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                    Marriages  -  grooms
Alexander McLean  &  Marion Nellie Amelia BEAUMONT  m.  3 May 1911  at res.Mr Beaumont,  158 Montreal st, Christchurch.
ages:  20 / 20:        occ: tailor's cutter:            born: Casterton, Victoria / Christchurch:  
parents:  Charles & Mary McLean,  nee DUNBAR,  acarter.
                Albert William &  Ellen Beaumont,  nee MALLIN,  confectioner.
witness:  Ernest Beaumont,  confectioner,  Montreal st:     Susan Gordon,  Addington:

Alexander McLean  &  Christina McCALLUM  m. 24 June 1874  at Kaiapoi, Pres. Church.
ages:  both full:            occ: shepherd:   
witness:  Malcolm McFarlane:    Agnes MacFarlane:

Alexander MacLean  &  Mabel Isabel ROSE  m.  30 April 1912  at  St Mary's, Merivale.
ages:  38 / 20:         occ:  manufacturers agent:          born:  both Dunedin: 
parents:  John &  Emily Birchfield MacLean,  nee MORTON,  auctioneer.
                    Henry & Grace Edith Rose,  nee MARTIN,  merchant.
witness:  J.N.Aitken,  insurance manager,  Riccarton:     Wm Norton MacLean,  merchant,  Invercargill:

Alexander John Graham McLean  &  Edith Marietta Maud CARTER  m.  23 March 1932 at St John's, Pres. Lyttelton
occ: railway porter / tailoress:       born:  Naseby / Lyttelton:  
parents:  John & Katherine McLean,  nee WEIR,  stock agent.
                    Bennett & Annie Carter,  nee GIBBS,  bootmaker.
witness:  William Frederick Schroeder,  Lyttelton:    Phyllis Annie Carter,  Lyttelton:

Andrew Fraser McLean  &  Christina  McINTOSH  m.  7 Sept. 1868  at St Andrew's,  Christchurch.
ages:  both full:         occ: shepherd:
witness:  John McLennan,  shepherd, Christchurch:   Marion Henderson, Christchurch.

David McLean  &  Isabella LEGGAT  m. 3 Jan. 1884  at Rev. T.R. Cairn's house.
ages: 33 / 25:        occ: labourer:        born:  both Tyrone, Ireland:   
parents:  Alexander & Jane McLean,  nee CAHOON,    labourer.
                Alexander & Maggie Ann Leggat,  nee SCOTT,  farmer.
witness:  D.Watson,  labourer,  Rakaia:  Jane McLean,  Lincoln:

Donald McLean   &  Elsie Jean PARKINSON  m.  20 August 1914  at  St Michael's,  Sefton.
ages:  23 / 25:     occ: farm labourer:      born:  Leithfield / Little River:  
parents:  Donald (deceased)  &  Ellen McLean,  nee WILSON,  farmer.
                    Arthur John  &  Janet Parkinson,  nee MANSON,  farmer.
witness:  Arthur John Parkinson,  farmer     George Alexander McLean, Leithfield:
Donald Lachlan McLean  &  Elizabeth HUNTER  m.  19 Oct. 1904  at res. Mr Arthur Hunter, Church Bay.
ages:  23 / 26:        occ: labourer:         born:  Amberley / Church Bay:
parents:  John & Jean McLean,  nee CALLAN,  labourer.
                Arthur & Eliza Hunter,  nee THOMPSON,  farmer.
witness:  Margaret Helen Hunter,  Church Bay:  Herbert Weir,  coachman, Merivale:

Donald William McLean  &  Eileen Sadie Fosbery NANCARROW  m. 26 April 1905  at  St Michael's
ages:  36 / 26:       occ: sheepfarmer:        b. Ashburton / Greymouth:        usual address: Methven:
parents:  John & Janet Ann  McLean,  nee MUDIE,  sheepfarmer.
                Richard & Phillipa Anna Nancarrow,  nee FOSBERY.
witness:  B.M.Moorhouse,  Christchurch:    Hamish McTrew, Methven: 

George MacLean  &  Elizabeth Delby WHELCH  m.  7 February 1883  at St Michael;s, Christchurch
ages:  32 / 24:        occ:  Hotelkeeper:           born:  Ross-shire, Scotland / Akaroa, Canterbury:
parents:  Hugh &  Mary MacLean,  nee PATERSON,  a carter.
                    Edwin Thomas  &  Catherine Whelch,  nee EDGWORTH,  farmer.
witness:  Donald McKay,  Amberley:   Catherine Whelch,  Christchurch:

George Alexander McLean  &  Minnie JOHNSTON  m.  24 Sept. 1885  at St Paul's.
ages: 24 / 21:        occ: farmer:  b. New Zealand / Scotland:        usual address:  Leithfield:
parents:   George & Isabella McLean,  nee SOUTER,  farmer.
                Joseph & Annie Johnston,  nee SAUNDERS,  police inspector.
witness:  D.McLean,  farmer, Leithfield:    Janet Vallance,  Sefton: 

George Hugh McLean  &  Isabel Marion SINCLAIR  m. 7 April 1915  at  St Andrew's Church.
ages:  28 / 29:         occ: clerk / typiste:           born:  Greenpark / Addington:
parents:  George & Elizabeth Dalki McLean,  nee WHELCH,  farmer.
                William  &  Agnes Sinclair,  nee McFARLANE,  wheelwright.
witness:  Agnes Evaline Sinclair, Church sq. Addington:      H.B. McWhirter, clerk, Opawa:

Hugh McLean  &   Agnes TANKARD m.  24 March 1876  at St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:        occ: storeman:  
witness:  Martha Tankard:  Henry Tankard,  wheelwright, Christchurch:  Charlotte Mansell:
                         Lucy Mundle:   George McLean,  storeman,  Saltwater Creek:

Hugh McLean  &  Helen Eliza TODD  m. 3 August 1889 at res. Andrew Todd.
ages: both full:        occ: mariner:        b. Tarbert, Argyleshire, Scotland / Dublin, Ireland:
parents:  Hugh  & Catherine McLean,  nee McLURE,  estate agent.
                Andrew &  Eliza Todd,  nee MORTON,  Gentleman.
witness:  Andrew Todd,  bank clerk:    Margaret Hall: 

Hugh Henry McLean  &  Nellie Elizabeth RHODES  m.  19 June 1912  at St Lukes, Christchurch.
ages: 32 / 28:         occ: farmer:          born:  Christchurch / Leithfield:    
parents:  Hugh & Agnes McLean,  nee TANKARD,  hotelkeeper & farmer.
                    William Henry  &  Josephine Rhodes,  nee ENRIGHT,  general storekeeper.
witness:  Frank Travis Rhodes,  agent,  Blenheim:     Sybil M.Rhodes,  Amberley.

James McLean  &  Martha Ann PARTRIDGE  m.  27 Dec. 1921 at St Peters, Ferry rd.
ages:  43 / 37:        occ:  blacksmith:            born:  Glasgow, Scotland / Christchurch:
parents:  James McLean  & Mary BOAN,  formerly McLean,  nee WITHERS,  a baker.
                    James Townsend  & Emily Maria Partridge,   nee VOGEL,  labourer.
witness:  E.V.Partridge,  Aldwins rd:    R.Allison,  Fitzgerald Ave:

James (known as Hamish)  McLean  &  Phyllis Edith WOODHOUSE  m.  18 July 1906 at St mary's, Merivale.
ages:  40 / 18:        occ: sheep farmer:         born:  Buccleuch Station, Canterbury / Bath, Wiltshire, England:
parents:  John  &  Jessie McLean,  nee MUDIE,  sheep farmer.
                Edward Gardiner  &   Edith Cracroft Woodhouse,  nee WILSON,   gentleman
witness:  Donald W. McLean, sheepfarmer, Methven:   E.C.Woodhouse. Merivale.

James Mann McLean  &   Matilda  HAMILTON   m. 14 April 1892 at
ages: 28 / 21:          occ: journalist:         born:  Cupar Angus, Perthshire / Tyrone, Ireland:   
parents:  James Mann  & Janet McLean,  nee McLEAN
                Alex & Elizabeth Hamilton, nee IRVINE,   farmer, 
witness:  John McLean,  King st, Sydenham:    Annie Hamilton,  Stanley st, Sydenham:

James Russell McLean  &   Ella  BROWN    m. 14 December 1912  at St Mary's, West Oxford.
ages: 32 / 29:         occ: farmer:         born: Wanganui /  View Hill, Oxford:       usual address: Wanganui:   
parents:  Finlay  &  Julia McLean,  nee WILLIAMSON,  farmer.
                John &  Sarah Brown,  nee PAGET,  builder.
witness:  C.Wells,  farmer, View Hill:       M. S. Mouncey, View Hill:

John McLean  &  Jane CULLEN  m. 31 July 1864  at White's Cottage,
ages:  33 / 22:        occ: labourer:
witness:  John McLean Field, contractor,  Salisbury st, Christchurch:     Mrs John McLean, Salisbury st:

John McLean  &  Mary Anne  HARRISON  m. 2 Sept. 1879  at  St Paul's, Christchurch.
ages:  37 / 25:          occ: farmer: 
witness:  Henry J.Harrison,  Rakaia:   Ellen Stillwell,  Christchurch:

John McLean  &  Julia Ellen HUNT  m.  15 Oct. 1890 at res. MrH. Heaven, Amberley.
ages: 22 / 23:        occ: storeman:         born:  Amberley / Stroud, Gloucestershire: 
parents:  John  & Jane  McLean,  nee CALLAN,  labourer.
                Albert Hunt & Julia Ann HEAVEN,  formerly Hunt,  nee MARMENT,  bricklayer,
witness: John Williams,  Amberley,  telegraphist.  Mary McLean,  Amberley:

John McLean  &  Lilian Nevill Clemison  PLATTS  m. 10 June 1910  at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  34 / 25:        occ: clerk:        born:  Waikakah, Canterbury / Port Chalmers:     usual address:  Wellington:
parents:  Alexander & Christina McLean,  nee PATERSON,  station manager.
                    Frederick Charles  &  Sarah Huff Platts,  nee COX
witness:  Sarah Huff Platts, Christchurch:   F.W.Platts,  solicitor, Port Chalmers:  Hubert B.Jones, clerk in Holy Orders, Christchurch:

John Cunningham McLean  &  Janet Montgomery  BARR m.   27 Dec. 1897 at res. Mr James Barr, King st, Sydenham.
ages: 30 / 29:       occ: labourer:           born:  Perthshire, Scotland / Rothesay, Scotland:   
parents:  Alexander Cunningham & Jessie McLean,  nee McLEAN,  blacksmith.
                    James  & Agnes Barr,  nee CRAWFORD,  farmer.
witness:  L.H. Meikleham, Sydenham:   A. Currie, dressmaker, Sydenham:

John Murdoch McLean  &  Agnes Amelia Gentle MAULE  m.  8 April 1914 at St. Andrews Manse.
ages:  23 / 20:       occ: clerk:          born:  Dorie, Rakaia / Christchurch:  
parents:  John &  Mary Ann McLean,  nee HARRISON,  farmer.
                George Cuthbert Maule   &  Agnes CHOLERTON,  formerly Maule,  nee GEMMELL.
witness:  Thomas Hugh Leslie Corbett, watchmaker:  Evelyn Jones Skinner, , saleswoman, Merivale:

Joseph McLean  &   Annie Frances TROELLER  m. 20 May 1902 at   res. Mr Joseph McLean, sen.  Lyttelton.
ages:  30 / 24:        occ: engineer:           born:  Lyttelton / Ohio, USA: 
parents:  Joseph & Mary McLean,  nee  WALKER,  mariner.
                Conrad  & Frances Troeller,  nee KULEMAN,  a miller.
witness:  J.M.Smith,  engineer, Lyttelton:   Isa McLean,  Lyttelton.

Joseph  McLean  &  Mary Ann  WALKER   m.  9 March 1868  at res.  Capt. Joseph McLean, Lyttelton.
ages:  27 / 23:    occ:  master mariner:
witness:  Mary Anne Allan,      R.Whitelaw, cabinet maker. Christchurch:

Kowai  Johnston McLean  &  Janet Florence Ella  NICHOLLS  m.  15 June 1927 at Holy Innocents, Amberley.
ages:  24 / 21:      occ: farmer:          born:  Leithfield / Waikari:
parents:  George Alexander &Mary McLean,  nee JOHNSTON,  farmer.
                    William Aubrey  & Martha Louisa Nicholls,  nee WARWICK.
witness:  Hilda Louisa Nicholls,  Balmoral:    W.A.Nicholls, farmer, Balmoral:  Rata McLean, Amberley:    J.J.Pawsey, farmer, Hawarden:

Malcolm McLean  &  Isabella CRUMMY  m. 21 Dec. 1898  at res. Mr Crummy,  South Belt, Chch.
ages:  28 / 31:          occ: labourer:            born:  Ross-shire, Scotland / Christchurch: 
parents: John & Annie McLean,  nee FRASER,  farmer.
                Cornelius  & Agnes Crummy,  nee McGEORGE,  gardener.
witness:  James Crummy,  clerk, Christchurch:        Ellen Ethel Crummy, Christchurch:

Murdoch McLean  &  Ellen KEADY  m.  30 May 1872  at  Catholic Church, Christchurch.
ages:  29 / 26:     occ: labourer / servant: 
witness:  Matthew Tully, Christchurch:   Catherine Glynn:

Norman Francis McLean  &  Elizabeth Esther TINELLY  m.  25 April 1917  at Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch.
ages:  29 / 26:       occ: salesman:           born:  Castlemaine, Victoria / Christchurch:   
parents:  Reginald Horace & Mary Jane McLean,  nee LOVELAND,  an editor.
                    Charles  &  Elizabeth Tinelly,  nee ARDILL,  labourer.
witness:  Francis C.J. Tinelly, Waltham rd, tailor's cutter,  Christchurch:    Frances Tinelly,  scholar, Waltham:

William McLean  &  Mary Elizabeth CRUMPTON  m.  20 April 1877  at  res. Mr T.Crumpton,  Reefton.
ages:  31 / 20:         occ: auctioneer:
witness:  Jas. Kirton,  banker,  Reefton.

William McLean  &  Elizabeth McKERRACHER  m.  22 March 1877  at res. Mr McLean.
ages:  26 / 26:         occ: machinist:
witness:   Margaret Freguson,  Colombo rd:       Kenny McLean,  Montreal st.

William Houston McLean  &  Violet Rosamond LOCKE  m. 4 August 1915  at  St David's, Sydenham.
ages:  35 / 31:        occ: farmer / music teacher:         born:  Ashburton County / Christchurch:      usual address: Methven:
parents:  James & Eliza McLean,  nee DOAK,  farmer.
                Edwin Adolphus  & Ellen  Doak, nee PASHBY,  retired farmer.
witness:  John Wilson,  farmer, Methven:     Archibald McNeil,  Brackendale,  cook

William Kentish McLean  &  Anna WARE  m.  29 March 1864  at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  full / minor:  
witness:  Annie Matilda Baggott,  Christchurch:      Frederick W. Thiel, Christchurch:   Bethal Ware, Christchurch:

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                            Marriages  -  brides
David RITCHIE  &  Agnes McLean  m. 3 Jan. 1879  at res. of Mr Elmslie,  Latimer Square.
ages:  28 / 26:          occ: waggoner:
witness: Duncan McMillan,  Ashburton:     Isabella Smith,  Ashburton: 

Thomas HASKETT  &  Anne McLean  m.  20 May 1863  at  St Peter's,  Riccarton.
ages:  both full:        occ: labourer:
witness:  John Morgan,  gardener, Christchurch:   James ward, farmer, Upper Heathcote:

Henry Augustus  DYKES  &  Annie McLean  m. 23 March 1870  at St John the Baptist, Christchurch
ages: both full:       occ: bootmaker:
witness:  John Wheeler,  butcher, Rangiora:   Elizabeth Boneham, Christchurch:

Thomas GROUNDWATER  &  Catherine McLean  m.  17 Oct. 1873  at  res. Mr Russell,  Colombo st.
ages:  32 / 27:     occ: farm labourer:      reg. 13 Oct. 1873
witness:  Hugh McLean:   George MacLean:

William LOCHORE  &  Christina McLean  m.  17 July 1899 at res. Mrs Isabella Lochore, Reefton.
ages:  26 / 24:          occ: manager:              born:   Stafford / Catlins River:
parents:  Robert & Isabella  Lochore,  nee WRIGHT,  a miner.
                    Francis & Lavina McLean,  nee GREENSLADE, a miner.
witness:  William McLean,  Reefton,  miner:   Agnes B.Cochrane, dressmaker, Reefton:

Charles Russell HARRIS  &  Daisy Ellen McLean  m. 26 July 1922  at St Pauls, Leithfield.
ages:  both 23:         occ: ploughman:            born: Styx / Leithfield:
parents:  Samuel  & Mary Bertha Anne Harris,  nee KARS,  farmer.
                Donald & Ellen McLean,  nee WILSON,  farmer.
witness:  Donald McLean,  farmer, Leithfield:  Leslie Frederick Harris,  farmer, Ashley:

Arnold Friedman PIERCE  &  Ellen McLean  m. 18 April 1922  at St Stephen's,  Lincoln.
ages:  27 / 32:    occ: railway porter:        born:  Orari / Lincoln: 
parents:  Alfred & Catherine Pierce,  nee MOORE,  farmer.
                Robert & Jane McLean,  nee DOHERTY,  ret. railway employee.

Alan Malcolm MacFARLANE  &  Elsie Catherine McLean  m.  21 Jan. 1913  at  res. Mrs Malcolm MacFarlane, Rangiora.
ages:  28 / 22:        occ: sheepfarmer:            born:  Coldstream, Rangiora / Lyttelton:
parents:  Malcolm & Anna Mary MacFarle,  nee CHISNALL,  sheepfarmer.
                Hugh & Helen Eliza McLean,  nee TODD,  sheepfarmer.
witness: John Kemmeth Mac Farlane,  Coldstream, Rangiora:    Katharine Agnes MacFarlane,  Coldstream, Rangiora:

John SAXTON  &  Ethel McLean  m.  19 December 1914  at res. Mr H.Clarke,  Addington.
ages:  40 / 27:        occ: labourer:          born:  Co. Cork, Ireland / Invercargill:  
parents:  Patrick & Mary Saxton,  nee BROWN,  farmer.
                James &  Mary McLean,  nee WOOTTON,  a tanner.
witness:  Margaret Jane Doig,  Braddonst:   Martha Clark,  Fairfield Ave: 

Gordon GEMMELL  &  Grace McLean  m.  27 July 1918  at  res. Rev. J.Petersen.
ages:  30 / 28:         occ: carpenter-joiner / dressmaker:     born:  Heathcote Valley / Sydenham:
parents:  William Weir & Jessie Gemmell,  nee LESLIE,  a cooper.
                    William Fawcett & Elizabeth McLean,  nee McKERRACHER,  a fitter.
witness:  John Francis Foley,  farmer, St Albans:   Ivy Lock,  dressmaker, cashmere:

John Reeves THOMSON  &  Helen Anne McLean  m.  11 June 1924  at St Andrew's, Christchurch.
ages:  27 / 21:        occ: farmer:       b. Invercargill / Greenpark   :        usual address:  Cromwell:
parents:  James Stephens  &  Gertrude Mary Thomson,  nee REEVES,  farmer.
                Hugh & Helen Eliza McLean,  nee TODD,  master mariner.
witness:  Helen G.Rich, Cashmere Hills:        Roland Stephens Thomson  Queensbury Hills, Otago.  sheep farmer:

James WILKIN  &  Helen Bell McLean  m.  26 Sept. 1882  at  St Andrew's,  Christchurch.
ages:  29 / 22:       occ: merchant:            born: Queensland:
parents:  Robert & Agnes Johnstone Wilkin,  nee BARKER,  landowner.
                John  &  Jessie McLean,  nee MUDIE,  sheepfarmer.
witness:  Alfred Ewen Cox, sheepfarmer, Temuka:  jane Emily Peter,  spinster, Anama:

William McCulla HEATH  &  Isabelle McLean  m. 10 Dec. 1908  at  St Saviour's, Lyttelton.
ages:  31 / 30:          occ: sawmiller:        b. Ngatimot, Nelson / Lyttelton:    usual address:  Nelson:
parents:  James & Sarah Heath,  nee SUTCLIFFE,  farmer.
                Joseph & Mary Ann McLean,  nee WALKER,  master mariner.
witness:  Richard Broadbelt, jewellery salesman, Christchurch:  Annie McLean,  Lyttelton:

John RAVEN  &  Jane McLean  m. 11 Sept. 1901  at St Stephen's, Lincoln.
ages:  35 / 28:        occ: saddler:       b. Yorkshire, England / Co. Tyrone:
parents:  Joseph & Hannah Raven,  nee ANDERSON,  carpenter.
                Robert & Jane McLean,  nee DOHERTY,  platelayer.
witness: Albert Preston Raven,  draper, Christchurch:       Elizabeth Margaret Geddes,  typist, Wellington: 

Frank TOBIN  &  Janet McLean  m.  26 May 1887  at  res. of Rev. J. McIntosh, Tuam st.
ages:  22 / 20:        occ: farmer:       b. both Amberley:  
parents:  Edward & Ann Tobin,  nee McGUIRK,  farmer.
                John & Jane McLean,  nee CALLAN,  storeman.
witness:  isabella B. Scott,  Sydenham:   William Scott, Sydenham:  John McLean,  Amberley:

William Harold HOOD  &  Jessie Margaret McLean  m.  23 August 1922 at Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  29 / 30:    occ: farmer:   b. Rakaia / Leithfield:
parents:  George & Sarah Hood,  nee ROBINSON,  farmer.
                George Alexander  & Minnie McLean,  nee JOHNSTONE,  farmer.
witness:  H.H.Hood,  farmer, Doyleston:      M.A. McLean, home duties, Amberley:

John WADDELL  & Katherine Mary McLean  m.  23 Dec. 1907 at  Pres. Church,  Sydenham.
ages:  27 / 24:       occ: steel founder / professional pianist:       b. Havelock / Christchurch:
parents:  Thomas & Rachel Madeline Barclay,  Waddell  nee MARSHALL,  steel founder.
                William Fawcett  &  Elizabeth McLean,  nee McKERRACHER  Iron turner.
witness:  Grace McLean, dressmaker, 105 King st, Sydenham:    Tho. Wilson,  contractor, Sydenham.

Ezekiel MAWHINNEY  &  Margaret McLean  m.  30 December 1887 at Pres. Church, Papanui.
ages:  both full:        occ: farmer / servant:        b. both Ireland:       usual address:  Naseby:
parents:  Ezekiel & Mary Ann Mawhinney,  nee MAWHINNEY,  farmer.
                Robert & Sarah McLean,  nee GARVIN,  farmer.
witness:  Wilson Mawhinney,  Eweburn:   Mary Garvin,  Christchurch:

John HUGHS   &  Mary McLean  m.  19 July 1858 
res:  both Invercargill:          witness:  Thos. McLean:  Mary -----

James Alfred HUNTER  &  Mary McLean  m. 24 June 1897  at  St  Michael's, Christchurch
ages:  30 / 26:   occ: farmer:    born:  Akaroa / Lyttelton:    
parents:  John Hunter & Mary Ann Hunter,  nee WAGHORN,  farmer.
                    Joseph & Mary Ann McLean,  nee WALKER,  master mariner.
witness:  George M.Dandford,  Sydenham:   Jesse Coombs,  Tuam st.
Alfred Hunter - b. 18 Jan.  1867 to John & Mary Ann, Duvauchelles Bay.

Arthur Philipson TAYLOR  &  Mary Agnes McLean  m.  31 Oct. 1898  at Craddocks Corner, Shirley.
ages:  31 / 28:        occ: carpenter:        b. Manchester, England / Invercargill:      usual address:  Invercargill:
parents:   John Cornthwaite  & Deborah Taylor,  nee PHILIPSON,  clerk.
John & Caroline Annie McLean, nee ROBINSON,  sawmiller.
witness:  Brodie McCallum,  Shirley:   Annie Thom,  Christchurch:

Alfred Bertie CLEMENCE  &  Mary Edith McLean  m. 10 June 1925 at St Andrew's, Christchurch
ages: 42 / 43:         occ: cooper:        b. Christchurch / Invercargill: 
parents:  William Henry  &  Helen Clemmence,  nee BOOR,  a waiter.
                    Henry & Margaret McLean,  nee KENNEDY,  Town Clerk.
witness:  M.M.Webster, St Andrew's, Manse:   E.M.Poore, Linwood:

Albert Herbert MORRIS  &  Martha Eleanor McLean  m. 11 August 1920 at St Andrew's, Christchurch.
ages:  37 / 25:    occ: farmer:    b. Kanieri, West Coast / Belfast:      usual address:   Pio Pio:
parents:  Robert L& Elizabeth Ann Morris,  nee ALDRIDGE,  a miner.
                William &  Margaret McLean,  nee BELL,  retired.
witness:  Winifred Evangeline, Shearsby,  musician, Waimate:   R.Morris, labourer,  Armagh st:

Orlando Bertram Charles WOOD  &  Maud McLean  m.  22 Jan. 1910  at  res. Rev. C.H. Garland, Chester st.
ages:  23 / 23:        occ: fireman:          b. St Albans / Hamilton:  
parents:  Edwin H.T. &  Emily Woods,  nee EDMONDS,  seaman.
                Charles & Mary McLean,  nee DUNBAR,  a carter.
witness:  Edith C.Wood,  Christchurch:     John B. Pearson,  tinsmith, Christchurch:  
Orlando Bertram Charles Wood  b. 23 March 1886 to  Ewd. Hoyland Tupper  & Emily,  Church rd,  mariner.

Matthew Barnett  GRANT  &  Minnie Alexandra McLEAN  m. 12 July 1923  at  Holy Innocents, Amberley.
ages:  both 25:      occ: farmer:      born: Dunedin / Leithfield:
parents:   Peter & Katherine  Grant,    nee RICHARDSON,  retired.
                    Alex & Minnie MacLean,  nee JOHNSTON,  farmer.
witness:   William Jules Glasgow,  farmer, Rangiora:     Rata Hinemoa McLean,  Amberley:

James Spiers SOUTER  &  Myrtle Grey McLean  m. 23 April 1925 at Holy Innocents, Amberley.
ages:  29 / 25:        occ: farmer:        b. Glasgaw, Scotland / Leithfield:      usual address:  Linton, Palmerston North:
parents:  Charles & Jemima Souter,  nee SPIERS,  distillery manager.
                    George Alexander (deceased)  & Minnie McLean,  nee JOHNSTON.
witness:  Kowhai Johnston McLean,  farmer, Amberley:   Rata Hinemoa Catherine McLean,  Amberley:
Hugh Walter Archibald MacFARLANE  &  Phyllis Ellen McLean  m. 15 June 1932  at St Peter's,  Woolston.
ages:  26 / 22:       occ: labourer:         born:  both Christchurch:
parents:  Hugh & Emma Rose MacFarlane,  nee HAYNES,  labourer.
                Alexander & Marion McLean,  nee BEAUMONT,  police constable.
witness:  Marion McLean, Hazeldean rd,          Robert MacFarlane, secretary, Hereford st:

Joseph Patrick KILPATRICK  &  Teresa Agnes McLean  at  Church of Blessed sacrament, Christchurch.
ages:  22 / 21:       occ: labourer:        b. Co.Down, Ireland / Halswell, Christchurch:
parents:  James & Mary Kilpatrick,  nee BASSETT,  farmer.
                Robert & Charlotte McLean,  nee KENNEDY,  farmer.
witness:  James Kennedy,  Halswell, farmer:        Mary Cecilia Ennis Agnes, Halswell:

Sydney Francis CRAZE  &  Winifred McLean  m. 30 March 1921 at res. Mrs McLean, Hawford rd, Opawa.
ages:  24 / 24:          occ: dental mechanic:        b. both Christchurch:
parents:  Francis & Agnes Eva Craze,  nee TRICKETT,  railway employee.
                William & Florence McLean,  nee MACKIE,  leather dyer.
witness:  F. McLean,  Hawford rd, Opawa,  clerk:   C.Craze,  Fitzgerald ave:

                                        Births -
Agnes Cranford,  - b. 4 Sept. 1902  to  John C.  and Janet,  nee Barr, Sydenham.
Ailsa Marion -  b. 24 Nov. 1919  to George Hugh  &  Isabel Marion,  nee Sinclair.
Alan Lance Alexander -  b. 9 May 1917  to  Donald & Elsie Jean,  Leithfield.
Allan -  b. 5 Sept. 1911  to David William  &  Elizabeth,  Lyttelton.
Alma Gwenfa -  b. 5 Dec. 1916  to  Daisy Ellen,  Leithfield.
\Annie Clark - b. 28 Jan. 1869  to  Joseph & Mary,  West Lyttelton.  master mariner.
April Rose -  b. 1 April 1914  to Alexander & Mabel Isabel,  Merivale.

Catherine Isabella -  b. 5 July 1885  to Robert & Jane,  Lincoln.
Catherine Jane -  b.  10 April  to Duncan & Alyson Joan,  Peraki,  farmer.
Catherine Mary -  b. 6 Oct. 1883  to William & Elizabeth,  nee McKerracher
Caroline -  b. 12 Jan. 1881  to William & Elizabeth,  nee McKerracher
Charles James -  b. 11 Sept. 1882  to Joseph & Mary Ann, Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton.

Douglas Gordon -  b. 2 Dec. 1922  to Alexander & Helena Robina,  nee Fleck,  Oxford.

Edith Isabella -  b. 16 Sept. 1887  to Robert & Sarah Duncan,  Sydenham.
Elizabeth Ellen -  b. 6 Feb. 1893  to  John & Julia,  Amberley.
Elizabeth Isabel -  b. 30 June 1915  to Donald L.  & Elizabeth,  Picton Ave.

Fiona Hope -  b. 21 Feb. 1918  to Winchmore & Cora Effie,  Sumner,  farmer.
Grace -  b. August 1889  to  Wm  & Elizabeth,  Sandridge.
Hector Hugh Buchanan -  b.3 March 1918  to Hugh henry  & Henrietta,  112 Tennyson St.
Hugh Henry -  b. 4 April 1894  to John & Julia,  Amberley.

Janet Cunningham -  b. 8 Oct. 1898  to  John & Janet,  nee Barr,  Sydenham.
Jessie Myrtle -  b. 21 Jan. 1019  to  Donald Laughlin  & Elizabeth,  Riccarton.
John -  b. 3 Feb. 1902  to  Malcolm,  Lower Riccarton.
John Henry - b. 4 March 1872  to Alexander & Susan,  Avonside.

Kate Madeline -  b. 10 Feb. 1865  to William Kentish  &  Anna,  Lincoln rd,  farmer.
Kowai Johnston - b. 31 Jan. 1903  to George Alexander  & Minnie,  Leithfield.
Lilly Marion - b. 6 March 1890  to  George & Elizabeth

Marion Edith - b. 23 Dec. 1911  to James (called Hamish) & Phyllis Edith,  Methven.
Minnie -  b. 11 April 1870    to Joseph & Mary,  Lyttelton,  master mariner.
Minnie Alexandra -  b.  12 August 1897  to  George Alexander & Minnie.
Myrtle Grey -  b. 16 Nov. 1899  to  George Alexander & Minnie,  Leithfield, farmer.

Ngaire Mary -  b. 11 Nov. 1921  to  Donald & Elsie Jean,  Leithfield,  contractor.
Noeline May -  b. 11 Feb. 1927   

Patricia Alice Evelyn -  b. to Jonathon Francis & Clarice Frederica.
Phyllis Ellen - b. 19 August 1911  to  Alexander & Marion,  Milton st.  tailor's cutter.
Phyllis Nora - b. 15 May 1907  to  James (called Hamish) & Phyllis Edith,  Methven,  farmer.

Rata Hinemoa Catherine -  b. 3 April 1907  to  George Alexander & Minnie,  Leithfield, farmer.
Raymond Douglas -  b. 13 Feb. 1913  to  Hector Alex  & Rachel,  Dunn st.
Robert -  b. 10 Sept 1880  to  Robert & Jane,  Lincoln.
Robert -  b. 23 January 1914  to  David & Elizabeth,  Lyttelton.

Susan Birchfield -  b. 24 Jan. 1924  to  Alexander & Mabel Isabel,  St Albans.
Thomas -  b. 20 May 1883  to  William & Catherine,  Lyttelton.
William Hector -  b. 30 Nov. 1885  to Wm & Elizabeth,  nee McKerracher, Sandridge.
William Stanley -  b. 23 Jan. 1901  to  William & Florence,  Woolston.
William Ware Kentish  - b. 4 Aug. 1866  to William Kentish & Anna,  nee Ware merchant.

                            Burials  -
Agnes -  bur. 30 July 1929  age 85,  Balcairn Cemetery.
Alexander -  bur. 4 July 1877 
Alexander -  bur. 5 Oct. 1885,  age 56,
Allan -  bur. 15 Nov. 1907,  age 85.
Betty-  bur. 7 April 1932,   at Bromley,  age 4,  14 Dampier st.
Catheren -  bur. 17 August 1891,  age 76.
Christina -  bur. 17 Oct. 1912  age 35.
Christina Agnes -  bur. 6 Dec. 1948,  age 79.   101 Colombo st.

Daniel -  bur. 19 Sept. 1919,  age 38,  19 Vogel st,  Heathcote.
David -  bur. 6 Sept. 1889,  age 30.
Eliza -  bur. 15 Sept. 1870,  age 42.  res. Lyttelton.
Gordon Leslie -  bur. 4 March 1969,  age 71,  Main rd, Amberley,  nok Ian,  (nephew)
Graeme -  bur. 29 Dec. 1970  age 25,  nok mother,  Mrs A.M.  Amberley.

John -  died 8 Dec. 1871,   bur. 10 Dec. 1871, 
John -  bur. 6 Feb. 1873,  age 35,  a baker,  late of Inverness, Scotland.
John -  bur. 18 July 1902  age 85.

Margaret - bur.  4 June 1900  age 45,  Belfast.  nok William.
Margaret  -  bur. 19 Jan. 1925,  age 66,  Jerrold st, Spreydon.
Marion Palmer -  bur. 10 November 1889,  age 57.
Mary -  bur, 12 July 1875,  age 63.

Robert -  bur. 23 Feb. 1979,  age 67,  nok Mrs R.Harris,  Harewood Crematorium.
Reginald -  bur. 11 May 1883, age 3,  son of James & Elizabeth.
Robert -  bur. 28 July 1925,  age 80,  hus. of Jane,  dau. Mrs J.H.Restall.
Suzanne Margaret -  bur.  17 Feb.  1948  age 9 days,  Brougham st.
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