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Marriages males
Albert Gordon  Jarman   &  Catherine Violet CLARK  m.  14 September 1922 at St Mary's, Halswell.
occ:  farm labourer,    ages: 21/21,       b. West Melton/Christchurch.      usual res:  Greenpark
parents:  Richard & Catherine Frances Jarman  nee HARWOOD
        Samuel & Catherine Clark,  nee Schroeder,   farmer.
witness:  John Clark,  farmer, Greenpark,   Samuel Clark, farmer,      Ruby Schroeder,  Greendale.

Alfred Jarman  &  Kate CALLEN  m   17 September 1863
ages:  28/19,     occ:  draughtsman / Lady
witness:  Jno S.Browning,     Mary Callen  (her mark)

Frederick Stanley  Jarman  &  Flora Macquarie WALKER   m.  7 May  1908  at St Mary's, Addington, Christchurch
ages:  28/29,     occ: accountant,    born:  Tiverton, Devonshire/Christchurch,   
parents:  John & Fanny Jarman  nee ROSE,  stock inspector.
        Walter George & Ellen Walker,  nee MARTIN,  
witness:  Gladys J.Walker,      Frank E.Jarman, Kirwee,      C.J.Walker.

Hedley Elworthy Jarman  &   Mary Elizabeth Chattarway CLARKE   m.  22 March  1905  at  St Michael's Church, Christchurch.
ages: 26/27,    occ:  tramway clerk,           born:  Tiverton/Christchurch,    
parents:   John & Fanny Jarman  nee ROSE,  government meat inspector.
        John Chattarway  & Charlotte Elizabeth Clarke  nee CLAYTON.
witness:  Arthur Jarman,   Fairton,       Ian Musgrave,  Riccarton.

Hugh Wilfred  Jarman  &  Alice Jane COOKE  m. 9 December 1925  at Presbyterian Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  31/26,     occ: machine hand/domestic,   born: Greendale/Southbridge.
parents:   Albert Richard  &  Catherine Frances Jarman,  nee HARWOOD.
        Charles Richard  & Flora Jarman,  nee McJARROW,  engine driver.
witness: Cecil Leslie Jarman,       Ellen Emma Waters,  Ohoka.

James Herbert Jarman  &  Charlotte May BARKER   m.  1 March 1916  at St Michael's Church, Christchurch.
ages: 26/28,    occ: farmer/music teacher.     born: greendale/Ashburton,    usual address: Kirwee.
parents:  Thomas Elworthy  &  Annie Jarman  nee GOUGH,  farmer
        Henry & Mary Christine  Barker,  nee PROSSER  depot chargeman.
witness:   Thomas David Jarman,  farmer,  Kirwee,       Hannah Vera Barker,  musician,  Christchurch,     Henry Barker.

John Jarman  &   Mary Rolfe MACINTOSH   m.  28 February  1895  at St Peter's Chruch,  Riccarton,  Christchurch.
ages: 44/22,      widower, 27 October 1890/spinster,    occ: inspector.  born: Devonshire, England/Nelson, NZ.
parents:  John & Mary Jane Jarman  nee METTERAL
        James ----  & Mary Macintosh,  nee HAMMOND.
witness:  Arthur George Wilberforce Jarman,     James MacIntosh,     Ellen Rachel MacIntosh

Marriages  -  females  -
Richard Lavis ROUND   &  Eileen Stella Jarman  m. 19 December 1936 at St Barnabas Church, Fendalton.
ages: 40/38,    bachelor/spinster,    occ: carriage builder,    born:  Christchurch/Napier,    
parents:  Daniel Joseph  & Elizabeth Emma Round  nee SOPER,  coach painter
        Arthur Francis  & Kate Jarman,  nee LONERGAN,   Assurance Supt.
witness:  W.H.Janderson,  printer,  Forfar st,    A.E.M.Sanderson.

Charles CLARK  &  Ellen Charlotte Jarman  m.  1 July 1865  at  St Michael's Church, Christchurch.
widower/spinster,   occ: land and estate agent
witness:  John Cordy,  Hororata,  stock owner,     Isaac Luck,  land agent,     Kate Madeline Luck,      Dora Marianne Luck.

Allan Amos  Johns  BIRD  &   Emily Rose Jarman  m.   10 April 1929 at St Paul's Church,  Papanui. Christchurch.
ages: 24/28,      occ:  farm labourer,      born: Spreydon, Christchurch/West Melton, Cantebury,     usual address: Greenpark,
parents:  Amos & Ellen Bird  nee JOHNS,  farm labourer.
        Albert Richard  &  Catherine Frances Jarman,  nee HARWOOD.
witness:  T.H.Bird,  Otaki,  farmer,     A.G.Jarman,  Greenpark,  farmer.

Benjamin MUSGRAVE   &  Fannie Jarman  m. 8 January 1896  at St Michael's Church, Christchurch.
ages:  both full.        occ: butter maker,      born: Westkeal, Lincolnshire/ Uplowman, Tiverton, England.
parents:  John Benjamin & Sarah Musgrave,  nee GRIME,  farmer.
         John & Jane Jarman  nee METHEREL.  farmer.
witness:  Arthur George Wilberforce Jarman,    Minnie Ellen Pratt.

James BROWN   &  Ivy Jarman  m.  12 August  1914  at St Stephens Church,  Lincoln, Canterbury.
ages: 28/22,    bachelor/spinster,    occ: labourer,    born: Lyttelton/Greendale.
parents:  Andrew & Kate Hay Brown  nee FORRESTER,  farmer
        Albert Richard  &  Catherine Frances Jarman,  nee HARWOOD.  farmer
witness:  A.R.Jarman,  Lincoln,      J.Brown,  Lyttelton,  blacksmith,       Ethel Jane Jarman,  Lincoln.

Thomas Lamport  &  Mary Jane JARMAN   m. 20 September 1882   at St Peter's Church, Riccarton,  Christchurch
ages: 28/27,    occ: gardener,    born:  East Moseley, Surrey/Heavitree,  Devon,
parents:  Thomas & Sarah Lamport  nee MELSON,   gaedener
                John & Jane Jarman  nee  Metherall. 
witness:   Thomas Elworthy Jarman,  Greendale.    Sarah Lamport,   Christchurch,    T.D.Acland,  Christchurch.

Births   -
Albert Edward -  b.  1933  to Cyril Raymond  and Olive Muriel.
Betty Hazel  -  b  1935   to Cyril Raymond  and Olive Muriel.
Beverley Frances  -  b. 1930   to  to Cecil Leicester and Caroline Frances,    tractor driver.
Florence Ellen  -  b. 7 August 1918  to  Frederick Stanley  & Flora Macquarie
Frederick Stanley  - bap.  28 June 1891  to  ----    & John,  Ferry road,  slaughterhouse inspector.
Hedley Elworthy  -  bap.  28 June 1891  to  John  &  ------ adult bap. 
Helena Josephine  -  b.  12 May 1881  to  Alfred & Kate 
Hilda Iris May  - b.1 May 1896  to  John & May  nee MacIntosh  Inspector
Hugh Wilfred  -  b.  21 December 1893  to  Albert Richard  &  Catherine  Frances,  Greendale.
Ivy -  b. 13 June 1892  to  Albert Richard   & Catherine Frances
Jessie Mary - b. 29 May 1866  to Alfred & Kate,  nee Callen.
John Stewart -  bap 28 June 1891   to John -----  slaughterhouse inspector
Margaret  - b. 24 June 1881  to  Mary,  St Asaph St,   Domestic servant.  sp.  Thos. Dyke & Flora Margaret Acland.
Richard - b. 24 August 1864  to Alfred & Kate 

Albert Richard  -  d. 13 May 1921,  age 56,  farmer,    bur.  St Peter's Churchyard, Upper Riccarton
Hedley Elworthy - d. 25 March 1958   age 79  crematorium

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
23 June 2010

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