Leslie Vincent  Pyke - b. 24 January 1881  to  Vincent Adolphos  & Anna Jane Elizabeth  of Rakaia,
Frank Osborne  Pyke   -    b.  9 January  1894,  to  Joseph & Sarah,  res. Maori Pa,
John Haberfield Pyke,   -   b. 3 February  1893  to Joseph & Sarah,  Little River
Lancelot Arthur Pyke   -   b. 25 July  1886  to Vincent & Anna Jane,  Bank of NZ agent,  Rakaia,
Louisa Gladys  Pyke  -    b.  2 September 1912  to Claude Vincent  & Edith Alice,  Little River
Vincent Cecil Chesborough Pyke  -b.  3 April  1879  to Vincent Adolphos  & Anna Jane Elizabeth  of Rakaia,

William  Pyke    - bur. 12 April 1918  of New Brighton   age 66
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