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Marriages  -
Lancelot GILES     &   Helen Bowring  m. 15 April 1914.    at  the residence of  Mrs C. Bowring,    Island Road, Clarkville.
ages: 21/19,      bach/sp,       occ: labourer/domestic,
parents: Obed & Hannah Maria  nee SALT.
             James & Grisandrew Bowring, nee JURY

James Bowring  &  Cassandra  JURY    m. 8 April 1880    at The Manse,
ages:   29/25,  bach/sp, occ: farm labourer,
witness:  Ann Jury,   Hereford St. spinster,

James Bowring   &   Elizabeth WILSON    m. 14 September 1904,     at the house of James Bowring, Clarkville.  
ages: 24/21,    bach/sp.     occ: engine driver/domestic servant,      born: Kaiapoi/Clarkville.
parents:    James & Cassandra  Bowring  nee JURY.
                    John & Elizabeth Wilson  nee SHANNON
witness:   Mr. R. Bowring,     Mary Jane Bowring,  Clarkville.

Robert Daniel Bowring  &  Martha CATTERMOLE    m. 26 December 1908,    at the res. of Mr. Cattermole, Clarkville, 
ages: 24/23,       bach/sp,       occ: Labourer/ Mill hand,       born: Rangiora/Kaiapoi,
parents:  James & Cassandrew Bowring
              John & Ada Cattermole  nee PARRIS

Walter Bowring   &   Maria Millicent McOWEN     m. 2 March 1901     at St. Barnabas, Fendalton,
ages: 26/23,        bach/sp,       occ: artist.    born: Auckland / Waimate,
parents:  Alfred & Elizabeth Bowring    nee ARMIGER  (importer)
               Robert & Charlotte McOwen    nee STACE  ( Bank Manager)

Births  -  
Adrienne Jessie,  -   parents: George Henry & Jessie Bowring,   nee GOLDBURN,   Orari,  Mid Canterbury,  occ: bushman
Alan William, -    to   George Henry & Jessie Bowring,   nee GOLDBURN,   Fernside, Rangiora,  occ: driver
Eva Mary, -   b. 7 December 1907     to James & Elizabeth, Clarkville.
Frederick Idris Leslie, -   b.  28 August 1916    to Frederick John & Lucy May,  of Kaiapoi,  Farmhand.
Graham George,  -   to  George Henry & Jessie Bowring   nee GOLDBURN,    Orari, Mid Canterbury,  occ: bushman
Granvill Mancrief, -   b. 10 August 1881,    to James & Cassandra of Kaiapoi.
Gwyneth Phillis Marjorie, -   b. 30 May 1919,    to Frederick & Lucy May,  Kaiapoi,  occ: motor driver.
Ina Elizabeth,  -    b. 2 June 1905,    to James & Elizabeth, Clarkville, engine driver.
Marlowe Reginald,  -    b. 5 July 1904,     to Walter Armiger & Maria Millicent,   of Ranfurly St. Christchurch,  occ: artist.
Neil Thomas,  -   George Henry & Jessie Bowring   nee GOLDBURN,    Fernside, Rangiora,  occ: driver
Phyllis Marjorie, -   b. 21 December 1901    to Walter & Maria Millicent,   Fendalton,  occ:  artist.
Rita Cassandra, -  b. 24 February 1909    to James & Elizabeth, Clarkville.

Canterbury Public Library  Cemeteries database
Emma Bowring -  d. 12 April,  1916, age 77 years, res. Jubilee Home, Woolston.  bur. Linwood Cemetery, born: England, 8 years in NZ.
Frederick John -   d. 28 August 1962,  age 69 years. born: Kaiapoi,    occ: barman,   bur. Ruru Cemetery, Christchurch
Mary Rosina -  d. 18 November 1941, age 30 years, of 1 Gamblins Road, St. Martins, Christchurch. married woman, . born:  Papanui,
                               bur. Bromley Cemetery Christchurch.

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