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Marriages  -  males
John James Breen   &  Catherine Jane AMOS  m.  2 November 1909 at St Paul's, Papanui.
ages: 29 32:      occ: farmer / housekeeper:       born: Harewood rd, Papanui / Christchurch;
parents:  Thomas & Rebecca Breen,  nee McMULLIN,  farmer.
                    Henry & Frances AMOS,  nee WELLARD,   gentleman
witness:  Thomas Breen,  Papanui,  farmer;

Thomas Breen  &  Mildred Alice Irene READMAN   m.  29  October 1919  at  St Paul's Church, Papanui.
ages:  40 / 21:      occ: farmer;      born:  Papanui, NZ / Lincoln, NZ;       
parents:  Thomas & Rebecca Breen,  nee McMULLIN,  farmer.
           John & Maggie Isabel Madeline Readman,  nee McCAW,  farmer.
witness:  Walter Bampton,  farmer,  Burwood;        Lionel Readman,  farmer,  Harewood;   May Readman,  Harewood:

Thomas Breen  &  Rebecca McMULLIN  m.  2 May 1877  at  Durham st,  Wesleyan Church;
ages:  30 / 20,   occ: farmer;
witness:  John Cartman,  clerk, Christchurch;  Margaret McAdams;

William Francis Breen  &  Ada Blanche SMITH  m.  8 October 1894  at res. Rev. F.W.Isett, East Belt.
ages:  25 / 21;    occ: commercial traveller;      born:   both Sydney, NSW.
parents:  John Henry  & Harriet Amy breen,  nee  DENNIS,  bootmaker.
        Alfred Smith  & Charlotte Smith,  nee PEGG,  cabinet maker.
witness:  Mary C. Isett, East Belt:   James Augustus breen,  Christchurch;

Marriages  -  females -

William  BULTITUDE   &  Ann Breen  m.  20 March 1879  at St Luke's, Christchurch.
ages:  both full:   occ: labourer;   
witness:  Edward Owens,  carpenter,  Christchurch:   Margaret McAdam;

William Buddery Bultitude  &  Matilda Emily SLATER  m.  1 September 1919  at  St Mary's, Addington.
ages:  69 / 63:    widower, 21 Jan. 1918 / widow 14 June 1916:     occ:  retired:   born: Great Yarmouth, England / London;
parents:  William  & Ann Eliza Bultitude,  nee BUDDERY,  hotel keeper.
                    Henry & Mary Ann TOONEY,  nee BROCKLEY,  law clerk.
witness:  E.S.Baker,  farmer, Lake Tce Rd. Burwood:   Margaret Mary Baker,  Burwood:   Caroline Louisa Heath Beckingham.

Jeremiah WRENN  &  Helen Breen  m.  27 June 1911  at Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch.
ages:  29 / 24;   occ: labourer / housemaid;  born:  Limerick, Ireland / Timaru;
parents:  Thomas & Mariah Wrenn,  nee HARTNELL,  labourer.
        John & Bridget Breen,  nee O'CONNOR,  labourer.
witness:  T.D.Dalton,  railway station,  Lyttelton;    M.Dalton,  home duties, Ealing:

John O'BOYLE  &  Mary Breen   m.  24 July 1879  at Catholic Church,  Leeston,
ages:  both full:     occ: farmer / servant;
witness:  Frank O'Boyle;    Mrs O'Boyle;

John Edward POLSON  &  Mary Breen   m. 5 April 1890  at  St Mary's Church, Addington.
ages:  38 / 30;       widower, 21 Dec. 1889 / spinster;   occ:  engine driver;   born:  Sweden / County Cork, Ireland;
parents:    Bengt & Bendigtea Polson,  nee PERSON,  labourer.
    Jeremiah & Ellen Breen,  nee MURPHY,  farmer.
witness:  Mary Elizabeth Rickett,  Stanley st,  Sydenham:     Joseph Rickett,  bricklayer.
John Edward POLSON  &  Helen O'SULLIVAN  m. 4 June 1881  at  The Manse (Presbyterian)
ages:  30 / 23:   occ:  engine fitter:    born: Sweden / Tipperary,  Ireland:     usual address:  Shrewood;
parents:  Bengt & Beneditta  Polson,  nee PERSON,  farmer.
                Edward  &  Helen Sullivan,  nee NEVILLE,  farmer.
witness:  Edwin Platt,  labourer, St Asaph st:      Helen Platt,  householder, St Asaph st:
James William PEARSON   &  Mary Ann Breen  m. 21 October 1902  at St Paul's, Papanui.
ages:  30 / 24;    occ: butcher;   born:  County Cavan, Ireland / Papanui, Christchurch;
parents:  Richard & Eliza Pearson,  nee MOORE,  farmer.
            Thomas & Rebecca Breen,  nee McMULLEN,  farmer.
witness:  A. Patrick,  butcher,  Papanui;    Mary Foster,  Papanui;

Arthur Lawrence HASTE  &  Mildred Alice Breen  m.  10 July 1929 at  All Saints, Burwood.
ages:  35 / 30;    bachelor / widow, 22 April 1926;   occ: farmer;   born: Kumara / Christchurch;
parents:  James Arthur  & Elizabeth Haste,  nee GREEN,  farmer;
        John &  Maggie READMAN,  nee McCAW,  farmer;
witness:  F.Haste,  spinster, Armagh st, Christchurch.   W.J.Densem,  Gardiners rd,  Harewood, farmer:  

Births -  
Alma Sinclair -  b. 4 October 1909 to  John & Amy,  Oxford tce,  a traveller.
Ellen Joseph - b.  15 September 1878  to  Daniel &  Johanna O'Leary,  Ashburton;
Elsie Josephine Lucinda - b.  2 Feb.  1886  to  William & Annie Josephine,  nee RYAN.  a hatter,  Lichfield st.
James Joseph -  b. 21 June 1893  to Timothy & Mary,  nee KELLY
John James  - 20  July 1880  to  Thomas & Rebecca,  Harewood rd.  farmer.
John Ruthberg -  b. 22 June 1882  to  John Ruthberg & Mary,  engineer,  
Leslie Robert  -  10 October 1890  to  William & Annie Josephine,  nee RYAN.  Chester st East.  occ: a hatter.
Mary -  18 November 1875  to  Daniel &  Johanna,  nee O'LEARY,   Ashburton.
Mildred Brenda Caroline -  b. 29 October 1822,  to Thomas & Mildred Alice Irene,  Gardiner's rd,  farmer.
Percy William -  b. 14 August 1888  to  William & Annie Josephine,  a hatter,  Richardson tce.
Thomas -  b. 11 May 1879  to  Thomas & Rebecca,  farmer,  Papanui.

Burials -  
Daniel -  bur. 11 December 1901,  Sydenham Cemetery,  age 71,  res: Lunatic Asylum,  

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
23 March 2013
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