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Marriages  -   Grooms

Charles Doyle  &  Annie KAVANAGH  m.  25 February 1879   at Catholic Church,  Shands Track, Lincoln.
ages:  both full;     occ:  farmer/housekeeper;   witness: Thos. Connor,    Mrs Tobin;

Gordon Marcus Doyle  &  Evelyn Mary PARKIN  m.  11 June 1930  at St Marks,  Sedgemere
ages:  22/21;        occ: carpenter;           born:  Doyleston/Sedgemere; 
Parents:  William John  &  Jennie Doyle,  nee McCAUSLAND,  farmer.
                    James Thomas & Susan Parkin,  nee GILBERT,   farmer.
witness:  Freda Parkin,  Sedgemere;    Robert Lochhead,  Southbridge,  farmer.

James Doyle  &  Bridget HARTY  m.  16 January 1879  at Catholic Church, Shands Track, Lincoln.
ages:  both full;      occ: farmer/servant;  witness:  Hugh Cassidy,  Sarah Cassidy.

James Doyle  &  Winifreda Mary WILLISCROFT  m.  17 April  1909 at Methodist Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  27/24;     occ: farmer;      born: Dublin, Ireland/Kaiapoi.
parents:   John  & Alicia Doyle,  nee WOODS,   soldier.
                    George Frederick  & Maria Williscroft,  nee THURLOW,  trader.
witness:  Frederick William Williscroft,  blacksmith;       Constance Beatrice Williscroft,  Kaiapoi.

John Doyle  &  Honora COMSKY  m. 7 September 1875  at Catholic Church, Christchurch.
ages:  both full;    occ; labourer/servant;    witness;  John Lochhead,  Leeston,   Catherine Cavanagh.

John Doyle  &  Sarah A. GLASSEY  m. 6 February 1868  at  The Manse.
ages:  31/28;    widower/spinster;       occ: farmer;    witness:  Joseph Doyle, Leeston,  storekeeper;    Eleanor Glassey,  Christchurch,  spinster.

John Owen Doyle  &  Catherine OWENS  m.  24 January 1906  at Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch.
ages:  32/28,     occ: labourer,    born: Victoria/County Down.
parents:  Peter & Annie Doyle,  nee BR------ D,    miner.
                    Patrick & Sarah owens,  nee CAMPBELL,  a carter.
witness:  R.Hampton,  blacksmith, Richmond;    Mrs R. Hampton,   Richmond;

Joseph Hastings  Doyle  &  Betsy Hurford ROBERTS   m.  23 September 1869  at Merivale Church.
ages:   both full;      occ: farmer.    witness:  Donald Maydwell;    Anna Roberts.

Patrick  Doyle  &  Estelle Josephine HORNBROOK  m. 2 January 1878  at Catholic Church,  Shands Track, Lincoln.
ages:  full/minor;      occ: Doctor of Medicine/Lady./    witness:  Francis Charles Hornbrook,     Alfred Hornbrook.

Patrick Doyle  &  Ada Annie REED  m.  12 October 1896  at St Mary's, Addington.
ages:  41/23;    bachelor/spinster;      born: 
County Carlow, Ireland/Springston, NZ
parents:  Michael & Mary Doyle,  nee MURPHY,  farmer.
                    Joel & Ann
Reed,  nee O'KEEFE,  blacksmith.
witness:  Jeremiah Doyle,  labourer,  Whitecliffs.    Roseina Jane Wroot,  Marshlands.

Robert Grierson Doyle  &  Sarah Christina BECK  m.  Wednesday 21 January 1903 at Wesleyan Church,  Leeston;
ages:  both full;     occ; farmer.     born: Leeston/Dunedin.
parents:  Samuel Campbell  &  Isabella Doyle,  nee GRIERSON,  labourer.
                William Henry  & Amanda Eliza Beck,  nee CHAPMAN,  Wesleyan Minister.
witness:  Samuel Campbell Doyle,  clerk, Little River;        Emma beck,  Leeston.

William Glassey Doyle  &  Ella SHAW   m. 19 October 1898 at St Michaels,  Christchurch.
ages:  28/21,      occ: farmer;     born:  Doyleston/Christchurch;
parents:  John  &  Sarah Ann Doyle,  nee GLASSEY,  farmer;
                    Henry James  & Alice Mary Shaw,  nee ABBOTT,  manufacturer.
witness:  Gertrude Shaw,  Christchurch;    John Doyle,  Ashburton;

William John Doyle  &  Matilda Jane McCAUSLAND   m.  23 April 1900  at house of Mr Thomas,  North belt.
ages:  30 / 23;     occ: storekeeper;     born: Doyleston / Doyleston;      
parents:    Joseph Hastings & Bessie Hurford Doyle,  nee ROBERTS,   miller.
                    Robert  &  Mary McCausland,  nee MONAGHAN,  labourer.
witness:  James Henry Tompkins,  Christchurch;    Sarah McCausland,  Doyleston;

William John Doyle  &  Elsie Agnes HIBBERD  m.  23 July 1917  at  st Michaels, Christchurch.
ages: 47/25;         occ:  farmer;       widower, 28 Feb. 1909/spinster.    born: Doyleston/Geraldine;
parents:  Joseph & Bessie Hurford Doyle,  nee ROBERTS
                    George Herbert & Rachel Hibberd,  nee CAMPBELL,  bootmaker.
witness:  S.Baxter,  farmer,  Ashburton;      J.Ingram,  verger, Christchurch.

Marriages  -   Brides
George Alfred HARRIS   &  Agnes Grierson Doyle  m.  24 May 1915  at  house of bride's parents.
ages: 46/39,       widower, 4 August 1913/spinster;      occ: farmer;    born:  Castle Hill/Lakeside.
parents:  Fred  & Margaret Harris,  nee McROBERT,  farmer;
                Samuel C.  & Isabella Doyle,  nee GRIERSON,   farmer.
witness:  S.Doyle,  farmer,  Lakeside;    M.Doyle,  Lakeside.

John SHEEHAN    & Alice Doyle  m. 3 September 1873  at Catholic Church, Shand's Track,  Lincoln District.
ages:  23/28;    occ: labourer/housekeeper;   witness:  Catherine Sheehan,  Mary Sheehan;    James Doyle,  Charles Doyle

Edward William JAMES   &  Alice Ella Doyle   m.  21 October 1925  at  St Andrews Church, Christchurch.
ages:  25/25;     occ: farm labourer;   born: Leithfield/Ashburton;
parents:  John Henry  &  Frances Jane James,  nee  KING,  farmer.
                    William Glassey  &  Ella Doyle,  nee SHAW.  labourer.
witness:  E.S.Doyle,  Ashburton,  clerk;            A.E.Shaw,  Spreydon  Chch,  student.
Edward William James  b.  10 June 1900   to John Henry  & Frances Jane

William MARSHALL   &  Anna (Annie)  Doyle   m.  2 July 1874  at  Catholic Church,  Christchurch.
ages:  34/20;       occ: carpenter/servant;      witness:  George Davies;   Lizzie Davidson

John FAY  &  Anne Doyle   m.  10 November 1870  at  Catholic Church,  Christchurch.
ages:  30/27;        occ: farmer/servant;      
witness:  Andrew O. Donohghue,  Springfield,  farmer;     Mary Pendergast,  Heathcote valley,  servant;  
                    Marianne Weybourne, Lyttelton;  Anne Smi----   Christchurch.

Adam Allister Crosbie McPHERSON   &  Daphne Alma Sarah Doyle  m. 5 February 1924 at  The Manse,  Christchurch.
ages:  20/20;     occ: farmer;        born:  Southbridge/Doyleston;
parents:  Adam & Jessie Crosbie McPherson,  nee BURNS,  farmer.
                William John &  Matilda Jane Doyle,  nee McCAUSLAND,   farmer.
witness:  Lydia Charlotte Butler,  Southbridge,  married.      Laurel Amy Eva Doyle,  Doyleston.

William Henry JACKMAN   &   Edith Bessie Roberts Doyle  m.  29 April  1896  at  St Andrew's Manse, Christchurch.
ages:  28/24;     occ:  farmer/bookkeeper;      born:  New Brighton/Doyleston.
parents:  Richard &  Mary Jackman,   nee EARNSHAW,   labourer.
                Joseph hastings  & Betsy Hurford Doyle, nee ROBERTS  a miller.
witness:  Frederick Whitehead Turton,  farmer, Christchruch;    Sarah Riordan,  Opawa.
William Henry jackman  -  b. 3 September 1868  to richard & mary,  irwell. 

William Robert DONALD  &  Elizabeth Doyle   m.  6 September 1893  at  Pres. Church,  Leeston.
ages:  full/minor;      occ:  coachbuilder;     born: Christchurch/Leeston;
parents:  William Francis  &  Margaret Donald,  nee LEDGERWOOD,  a dealer.
Samuel Campbell  & Isabella Doyle,  nee GRIERSON,   farmer.
witness:  D.J. Donald,  Christchurch,   clerk;    M.Donald,  Doyleston,  domestic duties.

Edward Charles CLEMENT  &   Ellen Doyle  m.  10 July  1878  at St Michael's Christchurch.
ages:  both full;          witness:  Thomas Morgan,  Meadow Bank, Ellesmere;     Rosa Lavinia Clement.

Edward TAYLOR  &  Georgina Doyle  m.  18 September 1889  at house of  John Doyle,  Eden Tce.
ages:  23/18;     occ:  farmer;    born:  England/New Zealand;    usual address:  Upper Rangitata.
parents:  Edward & Margaret Taylor,  nee KNOWLES,  yeoman.
                   John & Sarah Doyle,  nee GLASSEY,   farmer.
witness:  A,H,Mullaney,  grocer,  Ashburton;     Sarah Doyle,  Rangitata.

George Alexander MUIR   &  Helen Maud Doyle   m.  20 August  1913  at house of Mr W.Roberts, Spreydon.
ages:  24/33;      occ: farmer;      born: Springston/Doyleston;
parents:  John &  Ellen Muir,  nee TAYLOR,  farm manager.
                    Joseph Hastings  &  Bessie  Doyle,  nee ROBERTS,  a miller.
witness:   Ethel May Roberts,  Lyttelton st,    Ernest H. Doyle,  a farmer,  Fairlie.

Edward BRIGHT   &  Jane Doyle  m.  17 December 1873  at  The Manse, Christchurch.
ages:  22/23,    occ: farmer   witness:  Joseph Exall ,  journalist,     Mary Nelson,  Selwyn District.

John BLACKLER  &  Jessie Doyle  m.  5 May 1871  at St James Church, Southbridge.
ages:  24/18;     occ:  farmer;         witness:  Joseph Tweedy;   Jane Doyle;

Jennings  MOFFET  &  Jessie Jane Doyle  m.  7 February 1889  at  Pres. Church,  Leeston.
ages:  24/22;    occ: farmer/domestic servant;       born:  NZ/Scotland.
parents:   Jennings  & Abigail Moffet,  nee ROTHERY,  farmer.
                    Samuel Campbell  &Isabella Doyle,  nee GRIERSON,  farmer.
witness:  George Harris,  a drover, Christchurch;    J.G.Doyle,  Leeston,  a miller.

Robert  OAKLEY  &  Margaret Mary Jane McVinnie Doyle  m. 4 November 1880 at   Pres. Church,  Leeston.
ages:  25/18;    occ; farmer;       born:  Norfolk/Kirkcudbrightshire;
parents:  Alfred & Charlotte Oakley,  nee HARDESTY,   labourer.
                John & Margaret Doyle,  nee McVINNIE
witness:  David McVinnie,  Leeston,  teacher;         Susan Oakley,  Leeston.

William Aloysius KITSON   &  Mary Doyle  m.  3 March 1919  at   Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch.
ages:  38/38;    widower, 8 December 1914/spinster;      occ:  clerk/dispenser;   born:  Caltowie, South Australia/Donnelly's Creek, Victoria;
parents:  John Joseph  & Mary Kitson,  nee CONLON,  butcher.
                Patrick & Ellen Doyle,  nee FAGAN,  formerly Doyle,  nee MADDEN,  storekeeper.
witness:  Eugene Clement McDermott,  Halswell,  dealer:      Helene Malone,  spinster, Christchurch.

Hughie Henry DAWSON  &  Mary Ann Doyle  m.  26 January 1921  at Catholic Cathedral,  Christchurch.
ages:  24/23,      occ:  railway employee,        born:  Rangiora/Whitecliffs;
parents:  George Robert & Dorcas Dawson,  nee HENRY,   farmer.
                Patrick  Doyle, farmer  & Ada Annie MOYLES,  
formerly Doyle,   nee REED
witness:  Jack Nicholas Reed,  Paeroa, piano tuner;      Ada Techla Doyle,    William Richards,  wool presser.

Andrew NELSON  &  Mary Ann Matilda Doyle  m. 11 October 1870  at house of Rev. J.Campbell, Christchurch.
ages:  26/21;    occ: farmer;    witness:  John Wilson,  storekeeper, Christchurch;    Jane Doyle,  Christchurch.

James HUNTER  &  Sarah Doyle  m.  2 April 1913  at house of Mr S.C.Doyle,  Lakeside.
ages:  27/24;       occ: contractor;       born:  Helensville/Leeston;      usual address:  Helensville.
witness:  W.L.Donald,  farmer,  Irwell;       A. Donald,  Irwell.

John FRASER  &  Williamina Doyle  m.    22 March 1893  at Presbyterian Church,  Leeston.
ages: both full;      .occ:  railway clerk;       born:  both Christchurch.
parents:  Alexander & Agnes Fraser,  nee SCOTT,  farmer.
                Samuel Campbell  & Isabella Doyle,  nee GRIERSON,   farmer.
witness:  Elizabeth Doyle,  Doyleston.    Horace J.Pick,  Southbrid
ge,  hotelkeeper

Births  -
Alfred Patrick  -  b. 28 August 1879  to Patrick & Estelle Josephine,  nee Hornbrook
Andrew -  b. 18 July 1872  to  Michael & Bridget,  nee Fitzsimon,  Lowbourne,  Ashley Downs.
Anne -  b. 8 July 1888   to  John  & Mary Anne Buckley
Annie Margaret Mary -  b. 9 August 1881  to 
Patrick & Estelle Josephine,  nee Hornbrook
Arthur Francis -  b. 4 August 1880  to  Patrick & Estelle Josephine,  nee Hornbrook
Brian James  -  b.  18 January 1917  to  James & Winifreda Mary.
Catherine -  b. 23 July 1865   to Michael & Bridget nee Fitzsimmons
Charles John  -  b. 17 October 1877  to  John  & Honor, nee Comeskey.
Christopher  -  b. 22 May 1874  to 
Michael & Bridget nee Fitzsimmons
Colin James  -  b. 18 February 1931  to Gordon & Evelyn,  Leeston.
Daphne Alma Sarah  -  b. 26 May 1903  to  William John  & Matilda Jane,  Doyleston.  storekeeper.
Edith Bessie Roberts  -  b. 23 february 1873  to  Joseph & Betsy,  Doyleston.  storekeeper.
Edward Myles - b.  17 July 1897  to  Lawrence  & Frances,  nee Tobin,  Horsely Down,  Hawarden.
Elizabeth - b.  24 May 1879  to  Murtha & Susan,  nee Cassidy.   twin of Winifred.
Estelle Mary  -  b. 10 October 1878  to  Patrick & Estelle Josephine,  nee Hornbrook.
Gabrielle Mary  - b. 17 May 1883  to  Patrick & Estelle Josephine,  nee Hornbrook
Henry -  b. 5 March 1876  at Loburn,   to Michael & Bridget,  nee Fitzsimons.
Horace Herbert Graham  -  b. 8 December 1918  to  William John  &  Elsie Agnes,  Doyleston, farmer.
James -  b. 21 February 1885  to  Patrick & Estelle Josephine,  nee Hornbrook
Jeffrey Hastings  -  b. 22 March 1921  to  William John & Elsie Agnes,  Doyleston.
Johanna -  b. 8 November 1870  to 
Michael & Bridget,  nee Fitzsimons.  Ashley Downs.
John -  b. 5 March 1869  to  Michael & Bridget,  nee Fitzsimons.  Ashley Downs.
John Joseph  -  b.  6 January 1880  to  John  & Mary,  nee Kissan
Kathleen Constance  -  b. 2 March 1910  to  James & Winifred Mary,  Kaiapoi.
Laurel Amy Eva  - b. 15 March 1902  to  William John  &  Matilda Jane,  Doyleston.  storekeeper.
Marcus Gordon  -  b. 12 October 1907  to  William John  &  Matilda Jane,  Doyleston.  storekeeper.
Mary -  b. 21 December 1879  to  James & Bridget,  nee Harty
Mary Anne  -  b. 8 August 1881  to John & Honora,  nee Comsky
Mary Thereza -  b. 25 April 1867  to  Michael & Bridget,  nee Fitzsimons.  Ashley Downs.
Michael  -  b. 14 June 1863  to  Michael & Bridget,  nee Fitzsimons.  Ashley Downs.
Murtogh  -  b. 3 February 1881  to  Murtogh  & Susan,  nee Cassidy.
Robin Jeffrey  -  b. -----  to  Jeffrey Hastings  & Iris Irene,  Southbridge
Rose Josephine -  b.  14 January 1872  to  Betsy Hurford  &  Joseph Hastings,  Doyleston,  storekeeper.
Rose -  b.  27 May 1933  to  Gordon & Evelyn,  Sedgemere,  carpenter.
Shona Marion  - b. 1 November 1917  to  William John  & Elsie Agnes,  Doyleston.  farmer.
William Grierson  - b. 4 January 1904  to  Robert Grierson  &  Sarah Christina,  Doyleston.
William John  - b. 18 November 1905  to  William John  & Matilda Jane,  Doyleston,  storekeeper.
Winifrid -  b.  24 May 1879  to  Murtha & Suzan,  nee Cassidy, 

Burials -   
Johanna -  died 24 May 1902,   bur. Sydenham Cemetery,  age 57.
Mary -  bur. 18 March 1899,   age 69,  Dunsandel.
William  - d. 18 February 1917,    Linwood Cemetery,  age 58.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
17 June 2012
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