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Arthur Stanley PALMER   &  Annie Margaret Magdalene Bockmann    m. 1 September 1889, at St Albans, Ohoka,
ages: 22/21,         bachelor/spinster,          occ: wool stapler,       born:  Sydney/Nelson,  
parents:  Arthur Wellington, &  Agnes Augusta  Palmer,  nee CLAYTON    wool stapler.
                Joachin & Maria Bochann.  
witness: J. Beckmann, labourer,  Ohoka.       Charles Burrell,  wool classer,  Ohoka.

Arthur Stanley Palmer  bur. 14 October 1940  age 72.  309 Ferry Road, Christchurch.

Henry George ORCHARD   &   Leonora Sophia Maria Bockmann    m.  12 June 1889  at St Albans, Ohoka.
ages: 30/18,      bach/sp,      occ: labourer,      born: Papanui, Christchurch/Ohoka.
parents:  Charles & Jane Orchard  nee BOSS  labourer
                Joachim & Maria Bochmann
witness: J. Bochman,  labourer,  Ohoka.  Miss Annie Bochmann,  Ohoka.

Charles Edward BURRELL   &   Lizzie Doris Annie Bockmann   m. 17 June 1885   at Ohoka,
ages:  22/19,      bach/sp,      occ: labourer,      born: Ohoka/Nelson,  
parents:  Samuel & Jane Burrell  nee PACKER,   labourer.
                Joachim John Frederick  & Maria Bockmann
witness:  Annie Bockmann,  Henry Bockmann,  Ohoka,

Charles KING   &   Catherine Sophia Bockmann    m. *1882    in house of Charles King. Flaxton.
ages: 33/-      occ: farmer,      born: Saltfleet, Lincolnshire/Nelson,  
parents:    R King,  bricklayer,  
                    Joachim & Maria Bockmann,
witness:  Joachim Bockmann,  William Kelcher,  Flaxton,  farmer.
* married somewhere between 19 April & 11 July,

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