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Marriages  -  Grooms
John Arthur Coup  &  Caroline Frances Mary AMESBURY  m.9 June 1904  at St Mary's, Merivale.
ages: 28 / 28;   occ: farmer / saleswoman;    born: Kaiapoi / Fielding.
parents:  Robert & Elizabeth Coup,  nee FAIRWEATHER,  farmer.
                    David Ebenezer & Charlotte Matilda Amesbury,  nee HOOKHAM,  surgeon.
witness:  Hy Thoas Hookham, saddler,  Papanui;   Charlotte M.Amesbury,  Fielding;

Robert Coup  &  Elizabeth FAIRWEATHER  m.  21 March 1871  at Mr Coup's, Kaiapoi.
both full age,    occ: farmer.
witness:  William Henry Wake,   Ann Jane Wake.

Walter Coup  &  Gertrude Ellen MANDER  m. 7 June 1905 at Oxford tce baptist Church.
ages:  28/27,         occ: farmer/nurse,     born: Kaiapoi/Christchurch.
parents:   Robert & Elizabeth Coup,  nee FAIRWEATHER,  farmer.
                Andrew & Ellen Elizabeth Mander,  nee DRYHURST
witness: Frank Coup,

William Coup  &  Elizabeth CREAMER  m.  5 September 1901  at St Peter's Pres.Church, Ferry rd.
ages: 29/24,    occ: farmer/domestic,        born: Kaiapoi/East Eyreton,  both in Canterbury.
parents:  Robert & Elizabeth Coup,  nee FAIRWEATHER,  farmer.
                    Robert & Mary Ann Creamer,  nee CRISP,  labourer.
witness:  Stephen Henry Wood, Lancaster Park,    Walter Coup,  E. Eyreton.

Marriages  -  Brides
Henry Walter Raleigh AMESBURY  &  Catherine Coup  m. 11 January 1910 at Methodist Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages: 32/31,   bachelor/spinster,   occ:  grocer/domestic.   born:  Fielding/Kaiapoi.
parents:  David Ebenezer  & Charlotte Matilda Amesbury, nee HOOKAM  practioner.
& Elizabeth Coup,  nee FAIRWEATHER,  farmer.
witness:  Robert Coup,  Kaiapoi,  farmer,    L.Coup,  Kaiapoi,  farmer.

David Ebenezer AMESBURY  &  Charlotte Matilda HOOKAM  m. 2 August 1891  at St Paul's, Flaxton.
full age/minor,      occ: gentleman, 
witness:  Henry Hookham,  Church Bush,  farmer,  Edward Percy Amesbury, Rangiora,  gentleman.

Charles Arthur CUNNINGHAM  &  Amanda McGregor COUPER  m.  20 Jan. 1905 at St Paul's Manse,
ages: 24/25,      occ: bootmaker/saleswoman,      born: Dunedin/Invercargill
parents:  Charles & Catherine Counningham,  nee McQUAIDE
                Robert & Grace Couper,  nee McGREGOR,  draughtsman.
witness:  John Tait,  16 Latimer Square,  gentleman,   Mary L.Bowen,  16 Latimer Square.

Births -
William Robert  - b. 23 January 1872  to Robert & Elizabeth Coup,  Kaiapoi Island
Kate Elizabeth  -  b. 28 May 1881  to  George & Ann Coup,  Kaiapoi Isalnd.
Kura Catherine  -  b. 6 June 1906  to  John Arthur & Caroline Frances Mary,  Kaiapoi. farmer.
Leonard  -  b. 11 April 1882  to 
Robert & Elizabeth Coup,  Kaiapoi.
Margaret Jocelyn  -  b. 10 January 1925  to  Frank & Ada,  Ohoka rd, Kaiapoi.  woolclasser.
Robert Allanby  -  b. 19 April 1908  to  Walter & Gertrude Ellen,  West Melton,  farmer.
Travis Frank  -  b. 5 November 1917  to Frank & Ada,  Kaiapoi,  woolclasser,  Kaiapoi.
Walter - b.  21 May 1877  to 
Robert & Elizabeth Coup,  Kaiapoi
William Robert  - b. 23 January 1972  to
Robert & Elizabeth Coup,  Kaiapoi

Agnes Mabel   -  b. 18 May 1872  to David Ebenezer & Charlotte Matilda,  Flaxton,  gentleman

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