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Marriages   -  Grooms
Alfred John Mander  &  Amy BROCK  m. 20 May 1896 at house of Mr James Turner, St Albans.
ages: 34/22,     bachelor/spinster,     occ: farm labourer,    born: England/New Zealand,   
parents:  Abraham & Mary Mander,  nee LEE,  farmer,
                William & Mary Ann,  nee BINGHAM,  carpenter.
witness:  Andrew Mander,  salesman, Richmond,     Mary Whiting, Addington,      John Brown, Christchurch, coach driver.

Ambrose Lee Mander  &  Mary Ann HUTHNANCE  m.  3 February 1885 at S Jame's, Cust.
ages:  26/21,   bach/sp.      occ: labourer/domestic servant,     born: Marton, Warwickshire, England/Cornwall, England.
parents:    Abraham & Mary Mander,  nee LEE,  labourer.
                    John & Alice Ann Huthnance,  nee ELLIS,  labourer.
witness:  John Huthnance,    Alice Ann Huthnance.

Andrew Mander  &  Ellen Elizabeth DRYHURST  m. 21 November 1875 at res. of Mr Thos. Chivers, Chester St, Christchurch.
ages: 23/16,    occ: storeman/machinist,     
witness:  Thomas Chivers,  postman.   Elizabeth Dryhurst, Christchurch.

Andrew Mander   &  Martha STONE  m.  11 August 1883 at res. of Mrs Smallwood, Sandyford, st, Sydenham.
ages:  31/30,  widower 18 October 1882/spinster.   born: Ruby, Warwickshire/London.     occ: salesman.
parents:  Abraham & Mary Mander,  nee LEE,  farmer.
                James John & Martha Stone,  nee FRIEND,  sculptor.
witness:  Thomas McNally,  Susan Smallwood.

Caleb Ross Mander  &  Emily Ann FRASER  m.  27 November 1912 at St Andrew's Church.
ages: 26/32,    bachelor/spinster,   occ: carpenter,   born: Christchurch/Napier.
parents: William & Mary Ann Mander,  nee NEAL, gardener.
                James & Mary Ann Fraser,  nee BRAILEY,  engineer.
witness:  Cyril Edgar Mander, engineer,    Florence Elsie Fraser, clerk.

Ernest Arthur Mander  &  Edith NORTON  m. 8 September 1911  at Methodist Church, Papanui rd.
ages: 33/29    ,  bach/sp.    occ: gardener,   born: Oxfordshire, England/ Birmingham, England.
parents:  William & Mary Ann Mander,  nee NEAL,  gardener.
                William Bourne & Frances Norton,  nee WADSWORTH,  traveller,
witness: C.R.Mander, Fendalton,  carpenter,  Minnie Mander, Fendalton.

James Mander  &  Catherine Bell ADAMS  m. 24 April 1890 at res. of Rev. Dallaston, Oxford tce,
ages: 27/25,   occ:  baker,    born: Warwickshire, England/Edinburgh, Scotland.
parents:  James & Esther Mander,  nee SHEPPARD,   carter
                Robert & Elizabeth Adams,  engineer.
witness:  John Hiorns Mander,   Sarah Louisa Dallaston.

James Samuel Mander  &  Ethel Constance OWENS  m. 26 July 1917 at res. of Mrs Calder, 100 Peterborough st.
ages: 23/18,       occ: taxi proprietor,    born: both Christchurch.
parents:  John Hiorns & Elizabeth Mander  nee NESBITT,   bricklayer.
                Catherine Ellen Calder,  formerly WALDREN,  nee Owens.
witness:  F.M.Boardman,  18 Clyde st, Chch,   E.H.Hadley, Chch.    

John Hiorns Mander  &  Elizabeth NESBITT  m. 8 November 1881 at res. of Rev. Chas. Dallaston, Barbadoes st, Chch.
ages: 25/24,    bricklayer,    born: Hampshire, England/County Antrim, Ireland. occ:
parents:  James & Esther Mander,  nee SHEPPARD,  labourer.
                Samuel  ---- engineer.
witness:  John Templeton,  Thomas Bray.

  -  Brides

John Herman SORENSON  &  Ellen Elizabeth Mander  m. 13 January 1903 at Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  30/20,   bachelor/spinster,     occ: gold miner/domestic.  born: Wendet, Holbacle, Denmark/Christchurch.
parents: Hans Holback and Maren Sophia Sorenson, nee ANDERSON,  porter.
                Andrew & Ellen Elizabeth Mander,  nee DRYHURST,  salesman.
witness:   Andrew Mander, Christchurch,  salesman,      William Mander, Draper st, Richmond,  woodturner.,

Walter COUP  &  Gertrude Ellen Mander  m. 7 June 1905 at Oxford tce baptist Church.
ages:  28/27,         occ: farmer/nurse,     born: Kaiapoi/Christchurch.
parents:   Robert & Elizabeth Coup,  nee FAIRWEATHER,  farmer.
                Andrew & Ellen Elizabeth Mander,  nee DRYHURST
witness: Frank Coup, 

William Henry STANLEY  &  Hester Nanette Mander  m. 21 May 1907  at St Matthew's, St Albans.
ages: 21/24,   occ: farmer/dressmaker,   born: Harewood rd/Christchurch.
parents:  Charles John & Mary Elizabeth Stanley,  nee PESTER,  farmer.
                John Hiorns & Elizabeth Mander,  nee NESBITT,  bricklayer.
witness:  John Alexander Mander,   Jeanne Nesbitt Mander,  Ethel Stanley

John Ernest LYNN   &  Jennie Nesbitt Mander  &  m. 19 April 1919  at Methodist Church, Madras st.
ages: 33/30,     bachelor/spinster,   occ: bootmaker/machinist,   born: Dundee, Scotland/Christchurch.
parents:  David Brodie  & Emma Claudine Lynn  nee GLIDDON,  Naval officer.
                John Hiorns & Elizabeth Mander,  nee NESBITT  gas worker.
witness:  John Hood, Brooklyn, Wellington,  bootmaker,     Rose Lynn,  Roseneath, Wellington.

George William SHELDON  &  Selina Mander  m. 12 April 1904 at St Barnabas, Fendalton.
ages: 34/22,    occ: gardener,   born: Amberley/Fendalton.
parents: George & Sarah Sheldon,  nee  PLEASANCE.  farmer.
                 William & Mary Ann Mander,  nee NEAL,  gardener.
witness: Gertrude Mander, Fendalton,      Matthew Charles Smith,  hairdresser.

Leslie Cooper WALKER  &   Winifred Elizabeth Mander    m. 19 April 1919 at Methodist Church. St Albans.
ages: 27 / 27;    occ: electric meter installer / machinist;   born: Glasgow, Scotland / Christchurch;
parents:  Thomas & Charlotte Nanetia Walker,  nee NESBITT,  monumental mason.
                    John Hiorns & Elizabeth Mander,  nee NESBITT,  gas fitter;
witness:  Stanley Augustus Mander,  clerk, Christchurch;    Janet Walker, Wellington;

George TAYLOR   &  Ann Manders   m.  26 March 1875  at res. of Mr Woodham, St Asaph st.
ages: 64/38,    widower/spinster.    occ: warehouseman/domestic servant,
witness:  James Woodham,   storeman,   Elizabeth Jane Woodham,  dau. of James

MANDER - Births  -
Ada -  b. 30 January 1889  to  William & Mary Ann,  Bryndwr,  occ; gardener.
Albert Thomas - b. 30 December 1888 to Ambrose Lee & Mary Ann,  Cust,  labourer.
Andrew John - b. 12 November 1885  to  Ambrose Lee & Mary Ann,  Cust,  labourer.
Basil John Courtney  -  b. 25 March 1923  to  Courtney William & Laura Lena,  566 Madras st.  bookeeper.
Caleb Ross -  b. 23 August 1886  to William  & Mary Ann, Bryndwr,  occ: gardener.
David William  -  b.   to Stanley Augustus & Nina Pretoria,  St Andrews Hill.
Elsie -  b. 16 October 1887  to William & mary Ann,  Bryndwr,  gardener.
Ethel May  -  b. 18 May 1880  to William & Mary Ann, Papanui,  labourer.
Gertrude -  b. 19 March 1884  to  William & Mary Ann, Bryndwr, 
Graham Stanley -  b. to Stanley Augustus  &  Nina Pretoria,  Mt Pleasant.
Henrietta Esther  - b. 4 November 1882  to John Hiorns & Elizabeth,  nee NESBITT, Madras st, north.
Minnie - b. 13 April 1890  to William & Mary Ann,  Fendalton,  gardener.
Neil Dennis -  b.  to Dennis Stanley  & Rose Kathleen,   teacher.
Peter Garth  -  b.  to Stanley Augustus  & Nina Pretoria .
Thelma -  b. 7 December 1902  to  Edith & Ernest Kingston,  St Asaph st.
William Henry Ambrose -  b. 10 September 1887  to Ambrose Lee & Mary Ann,  Cust,

MANDER  -  Burials -
Caleb Ross - bur.  24 April 1929,  age 39,  res. Templeton.
Ellen Elizabeth  -  bur. 21 October 1882, age 23,  nok Andrew Mander,(husband)  salesman,  Drapers rd.
Emma H. -  bur. 28 July 191,  age 70,  Papanui.
Ethel May  -  bur. 2 November 1885,  age 5yrs, dau. of William & Mary Ann
Gertrude -  bur. 12 August 1946,  age 62.  165 Montreal st.
Jacob Leslie - bur. 21 November 1885  age 1 yr.
Mary Ann -  bur. 22 September 1908,  wife of William,  age 54.  res. Fendalton.
William -  bur. 9 December 1922,  age 68. res. Sumner,  late Peterborough st.
William -  bur. 13 March 1923,  age 60.  res. Addington.



Births -
Cyril Edgar -  b. 24 March 1894  to  William & Mary Ann,  Bryndwr.
Selina   -  b. 9 April 1882  to William & Mary Ann,  Bryndwr,  gardener.

MANDERS -   Burials  - 
James -  bur. 16 March 1881,  age 61,   labourer, res. Christchurch Hospital.
John Hiorns  -  bur. 31 August 1911,  age 55, 

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Christchurch NZ
10 March 2010
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