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                Marriages -   Grooms
Albert John Harper  &  Lillie Violet Edith MANSHIP  m.  24 Aug. 1922  at  Holy Trinity, Avonside.
ages:  44 / 27:        widower, 5 May 1913 / spinster:         occ: traveller:    born: Woolston / Halswell:
parents:  John & Priscilla Harper,  nee VESEY,  builder.
                    John & Edith Blanch Manship,  nee HAMILTON,  a dealer.
witness:  E.S.Harper,  Wellington:  G.Black, typiste, St Albans:

Albert John Harper  &  Annie SWINTON  m.  12 May 1908  at  Holy Trinity,  Avonside.
ages:  29 / 33:        occ: clerk:         born: both Christchurch:
parents:  John & Priscilla Harper,  nee VESEY,  builder.
                    Thomas & Maria Swinton,  nee GARLAND,  engineer.
witness:  V.J.Drake,  traveller, Christchurch:  Maria Swinton:

Alfred Edwin Harper  &  Catherine FORD  m.  25 Jan. 1901  at res. Mr Ford, Colombo st, St Albans.
ages:  24 / 19        occ: carpenter:       born:  Linwood / Sydenham, Christchurch:  
parents:   Stephen & Jane Harper,  nee LLOYD,  tin miner.
                    James & Mary Anne Ford,  nee CUBBON,  carpenter.
witness:  James Ford, carpenter, St Albans:    Mary Ashworth,  Islington:  Samuel Ford, Springfield: 
                 Edmund Richard Ford:  Phoebe Clothier:

Alfred William Harper  &  Emma Isabella JAMES  m.  14 August 1901  at res. J.F.Johnson, Kaiapoi.
ages:  44 / 26:         born:  Kaiapoi / Newcastle, NSW:   
parents:  John & Maria Harper,  nee STAPLETON,  farmer.
                    John & Emma James,  nee RAWNSLEY,  seaman.
witness:  Robert Edward Humphrey Harper,  Kaiapoi:      Mary Ashley:

Allan William Harper  &  May Ellen Alecia  LAWSON   m.  3 July 1920  at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  27 / 17:        occ: farmer / waitress:        born:  Woolston / Christchurch:
parents:  Alfred Benjamin &  Elizabeth Charlotte Harper,  nee WELCH.
                    James Thomas  &  Ocean Annie Lawson,  nee HAWKER,  driver.
witness:  George Whitta:  G.J.Lawson:  C.R.Harper:  Myrtle Harper:

Archibald James Harper  &  Ethel Maud  STOW  m.  4 Oct. 1906  at St Mark's, Opawa.
ages:  25 / 28:        occ: tramway conductor:       born: Christchurch / London:
parents:  Robert & Agnes Harper,  nee HAMILTON,  a slater.
                    Edgar Walter Stow  & Sarah SHARPE,  nee CHILDS.
witness:  Leslie Gee, Spreydon:  Edith Lily Stow, Linwood:

Arthur John   Harper  &  Mary KEELEY  m. 25 April  1900  at res. William F. Keeley, Kaiapoi.
ages: 28 / 22:        occ: farm labourer:       born:  both Kaiapoi:
parents:  Robert Sizeland & Mary Harper,  nee BENNINGTON,  farmer.
                    Wm Fairthorne & Elizabeth Keeley,  nee RICHARDS,  farm labourer.
witness:  William Keeley,  Kaiapoi:   Hannah Drabble,  weaver, Kaiapoi:
marriage dissolved 7 July 1931

Arthur Paul Harper  &  Marion Florence CAMPBELL   m.  5 April 1899  at St Paul's, Papanui.
ages:  33 / 29:        occ:  Barrister & Solicitor:     born: Chch / Orange, NSW.     usual address: Auckland:
parents:  Leonard & Joanna Dorothea Dyke,  nee  TROYTE,  Barrister.
                    Michael Scott  &  Ellen Lucy Campbell,  nee TEMPLER,  runholder.
witness:   Ellen Campbell,  Papanui:   Rose Mary Templer,  Avonside: 

Benjamin Harper  &  Frances Elizabeth PETERS  m. 9 May 1883  at Colombo st North.
ages:  23 / 24:        occ: clerk / servant:       born:  Edinburgh, Scotland / Christchurch.
parents:  Robert & Agnes Harper,  nee SIME, a  slater.
                    George Cornelius  &  Elizabeth Peters,  nee STONEBRIDGE,  saddler.
witness:  Robert Harper:   George Cornelius Peters: 

Charles Harper  &  Ida CARPENTER   m.  8 July 1908  at  Knox. Pres. Bealey Ave.
ages:  29 / 27:        occ: blacksmith:          born: Pigeon Bay / Maraetai, Auckland:
parents:    John Sizeland  & Levina Harper,  nee HUBBARD,  blacksmith.           
                    William & Martha Carpenter,  nee KIDD,   farmer.
witness:  Amy Carpenter,  seaman,  Kaiapoi:     Martin Copeland,  salesman, Christchurch:

Charles  Harper    &    Rose  HODGSON   m. 13 December 1919   at the res.Twentyman Hodgson
ages: 38 / 25,      occ: shepherd:        b. Canterbury, Kent / Loburn.
parents:  Charles & Elizabeth  Harper,   nee BOURNE,  farmer
                    Twentyman  & Sarah Ann Hodgson,   nee JUDSON
witness:  Twentyman Hodgson,  farmer, Loburn:       Barbara A.Hodgson,  Waiau, school teacher.

Charles Godfrey Cracroft  Harper   &  Gladys Helen   BLUNDEN  m.  23 April 1912  at  St James,  Cust, Nth Canterbury.
ages:  27 / 25:       occ: farmer:       born:  Hackthorne, Ashburton / "The Downs",  Bennetts, Nth Canterbury:
parents:  Charles John   & Sarah Harper,  nee CRACROFT,  farmer.
                    Reginald & Alice Blunden,  nee MOORE,  farmer.
witness: Reginald Blunden,  Bennetts, farmer:       Leonard W. Blunden, Bennetts, farmer:

Charles John Harper  &  Sarah CRACROFT  m.  13 Feb. 1867  at  St Mary's.  Halswell.
ages: both full:        widower / spinster:         occ: gentleman:
witness:  Isabella Westernra:      Edith Cracfoft Wilson:      G. Macfarlan:

Charles John Harper  &  Cecilia Anne  WILSON  m.  3 July 1861  at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages: full / minor:       occ: gentleman:   
witness:  James Wilson:  Emily Harper:      Sibella Mary Ross:      Rosa Harper:  Katherine Wilson:

Charles Lawrence Harper  &  Hazel Olive WALTON  m.  8 Jan. 1930 at St Barnabas, Fendalton.
occ: teacher:       born:  Christchurch / Aucland:         usual address:  Geraldine:
parents:  Thomas & Olivia Harper,  nee O'ROARKE,  grocer.
                    Frederick Herbert  & Marion Walton,  nee NESS,  basket maker.
witness:  George Clifford harper, clerk, Christchurch:       Kathleen herd,  Christchurch:

David Harper  &    Rosetta May GILES  &    m. 27 December 1905 at St. Augustine, Clarkville
ages: 28/21,    occ: platelayer:      b. Kaiapoi / Clarkville
parents: Robert Sizsland   &  Mary Ann Harper,  nee BONNINGTON  farmer
                     Edward & Kate Giles   nee CLOTHIER,  farmer.
witness:  Arthur Edmund Brierly,  Kaiapoi:      Minna Rosina Vaughan,  Clarkville:

Edmund Harper  &  Laura Lind GOSSETT  m. 29 Nov. 1905  at  St Mary's, Irwell.
ages:  both full:        occ: farmer:       born: both New Zealand:        usual address: Fairlie:
parents:  George & Agnes Margaret Harper,  nee LOUGHNAN,  Barrister.
                Charles Hilgrove  & Helen Low Gossett,  nee MORISON,  clerk in Holy Orders.
witness:  H.B.Williams, Christchurch:   George E. Rhodes, Ellesmere:  Nellie Rhodes,  Ellesmere:

Edward William Harper  &  Frances Ethel HOWARTH   m.  30 July 1914  at res. Mr Jas. Howarth, Kaiapoi.
ages: 21 / 26:       occ: labourer / millhand:        born:  Kaiapoi / Rothwell, Yorkshire:
parents:  Robert Edward Humphrey & Ellen Harper,  nee WRIGHT,  labourer.
                James & Emma Howarth,  nee ABBISHAM,  millhand.
witness:  Albert Howarth, weaver, Kaiapoi:   Isabella Elliot -- Kaiapoi:

Elijah Harper  &  Louisa WHITTINGTON  m. 15 April 1869  at St John the Baptist,  Christchurch.
ages: both full:     witness:  Jacob Wicks,  Christchurch:   Frances Eleanor Hoare:

Frank Harper  &  Violet Simpson FALCONER  m.  20 Jan. 1914  at  res. Mr R.M.Falconer, Tuam st.
ages:  27 / 27:       occ: asphalt contractor:        born:  Opawa / Christchurch:
parents:  John Albert & Elizabeth Harper,  nee HAWKER,  blacksmith.
                     Robert Morrison  & Mary Falcolner,  nee NEILL,  gentleman.
witness:  Anthony Anderson,  bootmaker:   Eva Smith, dressmaker:

Frederick Harper  &  Margaret Jane STEPHENS  m.  27 Sept. 1900  at  Wesleyan Church, Woolston.
ages:  24 / 22:        occ: bootmaker:        born:  Woolston / Sydenham: 
parents:  Elijah Wm  & Louisa Harper,  nee WHITTINGTON ,  engine driver.
                    Frederick & Margaret Jane Stephens,  nee OGAN,  contractor.
witness:  J. Stephens,  a tanner, Woolston:  L.Stephens,  Woolston:

George Harper  &  Agnes Margaret LOUGHNAN  m. 21 Nov.  1871  at  Catholic Church, Christchurch.
occ:  solicitor:
witness:  R.J.Loughnan:      Georgina Loughnan:      H.H.Loughnan:      J. Loughnan:      R.A. Loughnan:

George Eric Harper  &  Phyllis May SMITH  m.  25 March 1939  at Baptist Church,  Oxford tce.
occ: comm. traveller:        born: both Christchurch: 
parents:  Alfred Edwin  & Katherine Harper,  nee FORD,  carpenter.
                    Alfred & Amelia May  Smith,  nee CLOTHIER,  manufacturer.
witness:  Eversley May Underwood,  Christchurch:   John Kerle Haberfield,  Christchurch:

Harold Walter Harper  &  Edith Annie GUNDY  m.  22 June 1905  at St Mark's, Opawa.
ages:  22 / 21:       occ: butcher:       born:  Woolston / Akaroa:
parents:  Walter &  Emma Harper,  nee DAY,  labourer.
                    John & Sarah Gundy,  nee YEWEN,  bootmaker.
witness:  John Hammond Beckett,  bootmaker, Sydenham:  Harvey Victor Boatwood,  baker,  Linwood.

Hector Stanley Harper  &  Grace GRAY  m.  25 April 1912 at res. Walter Harper,  Lyttelton.
ages:  21 / 19:       occ:  carter:    born: Woolston / Lyttelton: 
parents:  Walter  & Emma Harper,  nee DAY
                 George &  Emily ELLIS,  nee GRAY
witness:  S.J.Ellis,  shepherd, Kaikoura:   Flossie Harper,  Lyttelton:

Herbert Harper  &  Elizabeth Ann KINGDON  m.  27 Nov. 1902  at res. Mr Kingdon,  Opawa.
ages:  22 / 25:        born: Opawa / Christchurch:
parents:  John Albert & Elizabeth Harper,  nee HAWKER,  blacksmith.
                    John  &  Margaret Kingdon,  nee O'BRIEN.
witness:  John Kingdon,  picture framer, Christchurch:   Frances Mary Kingdon, Christchurch:

Herbert Horace Harper  &  Mary Louise EVANS  m.  14 April 1910 at  Baptist Church, Oxford Tce.
ages:  34 / 25:        occ: grocer /  grocers assistant:       born:  Christchurch / Tring, Herts, England:
parents:   Joel James  &  Elizabeth Harper,  nee SMITH,  plumber.
                    John & Sarah Ann Evans,  nee HANWELL,  ironmongers assistant.
witness:  Arthur Odering,  Selwyn St:   Phoebe Kinley,  Ferry Rd:

Herbert William Harper  &  Catherine CAMERON  m. 31 March 1902  at res. Mrs Mitchell, Peterborough st.
ages:  28 / 26:       occ: tanner:       born: Woolston, Christchurch  / Scotland:
parents:  Wm  & Mary Harper,   nee ROUND,   a tanner.
                    Jas. & Elizabeth Cameron,  nee GLEN.  labourer.
witness:  W.G. Foster,  labourer, Woolston:       Isabelle Cameron,  Kowai Bush, Canterbury:      Bertha Harper, Woolston:

Horace Frederick Harper  &  May STEWART  m.  23 December 1908  at  St Mary's, Addington.
ages:  29 / 23:       occ: salesman:        born:  both Christchurch:
parents:   John & Priscilla Harper,  nee VESEY,  builder.
                    Henry & Caroline Stewart,  nee WILSON,  gentleman.
witness:  V.J.Drake,  Christchurch:   E.S. Harper,  Woolston:

James Davidson Harper  &  Grace Ellen Henrietta LEE   m. 7 February 1876  at res. Mr Moffet,  Halswell.
ages: 24 / 20:        occ: schoolmaster:
witness:  Jennings Moffet, farmer, Halswell:  Maggie Moffet,  Halswell:

James Davidson Harper  &  Grace Ellen Henrietta LEE   m. 9 Oct. 1917  at St Mary's, Addington.
ages: 35 / 32:        occ: agent:       born:  Gebbies Valley / Halswell:       usual address:  Wellington:
parents:  James Davidson  &  Grace Ellen Henrietta Harper,  nee LEE,  school teacher.
                    John Parsons Warburton  &  Lucy Jane Lee,  nee WARD,  farmer.
witness:  H.G.Cogan,  clerk, Christchurch:  J.T.Cogan:   Doris Guthrie,  Christchurch:

Joel James Harper  &  Elizabeth SMITH  m.  29 February 1868  at  St John Baptist, Christchurch.
ages: both full:   occ: groom:
witness:  Joseph Smith, Christchurch:  Catherine Smith:

John Harper  &  Elizabeth HAWKER    m.  15 June 1871  at  St Mark's,  Opawa.
ages:  of age,  underage:        occ: labourer:
witness:  James Hawker, wireworker, Christchurch:  Henry Crooks,  Christchurch:

John Harper  &  Catherine MURPHY     m.  15 April 1899 at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  19 / 17        born: Pigeon Bay / Sydenham: 
parents:  John Sizeland & Lavina Harper,  nee HUBBARD,  blacksmith.
                    Thomas Patrick  &  Kate Murphy,  nee COSTELLO,  blacksmith.
witness:  Thomas Patrick Murphy,  blacksmith,  Kaiapoi:   Alice Beatrice Clemence, Christchurch:  Charles Kingston Band.
John Harper  &  Henrietta EDMONDSTON     m. 7 August 1915 at  St John's, Woolston.
ages:  61 / 49:       widower, 14 Aug. 1912 / widow, 22 Oct. 1912:        born:  Christchurch / Geelong, Aus:       occ: carpenter:
parents:  John & Elizabeth  Harper,  nee KING,  farmer.
                    Laurence & Elizabeth  WEBSTER,  nee GOREY,  stockbroker.
witness: Sydney Lawrence Harrison:  William Edward Adino Newenham, soldier:    

John Harper  &  Alice TURNER    m.  11 January 1898  at  res. Mrs Harper, Linwood.
ages: 27 / 24:   occ: painter:     born:  Linwood / Loburn, Nth Canterbury:
parents:  Stephen & Jane Harper,  nee LLOYD,  mining agent.
                John Frost  &  Ann Turner,  nee KING,  farmer.
witness:  William Edward Harper, grocer:  Emily Turner, Loburn:   William Edward Clothier,  bootmaker, Linwood: 

John Harper  &  Priscilla Wright VESEY  m. 19 July 1877 at  Holy Trinity,  Avonside.
ages:  full / 20:         witness:  Alfred Oliver:  Ellen E.Harper:  A.B.Harper:  Susan Vesey:

John Ferguson Harper  &  Dionysia Maud HORNBROOK  m.  27 Jan. 1881  at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  32 / 20:        occ: Bank accountant:        born: Aberdeen, Scotland / Mt Pleasant, Canterbury:
parents:  William & Margaret Harper,  nee INNES,  farmer.
                    Alfred & Frances Hornbrook,  nee HEWITT,  gentleman.
witness:  A.Hornbrook,  Opawa, gentleman:       Francis H. Burges, solicitor, Christchurch:   Emily J.A.Mulligan:

John George Harper  &  Elsie Jane PEARSE   m.  15 Jan. 1908  at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  29 / 25        occ: storeman / housemaid:         born: Abbway, NSW / Tinwald, Canterbury:
parents:  Robert Dawson   & Catherine Harper,  nee DEIDRICK,  ironmonger.
                    William & Elizabeth Pearse,  nee ASHTON,  a miller.
witness:  Wm Anderson, Ashburton:   Maggie McIver, Christchurch:

Leonard James Harper  &  Rose PATTERSON  m. 27 Dec. 1905  at   Baptist Church, Spreydon.
ages:  22 / 20:       occ: joiner / tailoress:       born: Opawa / Sydenham, both Christchurch.
parents:  Albert John  &  Elizabeth Harper,  nee HAWKER,  blacksmith.
                Peter & Mary Patterson,  nee CHAPMAN,  shunter.
witness:  Lily Patterson,  machinist, Waltham:   J.W.Goddard, St Martins-Opawa:             

Matthew Dalgarno Harper  &  Gwendoline Mabel BURT  m.  3 April 1935  at  Knox Pres. Church, Rangiora.
 occ:  labourer:           born:  Brechin, Forfarshire, Scotland / Waipukurau:
parents:  Charles & Jennie Harper,  nee DALGARNO,  labourer.
                Thomas & Clara Edith Burt,  nee COOPER,  farmer.
witness:  William Gordon Farquhar, labourer, Christchurch:       Thelma Lilian Burt,  Rangiora:  

Norman Robert Harper  &  Lillie Zanna POOLE  m.  19 August 1914  at  St Bartholomew, Kaiapoi.
ages: 26 / 22:      occ: surveyor / assistant  P & T.        born:  Naseby, Otago / Blenheim:  
parents:  Benjamin &  Frances Elizabeth Harper,  nee PETERS  clerk of court.
                    William Nelson  & Emma Louisa Poole,  nee LLOYD,  postmaster.
witness:  William Nelson Poole, postmaster, Kaiapoi:    George Benjamin Chinnery, dental mechanic, Christchurch: 

Randolph George Harper  &  Amy WOODWARD  m.  2 May 1870 at  St John the Baptist, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:       occ: farmer:      
 witness:  John Dons, grocer,  Christchurch:   Charlotte Triggs,  Christchurch:

Robert Harper  &  Ambrosine Adelaide  Margaret Ann AUSTIN  m.  23 Jan.  1893  at res. Thos. E. Brierly,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  24 / 22:       occ: labourer:       born:  Kaiapoi / Durham, England:
parents:  Robert Sizeland  & Mary Harper,  nee BENNINGTON,  farmer.
                    James & Margaret Ann Austin,  nee STOKER,  labourer.
witness:  A.M.Brierly,  Kaiapoi:       Thos. Ed. Brierly, spinner,  Kaiapoi:

Robert Harper  &  Agnes HAMILTON  m. 18 Nov. 1874  at  The Manse,  Christchurch.
ages:  22 / 22:       occ: slater.
witness:  Alfred Piper,  butler, Christchurch:    Alice Mary Piper,  householder: 

Robert Edward Humphrey Harper  &  Ellen WRIGHT  m.  26 May 1886 at res. Mr W.Wright,  Kaiapoi;
ages:  24 / 22:       occ: farmer:         born: both New Zealand:
parents:  John & Maria Harper,  nee SAVAGE,  farmer.
                     William & Mary Ann Wright,  nee PEARCE,  stoker.
witness:  W.Wright,  Kaiapoi:  Emily Wright, Kaiapoi:

Robert Sizeland Harper  &  Mary BENNINGTON  m.  20 April; 1864  at Parish Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  full / under:        occ: labourer:
witness:  John Harper:  Isabella Collins:

Robert Sizland Harper  &  Ambrosine Adelaide Margaret Ann AUSTIN  m.  23 Jan. 1893  at res. Thos. E.Brierly, Kaiapoi.
ages:  24 / 22:        born: Kaiapoi / Durham, England:
parents:  Robert Sizland &  Mary Harper,  nee BENNINGTON ,  farmer.
                    James &  Margaret Ann Austin,  nee  STOKER.
witness:  A.M.Brierly,  Kaiapoi:      Thos. Ed. Brierly,  spinner, Kaiapoi:

Stephen Harper  &  Sarah Elizabeth CHAPMAN  m. 6 Feb. 1890  at Methodist Church, Richmond.
ages:  28 / 23:       occ: painter / school teacher:       born: Holywell, Flintshire, Nth Wales / Fernside, Rangiora:
parents:  Stephen  & Jane Harper,  nee LLOYD,  commission agent:
                    John &  Eliza Chapman,  nee MARTIN, 
witness:  Robert Arthur Gott,  carpenter, Spreydon:    Lillie Chapman,  Fernside:  

Thomas Harper  &  Olivia O'ROARKE  m.  19 Sept. 1901  at  St Matthew's Church,  Fernside.
ages:  31 / 29:   occ: labourer / dressmaker:   born:  Kaiapoi / Fernside: 
parents:  James &  Sarah Harper,  nee BARSON,.
                Charles & Jane O'Roarke,  nee MAJOR,  farmer.
witness:  H.J.Herriott, Christchurch:   Miriam O'Roarke, Fernside:

Walter Harper  &  Emma DAY  m.  19 Oct. 1882  at The Manse, Christchurch.
ages:  22 / 21:          occ: currier:       born:  both New Zealand:
parents:  John & Elizabeth Harper,  nee KING,  farmer.
                    William  &  Selina Day,  nee NANKIVILLE,  mariner.
witness:  Marshall A. Robinson,  compositor, Christchurch:  Louisa Harper, spinster,  Christchurch:

William Harper  &  Mary ROUND  m. 16 April 1873  at St John the Baptist. Christchruch.
ages:  21 / 21: 
witness:  John Harper,  labourer,  Ferry rd:  Elijah Round,  Waltham,  blacksmith:

William Stephen Harper  &  Louisa Eileen HAYDON  m. 26 Feb. 1924  at St Andrew's, Christchurch.
born: both Christchurch:        occ: salesman:
parents:  John & Alice Harper,  nee TURNER,  painter & decorator
                    Henry & Louisa Ellen Haydon,  nee McNISH,  railway employee.
witness:  F.Jefferies,  Christchurch:  A.G.Wass, clerk, Christchurch: 
marriage dissolved  24 August 1944.

William Thomas Harper  &  Barbara Jane CROSBIE  m.  20 Jan. 1872 at St Mark's, Opawa.
ages:  both full:   occ: mechanic:
witness:  James Harper, wireworker, Ferry rd:   John Harper, Opawa:

                        Marriages  -  Brides
Patrick John YOUNG  &  Ada Harper  m.  1 August 1907 at  Catholic cathedral.
ages:  29 / 25:        born: both St Martins, Opawa:
parents:  William  Young  & Catherine  GRAHAM, formerly  Young,  nee KEARNEY.
                    John Albert & Bessie Harper,  nee HAWKER,  blacksmith.
witness:  William Young,  Opawa:   Sarah Young, Opawa: 

Joseph ANDERSON  &  Alice Ann Harper  m. 23 Dec. 1894  at St Mary's, merivale.
ages: 28 / 24:          occ: butcher        born: Christchurch / Ashbourne:    
parents:  John & Mary Jane Anderson,  nee PITTS,  cabinet maker.
                    Elijah & Louisa Harper,  nee WHITTINGTON,  wool washer.
witness:  Charles Powell:  Emma Whittington, Opawa:

Thomas Edmund BRIERLY  &  Alice Mary Harper  m.  26 Dec. 1883  at Pres. Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  25 / 19:        occ:   both factory hand:         born:  England / New Zealand:  
parents:  Edmund &  Alice Brierly,  nee  PICKANANCE,  mill manager.
                Robert Sizeland & Mary Harper,  nee BENNINGTON,  farmer.
witness:  Robert S.Harper,  farmer, Kaiapoi:   Matilda Elliot, Kaiapoi:

James Henry PULLAN  &  Amy Louisa Harper  m.  17 May 1913  at Church of Good Shepherd, Phillipstown.
ages:  23 / 21:        occ: telegraphist:         born:  Linwood / Prebbleton:  
parents:  James & Sarah Ann,  nee THOMPSON,  brickmaker.
                    John & Emma Louisa Harper, nee WEBBER,   fruiterer. 
witness:  Augustus  Alan Wright,  Linwood:   John Leonard Harper, Linwood:

William DONALDSON  &  Ann Harper  m.  13 June 1878  at  The Manse,  Leeston.
ages:  33 / 28:        occ: farmer:
witness:  James Lindsay Broom,  Leeston:       Jemima Ewenson,  Leeston:

John MURCHIE  &  Annie Maria Harper  m.  2 March 1896  at  res. John Harper, Kaiapoi:
ages:  27 / 28:        occ: farmer:       born: Woodend / Kaiapoi,  both Canterbury:
parents:  Wm Henry (dec.) & Elizabeth CRAWFORD,  formerly  Murchie,  nee RICHARDS
                    John  & Maria Harper,  nee STAPLETON, 
witness:  Wm. J. Joy,  Kaiapoi:  Mary Keeley,  Kaiapoi:

Robert James YOUNG  &  Annie Maud Harper  m.  11 July 1900 at  Salvation Army Barracks.
ages:  22 / 22:       occ: bootmaker:       born:  both Leeston, Canterbury:
parents:  Thomas & Martha Young,  nee GALLAGHER,  bootmaker.
                    Robert & Grace Harper,  nee FLAWS.
witness:  Thomas Young,  boilermaker, Dunedin:   Mima Harper,  Leeston: 

Frederick NEALE  &  Elizabeth Harper   m.  19 March 1913  at  res. Mrs Bickerstaff,  Kaiapoi.
ages: 22 / 22:       occ: labourer / housekeeper:        born: Christchurch / Kaiapoi:
parents:  John Henry  & Elizabeth Neale,  nee DEAN, 
                    Robert Henry Humphrey  &  Ellen Harper,  nee WRIGHT, 
witness:  Henry Dean,  Belfast:   John Henry Neale,  Belfast:

BURNEY  &  Ellen Miriam Harper  m.  31 August 1898   at Pres. Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  23 / 23:        occ: farmer:        born: Hurunui, Nth Canterbury / Kaiapoi:
parents:  Edward Burney, sheep farmer,  (mother deceased)
                    Robert  Sizeland  &  Mary Harper,  nee BENNINGTON.

William George Harold BRUCE  &  Ellen Culverhouse Harper  m.  2 Nov. 1920  at Church of Good Shepherd, Phillipstown.
ages:  30 / 25:        occ: civil servant:      born:  Christchurch / Prebbleton:
parents:  James & Sarah Jane Bruce,  nee BLACKLER,  marriner.
                    John Leonard  & Emma Louisa Harper,  nee WEBBER,  carrier.
witness:  John Leonard Harper,  carrier, Woolston:   Ernest Randolph Harper, fellmonger, Woolston:
William George  Harold  Bruce  -  b. 26 Sept. 1890  to  James & Sarah,  seaman,  St Asaph St.

John Alfred OLIVER  &  Ellen Eliza Harper  m. 9 May 1878  at  St Mark's, Opawa.
ages:  24 / 20:       occ: tanner:   
witness:  Randolph Harper,  brewer, Phillipstown:      Louisa Harper, Ferry rd: 

Charles George TRIPP  &  Ellen Shepherd Harper  m. 23 Sept. 1858  at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full    occ: barrister of law:
witness:  Emily W. Harper:   Charles C. Bowen:  C.P.Cox:   H.W.Harper:  John Studholme:
                     C.L.Williams:  Sarah S.Harper:  Edward Jollie:

John George HENDREN  &  Elsie May Harper  m.  3 June 1903  at Pro-Cathedral.
ages:  23 / 21:        occ: blacksmith/ tailoress:         born: Lyttelton / Woolston:
parents:  John & Rose Hendren  nee MACKLE,  a striker.
                Elijah & Louisa Harper,  nee WHITTINGTON,  engine driver.
witness:  Emma Whittington,  Woolston:   W. McConnell,  boiler maker, Christchurch:

William BRISCO  &  Emily Jane Harper  m.  20 August 1903  at  res. Mr Harper, St martins.
ages:  31 / 28:        occ: farmer / tailoress:         born: both St Martins, Christchurch:
parents:  James &  Jane Brisco,  nee GRANT,  farmer.
                    John Albert  & Elizabeth Harper,  nee HAWKER,  blacksmith.
witness:  John Albert Harper,  St Martins:   Violet Marion Harper, St Martins: 

John Barton Arundel ACLAND  &    Emily Weddell  Harper    m.  17 January 1860 at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:        occ:  Gentleman.
witness:  Rosa Harper,  Christchurch:  Edward Jollie,  Mt Parnasuss:

William James JOY   &  Emma Louisa Harper m.  30  June 1896 at res.  John Harper, Kaiapoi.
ages:  28 / 24:           born: Bedfordshire, England / Kaiapoi:
parents:  Abel & Sarah Joy,  nee RICHARDSON,  gardener.
                    John & Maria Harper,  nee STAPLETON,  farmer.
witness:  George Alfred Fantham, farmer, Kaiapoi:   Mary Jane Ashley,  weaver,  Kaiapoi:

John PHILLIPS  &  Ethel Blanch Harper  m.  18 Oct. 1900  at  res. Mrs S. Phillips, Christchurch.
ages: 27 / 22:       occ: pastry cook:        born: London / Christchurch:
parents:  John Miller  & Sarah Phillips,  nee GODDARD, 
                    Robert & Margaret Harper,  nee SYMES,  a slater.
witness:  Robert Harper,  slater, Christchurch:     James Golding,  bootmaker,  Christchurch:

Cuthbert  Henry GRESSON  &  Ethel Hope Harper   m. 18 Oct. 1904  at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  27 / 25:       occ: dentist:        born: Christchurch / Southbridge:       usual address:  Timaru:
parents:  John Beatty  &  Frances Helen Mary Gresson,  nee GORDON,  solicitor:
                    Walter & Emily Harper,  nee HOPE,   Dean of Christchurch;
witness:  Walter Harper,  Dean of Christchurch:   Emily Reeves, Christchurch:
Cuthbert Henry Gresson  b. 18 Sept. 1877   to John Beatty  & Frances Helen Mary,  solicitor.

George GIBLING  &  Ethel May Harper  m.  2 Nov. 1909  at res. Mr R.E.H.Harper, Kaiapoi.
ages:  23 / 21:       occ: driver:        born: Clarkville / Kaiapoi:    
parents:  Thomas Henry  & Margaret Gibling,  nee CROMBIE,  farmer.
                Robert Edward Humphrey &  Ellen Harper,  nee WRIGHT,  farm labourer.
witness:  Ernest Read,  carpenter,  Kaiapoi:   Elizabeth Harper,  Kaiapoi:
George Gibling - b. 14 Feb. 1886  to  Thomas Henry  & Margaret,  Kaiapoi Island.

Frederick YEATTS   &  Florence Edith Harper  m.  15 Dec. 1910 at res. Mr W. harper, Woolston.
ages:  32 / 33:      born:  Kaiwarra, Wellington / Woolston:     usual address: Kilbirnie:
parents:  Robert & Jane Yeatts,  nee GILL,  currier.
                    William & Mary Harper,  nee ROUND,  tanner.
witness:  Bertha Ellen Harper, Woolston:   George Harper,  Woolston:

James William DAY  &  Flossie Irene Harper  m.  10 Feb. 1915  at  res. Walter Harper,  Cornwall rd. Lyttelton.
ages:  27 / 23:        occ: labourer.        born: Ipswich, Suffolk / Lyttelton: 
parents:  Alfred & Elizabeth Day,   nee HATFIELD,  labourer.
                    Walter & Agnes Emma Harper,  nee DAY,  aerated waterworker.
witness:  Hector Stanley Harper,  Christchurch:  William Robert Sadler,  Lyttelton:

George Johnston BIRCH  &  Gladys Harper  m.  2 June 1915  at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  39 / 31:         occ: sheepfarmer:       born: Rimu, Southland / Dunedin: 
parents:  George Talbot  &  Isabella Birch  nee JOHNSTON,  gentleman.
                    John Ferguson  & Diogenia?  Maud,  nee HORNBROOK,  accountant.
witness:  J. A. Harper,  accountant, St Albans:   Lorna Harper, St Albans:

Harry ANDERSON  &  Grace Helen Henrietta Lee Harper  m.  21 Dec. 1910  at St Andrew's Church.
ages:  29 / 27:            occ: engineer:          born:  Christchurch / Swannanoa:
parents:  Charles Morton &  Ann Anderson,  nee HICKLING,  surgeon.
                James Davidson  &  Grace Ellen Henrietta Harper,  nee LEE,  school teacher.
witness;  Annie Campbell,  dressmaker:  Leslie Shand,  ironmonger, Papanui:
Harry Anderson  - b. 2 July 1881  to  Charles Morton  & Annie,  Sydenham,  surgeon.

Stephen Charles Phillips  NICHOLLS  &  Hilda Alice Harper  m. 29 March 1911 at St Mark's, Opawa.
ages: 28 / 26:    occ: lieut. NZTC.   born:  Christchurch / Opawa, St Martins:
parents:  John & Elizabeth Jane Nicholls,  nee PHILLIPS,  farmer.
                    John Albert  & Elizabeth Harper,  nee HAWKER,  gentleman.
witness:  Frank Harper,  St Martins:   Bessie Harper,  clerk, St Martins:

John ROBINSON  &  Hilda Rosina Harper  m.  21 Oct. 1903  at Methodist Church, East Belt, Christchurch.
ages:  22 / 19:       occ: fruiterer / shop assistant:        born: Lyttelton / Woolston:
parents:   James & Jane Rundel  Robinson,  nee TREVAIL,  seedsman.
                    Alfred Benjamin  & Elizabeth Charlotte Harper,  nee WELSH,  carpenter.
witness:  S.F.Nelson,  messenger,  BNZ.  Elizabeth Robinson, Christchurch:

William Thomas TRETHEWEY  &  Ivy Louisa Harper  m.  24 July 1914  at  Durham st. Methodist Church.
ages:  21/ 21:       occ: sculptor:        born: both Christchurch:  
parents:  Jabez & Mary Trethewey,  nee WALLACE,  carpenter.
                Alfred Benjamin & Elizabeth Harper,  nee WHELCH,  carpenter.
witness:  Martha Hessel  Knight, Christchurch:   Wm Burrows,  caretaker,  Christchurch:

George ASHLEY  &  Jane Harper   m.  27 Oct. 1874  at Wesleyan Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  37 / 22:         occ: labourer: 
witness:  Geo. Venables, Kaiapoi:   Louisa Venables,  Kaiapoi:

Alexander GILLESPIE  &  Janet Harper  m. 11 March 1878  at The Manse. Christchurch.
ages:  49 / 35:       widower / spinster:       occ: farmer:
witness:  James Paterson,  farmer, Southbridge:   Mary Patterson, Southbridge.

Thomas DOUGLAS  &  Janet Harriette Harper  m.  10 June 1869  at  St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:          occ: gentleman:
witness:  Leonard Harper:   N.Thompson:    N.Greeson:    Isabelle Westenra:  Gerald S. Harper:

Robert SMITH  &  Jemima Harper  m.  28 Dec. 1910  at  St John's.  Leeston.
ages:  34 / 29:       occ: striker, in Govt. workshops:        born: Oamaru / Leeston:
parents:  Robert Polock  & Janet Smith,  nee WARD,  engineer.
                Robert &  Grace Harper,  nee FLAUS
witness:  Elizabeth G. Harper,  Leeston:      Henry J. Prattley, Christchurch: 

William David MARQUET  &  Jo Harper  m. 18 Nov. 1920  at  St Marks, Opawa.
occ: grocer:         born: Wanganui / Birmingham, England:
parents:  Harry  & Mary Marquet,  nee BECK,  a tanner.
                    Tom  &  Emmeline Harper,  nee COY,  hairdresser.
witness:  Nellie Marquet,  Woolston:   Harry Marquet,  Woolston: 

James Hector MILNE   &  Kate Lurline Harper  m.  27 April  1927  at  Clarkville.
occ: slaughterman:       born:  Ashburton / Belfast, Christchurch:
parents:  David & Annie Maria Milne,  nee HELLINGS, 
                David  & Rosetta Mary Harper,  nee GILES,
witness:  Jas. L. Clarke,  bootmaker, Sydenham:    Ada Harper,  Kaiapoi:

James JOLL  &  Lillian Harper  m. 21 July 1898  at res. Mr John Harper, Opawa..
ages:  30 / 24:       occ: plasterer:       born:  Heathcote / Opawa:  
parents:  James Clymo & Elizabeth Jane Joll,  nee DELBRIDGE,  plasterer.
                John & Bessie Harper,  nee HAWKER,  blacksmith.
witness:  Thos. Joll, clerk, Sydenham:   Emily Harper,  St Martins:

Benjamin Joseph PEGLEY  &  Lillian Emily Harper  m.  6 July 1905  at Church of Good Shepherd, Phillipstown.
ages:  30 / 27:        occ: brickmaker / tailoress:  
parents:  George & Maria Pegley,  nee HODSON,  painter.
                Gerald James  &  Elizabeth Harper,  nee SMITH,  plumber.
witness:   M.M.Pearce, Christchurch:    John Thomas Pegley,  Opawa.
Benjamin Joseph Pegley -  b. 3 May 1875 to  George Joseph  &  Maria, nee Hodson,  Christchurch.

James Robert LOUGHNAN     &  Lilian Stella Mary Harper  m. 25 Jan. 1904 at Pro - Cathedral.
ages: 31 / 28:        occ: medical practitioner:       born: Melbourne / Christchurch:       usual address: Victoria:
parents:  Henry Nicholas & Mary Paterson Loughnan,  nee GILLESPIE,  squatter.
                    George & Agnes Harper,  nee LOUGHNAN,  barrister at law.
witness:  George Harper,  barrister, Christchurch:   Edmund Harper,  farmer, Fairlie:   Margaret R. Maling: 

Harry Thomas PARKER  &  Lucy Susannah Harper  m.  14 Sept. 1881  at Wesleyan Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  22 / 21:         born:  England / Kaiapoi:
parents:  George & Caroline Parker,  nee CAISEY,  a tailor.
                    John  &   Maria  Harper,  ------
witness:  Caroline B. Orchard, Harewood:   Alfred Harper,  farmer, Kaiapoi:

Charles IVES  & Mabel Agnes Harper  m.  13 April 1899  at St Matthew's, St Albans.
ages:  22 / 19:       occ: shop assistant:       born: both Christchurch:  
parents:  George & Sara Ives,  nee SHEPHERD,  farmer.
                    Robin  &  Agnes Harper,  nee HAMILTON,  a slater.
witness:  James Edward Allen,  shop assistant, St Albans:  Ethel Maud Stow, St Albans:  Agnes Harper, Manchester st:

Victor James DRAKE  &  Mabel Alice Harper  m.  23 Sept. 1903  at  St John's, Christchurch.
ages:  21 / 20:        occ: salesman / milliner:       born: Christchurch / Woolston:
parents:  James Pottinger  & Lucy Marion Harper,  nee MOOR
                        John & Priscilla Harper,  nee VESEY,  carpenter.
witness:  John Harper, carpenter, Woolston:  Louis William Davis,  St Albans:
Victor James Drake - b. 14 May 1882  to James Pottinger & Lucy Marian,  nee Moore

Percy George BUDD  &  Margaret Moffet Harper  m.  27 July 1910  at St Andrew's, Church.
ages:  27 / 24:       occ: auctioneer:        born:  Christchurch / Swannanoa:
parents:  Frank James  & Mary Ann Budd,  nee DEARSLEY.
                    James Davidson  &  Grace Helen Henrietta Harper,  nee LEE,  schoolmaster.
witness:  N.Harper,  Spreydon:    H.E.Budd,  Fendalton:    Jas. D.Harper,  company manager, Wellington:

John Harley GILL  &  Mary Harper  m.  4 July 1903  at  St John's, Christchurch.
ages:  24 / 23:        occ: comm. traveller:       born:  Centerfield, Queensland / Oamaru:
parents:  Richard William  & Martha Marion Gill,  nee GODDING,  accountant.
                    William & Johanna Harper,  nee CONROY,  farmer.
witness:  Walter Sampson,  hotel manager, Christchurch:  Katie Ritchie.Christchurch:

James Henry ASHWORTH  &  Mary Harper  m.  16 Dec. 1890 at res. Mrs Stephen Harper, Avonville.
ages:  32 / 21:       occ: carpenter:        born: both NZ.
parents:  James & Sarah Ashworth,  nee OMAD?   carpenter.
                    Stephen & Jane Harper,  nee LLOYD,  clerk.
witness:  O.T.Clothier,  farmer, Clarkville:     M.J.Harper,  Avonville:

Arthur Joseph DWIGHT  &  Mary Ann Harper  m.  29 Dec, 1915   at  Knox Church. Papanui Rd.
ages:  28 / 27:      occ: timber labourer:        born: South Melbourne / Eglinton, Londonderry, Ireland:
parents:  Samuel & Elizabeth Annie Dwight,  nee WORKMAN,  labourer.
                    James & Jane Harper,  nee McMEEGAN,  farmer.
witness:  Frederick Landery, Merivale:    Michael Dwight: 

Charles Robert BLAKISTON  &  Mary Anna Harper  m.  23 Sept. 1858  at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:         occ: Member of Legislative Assembly: 
witness:  Sarah S.Harper:  Rosa Harper:  Emily W.Harper:  C.L.Williams:   Charles C.Bowen:  Edward Jollie:  H.W.Harper: 

Robert ROBINSON  &  Mary Jane Harper  m.  27 Jan. 1881 at St Andrew's Church, Christchurch.
ages: 28 / 19:        witness:  Wm S. Taylor, Evangelist Manse:   Margaret Jane Robinson, spinster, Opawa:

Frederick CHINNERY  &  Mary Graham Harper  m.  28 May 1888  at House of Robt Harper,  Lichfield st.
ages:  21/17.        b. London/New Zealand.
parents:  George & Kate Emma Chinnery,  nee PRENTICE 
                Robert & Agnes Harper  nee SIME  plumber & slater.
witness:  Charles Stuart Angus,  saddler,    Helen Isabella Harper,  both of Christchurch. 

William Herbert WALESBY  &  Mary Thelma Harper  m.  23 Dec. 1926  at  All Saints,  Sumner.
occ: driver:          born: both Christchurch:
parents:  Arthur Henry  & rose Walesby,  nee HENSLEY,  ret. dairyman.
                    George Edwin  &  Emily Harper,  nee JENSEN,  Borough engineer.
witness:  L.C.Monkman,  Riccarton:    C.Harper,  Sumner: 

Edwin James COOKE  &  Olive Mary Harper  m.  26 Dec. 1907  at St Mark's, Opawa.
ages:  24 / 23:       occ: cabinetmaker:          born: Papanui / Linwood,  Christchurch:  
parents: James & Maria Cooke,  nee EARLE,   soapmaker.
                    John  & Priscilla Harper,  nee VESEY,  carpenter.
witness:  John Harper,  carpenter,  Opawa:     Horace Frederick Harper, slaesman, Opawa:
Edwin James Cooke - b. 30 Sept. 1883  to James & Maria,  Papanui.

William Edward CLOTHIER  &  Phoebe Christina Harper  m.  20 June 1883  at res. Stephen Harper, Linwood.
ages:  both 23:      occ: bootmaker:        born:  Kaiapoi / Carmarthen, Wales:
parents:  Edward & Sarah Clothier,  nee SEYMOUR,  farmer.
                    Stephen & Jane Harper,  neeLLOYD,  comm. agent.
witness:  William Thomas, shopman,  South Town Belt:   Mary Ann Harper,  Opawa:
William Edward Clothier - b. 11 May 1860  to  Edward &  Sarah,  Kaiapoi:  bur: 13 April 1938,  age 77.

William James KEY  &   Rose Hannah Harper  m.  15 April1895  at  St Mark's, Opawa.
ages:  21 / 20:        occ: shoemaker:        born:  Northampton, England / Woolston:
parents:  Frederick & Phoebe Ann Key,  nee HYGHAM,  bootmaker:
                    Elijah William  & Louisa Harper,  nee WHITTINGTON.  engine driver.
witness:  Frederick Harper,  bootmaker, Woolston:   Mary Ann Whittington, Opawa:
William James Key - bur:  19 jan. 1927,  age 54,  Ferry rd.

Joseph DICKIE  &  Rosetta Harper  m. 8 Oct. 1891  at  res: William A. Cameron, Kaiapoi:
ages:  both full:        born:  both Kaiapoi:  
parents:  Willam & Isabella Dickie,  nee BEGGS,  labourer.
                    James & Sarah Harper,  nee BARSON,  labourer.
witness:  W.A.Cameron,  a miller:   Clara E. Haigh:  H. Parker:

Thomas DIX  &  Ruby May Harper  m.  24 April 1905  at Holy Trinity,  Lyttelton.
ages:  23 / 20:       born: Lyttelton / Woolston: 
parents:  William & Mary Jane Dix,  nee KENNELL,  bricklayer.
                    Walter & Agnes Emma Harper,  nee DAY, 
witness:  Harold Walter Harper,  butcher, Lyttelton:   Walter Harper, Lyttelton:
Thomas Dix - b. 29 Sept. 1881  to  William Henry  & Mary Jane,  Lyttelton.

William  CAMERON  &  Sarah Anne Harper  m.16 April 1873  at  Parish Church, Kaiapoi:
ages:  full / under:       occ: miller;
witness: James Harper:     Mary Jane Harper:

Charles Percy COX   &  Sarah Shepherd Harper  m.  17 Jan. 1860  at St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  full age / under age:        occ:   gentleman:
witness:  Rosa Harper,  Christchurch:  C.H.Brown,  Springs Station:

Arthur George  BRIGHTMORE  &  Theresa Harriet  Harper  m.  25 June 1902  at  St Michael's, Christchurch.
ages:  22 /24:        occ: stone mason:       born: Spreydon / Woolston:
parents:  James  &  Miranda Brightmore,  nee FLETCHER,  bricklayer.
                    Elijah & Louisa Harper,  nee WHITTINGTON,  engine driver.
witness:  J.J.Brightmore,  Spreydon:  E.M.Harper,  Woolston:

John Robert William  SADLER  & Violet Beatrice Harper  m.  1 June 1911  at res. Mr Walter Harper, Lyttelton.
ages:  29 / 23:        born: London / Woolston:
parents:  John Robert  & Jane Sadler,  nee LOVE,  woodturner.
                    Walter & Agnes Emma Harper,  nee DAY
witness:  H.S.Harper,  aerated water bottler, Lyttelton:   Flossie Irene Harper,  Lyttelton:

William RAISEY  &  Violet Marian Harper  m. 10 Jan. 1907  at  res: Mr J. Harper,  Opawa - St Martins.
ages:  28 / 29:        occ: plasterer:         born: Wiltshire, England / Opawa:   
parents:  John  &  Adelaide Raisey,  nee PENNY.
                    John Albert  & Elizabeth Harper,  nee HAWKER,  blacksmith.
witness:  Ernest Faulkner, plasterer, Christchurch:   Bessie Harper,  Opawa:

Ernest Frank  FINE  &  Winifred Emily Harper  m. 17 Jan. 1922 at St Andrew's Church, Christchurch.
ages: 27 / 22:       occ: drapers assistant:       born: Ladbrooks / Dallington: 
parents:  William & Sarah Fine,  nee  FUSSELL,  farmer.
                        John &  Alice Harper,  nee TURNER,  house decorator.
witness:  Emily Rhodes, Christchurch:        -  F.A. Ashworth, carpenter:

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
July 2013

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