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Surname  -  CHAINEY   -

Marriages  -  males

Alfred James Chainey  &  Lily Ada SWALE  m.  19 October 1893 at house of Mr Swale, Retreat rd, Avonside.
both full age.       occ: printer.    born: Christchurch/Christchurch, 
parents:  William & Mary Chainey,  nee TAYLOR,  storekeeper.
                    William & Elizabeth Sarah Anne Barry  nee SWALE,  gardener.
witness:  John Bowley, gardener,  Avonside:    Eliza Bowley, Avonside, 

Robert William Chainey  &  Mary HENRY  m. 29 March 1883 at Wesleyan Church, East Belt, Christchurch.
ages:  23/25.   occ: storekeeper,     born: Christchurch/Ireland.
parents:  William & Mary Chainey,  nee TAYLOR,  grocer
                 Joseph & Sarah Henry,  nee MONCRIEF,  farmer.
Witness:  Alfred James Chainey,  printer,   Sarah Henry,  Christchurch.

William Henry Chainey  &  Lily Hinemoa WORK  m. 25 November 1919 at St Mark's Church, Opawa.
ages: 27/22:   occ: land salesman,  born: St Albans/Opawa.
parents:  Robert William & Mary Chainey,  nee HENRY,  farmer.
                Rudolph Julius Edward  & Katherine Work,  nee NISSEN
witness:  Theodora Pickering, Christchurch,     David Barnes, Waipara,  farmer.

Marriages  -  females
Thomas DEANE  &   Mary Ellen Chainey  m. 19 November 1884 at Weslyan Church, St Albans
ages;  29/23,       occ;  clerk,       born: Gravesend, Kent/ St Albans, Christchurch.
parents:  James & Sarah Deane  nee ISTED,  gentleman.
                William & Mary Chainey, nee TAYLOR,  grocer.
witness:  Thomas Jones, Caledonian rd,  draper;     Anna Charlotte Chainey,   W. Chainey, Springfield rd.

Frederick ELWOOD   &  Sarah Chainey  m. 16 December 1884  at house of Mr and Mrs Chainey, Springfield rd.
ages:  29/26,   occ: builder,      born: Lincolnshire, England/ London,England.
parents:  William & Elizabeth Elwood  nee WHEATCROFT,  carpenter.
                William & Mary Chainey, nee TAYLOR,  storekeeper.
witness:  Thomas Jones,   Anna Charlotte Chainey.

Thomas JONES  &  Anne Charlotte Chainey  m.  5 July 1885 at house of Thomas Deane, North Belt.
ages:  22/22,   occ: draper,    born;  Madeley, England/ Christchurch,    
parents:  Thomas & Mary Jones,  nee FLETCHER,  bootmaker.
                William & Mary Chainey,  nee TAYLOR,  storekeeper.
witness:  William Chainey,  storekeeper,  Mary Ellen Deane,  Christchurch.

John James MERRY  &  Elizabeth Bertha  Chainey  m. 24 April 1905 at house of Mr Chainey,  Holly rd.
ages:  38/36,    Bachelor/spinster,   born:  Waimate, South Canterbury/ St Albans, Christchurch.   occ: farmer.
parents:  John & Helen merry,  nee SMITH,  farmer,
                William & Mary Chainey,  nee TAYLOR,  gentleman
witness:   Edward Henry Chaney, Otago,  grazier.   Emily Augustus Chainey,    William Chainey,  Mabel Rosa Merry.

James William PRATT   &  Edith Mary Chainey  m. 16 March 1910  at Methodist Church, St Albans.
ages:  23/25,   occ: coachbuilder/dressmaker.   born:  Lincoln/Addington.  usual address:  Toko, Taranaki.
parents:  James Thomas  &  Mary Ann Pratt,  nee SMITH   occ: driver.
                Robert William & Mary Chainey,  nee HENRY.
witness:  Elsie Chainey,  Innes rd, St Albans.,    Peter Tod,  Lincoln,  farmer.

George Barry SHILSTONE  &  Elsie Chainey  m. 25 December 1915  at Methodist Church, St Albans.
ages:  29/25,   occ:  Plate glass cutter/dressmaker.      born: London, England/Christchurch.
parents:  Richard William & Sarah Jane Shilstone,  nee COOKE,  seafarer.
                Robert William & Mary Chainey,  nee HENRY,  grocer.
witness:  William Henry Chainey,  19 Severn st, St Albans;  land salesman,    Mary Chainey, St Albans.

Births  -  
Alfred James  -  b. 1 February 1865  to William & Mary, Christchurch.
Alice Louisa -  b. 28 September 1885  to William & Mary, St Albans.
Anna Charlotte -  b. 15 March 1863  to  William & Mary, Christchurch,  labourer.
Dora Lilian -  b. 3 March 1894  to Robert William & Mary,  St Albans.
Dorothy May - b. 7 May 1894  to Alfred James & Lily Ada, Andover st, Merivale,  printer.
Elizabeth Bertha -  b. 12 October 1868  to Wm  & Mary, Springfield rd.
Elizabeth Bertha  -  b. 10 March 1889  to  Robt. William & Mary,  St Albans.
Elsie - b. 22 July 1890  to  Robert William & Mary,  St Albans.
Etta Celina -  b.  8 July 1887  to Robert William & Mary,  Innes rd.
Frederick Nelson -  b. 21 February 1877,  to William & Mary,  Springfield rd.  storekeeper.
Isa Elma  -  b. 12 March 1897  to  Robert William  & Mary,  St Albans.
Leslie Swale - b. 7 April 1898  to  Alfred James  & Lily Ada,  Merivale,  printer.
Lilian Joyce  - b. 12 April 1901  to 
Alfred James  & Lily Ada,  Merivale, manufacturer.
Mary Ellen  - b. 3 August 1861  to  William  & Mary,  St Albans.
Maurice Alfred -  b. 28 February 1896,   to  Alfred James  & Lily Ada,  Merivale, printer
Myrtle Vere  -  b. 12 April 1901  to  Alfred James  & Lily Ada,  Merivale,  manufacturer.
Robert William  -  b. 13 February 1860  to  William & Mary,  St Albans,  a settler.
William Henry  -  b. 9 June 1892 to Robert William & Mary,  St Albans

Burials  -
Alice Louisa -  bur. 10 September 1892,  nok of R.W.Chainey, St Albans,  age 6yrs
Etta Selina  - bur. 12 September 1892,  age 5yrs.  St Albans.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
6 May 2012

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