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I am the great granddaughter  of  William Warden McClelland  &  Ellen BUCHAN  
and  granddaughter  of  Robert  McClelland  &   Ida FEUTZ

Marriages  -  Grooms 
Albert McClelland  &  Mary Eleanor BLAKEMORE  m.  6 March 1917  at Durham street Methodist Church,
ages:  32 / 24,       occ: farmer,         born:  Kimberley / Springston.
parents: William Warden  & Ellen  McClelland,  nee BUCHAN,    farmer
                Jesse Thomas & Mary Ann Blakemore,  nee PARISH
witness:    Leonard W. Blakemore,  Springston,             Agnes Duff,  Irwell.

Albert McClelland  &  Ruby Ann BURROWS  m. 2 August 1919,  at Holy Trinity, Avonside
occ: farmer,  ages: 24 / 21,       born: Linwood / Harewood.         usual address: Studholme
parents:  Joseph & Eliza  McClelland,  nee CAMERON
                 William  & Kate Burrows,  nee HOCKEY
witness:  William Burrows,  farmer, Papanui,             Mary Harris,  domestic duties,  Avonside.

Alexander Warnock McClelland   &   Ruth Everil GEE,   m. 6 March 1918  at St Andrew's  Presbyterian Church.
ages: 24 / 24,  occ: clerk / shop assistant.        born: Kimberley / Islington.
parents:    William Warden  & Ellen  McClelland,  nee BUCHAN,    occ:   farmer
                George Frederick & Catherine Gee,  nee HAMILTON  occ:   tinsmith.
witness:  G.F.Gee  Somerfield street, Spreydon,   tinsmith,             G.W.Wood,  Gloucester street, publisher's assistant

Henry McClelland   &  Alice ADDINGTON  m.  20 September 1899 at house of Mr George Addington,  Courtenay.
ages: 28 / 28;    occ: farmer        b. West Melton / Cardington, Bedfordshire, England.
parents:   William Warden  & Ellen  McClelland,  nee BUCHAN,    occ:   farmer, Kimberley
                    George & Jane (dec)  Addington,  nee BROWN,  farmer.
witness:  Arthur Addington,  farmer, Courtenay;         Eleanor McClelland,  Kimberley.

Henry McClelland   &  Eliza Jane CAMERON    m.  10 November 1873  at The Manse, 
ages : 25/ 22          occ: farmer,
witness:  Thomas Cooper,  Manse,  occ: gardener,          Isabella McColl,  Manse,  spinster

Henry McClelland  &  Mary ROWELL  m. 2 April  1902   at St Mary's Church,  Springston.
ages: full,         occ. Machinery expert,            usual address: Auckland / Springston.
parents:  Hugh Warnock and Rachel McClelland,     nee SNEDDON
                James & Emma  Rowell,    nee MARTIN
witness:    Edward Henry Rowell,  Springston,  farmer,        Hugh Warnock McClelland,  Papanui,  pastry cook.         Phillipa Rowell.

Hugh McClelland  &  May CLAYDON  m.  9 April 1917  at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages: 27 / 27,          occ: metal polisher,           born: Christchurch / Waimate, 
parents:  Robert & Mary Jane  McClelland,    nee McGUIRE  Sergeant of Police.
               George & Elizabeth  Claydon,     nee STEGGALL
witness: James Holland,  Bedford Row,  Christchurch,  occ: contractor,         Edmund McClelland,  New Brighton road.  occ: clerk.

Hugh Warnock McClelland  &  Lilian Emily Frances COREY  m. 20 August 1902  at  house of Mrs Corey,  Johns road,  Papanui.
ages:  24 / 24,         occ:  pastry cook /  domestic,          born: Kimberley / Papanui, 
parents:  Hugh Warnock and Rachel McClelland,    nee SNEDDON,    farmer.
                Arthur William  & Hannah  Corey,  nee  STAPLES,    occ:  mason,
witness:  Thomas Warnock McClelland,  occ:  blacksmith,  Papanui:      Alfred Henry Corey,  Papanui,   occ:   gardener.

Hugh Warnock McClelland   &  Rachel SNEDDON  m.  22 May 1868  at  The Manse, 
ages: 25 / 16,        occ: farmer, 
witness:  Jane Fraser,  the Manse,  gentlewoman,        William Gimblett,  The Manse,  gardner.

James Seaton McClelland   &  Ella KIBBLEWHITE    m.  16 August 1921  at Presbyterian Church,  Southbridge.
ages: 39 / 33,         occ: farmer,         born: Doyleston / Sydenham.
parents:  David & Eliza McClelland,  nee HEYBOURNE 
               James William & Mary Jane Kibblewhite,    nee LUKE
witness:  J.Malcolmson,  Southbridge,  farmer,         W.J.McClelland,  Southbridge,  farmer.

Joseph James McClelland    &    Caroline May STEPHENS  m.  3 November 1915  at St Luke's, Brookside.
ages: 28 / 30,        occ: farmer,         born: Leeston / Brookside,
parents:  James & Mary Jane  McClelland,  nee HEYBOURNE,     farmer
                George &  Mary,  nee  FREEMAN,    farmer 
witness:  J.McClelland,  Southbridge,          W.M.McClelland,  Addington.

Robert McClelland   &   Mary Jane McGUIRE   m. 12 April  1887  at Church of Most Blessed Sacrament.
ages:29 /24,           occ: Constable / machinist,             born: County Armagh, Ireland / Victoria,
parents:    David & Rachael McClelland,     nee POTTS,     farmer
                John & Jane McGuire,    nee McILWAIN,      ret. Sergeant of Police.
witness:    John Joseph McGuire, telegraphist, Christchurch,           Annie C.D.McGuire,  teacher,  Christchurch
                Thomas William McGuire,  telegraphist, Christchurch,       Patrick Daly McGuire,      M. McGuire,      Agnes McGuire.

Robert McClelland    &     Eliza  RICHES     m. 21 December 1908      at St Mary's, Addington.
ages: 30 / 29,          occ: farmer,          born: Leeston / Woodbury,  
parents:   James & Mary Jane McClelland,     nee HAYBURN,  farmer,
                Arthur Edward   &  Amelia  Riches,    nee McCLELLAND  farmer.
witness:  George H.Weir,  occ: mercer,  Christchurch,         Herbert J.Powell,  Springston,         Amelia McClelland.

Robert McClelland   &   Ida  FEUTZ  m. m.  13 March 1913,    at St Paul's,  Papanui
ages:  36 / 23,         occ:  farmer,       born:  Kimberley / Courtenay,  
parents:   William Warden   & Ellen McClelland,   nee BUCHAN
                Henry & Emily  Feutz ,   nee RIGBY
witness:  Hugh Warnock McClelland,  farmer,  Darfield,        Henry Feutz,  retired farmer,  Papanui.     C.J.Marshall,  land broker,  Christchurch

Samuel George McClelland  &   Emilie DAVIES    m. 27 December 1909   at St Andrew's Church
ages? 26 / 26,               occ: outfitter,              born: Liverpool, England / Elton, England, 
parents:   Samuel & Sarah McClelland,     nee WREATHAM,    occ: coach builder,
                   John Henry  &  Anna Maria,  nee ------ AYERS
witness:  F.Whitehead,  Middleton road, Riccarton,  traveller,         Margery Swinbank,  Madras street, City.  domestic  duties

Thomas Warnock  McClelland    &   Sarah Jane JOHNSTON     m.  24 July 1907   at house of Mr Johnston, Middleton, Christchurch
ages: 26 / 20,             occ: blacksmith,                 born: Kimberley / Rangiora,
parents:  Hugh Warnock  & Rachel McClelland,     nee SNEDDON,      farmer
                Hugh & Elizabeth Johnston,   nee ALLEN,     farmer.
witness:  Samuel Allen,  carpenter, Riccarton,   Mary Isobel Johnston,  dressmaker,  Riccarton.

William  McClelland  &  Ellen BUCHAN  m.  4 April 1871  at The Manse.
ages: 26 / 19,     occ: farmer,
witness:  William Jordan,       Elizabeth Jordan,       Moeraki Plains.

William John McClelland   &   Eileen Doris ADAMS  m.  5 January 1927 at  Southbridge Presbyterian Church
ages: 31 / 21,              occ: farmer             born:     both Southbridge, 
parents:    David & Eliza McClelland,     nee HEYBOURNE
                James & Susannah Hayes Adams,     nee RITCHIE
witness:  R.J.Adams,  Southbridge,  teacher,         R.Hampton,  farmer,  Southbridge,

William Wallace McClelland     &   Mabel Hannah GERKEN  m.  5 March 1908  at house of Mr W. Newnham, Linwood.
ages:   24/24,     occ: draper,    b. Sydenham / Tai-Tapu,    usual address:  Hawera.
parents:  Hugh Warnock  & Rachel McClelland  nee SNEDDON,   
                    Frederick William  & Mary Newnham,  formerly Gerken,  nee MOOR   farmer.
witness:  Edith Mary Gerken,    Chroistopher Crabb,  Linwood,  a painter.

Marriages    -  Brides  -
Claude  Guthwin  PERROTT   &   Amelia Maud  McClelland   &      m.  21 June 1912  at St Mary's Church, Addington,
ages:  24 / 21,       occ:  clerk,          born: St Albans / Leeston, 
parents: Robert & Mary Perrott,  nee BISHOP   occ:   gardener
                James & Mary Jane  McClelland  nee HEYBOURN
witness:  Robert McClelland,  farmer Brookside,       George William Perrott,  Papanui road,  occ:  gardener,         Ruby Eveline McClelland.

John  PYE   &  Amy McClelland   m.  14 September 1911  at  Methodist Church,  St Albans.
ages: 28 / 22;      occ:  Commercial traveller;    born. Geraldine / Kirwee.
parents:  Charles &  Eleanor Pye,  nee VALE,  farmer.
                    Hugh Warnock  & Rachel McClelland,  nee SNEDDEN   farmer.
witness:   Chas. J. Forbes,  draper,  Linwood;     Ethel Frances May McClelland,  St Albans;

William BROWNLIE  &  Ann McClelland  m. 21 July 1909  at  Methodist Church,  Papanui.
ages :32 /32     bachelor / spinster;       occ: motorman;       b. Hororata / Sydenham;
parents:  Thomas King & Fanny Brownlie,  nee  WARD, 
                   Hugh Warnock  & Rachel McClelland,  nee SNEDDON,  farmer.
witness:  Rachel McClelland,  St Albans,       Frederick Brownlie,  blacksmith,  Methven.

Henry Lucas MONTGOMERY   &   Anna Bella  McClelland    m  7 July 1920  at St Jame's Church,  Southbridge
ages: 37 / 37,     bachelor / spinster;       occ: farmer,        born: both  Southbridge.
parents:  Henry Lucas  &  Mary Montgomery     nee BATES     occ:  farmer
                David   &   Elizabeth McClelland     nee HEYBOURN
witness:  Robert Joseph McClelland,        Amelia Elizabeth McClelland.    Southbridge.

John  LUDEMANN  &   Anna Sophia  McClelland   m.  9 September 1903  at St John's Leeston.
ages: full / minor,      occ: farmer,         born: Lakeside / Leeston, 
parents:  George & Christine Ludemann,     nee MYERHOFF
                James & Mary Jane  McClelland,  nee HEYBOURNE
witness: Frederick Ludemann,  brother of bridegroom,           David Lochhead,   farmer.

William HAY     &   Caroline  McClelland    m 18 June 1882  at  Methodist Church,  Addington
ages:  43 / 33,     widower Dec. 1874 / spinster;     occ: farmer / milliner,        born: Ireland / Ireland,        usual adress: Rolleston.
parents:  Archibald  & Mary Hay      nee  RUSSELL
                 Robert  & Annie McClelland,    nee HAMILTON,     occ:  tailor, 
witness:    Mary Taylor,      Alice Bell,  

Charles  ADDINGTON    &  Eleanor McClelland  m.  8 October 1902 at house of W.W.McClelland,  Kimberley.
both  full age:      occ: farmer;    b.  Cardington, England / Kimberley,
parents:  George & Jane Addington,  nee BROWN,  farmer;
                  William Warden  & Ellen McClelland,  nee BUCHAN
witness:  Fred Addington,  farmer,  Kimberley;      Jane McClelland,  Kimberley. 

Charles  JOHNSTON  &  Ellen Alice Jane McClelland   m.  24 March 1925 at St Andrew's Church.
ages:  23 / 23;     occ: grocer's assistant;    b. Oamaru / Kimberley;
parents:  Alexander  & Sarah Johnston,  nee HARRISON,  sheep buyer.
                Henry & Alice McClelland   nee ADDINGTON,   farmer.
witness:  Marjorie McClelland,  Kimberley;     Gordon Johnston,  butcher,  Opawa.

George James FINCH    &    Eliza  McClelland    m.  21 November 1908  at St Paul's Church,
ages:  27 / 23.        occ: diver,           born: Devonport, England / Leeston.   
parents:  George & Annie Finch,    nee LONG     occ: quartermaster, Royal Navy
                   James & Mary   McClelland,  nee HEYBOURN
witness:  E.R.Grace,  Essex street, Linwood,  occ: labourer,         Jas Inkster,  Madras street, occ: labourer.

William HARRIS   Eliza Mary McClelland   m.  1 September 1898  at Church of Holy Trinity,  Avonside
ages:  33 / 19,       occ:  carter / dressmaker,         both born Christchurch, 
parents:  George & Amelia Harris,  nee TAYLOR    occ:  labourer
          Joseph & Eliza Jane McClelland,    nee CAMERON    occ:  drover,
witness:  J.M.McClelland,  Linwood,         Harriett L.Harris,        Joseph Fox,  Zetland Arms Hotel,  occ: watchmaker.

George BLAKEMORE   &   Elsie Margaret May McClelland   m. 19 April 1916   at  St Andrew's,  Christchurch
ages:30 / 20,          occ: farmer,     born:  Springston / Kimberley,      
parents:   Jesse Thomas  &  Mary Anne  Blakemore,  nee PARISH
                William Warden  & Ellen  McClelland  nee BUCHAN
witness:   Nellie Eleanor Blakemore,   Springston,  home duties,          J.F.Blakemore, Springston,  farmer.

Albert Edward PYE    &   Ethel Frances May McClelland    m.  12 December 1912  at East Belt Methodist Church, Christchurch
ages:  28 / 25,       occ:  farmer / dressmaker,         born: Geraldine / Sydenham,         usual address: Fairlie,
parents:  Charles & Eleanor Pye,    nee DALE      farmer.
                Hugh Warnock & Rachel McClelland,   nee SNEDDEN     farmer.
witness:  Rachel Ellis,  Spreydon,          Tom Ellis,  Spreydon,  occ: warehouseman.

Herbert James POWELL   &   Isabella  McClelland   m.  29 May 1901    at St Mary's Church, Springston
ages:  23 / 24,          occ: farmer,          born: Springston / Doyleston, 
parents:  Joseph & Mary,   nee CRUMP,    farmer,
             James & Mary Jane McClelland,    nee HEYBOURNE  farmer.
witness:  Norish Charles Crump Powell,   Springston,  farmer,              Robert McClelland,  Leeston,  farmer.
Herbert James Powell  -  born 1 November 1877  to Joseph & Mary  Springston.

Richard ROSEWARNE     Jane McClelland   m.  26 July 1894  at house of Jas McClelland,     Drain road, Linwood.
ages: 22/ 19,         occ: tanner,          born: England / New Zealand,
parentsRichard & Mary Ann Rosewarne,   nee CORMICK  tanner,
                Joseph & Eliza McClelland,      nee CAMERON
witness:  Eliza Mary McClelland,  Linwood,         James Tabley,  Opawa,    occ:  tanner.

James WINTER   &   Jane McClelland   m.   15 June 1910   at  St Andrews Presbyterian Church,  Christchurch
ages: 27  /  29,      occ:  farmer,     born: Rangitata / Kimberley;   usual address: Riversdale;
parents:  George & Sarah Winter,   nee McCLELLAND,   farmer, 
               William Warden & Ellen McClelland,   nee BUCHAN 
witness:  George Winter,  occ:  coachbuilder,   Pleasant Point,        Margery McClelland,  Riccarton, 

Joseph SUTTON   &  Lily McClelland  m.  14 September 1911 at Methodist Church, Papanui Rd.
ages:  23 / 22;      born;  Timaru / Kirwee;   occ:  tailor.
parents:  James & Letitia Sutton,  nee ORPAN,  stonemason;
                    Hugh Warnock & Rachel McClelland,     nee SNEDDEN,    farmer.
witness:  Alfred Towns,  Christchurch,  tailor;       Rachel Ellis,  Hoon Hay rd,  Spreydon;
George Norman  HAYLEY   &    Lizzie  McClelland  m. 2 March 1886     at Trinity Congregational Church, Christchurch.
ages: 26 / 28,         occ: clerk / dressmaker,          born:  London / Strabane, Ireland,  
parents:    John & Mary Anne Hayley,    nee NORMAN,   occ:  coachman
                Alexander & Catherine McClelland,     nee HAMILTON,   occ:  draper.
witness:  Emma Woodham,  Christchurch,              S.C.Owen,  Christchurch,  schoolmaster.

William TOWNSEND    &    Lucy Josephine McClelland   m.  26 April  1899   at  St Luke's Church, Christchurch.
ages: 69 /36,          occ: gentleman,    widower April 1870 / spinster;       born: Surrey / Dublin. 
parents:   James & Alicia Townsend,      nee BURGESS,  Gentleman
                John Johnston  &  Louisa Letitia McClelland,  nee DUMERGUE,    Gentleman.
witness: Charles Wotherspoon,  Linwood,  Gentleman,         Kathleen  McClelland,     Florence Phillips.

John  ARMSTRONG   Margaret  McClelland    m.   21 May 1868      at Scotch Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  both Full age,         occ: farmer,  
witness:  Mary Kirton,  wife of Rev Wm Kirton, Kaiapoi,    W.J.Kirton,  son of Rev Kirton,  Kaiapoi

Herbert Charles William  OSMENT   &    Margaret  McClelland   m.  10 April 1907     at Methodist Church,  St Albans
ages: 24 / 21,         occ: clerk,         born:  St Albans / Sydenham. 
parents:  John William & Georgiana Osmet,  nee WHITE,   occ:   tailor's cutter
                Hugh Warnock & Rachel McClelland,     nee SNEDDEN,      ret. farmer.
witness:  Ethel Frances May McClelland,         Leonard George Osmet, Winchester street, Merivale.

Arthur Ernest WILSON     &   Margaret  McClelland     m.  11 September 1901  at  St Paul's Manse.
ages:  22 / 20,          occ: tannery labourer / dressmaker,            born:  Christchurch / Linwood.
parents:  Alex & Margaret Wilson,   nee COLLINS,  carpenter.
                Joseph McConnell & Eliza Jane McClelland,     nee CAMERON,  farmer.
witness:  Joseph McConnel McClelland,   Papanui;         Edith Wilson,  Sydenham.
Arthur Ernest  Wilson  -  b. 4 June 1879  to Alexander & Margaret,  Colombo street,  occ: carpenter.

Henry FEUTZ    &   Marjory McClelland   m. 28 June 1911      at St Andrew's Pres. Church
ages: 24 / 24,        occ: farmer,           born: Courtenay / Kimberley,  
parents:  Henry  John and Emily Feutz,     nee RIGBY,     ret. farmer
                William Warden  and Ellen McClelland,    nee BUCHAN
witness:   Edwin Walter Feutz, 10 Matsons Ave, Papanui,          Lucy Feutz,  10 Matsons Avenue,  Papanui, 

Norman  KELLY  &  Marjorie Adeline Mary  McClelland   m.  20 March 1927  at  St Andrew's Pres. Church.
ages:  28/ 21;   occ: farmer;       b.  Ashburton / Darfield;
parents:  Thomas & Annie Kelly  nee CAIN,   ret. farmer.
                    Henry & Alice McClelland,  nee ADDINGTON,   farmer
witness:  Gerald Toynbee Clarke,  salesman, Ashburton;         Gladys McClelland,  Kimberley.

Frederick George Thomas STUBBERFIELD   Maud Mary Adel  McClelland    m.  6 April 1926    at St Luke's Chrush,  Christchurch.
ages:  42 /35,         widower 2 June 1920 / spinster,         occ: civil servant,          born: both Christchurch, 
parents:  Thomas John & Elizabeth Stubberfield,    nee SARGENT,    occ:  fellmonger
                 Robert & Mary Jane McClelland,    nee McGUIRE,      ret. civil servant.
witness:  Robert McClelland,  75 Kerrs road,  retired police officer,           Isaac M.Stubberfield,  St James street, Linwood,  occ:  tailor.     
Frederick George Thomas Stubberfield  -  born 8 May 1883  to Thomas & Eliza, Christchurch.

William Joseph TRUSTTUM   Rachel  McClelland   m.  3 May 1911      at  St Albans Church,  Christchurch.
ages: 30 / 28,         occ: Tea expert,           born: London / Kimberley, 
parents:    Thomas & Elizabeth Trusttum  nee  -------       occ:    lighterman
                Hugh Warnock & Rachel McClelland,      nee SNEDDEN
witness:  John Skinner,  storeman, Shakespeare road.        Ethel Frances May McClelland, Browns road, St Albans,    

George Thomas BOLT   &   Sarah  McClelland    m. 3 June 1908     at St Paul's, Papanui,
ages: 29 / 24,                 occ: farmer / housekeeper,             born: Richmond / Linwood.   both Christchurch
parents: George & Charlotte Bolt,  nee  FLETCHER,      farmer.
                Joseph McConnell & Eliza McClelland    nee CAMERON
witness:  Joseph McConnell McClelland,  farmer,  Papanui,       Frank Fletcher Bolt,  Papanui,        Margaret Ellen Wilson,      Lucy Loveys Bolt.
George Thomas Bolt  -  b. 10 January 1879  to  George & Charlotte Ann  Bolt,  Bingsland

George WINTER   &    Sarah  McClelland     m.  21 April 1882     at  The Manse,  Tuam Street, Christchurch.
ages: 23 / 24,            widower  22 September 1879 / spinster,   occ: labourer,      born: Lincolnshire, England / Down, Ireland    usual address: Winslow.
parents:  William & Jane Winter    nee EYRE     occ:  bailiff,
                Samuel & Margaret  McClelland    nee BEATTIE    occ: labourer.
witness:  Mary McClelland,  Rangitata,  spinster,         Jane Dench,  Manse,  spinster.

Walter Fielder WEAVERS   Winifred Mary  McClelland    m  3 August 1920  at St James Chrush,  Southbridge,
ages35 / 24,              occ:  farmer,                  born:  Leeston / Leeston, 
parents:        Robert & Sarah Ann Weavers,    nee FIELDER,     ret. farmer
                     James & Mary Jane McClelland,    nee HEYBOURNE
witness:  Thomas E. Robson,  publisher, Christchurch,       Edith Hastings,  Sefton,         Alexander F.Heir,   clerk,  Ashburton.

Births  -
Ada Eileen   -   b. 26 April 1912   to Edward & Lucina,  Proctor street,     occ:  Council employee.
Amelia Maud -   b 11 March 1891 to James & Mary Jane,  Lakeside.   occ:  farmer
Annabella  -    b. 6 June 1883   to  & David Eliza,  Lakeside
Anna Sophia    -   b. 18 September 1882  to James & Mary Jane,  Lakeside.  occ:   farmer
David  -   b. 27 August 1884    to David & Eliza,  Lakeside,  occ:   farmer.
David William    -     b 1 November 1880    to James & Mary Jane,  Lakeside.   occ:   farmer
Desmond Henry  -   b. 13 February 1922  to Claude  & Mary Ferminger McClelland,    nee BOAG,  res.  Scargill
Dulcie Muriel   -    b.  11 June 1914     to Edward Reginald  &  Ada Lucina, Papanui,  occ:  labourer.
Eliza Jane     -   b. 25 May 1885      to James & Mary Jane,  Lakeside.   farmer
Edmund  -    b 14 January 1888  to Rob & Mary Jane, nee McGUIRE,     Salisbury street, Christchurch
Francis Joseph Harold   -   b 15 December  1889  to Robert & Lizzie,  nee SHEPHERD,   Spreydon,  occ:  engine fitter.
Isabella  -    b. 16 November 1876    to James & Mary Jane,    Lakeside.   occ:  farmer
James Seaton   -   b.  6 May 1882     to David & Eliza,    Lakeside.  occ:  farmer
John Gilbert   -   b. 30 April 1911   to Samuel George & Emily,    Madras, street,   occ:  outfitter.
John Robin  -      --------- to June Myra  &  Albert William,  Little Akaloa.
Joseph James   -  b. 18 July 1887    to  James & Mary Jane,  Lakeside.   occ:  farmer
Joseph John     -  b. 31 October 1880    to  Joseph & Eliza,  Drain road,  occ:  labourer.
Leo Ross Laidlaw  -   b. 21 February 1927    to  James Seaton  & Ella,   Southbridge
Leonard Clarence    -  b. 8 February  1892  to  Robert & Elizabeth,  Sydenham,  occ:  hotel employee.
Lola Mary Elizabeth    -  b. 5 July 1925  to  James Seaton  & Ella,  Southbridge
Malcolm David Seaton -  b.  21 June 1922    to   James Seaton  & Ella,  Southbridge
Noel Bernard James   -   b. 4 February  1924  to  James Seaton  & Ella,  Southbridge
Norman Robert   -   b.  30 April 1888  to  Robert & Betsy,  nee SHEPHERD,  York street,   occ:  fitter.
Robert  -   b. 7 November 1878  to James & Mary Jane,  Lakeside.   occ: farmer
Ruby Eileen   -   b. 9 February  1905  to Henry & Mary,  Spreydon,  occ: importer
Ruby Evelyn   -   b. 2 August 1893  to  James & Mary Jane,  Lakeside.   occ:  farmer
William John    -   b.  4 January  1896,  to David & Eliza  Southbridge,   occ:  farmer.
Winifred Mary   -    b. 20 December 1895  to James & Mary Jane,  Addington.  occ:  farmer.

Burials  -
Andrew  -  19 September  1887,   age 1 week.
David -   bur. 17 June 1924  res. Southbridge,  age 66
Edward George  -   bur 15 July 1915  son of Edward Reginald,  Matsons road,  Papanui  age 1 day.
Eliza   -  bur 14 September 1915  wife of David McClelland,  res. Milltown,  age 55 years
Ellen   -   bur 3 September 1918   age 67   undertaker Barrell
Florence T.H.  -   bur. 8 April  1891  age 9mths.
Hugh Warnock   -  bur  13 February  1917,  age 74,  Addington Cemetery
James Seaton   -  bur. 9 September 1927  res. Southbridge,  age 45
John Johnston  -   bur. 11 July 1922,  res. Papanui road,  age 90 years,  Bromley Cemetery
Joseph John  -  bur 3 November  1885   age 5 years
Louise Letita,  -  bur 11 August 1921,  res. Bealey avenue,  age 81 years,  Bromley Cemetery
Mary Jane  -  bur.  24 Auguat 1918  age 61   Addington Cemetery
Robert Joseph   -  bur 5 April  1936  at Sydenham Cemetery,  age 48  of Southbridge
Sarah  -   bur  15 July  1871  NOK  unknown,  res Sunnyside Asylum,  age:  35 -40
Sarah Jane -  bur. 11 March 1981  NOK J. Chilton (nephew)  age 93.
William Warden  -   bur 2 July 1908  age 64 years  Addington Cemetery

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
10 August  2006

I am the great granddaughter  of  William Warden McClelland  &  Ellen BUCHAN    (William Warden  sen)
and  granddaughter  of  Robert  McClelland  &   Ida FEUTZ

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