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Marriages  - 
Alfred Emil Diehl  &  Gertrude Victoria STOW   m. 23 Dec. 1913 at St Paul's, Christchurch.
ages:  25 / 26:     occ: stonemason:   born: Auckland / Christchurch;
parents:  Emil Edwin  & Andrina Diehl,  nee BROWN,  stone mason:
                Edgar Walker Stow  & Sarah SHARPE,  formerly STOW,  nee CHILDS.  bank clerk.
witness:  W.W.Horrell, teacher, Timaru:      W.H.Chessman,  accountant, Avonside:    

Ernest Bertram Diehl  &  Edith Sarah PETRIE  m.  12 Nov. 1931  at  Baptist Church, Spreydon.
ages:  29 / 30:     occ: school teacher:    born: both Christchurch:
parents:  Ernest Harold Bowrah  &  Annie Palmerston Diehl,  nee  COBDEN,  blacksmith.
                David & Sarah Rose Ann Petrie,  nee MORLAND,  blacksmith.
witness:  Frank Rudal Wilson,  schoolteacher, Woolston:      Tui G.Eldridge,  school teacher, Christchurch:

Ernest Harold Bowrah Diehl  &  Annie Palmerston COBDEN  m.  3 Oct.  1901  at res:  Mr Wilmer,  Harewood rd,  Papanui.
ages:  27 / 25:     occ:  blacksmith:   born:  Otepepe,  Otago / Palmerston, Otago:
parents:  Ernest Frederick & Ellen Diehl,  nee WELLER
                William  &  Ellen Diehl,  nee KEEPWELL,   constable,
witness:  William Armstrong Willmer,  engineer, Papanui:       Alfred Palmerston Cobden,  bootmaker, Papanui:

George Diel  &  Marion BROWN  m.  15 Nov. 1883  at res:  Mr Wardley, Carlton tce, Christchurch.
ages:  35 / 42:    occ: plasterer:    born:  St Heliers, jersey / Stapleford, Wilts, England:
parents:  Abraham & Elizabeth Diel,  nee ARTHUR,  builder.
                W & Jane Browne,  nee GILES,  farmer.
witness:  Joshua Wardley:   Elizabeth Wardley:

Gustav Frederic Alfred Diehl   &   Elizabeth Charlotte LINKLATER   m.  18 March 1902  at St Paul's Church.
ages:  25 / 23:     occ: stone mason:   born: Herbert, Otago / Kaiapoi, Canterbury:
parents:  Ernest Frederic & Ellen Johanna Diehl,  nee WELLER,  a gardener.
                    Jas  & Mary Elizabeth Linklater,  nee WILLISCROFT,  engineer.
witness:  E.L.Linklater, Kaiapoi:      A.H.Turner,  Rangiora.

Births - 
Alfred Emil - b. 4 July 18888, to Emil  Edwin  & Andrina,  Eden Tce, Auckland, of Richmond, Christchurch.
Andrew Goldie -  b. 28 August 1890  to  Emil Edwin  and Andrina,  Stanmore Rd, Christchurch.
Arthur Ernest -  b. 18 July 1922  to Alfred Emil  &  Gertrude Victoria,  stonemason, 
Edwin Alfred -  b. 22 January 1915  to  Alfred Emil  &  Gertrude Victoria,  stonemason,  Linwood.
Ernest Bertram - b. 12 Sept. 1902  to  Ernest Harold Bowra  & Annie Palmerston,  of Papanui.
Nancy Yvonne Diana -  b. 14 November 1927  to  Henry Arthur  & Madge Clark,  Kaiapoi.
Rene Gertrude -  b. 1 October 1916  to  Alfred Emil  &  Gertrude Victoria,  Gloucester st.
Sadie Beatrice -  b. 4 December 1924  to  Alfred Emil  &  Gertrude Victoria,  stonemason,  Linwood.
Sydney Harold -  b. 27 June 1904  to  Ernest Harold  &  Annie,  Papanui.

Burials - 
John - bur. 29 June 1867,   to George & Margaret,   age 2yrs.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
28 November 2013

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