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Marriages  males
Frederick  Langford   &   Helen  Topp  JACK   m.  19 April  1905   at    house of bride's father,  Stoke.
ages:  29 / 32,   born: Grookham,  England / Cust.   (G or C  for Grookham)
parents:  Alfred William  &  Mary  Ellen  Langford  nee  POTTER     gardener
                James  &  Margaret Jack  nee SHORT      farmer
witness:    George Neil Langford,  bricklayer,  Temuka,         Margaret Jane Steven Donaldson,     of Addington.

Henry Charles Langford   &   Elsie Evelyn  MILLS   m.  18 February  1914  at   St Mark's Church,  Opawa,
ages:  24 / 23,    occ:  delivery clerk / school mistress,         both born Christchurch,   
parents:  Alfred Thomas  &  Fanny Jane Langford  nee WAITT,   storekeeper
                John James  &  Ada Edith   Mills   nee SAWLETT, 
witness:   John James Mills,  Linwood,            Thomas Herbert Langford,   Winchester,  storekeeper,    
Robert  Langford     &    Emma Alexander COMLEY   m.  21 May  1853  at  Church of Lyttelton,
both full age,     occ: steward,   
witness:    Thomas ABRAHAM,   Emily  CHANNON

Thomas Alfred  Langford   &  Fanny Jane  WAITT   m.  31 May  1885   at  St John's Church,  Christchurch.
ages:   30 / 28,     occ: farmer,      born:  Dungate, Cambridgeshire /  Whitchurch,  Warwickshire,    
parents:    Thomas  & Martha  Langford   nee BERRY,     farmer
                   Henry & Sarah WAITT   nee  WHEELER,     butcher
witness:     Dorcas Savage,   William  Savage,    Lichfield Street,  coachman

William Langford   &   Eliza  WARNER   m.  27  July  1859  at  St Michael's Church,  Christchurch
ages:   full / minor,           occ: Gentleman,       
witness:    Robert Warner,  tailor,     Mary Ann Warner,      Martha  Warner

Marriages  - females
Percy  Sylvaner  NELSON  &   Caroline Harriet  Langford    m.  16 November  1915  at Church of Christ,  Moorhouse Avenue.
ages:  28 / 24,    occ: analyst,    born:  Christchurch /  Waimea. 
Parents:    James & Hannah Nelson  nee CROWE      basketmaker
                Herbert  &  Ellen  Langford  nee BATT   undertaker,
witness:  E. Laing Burgess,    domestic dities,           E.A. Griffiths,   Stanmore Road,      tram conductor

Edward Francis  OAKES   &  Ethel Rippon Langford  m.   28 December  1908   at  Catholic Cathedral,  Christchurch
ages:  28 / 24,        occ: carriage painter / book keeper,          both  born  Christchurch 
parents:  Charles Augustine  &  Ellen Oakes  nee  GREY    music teacher
                Walter  &  Emma Langford  nee  RIPPON     independent
witness:    William Leslie Baker,      cutter, Christchurch,                  Margaret Amelia Isherwood.

Edward Francis Oakes  b.  26 February  1880  to   Charles Augustine  &  Ellen Oakes  nee  GREY    music teacher

Arthur Thomas  MUNN   &   Ida Ellen  Langford  m.  15 November  1906  at   Church of Christ,  Durham Street,
ages:  22 / 26,      occ: wicker worker / domestic,     born: Halcombe / Sydenham,
parents:  Charles John  & Sophie  Munn   nee BROOKS,   settler
                Herbert  & Ellen  Langford  nee  BATT,   undertaker.
witness:    Mabel Constance Langford,   William George Munn,  railway shunter

Charles  CURTIS   &  Jessie Langford  m.  1 July  1883  at St Mary's,  Merivale
ages:  26 / 26,         occ: storeman,       Born:  Hastings / Bristol,  England.
parents:  Jeremiah  &  Ellen Curtis   nee  PALMER
                W.H.  & Eliza Langford  nee  IMPEY,  candlemaker.
witness:    Clifford Toon,  wool classer,  St Albans,    Louisa Ellen Langford,  St Albans

Thomas Court  STANLEY  &  Louisa Ellen  Langford    m.  9 January  1889  at  St James,  Harewood Road,
ages:  35 / 27,      occ: farmer,       born: Lyttelton / Bristol,  England, 
parents:     John & Mary Stanley,  nee COLLINS,   farmer
                William Henry  &  Eliza  Langford  nee  SIMPSON,     Agent
witness:     Charles CURTIS,    Edith Emily STANLEY,      Martha STANLEY

Joseph  WAUGH   &   Mabel Constance  Langford   m. 24 March  1909  at house of Mrs Langford,  16 London Street,  Richmond,
ages:  26 / 26,        born: Highcliff Peninsula /  Dovedale, Nelson,     
parents:    James & Mary Waugh  nee STRACHAN    farmer
                 Herbert & Ellen  Langford  nee  BATT,   Funeral director
witness:   Caroline Herbert Langford,      Raymond Howard  Langford,   cabinet maker,  Christchurch

John   SHEPHERD  &   Margaret  Langford  m.  18 April  1870  at St Michael's Church,  Christchurch
both full age,     occ: labourer,
witness:    George Langford,  Colombo Street,   Clara Langford,  Christchurch.

Peter  DOW   &    Mary Langford   m.   2 September  1899  at Church of Blessed Sacrament,  Christchurch
ages:  28 / 23,   occ:  Blacksmith / domestic,        born: Timaru / Kaiapoi,
parents:   James  &  Isabella  Dow  nee  DIVERTY,   carpenter
                   John  &  Ellen  Langford,  nee DALY,  coachbuilder
witness:    Henry Bartlett,  painting,      Mary Jones,   domestic duties,  Christchurch

Claude Ernest  WOLEDGEM   &  Rubena Langford    m.  30 January  1908  at res. of  W. Langford,  41 Hereford Street
ages:  22 / 21,      occ: electrical engineer / domestic,         both born Christchurch,       
parents:   Charles R.  &   Alice Woledgem   nee  FEARON,     Insurance Inspector
                   Walter  & Emma Langford,    undertaker
witness:    Mabel Constance Langford,      Walter Langford,  undertaker

Clarence Ernest  Woledgem  b.  25 August  1885  Hillview Road,  Linwood.

John SIMPSON   &    Sarah Ann  Langford   m.  3 April  1869   at house of Rev J. Aldred,  St Albans.
both full age,     occ: labourer,
witness:   George Langford,    Margaret Langford.

Births  -
Arthur Clyde      - b. 11 July 1886  to Thomas Alfred  & Fanny Jane,  45 Chester Street,  Christchurch
Audrey Elizabeth    -  b.  27 July  1927   to  John George  &  Emily Lydia,    Roker Street, Christchurch,   occ: coachman.
Ellen    -  b. 23 April 1878  to John  & Ellen  nee DALY
Ernest Harold     -  b.  9 November 1897   to   Thomas Alfred  & Fanny Jane,   Templar Street,     occ:  coachman
Florence Esther   -   b.  19  January  1913  to  Edward Arthur  &  Esther,  Sea View Road,  New Brighton.   occ:  builder
Francis Evelyn -    b.  2 May 1893  to  Thomas Alfred  & Fanny Jane, 
Gwendoline Phyllis  -  b.  23  February  1915,  to Edward Arthur  &  Esther,  Sea View Road,  New Brighton.   occ:  builder
Harold Ernest    -  b. 14 July 1919  to  Thomas Herbert  & Amy Arona,   Fendalton Road,   occ: storekeeper
Henry Charles    -  b.  27 April  1889  to Thomas Alfred  & Fanny Jane, nee WAITT,  Chester Street East,    coachman
Mary    -  b.  11 July 1876  to  John  & Ellen  nee DAILY
Rubena    -  b.  25 December 1886  to Walter  & Emma,   occ:  undertaker
Thomas Herbert    -  b.  1 June 1891   to  Thomas Alfred  & Fanny Jane,   Avonside
William Edward  -  b.  15 March 1910  to  Edward Arthur  &  Esther,  Sea View Road,  New Brighton

Burials  -
Eliza  bur,  12 November 1892,   age 74,  widow of William Henry Langford,  New Brighton.
Emma   -   bur.  21  July 1921,   age 70
George  -   bur.   20 August 1873,   age 62
Henry James  -  bur.  22 October  1875    age 33
Kathleen Jessie Murray  -  bur.  29 January  1879   age   2 mths 3 weeks
Walter Douglas  -  bur.  9 January  1925,  age 44  of Richmond
William Henry  -  bur.  17 August  1886,  age 57

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