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Chinnery -  
Arthur Aaron Chinnery  &  Marie RULE  m.  29 September 1898  at House of Mr Albert Pettitt Rule,  Saltwater Creek.
ages:  25 / 20:        bachelor/spinster:      occ:  Labourer:        b.  Rangiora / Saltwater Creek:  
parents:   Charles William  & Louisa Margaret Chinnery   nee BATLEY,   flaxmiller
                   Albert Pettit  & Mary Rule  nee POWELL,  labourer.
witness:   Frederick Chinnery,  Woodend.      Alice Edith Chinnery,  Woodend.

Charles Chinnery  &  Annie INWOOD  m.  6 April 1898  at Weslyan Methodist Church,  St Asaph st, Christchurch.
ages:  61 / 33,    widower / widow    occ: General Merchant / Ladies Nurse:       b. Norfolk/Ipswich:
parents:   Aaron  & Hannah Chinnery  nee BROCK,  farmer.
                    Thomas Gant  & Jane Inwood,   nee COOK,  tailor.
witness:  Mary A. Robertson,    Thomas Percy Harland.

Charles William Chinnery  &  Ellen POPE  m. 28 August 1889  at St Barnabas Church,  Woodend.
ages:  29/21:   bachelor/spinster:     occ: flaxdresser.     b.  Woolwich, England/Woodend.
parents:   Charles & Louisa Chinnery  nee BATLEY,  flaxdresser.
                   John & Susan Pope  nee SHERMAN,  labourer.
witness:   Richard T. Pope, Opiki, Masterton, flaxdresser:      Harriet Eliza Chinnery,  Woodend.  Ada E. Chinnery, Woodend.

Francis James Chinnery  &  Mary Catherine HEWITT  m.  20 February 1889  Weslyan Parsonage,  Kaiapoi.
both full age;      occ: labourer,        b. Canterbury, NZ/Lancashire, England.
parents:   Charles & Louisa Chinnery,  nee BATLEY,  fitter.
                    Daniel & Laura Hewitt   nee GRIFFITH,  gardener.
witness:   William Henry Hewitt,    Alice Marshall.

Frederick Chinnery  &  Mary Graham HARPER   m.  28 May 1888  at House of Robt Harper,  Lichfield st.
ages:  21 / 17.    b. London/New Zealand.
parents:  George & Kate Emma Chinnery,  nee PRENTICE 
                Robert & Agnes Harper  nee SIME  plumber & slater.
witness:  Charles Stuart Angus,  saddler,    Helen Isabella Harper,  both of Christchurch. 

John Chinnery  &  Margaret CRAWFORD  m.  9 November 1922  at Presbyterian Manse, Kaiapoi.
ages:  58/44,   widower, 1 August 1922/spinster.    occ: labourer/domestic duties.  b.  Lincoln / Donegal, Ireland.
parents:  Charles & Louisa Chinnery  nee BATLEY    flaxdresser.
                Robert & Margaret Crawford  nee NORTH,  farmer.
witness:  Emily Moore,  Christchurch,  draper;      Sarah Ann Laishley,  Kaiapoi.

Victor Reginald Chinnery   &  Helen Catherine McLEOD  m. 7 October 1920  at St Luke's Church, Christchurch.
ages:  24/23,   occ: dental mechanic.   b. Christchurch/Dunedin,    
parents:  Frederick George  & Mary Graham Chinnery  nee HARPER   cab proprietor
                   John Carter & Florence Mary McLeod   nee HODGE
witness:  Robt. K.Hobbs,  Armagh st,    Edith McLeod,  apprentice bag maker,  28 Stanmore rd.

                        Marriages Brides   -
Alexander  MATHESON  Ada Elizabeth Chinnery    m. 26 May 1902, at St Mary's, Addington.
ages: 42 / 32,   occ: sheep buyer;   born: Mortlake, Surrey / Christchurch. 
parents: Duncan & Sarah Matheson,  nee CAMERON,  farmer.
                Charles  & Louisa Chinnery,  nee BATTLEY. 
witness:  Clarence Paul,  verger;   Jennie A.Bean,  Addington.

Richard WILLIAMS & 
Ellen Chinnery (widow)    m. 29 April 1909  at St John's Church, Christchurch.
ages:  54/40,     widower, 25 August 1879/ widow, 17April 1895.    born: Weston, Runcorn, England/Woodend.
occ: Carpenter/domestic duties.
parents:   Edward & Margaret Williams  nee HATTON,  labourer.
                   John Pope & Susan Ann  ---------,  nee SHERMAN,
witness: George Parkes,  platelayer,  Heathcote,     Alfred benjamin Topp, farmer, Sefton.

George JUDSON  &  
Emily Maria Chinnery    m. 25 December 1893 at Weslyan Church,  Woodend.
ages: 26/22,      occ: farmer/coachman's daughter.   born:  Woodend/London.
parents:  William & Sarah Judson,  nee GEORGE,  farmer.
                Aaron  & John? Chinnery,  nee LUCAS.  coachman.
witness:   William Norman,  Woodend,  miller,     Sarah Ann Norman,  Woodend.

Frank Walter KEECH  & 
Emily Amelia Judson  Chinnery   m.  16 March 1932   St Peter's Church,  Woolston.
ages: 23/21,   occ: salesman,     born:  Christchurch/Bluff.
parents:  Charles Samuel  & Lilian Matilda Keech  nee JERMAIN,  railway employee.
                   Herbert Aaron & Minnie Amelia Chinnery  nee McKENZIE, 
witness: Rita Wilhelmina Thackwell,    C. S. Keech,  railway labourer.

John CAPILL   &    Harriet Ellen Chinnery      m. 18 December 1893 at Weslyan Church, Woodend
ages: 28/25;       bachelor/spinster;   occ: labourer/flax millers daughter.
parents:  George & Elizabeth Capill  nee LAMBERT
                   Charles & Louisa Chinnery   nee BATLEY
witness:  Ada Elizabeth Chinnery,  Woodend,   Arthur Aaron Chinnery,  Woodend.
John Capill  - b. 17 July 1865.

Albert Edward SHEPPARD  &  
Ivy Myrtle Chinnery  m. 2 August 1919  at St Batholomew's Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages:  32/19,     bachelor/spinster,       occ: labourer/servant,   born: Woodend/Woodend.
parents:  John Thomas  & Jane Sheppard,  nee BUNNY,  flaxmiller.
                Arthur Aaron & Marie  Chinnery  nee RULE,  mill hand.
witness:  John William Chinnery,  mill hand, Kaiapoi.  Arthur Aaron Chinnery  Woodend.

Mark HARBOTTLE   &  
Louisa Margaret Chinnery    m.  19 August 1885  at st Barnabas, Woodend.
ages:  32/23  occ: labourer,    born:  Lime, Northumberland/Munstead, Kent.
parents:  John & Ellen Harbottle,  nee TAYLER,  labourer.
          Charles & Louisa Chinnery  nee BATELY,  flax dresser.
witness:  Maria J. Evans,  Rangiora,   Charles Chinnery, Woodend.

children born to Mark & Louisa  that I found  on the cards
John George  b. 10 August 1886
Alice Ellen  b. 23 November 1888

William MANHIRE  &  
Margaret Louisa Chinnery  m. 23 December 1880  at St Andrew's Church, East Oxford,
ages:  24/19,     occ: farm labourer.    born: Cornwall/ Kent.
parents:  John & Mary Manhire  nee HAWKE,  farm labourer.
                Charles & Louisa Chinnery  nee BATELY 
witness:  Charles Chinnery,  Louisa Margaret Chinnery.

James Edward LAMPLUGH   &  Millicent Maud Amelia Chinnery   m.  4 October 1922  at St Bartholomew's Church,  Kaiapoi.
ages: 31/24,        bachelor/spinster,      born:  Kilham, East Yorkshire/Woodend, North Canterbury.
parents:   John Robert  &  Annie Lamplugh,  nee HAIRSINE   gardener.
                John & Jane Elizabeth Chinnery  nee DUFFELL,  butcher,  Rangiora.
witness:  Ada Mary Lamplugh,  Kaiapoi,  weaver,         John Batley Chinnery.

William James FERGUSON   &   Pearl Victoria Chinnery    m. 25 January 1921 at St Luke's Christchurch.
ages: 31/23;       occ: upholsterer   born:  Chch/Chch.
parents:   James & Mary Ferguson  nee SOUTTER,  bridge builder.
                Frederick George  & Mary Graham Chinnery  nee HARPER,  cab proprietor.
witness;  George Soutter,  storeman,      Victor Reginald Chinnery,  dental mechanic.

Arthur Herbert YAXLEY  & 
Rubina Rita Chinnery  m.17 December 1921  at St Barnabas, Woodend.
ages:  27/18,      occ: labourer/domestic duties.   born: Ohoka/Woodend.
parents:  Arthur & Annie Yaxley  nee EDE,   labourer
                   Arthur Aaron  & Maria Chinnery  nee RULE, 
witness:  Arthur Aaron Chinnery,  Woodend,  labourer,     Benjamin  B  King,  Waikuku,  labourer.
Arthur Herbert Yaxley b. 2 June 1894,  Ohoka, North Canterbury.  buried 18 November 1961   age 68,  36 Voelas rd, Lyttelton.

                        Chinnery  -  Births 

Alice Edith -  b. 18 February 1880  to  Charles & Louisa Chinnery,  Rangiora.  flax manufacturer.
Ada Elisabeth - b. 29 Oct. 1869  to Charles & Louisa,  Kaituna Flax Mill,  engineer.
Arthur Aaron  -  b. 11 May 1873  to 
Charles & Louisa Chinnery,  Rangiora.  flax manufacturer.
Cyril Amos  -  b. 20 January 1905  to  Frederick George  & Mary Graham,  Hazeldean rd, Sydenham
Ernest Alfred  -  b. 29 August 1874  to 
Charles & Louisa Chinnery,  Rangiora.  flax manufacturer
Francis James  -  b. 13 October 1865  to 
Charles & Louisa Chinnery,  Lincoln
Harriet Ellen -  b. 10 August 1868  to  Charles & Louisa, 
Kaituna Flax Mill,  engineer.
Lallion Irene  -  b. 21 October 1900  to  Francis James  &  Mary Catherine,  Amberley.
Leonard Malcolm  -  b. 16 November 1911  to 
Frederick George  & Mary Graham,  109 Nursery rd.
Leslie Ivan  -  b. 26 November 1888  to 
Frederick George  & Mary Graham,  Hazeldean rd, 
Nora  -  b. 17 November 1919  to Alice,  Essex Home.
Peral Victoria  -  b. 30 May 1887  to Frederick & Mary Graham,  Hazeldean rd.
Rita Elizabeth Kate  -  b. 24 June 1900   to  Ernest Alfred  & Agnes Ethel Maude,  farmer,  Harewood rd.
Ronald Frank Septimus  -  b. 11 July 1909  to 
Frederick George  & Mary Graham,  Hazeldean rd,
Solomon Frederick  -  b. 5 April 1878   to 
Charles & Louisa Chinnery,  Rangiora.  flax manufacturer

                    Chinnery  -  Burials
Herbert Aaron  -  bur. 14 December 1945,  occ: labourer,  Belfast,  age 72.
Karen Marie  -  bur. 15 July 1961  Memorial Park,  age 15mths  dau. of Mr and Mrs T.C.Chinnery, 189 Linwood Ave.
Minnie Amelia  -  bur. 14 May 1936,  wife of Herbert,  age 65  Belfast.

                    Chinnery BMD
Ada Elizabeth  -  b. 29 October 1869  to 
Charles & Louisa Chinnery,  Kaituna,  flax mill,  engineer.
Harriet Ellen  -  b. 10 August 1868   to  ------------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
25 January 2012
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