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Marriages  -   Grooms
Alfred Mumford  &  Elsie Anderina WILLIAMSON  m.  7 July 1915  at St Saviour's Church, Sydenham,
ages:  26/23,  bachelor/spinster,     born: Sydenham/Christchurch.  occ: storeman/machinist
parents:  William Robert & Mary YOUNG,  labourer.
                    Andrew & Agnes Amy Williamson,  nee ASHTON,  bootmaker
witness: Andrew Williamson, Sydenham,  bootmaker,  Agnes Louisa Weston,  Addington,  Peter Hill, Sydenham, apprentice fitter.
Cuthbert Grosvenor Mumford  &  Ethel May PEGG  m. 29 July 1908 at Holy Trinity Lyttelton,
ages: 26/24:      bachelor/spinster:     occ: labourer/domestic servant:  born: Christchurch/East Oxford, Canterbury:
parents:  John James & Lucy Mumford  nee THOMSON,  hotelkeeper
                    James & Emily Pegg  nee ANCALL,  nurseryman
witness:  James Walker Abram Pegg,  Lyttelton, butcher.   Elizabeth Jane Meyrick, Lyttelton, 

Francis Sydney Dalton  Mumford  &  Minnie Jane JOHNSON  m. 21 January 1908  at  Knox Church, Bealey ave, Christchurch
ages:  26/24,   occ: fruiterer/dressmaker:  born: Christchurch/Invercargill:
parents:  Samuel & Kate Mumford  nee GREEN,  fruiterer
                    John Andrew  &  Jessie Dallas  Johnson  nee McROBIE
witness: Alfred Mumford,  fruiterer, Colombo st,   Colina Bain,  Invercargill

Herbert John Mumford  &   Annie Elizabeth HENDRIKSEN   m. 15 May 1896  at St Luke's Church, Christchurch.
ages:  25/18:   occ: horsetrainer,     born: Christchurch/Marshlands.
parents:  John James  & Lucy Mumford, nee THOMSON   hotelkeeper
                    Christen & Clara Caroline Hendriksen, nee SUNLIN,   dairyman, 
witness: C. Hendriksen,  dairyman, St Albans,  & Lucy Hendriksen, St Albans.

John James Mumford  &  Lucy THOMPSON  m.  12 March 1868  at St Michael's Christchurch,  both full age,  occ: labourer.
witness:  John George Thompson,  Lyttelton,  seaman,   Samuel Mumford, Hoon Hay,  farmer.

Samuel Mumford  &  Kate Alicia GREEN  m. 24 March 1869  at St Michaels' Church, Christchurch.
full age/minor,  occ: labourer,  bachelor/spinster.
witness: Edmund Grey, St Albans, telegraph engineer,  William Mumford, Windmill rd, labourer.

William John Mumford  &  Mary YOUNG  m. 8 October 1868  at St Michael's Church
both full age,  
witness:  Samuel Mumford,  Jessie Young.

Marriages  -  Brides
Morgan DAVIS  &  Emma North Mumford  m. 16 July 1868 at St Michael's
age: full/minor,   bachelor/spinster,
witness: William Mumford,  Christchurch, bushman,  Mary Young,  Christchurch.

Morgan Davis  b. 2 November 1875  to Morgan (deceased) and Emma, Salisbury st,
                 sp. John Morgan, Jabez Harrison,  Lucy Mumford.
Morgan Davis  -   bur. 27 April 1875,  age 34.  news vendor,  Salisbury st

Charles Frederick HORWELL  & Evelyn Ada Elizabeth Mumford  m. 13 October 1891 at St Mark's,  Opawa.
ages:  23/19,    occ: butcher,   born: Derby, England/Christchurch
parents:  Job  &  Elizabeth Horwell  nee PARKES,   butcher.
                Samuel & Kate Alicia, Mumford,  GREEN.
witness:  Samuel Mumford, Opawa, fruiterer   .    Mary Derbidge, Lyttelton.

George STEPHENS  &  Kate Alicia Rubina Mumford  m. 15 January 1904 at St Paul's, Papanui.
occ: labourer/domestic,  ages:  27/19,     born: Glamorganshire/Christchurch.
parents: Thomas & Maggie Stephens,  nee SULLIVAN,  blacksmith.
                Samuel  & Kate Alicia Mumford,  nee GREEN.
witness:  Alfred Arthur Mumford,   Olive Katherine Hinds.

Christen HENDRIKSEN  & Lucy Mumford  m. 14 March 1894  at St Luke's Christchurch.
ages: 52/48,   widower 17 October 1894/ widow 3 June 1885,  occ: farmer,   born: Denmark/Leicester.
parents:  Hendrik  Christensen, farmer  & Elizabeth nee LARSEN
                    Charles   & Whylora  THOMSON,  nee SPRIGGS
witness; George Ashbolt, verger,   Eleanor Lingard.

Reginald John FORD  &  Lucy Whybra? Mumford  m. 12 February 1890 at Beach Church,  New Brighton.
ages:  24/17,   occ:  dealer,  born: both Christchurch.
parents:  John Tucker  & Eliza Ford,  nee COOK,  auctioneer.
                John James & Lucy Mumford,  nee TOMSON?  publican
witness:  J.F.G. Mumford,  Wellington,  clerk.  Lucy Mumford,  New Brighton.

Peter HILL  &  Jane Mumford  m. 23 May 1895  at house of Mr Elias Clemens,  Willowbank, Sydenham.
ages: 24/22,    born: Truro, Cornwall/Addington, Christchurch.
parents: William & Mary Hill  nee LAMPSHIRE,  malster.
                William Robert & Mary Ann Mumford,  nee YOUNG,  carpenter.
witness:  Annie Hill,  Addington, domestic,  William A'Court,  bootmaker

Jabez HARRISON  &  Sarah Susanna Mumford  m.  25 February 1864 at Weslyan Chapel, Christchurch.
ages:  25/17,   occ: farmer,  
witness: David Mumford,  Hoon Hay,  labourer,   William Mumford,  Hoon Hay,  labourer.

Births  -  
Ada Frances  -  b. 24 January 1912  to Francis Sydney and Maria Jane,  Colombo st, Christchurch,  fruiterer.
Alfred Arthur -  b. 4 March 1870  to Samuel & Kate Alicia  nee GREEN,  Springston,  labourer.
Charles David -  b.  22 February 1878  to John James & Lucy, Madras st, south,  hotelkeeper.
Cuthbert Grosvenor  - b. 17 August 1879  to John James & Lucy, 
Madras st, south,  hotelkeeper.
Daphne Byrd  -  b. 17 June 1896  to Percy Frederick George & Annie,  Lyttelton West,  labourer.
David Andrew  -  b. 2 June 1874  to  William Robert  & Mary,  Addington,  carrier, 
David Samuel  - b. 3 December 1879  to Samuel & Kate Alicia,  Christchurch,  carpenter.
Edmund Samuel  -  b. 15 January 1875  to  Samuel & Kate Alicia  nee Green,  Salisbury st east.  sp. Morgan & Emma Davis
Elsie Alfreda  -  b.  13 April 1916  to Alfred & Elsie Anderina,  Howard st, Spreydon.
Emma North -  b. 9 Feb 1851 on board Castle Eden  in Lyttelton Harbour  to Martha Mumford.
Emma North -  b. 7 October 1851  to David & Martha,  nee MASON, Christchurch  labourer.
Evelyn Ada Elizabeth  -  b. 9 October 1871  to Samuel &  Kate,  Lincoln,  farmer sp. Richard Green, Lucy Mumford
Francis Sydney Dalton  -  b. 25 Jan. 1881  to Samuel & Kate Alicia,  Manchester st,  fruiterer.
Henry Edwin -  b.  26 August 1879  to  William Robert  &  Mary,  Willowbank, Sydenham,  carpenter. 
Herbert John  -  b. 24 May 1870  to  John James  & Lucy,  Springston,  farmer, 
Irene Elvina  - b. 9 July 1893  to Percy Frederick and Annie,  Lyttelton west,  labourer.
Jane -  b. 27 May 1872  to William Robert & Mary  nee YOUNG, Addington,  coal-dealer, sp. John James & Lucy Mumford.
John - b. 8 April 1876  to
William Robert & Mary  nee YOUNG, Addington,  hawker, sp. David & Martha Mumford
Kate Alicia Robina  -  b. 28 February 1884  to  Samuel & Kate Alicia,  Tuam st, storekeeper. sp. Millicent Green, Ada Mumford, Samuel Mumford.
Kenneth James  -  b. 2 April 1909  to Cuthbert Grosvenor  & Ethel May,  Lyttelton,  labourer.
Lucy Emily  -  b. 4 October 1912   to  Cuthbert Grosvenor  & Ethel May,  East Oxford,
Lucy Whylora Thompson  -  b. 14 May 1872  to John James  & Lucy, nee Thompson, Christchurch, sp.John George Thompson, Whylora Cook,
Mabel Milicent Susannah  -  b. 24 May 1877  to Samuel & Kate Alicia  nee Green,  Salisbury st east, sp. Sarah E. Green, Milicent Green, Emanuel Green.
Millicent Leila -  b. 14 July 1902  to  Percy Frederick George & Annie, Lyttelton west, 
Percy Frederick George  - b. 3 January 1869  to John & Lucy  nee Thompson,  Montreal rd,  sp. Samuel  & John Mumford, Kate Green.
Phyllis Atalanta  -  b. 27 May 1895  to Percy Frederick George & Annie,  Lyttelton west.
Robert Samuel  -  b. 24 February 1870  to  William Robert & Mary,  nee Young, sp. Samuel Mumford, Morgan Davis, Emma North Davis.
Stanley Tabor - b. 15 July 1904  to percy Frederick George & Annie, Lyttelton west,  labourer.
Stella Maude -  b. 22 December 1914  to Cuthbert & Ethel May,  Oxford,  labourer. Frederick George & Annie,  Lyttelton west, 
Trevor Tamson  -  b. 13 Nov. 1910  to Percy

Burials  -
Alfred Arthur  -  6 June 1914,  occ: fishmonger,  age 44,  Boundary Drain rd, Styx.  bur. Barbadoes st Cemetery
Charles  -  bur. 8 September 1875   John & Lucy Mumford,  storekeeper,  Madras st.
Edmond Samuel  -  bur. 25 January 1877  son of  Samuel & Kate Alicia Mumford, carpenter.  Salisbury st.  age 2.
Elizabeth -  bur. 10 July 1950  age 86  Studholme st,   Crematorium
John  -  bur. 28 January 1947,  age 70,  34 Scott st.  Sydenham Cemetery.
John James  -  bur. 7 June 1885,  age 42  nok  David & Martha Mumford,  hotelkeeper,  res: Rolleston (Chch hospital) 
Kate Alicia  -  bur. 11 August 1915,  age 65,  res. Sockburn.  bur. Barbadoes st.
Mabel Milicent - bur. 17 March 1878  dau. of Samuel & Kate Alicia,  carpenter  Salisbury st east.  age 10mths.
Martha  -  bur. 8 December 1877  at Sandhills  wife of David, age 67,  13 Salisbury st east.
Martha Mary -  bur. 12 December 1885  age 1 day. 
Matthew  -  bur. 1 March 1879  son of William Robert & Mary Mumford , carpenter, age 12mths, Sydenham
Samuel -  bur. 2 July 1914  999 Colombo st,  age 70  Barbadoes st, Cemetery
Samuel -  bur. 16 May 1914,  age 75, Sydenham Cemetery.
William -  bur. 23 April 1872,  age 1 yr.  son of William & mary,  coal-dealer.  Addington.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
21 February 2012

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