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Marriages  -  males  -
Albert Edward PYE    &   Ethel Frances May McClelland    m.  12 December 1912  at East Belt Methodist Church, Christchurch
ages:  28 / 25,       occ:  farmer / dressmaker,         born: Geraldine / Sydenham,         usual address: Fairlie,
parents:  Charles & Eleanor Pye,    nee DALE      farmer.
                Hugh Warnock & Rachel McClelland,   nee SNEDDEN     farmer.
witness:  Rachel Ellis,  Spreydon,          Tom Ellis,  Spreydon,  occ: warehouseman.

Charles Pye   &   Theresa THORPE   m. 11 November 1896 at res. Mrs Thorpe, Salisbury st. Christchurch.
ages:  both full;     occ:  labourer;    born: England / Christchurch;        usual address:  Hanmer Plains;
parents:   John  & Mary Ann Pye,  nee WILCOX,  gardener.
                    Richard & Ann Thorpe,  nee RYAN,   occ: carter.
witness:  Fanny Thorpe,  181 Salisbury st;    Marianne Payne,   179 Salisbury st.

Daniel Pye  &  Emma TULLY   m. 4 January 1861  at  res. Mr Tully,  Christchurch.
ages:  24 / 29;     occ: carpenter;
witness:   John Tully,  warehouseman;    Henry Crooks,  warehouseman.

John  PYE   &  Amy McClelland   m.  14 September 1911  at  Methodist Church,  St Albans.
ages: 28 / 22;      occ:  Commercial traveller;    born. Geraldine / Kirwee.
parents:  Charles &  Eleanor Pye,  nee VALE,  farmer.
                    Hugh Warnock  & Rachel McClelland,  nee SNEDDEN   farmer.
witness:   Chas. J. Forbes,  draper,  Linwood;     Ethel Frances May McClelland,  St Albans;

John Thomas Pye   &  Mary Anne CURLETT   m.  20 December 1852  at St Michael's, Christchurch.
witness:  Charles Bourn;   Joanna Wornall;   bride's family also known as Corlett.

John Shannon Pye  &  Ethel May SCRIMSHAW   m. 5 June 1905 at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  21 / 23;    occ:  draper;      born: Geraldine / Christchurch;
parents:  James Willcocks & Elizabeth Jane Pye,  nee SHANNON,  draper.
                    Henry & Eliza Scrimshaw,  nee  HALL,  undertaker.
witness:   Henry Scrimshaw;     Edith Scrimshaw,   Christchurch;

Marriages  -  females -
John Aiker FIELD  &  Augustus Emily Pye  m.  1 April 1875  at  St John's,  Christchurch.
ages:  22 / 22;   occ: dairy farmer;  
witness:  Thomas Pye,  gas fitter;   Sarah Pye,  servant;

Melville George WILLIS   &  Dulcie May Pye  m. 2 November 1937 at All Saint's, Sumner,
ages:  32 / 26;     occ: farm manager:     born: Dunedin / Geraldine;  usual address: Prices valley;
parents:  George Armstrong  & Alice Willis,  nee MOON,  farmer.
                    John Shannon  & Ethel May Willis,  nee  SCRIMSHAW, 
witness:  W.J.B.Pye,  Sumner;

Rowland Gordon JOHNSTON  &   Elenor Pye  m.  15 June 1916 at St Andrew's, Christchurch.
ages: 30 / 30;    occ: station manager;  born:  Springston / Geraldine;   usual address:  Mt Somers;
parents:  Thomas Scott  &  Margaret Johnston,  nee LAMBIE,  ret. farmer.
                  Charles & Eleanor Pye,  nee DALE,  ret. farmer.
witness:  Thomas Scott Johnston,  sheep farmer,  Manuka Point;         T.S.Johnstone,  ret. farmer,  Riccarton.

Albert LOE    &  Ellen Ann Pye   m.  26 April 1876 at St John's, Leeston.
ages:  both full age;   occ: clerk;
witness:  J.T.Loe;  A.D.Loe;   R.A.Frankish;

Albert LOE , widower, 30 August 1910  remarried   Lucy COWLEY  m.  23 February 1918   widower. 

Prince BALE   &  Emma Pye   m. 5 March 1919 at St Matthew's, St Albans.
ages:  42 / 35;     widower, 7 July 1913 / spinster;    born:  Leicester, England / Geraldine;   occ: Insurance agent / cook;
parents:  William & Ann Bale,  nee SNUTCH,  labourer.
                    George & Elizabeth Pye,  nee DAVEY,  farmer.
witness;  Jack Arundel Pearce,  electrician,  Christchurch / Frances Amelia Askew,  waitress, Christchurch:

Emma BALE  -  bur. 7 September 1925    at Bromley  age 39 

Joseph ZEIN   &  Emma Pye   m.  19 June 1872 at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full afe:    occ: farmer;   
witness:    W.K. ----   saddler, Christchurch;      John Tully   warehouseman,  Christchurch;

Emma ZEIN  -  bur. 29 January  1902,    age 76,     res  Durham  street,  Christchurch.

George Henry SMITH   &  Mary Jane Pye  m.  3 August 1888 at St Mary's, Addington.
ages:  21 / 21;   occ: farm labourer;    born: Shipton, Oxfordshire, England / Stokington, Devonshire;
parents:  Stephen & Ann Smith,  nee RAWLINGS,  labourer.
                    George & Elizabeth Pye,  nee DAVID,  farm labourer.
witness:  Caroline Priestly East,   Parsonage, Addington;     Alice Louise Mazey,  Christchurch.

Burials  -
Mary Ann Catherine  -  bur.  27 December 1858,  age 40,  married,   Barbadoes st Cemetery.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
24 November 2012.

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